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Equality that makes a difference.

As we move on to the 2nd issue of “BTP for Everybody”, meet employees who have taken the course and are now working with us here in the company. p.04

SUSTAINABILITY Cleanup Day 2016 sees employees getting together to do something p.03 for the Environment

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE SECTOR Learn about the importance of support p.10 provided by assistant Port Operators on a daily basis

PROFILE Eduardo Lima, TT operator, talks about his career p.12

A word from our CEO

Dear colleagues, On reading this issue of the newsletter, we realized that most of the stories pose the issue of responsibility There’s the cover story head ‘Equality that makes a difference; we present ‘BTP for Everybody’. This was the second time we met people with disabilities coming to our terminal for a course on port work. It was a unique initiative to foster inclusion and show us all that difference is just in the mind. Restrictions must never (ever!) be seen as barriers to interaction. We are proud to have among our colleagues nine former students who trained at the time of the first issue of ‘BTP for Everybody’ and to see how they are all 100% on boarded and integrated in the administrative and operational departments. Then there was the huge impact of the ‘Go Green’ initiative, when one hundred BTP and Embraport volunteers joined forces to clean up local beaches, which shows that competition has to be left out of the picture when there is a more important cause to work for. Together, we spent a day raising awareness among people on the beaches here in Santos to highlight the importance of proper waste disposal. Even more importantly, we know that ‘Go Green’ is a global initiative. Our shareholders - together with other international terminals - also mobilized for the environment in several other regions of Brazil and worldwide. Through this initiative, we see that when we share the same responsibilities, we can get much more done by working together. Turning over more pages in the newsletter, you will see a story with a photo of some happy kids. When reading it, remember that every time we run our social and environmental responsibility program, we think about same thing: that “seeing a smile on those children’s faces is priceless.” That is the feeling we get when we take part in the of ‘BTP Educates’ awards - which are now being held for the 8th year. This is one of the best legacies our business can leave for the region to enjoy: helping to educate citizens who are conscious of their responsibility to make sure the world is highly developed and competitive - but at the same time safe and sustainable too. And when we look on the inside of our own business, we also see the word ‘responsibility’ highlighted on lots of stories in

Credits Graphic design Oficina de Ideias Written content Jéssica Nunes - Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility assistant Larissa Saviello - Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility trainee Coordinator Yara Motta - Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility manager Diretores Responsáveis Antonio P. Passaro - CEO Joel Contente - Head of Corporate Affairs


this newsletter. One of them shows another meeting we have just launched to build closer relations with our team. Open Channel, like Open Chat, is another opportunity to talk to our team about how our business is evolving, our targets and numbers, and especially to understand more about our dayto-day activities and operations. Just as important as listening is taking measures to put into practice ideas that contribute to a more motivating and productive work environment for all of us. If you read this story, you will learn more about some of the solutions already in place at our terminal. Once again I must highlight the recent conclusion of Fatal Five in Our Company. The group involved in the program did their best and they enjoyed the crucial support of all our team in order to promote a high-performance working environment with safety and effective management of accident risk. The initiatives were 100% complete at the end of September and ahead of schedule - which shows our high level of commitment as we worked together and showed a responsible approach. Here at BTP, we must always remember that being responsible is part of our essence and all of us have to work on the issue. This prompts us to think about the fact that there are a lot of people here, which means there is a lot of responsibility, too. There are 1,122 of us directly employed here at BTP, which is more than the population of three of Brazil’s 5,570 municipalities. Just look at the scope of our operations in the numbers of outsourcers working with us and the families whose only source of income is a job here at BTP. They add up to easily more than 3,000 people, which is more than many towns. This reflection gives us some notion of the magnitude of our responsibility, and how many people depend on us. So, we have to work together at all times. This means talking, arguing things out - and sometimes even quarreling - but always helping each other build positive solutions for our Company. It takes real dedication and commitment to our jobs. This is the only road for finding ways of do an even better job of developing our business, our region and our country. Let’s then remember this: the responsibility we take on every day and in any situation leads to the shortest road to success for all of us. A big hug Antonio Passaro CEO


Together for a better world by Jessica Nunes

Cleanup Day 2016” initiative mobilized 350 people to clean Santos beaches For the second consecutive year, we joined forces to do even more for the environment. On September 17, we took part in Cleanup Day 2016 and partnered with Embraport to clean beaches for the “Go Green” global initiative, a movement led by the world’s biggest port operators that hopes to help build more sustainable ports based on reusing and recycling, being aware of climate change and working with the communities around our companies’ facilities. On Saturday morning, more than 100 volunteers from BTP and Embraport walked along the beaches around Santos together with other groups involved in the campaign. Waste and litter was collected from the sand between a square (Praça das Bandeiras) in Gonzaga and the municipal aquarium in Santos - which was responsible for quantifying all the garbage we found. A total of 200 kg of waste was collected - that was 66% more than in 2015. The largest amounts of waste or litter consisted of cigarette butts, tubs, plastic bottles and wood. But amid the garbage there were also pieces of Styrofoam, broomsticks and odd objects such as shoes and a barbecue grill. Micro-trash on sand can kill off shellfish, birds and fish, as well as affecting bathing conditions in the ocean. Our Environment manager Elizabeth Ramos thinks that a very important development is that companies are now joining a global

When we came to the end of the beach, my 14-year-old son - who joined in, too - was startled by the amount of trash we found and he asked several questions. This shows that the initiative triggered people’s awareness of the role each of us has to play to help preserve beaches Fernanda La Scala, administrative analyst and volunteer

initiative like this. “Caring for the environment is now part of our routine, but joining forces with other terminals and companies around the world is extremely important. The Go Green initiative is a great way of posing global change for an increasingly sustainable environment,” she says.

Going to the beach? Do your bit too! Take along bags for any trash you might otherwise leave on the beach and separate anything that may be recycled. Do not take pets to beaches. Do not leave cigarette butts on the sand or the sea. If you find debris in the area, take it to a litter bin. Never throw objects into the sea. Plastic bags and packaging will kill marine animals. Do not leave them on the sand. Encourage your friends and family to keep our beaches clean, too.


Our company by Jessica Nunes

They make a difference After our successful first issue (in 2015), the ‘BTP for Everybody’ program is signing up people for the 2nd course on “Working in the Port Environment,” which will be held before the end of 2016. Because of the large number of applicants, the number of places on the course has been increased from 20 to 25. The program broadens opportunities for professional development of people with disabilities in the port sector, for both administrative and operational departments. The first time we held “BTP for Everybody”, 20 students concluded the course and 9 of them were hired by our Company. Today, they are working in several different sectors and I talked to some of them about their experience. Here they are: ANDRÉ LUIZ MOREIRA Traffic controller “The course was a watershed in my life. As well as learning a huge amount about port work, it made me see things differently in the company - from the angle of people with different types of disabilities. It was an unforgettable conversation about values, priorities and feelings. I learned to get along with people better and accept myself for whom I am. I am proud to be part of the BTP team. Today, thanks to this opportunity, I have been able to come out on top and provide better conditions for my family, my children, and most importantly, for myself. “


VALTEMIR COSTA DE MELO Gate operator “I applied last year and I was even not sure I would be hired, but I took a positive approach. We teamed up and I am still friends with the colleagues who took the course. I have to thank BTP for giving me this great opportunity. “

Our dream is that people will come along, do their job and leave with the feeling of having done their duty without even feeling there was a process of integration Hudson Carvalho, Human Resources manager

EMERSON SANTOS GOMES Maintenance assistant “I learned a lot from the course, which covered a very wide range of subjects. I learned a lot about running a port terminal, containers and reefers. I used to work on the railroads, so the course was my gateway to the port sector. Everyone welcomed me with open arms! “

JEFFERSON BARBOSA DOS SANTOS Traffic controller “Participating in “BTP for Everybody” was a big step. I had never worked in a port before. Now I learn more about the terminal every day. I’m really enjoying being part of the BTP team and feel honored to be here helping develop the company and the operation. “

RODRIGO PERGENTINO DA SILVA Traffic controller “The course was very useful because I had never worked in the port area before. The things I learned during the course and everyday experiences showed me a whole new field of work and I’m enjoying it more and more. I hope that the participants on the next course will grasp this opportunity! “

FÁBIO OLIVEIRA PEREIRA Traffic controller “I had the privileged of taking part in “BTP for Everybody,” where I acquired knowledge that will be useful for my whole life. The most important thing is being part of this company that really gets social inclusion to work while showing respect and consideration.”

MÁRCIO DE OLIVEIRA NOBRE Traffic controller “I come from the hotel sector. Through the course, I learned about the Port of Santos, the terminal, and a lot of knowledge about the sector. Then I joined the BTP team, and I recall the concepts learned in the course for my everyday work. “ RENATA MARCONDES DA SILVA Customs Procedures assistant “Participating in “BTP for Everybody” was a wonderful experience and a unique opportunity! The course gave me new knowledge that I am often using in my office work at the Center.”

A veteran’s message for newbies: JOELCIO CUSTÓDIO DE SOUZA Gate operator, during the opening ceremony of the 2nd “BTP for Everybody” course. “I would like to tell those of you here taking the second course to make the most of the knowledge that you will be picking up here, because it will make a big difference up front. I can assure you that you will come out of the course with a different vision. We are not disabled. Like everyone else, we have limitations and ours is just a physical limitation. I have had a leg amputated after a motorcycle accident, so just being here is already a win. Do not give up. Go for your dream. You will be accepted here and you will get very good advice too. Welcome!”

From left to right - Valtemir Costa de Melo, Márcio de Oliveira Nobre, Renata Marcondes da Silva, Rodrigo Pergentino da Silva, and Emerson Santos Gomes


BTP on the agenda by Larissa Saviello

Open Channel: A new way of communicating We started operations here almost three years ago and now we have over 1,100 people working for efficiency, quality and safety at our Company. And we are increasingly aligned since we realize that communication is key in our day-to-day work for operations and the needs of teams pursuing higher productivity and safer working. So ‘Open Channel’ emerged as an initiative consisting of quarterly meetings to encourage people to swap ideas about their experiences and forge closer contact between managers and teams. The first “Open Channel” was held in July-August and was divided into three sessions, the first for coordinators and supervisors only. The next sessions were held for groups of 40 to 45 at 7 am and 1 pm so that members of all Operations and Maintenance teams could attend randomly. The session lasted 1 hour for a brief presentation on quarterly numbers to open the meetings, followed by different issues and questions raised by the employees attending them. Highlights among the subjects covered included the condition of equipment and benches, the need to replace some of the trailers, lighting in the yard, and other issues related to routine operations, as well as concerns about career structure and the “Propose” program. Many of the questions were answered during the session by Joel Contente (head of Corporate Affairs) and João Mendes (who was head of Operations at the time). Anything that could not be answered at the meetings was noted by the Communication team and forwarded to the departments responsible for assessing the issues and taking measures to deal with them. More than 10 issues were addressed. Before the end of each session, everybody attending filled out a form for the Open Channel Satisfaction Survey to evaluate the event and give employees a chance to raise any issues that were not covered during the meetings. The results obtained from the survey show the success of this new format for meeting managers since 84% of the 179 em-

Ethics and appreciation of people are two priceless values for BTP. Through “Open Channel”, we are able to hear more from employees and encourage transparent communication. Joel Contente, head of Corporate Affairs



ployees who attended of the 1st meeting rated it positive and satisfactory. “Being closer to the teams is extremely enriching. Listening to our employees and learning more about their everyday life in our Company, and their experiences, strengthens our team spirit and reinforces our commitment to operational excellence,” said Joel Contente, our head of Corporate Affairs. Check out some suggestions for improvements that came up during the “Open Channel” meetings and have already been put into practice: Terminal Tractor seats: All the current ‘Terminal Tractor’ seats were repaired and two of them had new seats fitted for testing. In 2017, all the others will get a new type of seat that improves ergonomics for drivers with more comfort and safety.

Traffic lanes (RTG): Markings were painted on the ground to demarcate RTG blocks recently in order to improve signage and make crossings between blocks safer. From now on, lanes will be painted as part of the maintenance schedule. Terminal Tractor trucks: A new model is already being made at the factory. The more robust new model will avoid any central buckling. The change optimizes operating time, avoids loading and unloading problems. Of the 15 new trucks ordered for 2017, three have been delivered.

Terminal Tractor tires and RTG: We bought 40 new Terminal Tractor tires that needed replacing due to normal wear and tear. The older RTG tires were replaced with new ones after analysis found micro-fissures.

BTP Highlights by Jessica Nunes

In September, we rolled out “BTP Highlights”: a new way of recognizing people who make a difference. Now, in addition to featured safe employees, we will have Operational Highlights for the 6-hour and 8-hour shift teams with the best Productivity and Truck Cycle records each month. Together they will be part of our “BTP Highlights” slot. Here are the first highlights: Operational Highlight / Truck Cycle: Team C (8 hours) August result: 88.44%. September result: 92.78%.

Safety Highlight: Aldo Bezerra

(equipment supervisor)

Safety Highlight: Wagner Benetti (equipment supervisor)

Get the latest info

BTP is one of Brazil’s biggest companies

BTP will soon be celebrating its third anniversary since starting operations at the Port of Santos and it has been recognized as one of Brazil’s biggest companies. For the first time, BTP was one of the top 1,000. It was ranked 660th by the annual Valor 1000 publication for 2016, published by Valor Econômico newspaper in August, based on data for net revenues, EBITDA margin, liquidity and sustainable growth. As one of the 63 companies in the transport

and logistics sector, BTP was ranked 5th for sustainable growth. We took first place in the Port Terminals category too. This was the second time a specialized business publication has recognized our performance. In 2015, another annual publication (Estadão Empresa Mais) placed BTP 1004th of Brazil’s 1,500 biggest companies. This ranking, which was announced in October last year, was based on companies’ financial results.



by Jessica Nunes

BTP and Port Workers Club Partnership BTP employees and their dependents now get a special discount off membership of the Port Workers Club (Athletic Association of the Port of Santos). Along with this issue of our newsletter you will find a leaflet with all the details of membership, costs, benefits and a registration form if you are interested in joining. The partnership is part of BTP’s quality of life program known as Pra Melhor meaning “For the Best.”

Fatal 5 100% concluded On September 30, Our Company had concluded 100% of the activities planned for the terminal as part of the Fatal 5 program. The focus was on transport, stored energy, working at height, hoisting loads and subcontractor management. The program aims to significantly reduce - or even eliminate any possibility of accidents involving these top 5 potential risks measured by APM Terminals, which is one of our shareholders. In the course of the year 2015, immediate low-cost measures were put into practice, while the bigger ones are planned for 2016. In less than two years, we concluded the program ahead of schedule.

Solidarity Goals The 2nd BTP Soccer Cup ended in August and the time has come to record goals scored for social solidarity! In September, the championship committee representatives delivered 108 units of powdered milk collected during the tournament, which management matched to double the amount. The milk went to a philanthropic organization known as Legião da Boa Vontade (the Legion of Good Will) - LBV Santos. In addition, we collected 37 items of clothing during the championship enrollment period and donated then to the Social Solidarity Fund of Santos for the 2016 Winter Clothing Campaign.

Special participation Our Legal & Compliance sector manager Vívian Carvalho Yamauti was invited to attend the III International Seminar on Governance and Compliance held by Ribeirão Preto School of Law (USP). At the event, which was held on August 18, Vívian talked of her experience leading BTP’s Compliance sector, which ensures the company’s legal and ethical conduct.


Electronic time clock Control of hours worked by employees has been modernized by an electronic signing-on system introduced in September to replace the physical signing of “time clock� punch cards. The new system optimizes signing-in time with a streamlined process which is also more convenient and secure when checking data. Another positive aspect is automation means 6,000 printed forms every month will no longer be needed.

New snack machine

Young talents in full swing

Our employees now have a new option to purchase snacks. The recently installed snack machine takes debit / credit cards and meal voucher cards. There is also a wider range of products available for users to choose from. The new machines are located in the turnstile area and at Reception.

The 2nd meeting of BTP’s Young Talents Program was held in August. Attendees worked on issues such as engagement and positive relationships in workplaces. Earlier this year, they were challenged to create group projects for improvement of their workplaces. These projects are already underway with BTP mentors chosen for them. The projects will be submitted and judged by a committee at the last meeting of the year in December. At the apprentices meeting, the main topic discussed was the importance of career choice and its challenges. All the attendees took a vocational test.

Saving paper: nature will thank you

Approximately 156,000 sheets of paper will no longer be printed every year in our company as a result of two measures taken to minimize paper use. The new system developed by the IT sector together with the Billing department uses electronic media to send invoices. This means we will no longer have to print out some 7,000 invoices each month. HR sector will save 6,000 pages by using a new electronic sign-in system. These two measures alone will save 8 trees each year! In addition to these savings, other consumer awareness initiatives are underway in our Company.


by Jessica Nunes

Learn more about the sector

From left to right - Flávio Napoli, Eric David Souza, Antonio Luiz dos Santos, and Marcelo da Silva. Other team members - Guilherme de Almeida, Denis Marques, Leandro Maciel, André da Silva, Ivo Drominiski, and Anderson Coelho

Daily operational support To keep a machine operating smoothly at full capacity, all components have to function harmoniously and all its basic needs have to be met: such as power supply and the exact positioning of each component for rotation to function safely and effectively. These are the very same requirements for 24/7 port operations. In addition to everyday tasks for yard operations, simultaneous and direct work by supporting sectors is required.

Between one container movement and another, these needs may have to be addressed. There may be material gone missing, or an operator feeling thirsty. This where we call on Port Operation assistants, also known as “Stowage Material” team. There are 10 employees working 8-hour shifts who are there to cover these operational aspects as required.

As our ‘guardian angels,’ they provide all the necessary support on a daily basis, contributing to the success of the operation

Paulo Lima, Operations supervisor

Here are some of their jobs and tasks:

They supply operators with mineral water.

Supplying materials for on-board operations (bars and spanners for unstowing, hammers for nuts, etc.). The help locate containers in the yard, in specific cases.

Monitoring the use of specific equipment for handling special loads.

They confirm container seal number in the yard (if viewing the document is difficult).

They are responsible for delivering and gathering in all radios and collectors used by operators and tally checkers.

Support when new needs arise, delivering ship documentation to on-board supervisors.

Flávio Napoli was the first employee hired as Port Operations assistant. He finds it rewarding to be part of the story of the terminal operation. “Over these last three and a half years, I have seen how much we have evolved and it is amazing have watched BTP grow and be involved. Today, our team has several resources to provide the best assistance for anything the operation needs, from pier to yard,” he says.


Social responsibility by Larissa Saviello

Social and environmental development: our commitment Stimulating creativity and developing sustainable awareness among children at municipal schools in Santos. This is the mission of the ‘BTP Educate’ program, one of the initiatives responsible for our commitment to sustainability of the region and for putting it into practice. The program is now a traditional feature at local elementary schools in Santos. Its 7th anniversary was celebrated on August 23 with a ceremony to honor the winning participants at Jose Bonifacio municipal school. This year’s iteration of the program took place in the first semester of 2016. Pupils at 10 schools in the vicinity of BTP and in the mainland area of Santos produced 3,245 entries on the theme of dengue disease and the Aedes Aegyptus mosquito. The numbers show that 83.12% of students enrolled from 1st to 5th grade took part. A total of 15,692 entries have now been submitted since the 1st iteration of the program in 2013 after an innovative partnership agreement between BTP and the local municipal education department. Each year, with the department’s support, the program committee judges the entries and selects three students each year for the best work on the theme developed by classroom teachers during the semester. To encourage participation and team spirit for this healthy competition, the winners’ teachers and schools are also included in the awards ceremony. At the event for the 7th iteration, some 45 prizes were given out, including bicycles, dolls, printers, portable audio devices and home appliances. Attendees included representatives from BTP, the local municipal education department (SEDUC) and a foundation for sports (FUPES), as well as principals, teachers and parents from the schools involved.

The ‘BTP Educates’ program has a very broad reach. The project provides access to information related to our region, the enterprise and society in general, since it includes school staff and pupils’ families adding to environmental education initiatives already developed in schools through its non-formal educational initiative.

From left to right -: Antonio Passaro (BTP’s CEO), Daniele Zangrando (former judo champion), Venuzia Nascimento (Santos municipal education secretary) and Maria Cristina Sansone (principal of Jose Bonifacio school), with the competition’s winning children.

Headed for the Podium During the event, the audience watched an Artistic Gymnastics presentation performed by the “Headed for the Podium” sports project team. The initiative celebrated BTP’s support for the project made possible by the Municipal Tax Incentive Program for Sport (PROMIFAE). The “Headed for the Podium” project was developed by the Santos Gymnastics Association and the Santos Foundation for Sport (FUPES) to help the region’s children and young people by contributing to the all-round formation of current and future gymnasts. Since the most recent event in the program, which reinforces our social responsibility and fills us with pride, the project’s athletes have shown impressive performances at competitions. In August, Felipe Figueira Thauan Laia and Rodrigo Sampaio entered the São Paulo State Youth Championship and took to the podium as ‘runner-up team’. The three athletes’ 10 awards included two gold medals in the ‘general individual’ and ‘solo’ categories for gymnast Rodrigo Sampaio.

Athlete’s presentation at BTP Educates awards ceremony.

Elizabeth Ramos, Environment Manager


Profile by Jessica Nunes

Barbecue ty Admires: S inceri lsehood Does not like: Fa duate and Objective: Gra pursue a career

Favorite food:

Qualifying to do more and better From doorman to stage audiovisual and lighting technician. Eduardo da Silva Lima has been a Terminal Tractor operator at BTP since January 2013. Now he is sparing no effort to find his vocation in life. “I’m not ashamed of not knowing about something. If I do not know something, I will try to learn about it,” says Eduardo, who is also currently a member of the Port’s Internal Accident Prevention Commission (CIPATP). While working as a doorman, Eduardo passed a public competition and starting working with theatrical audio and lighting. “It was a wonderful experience; I learned a lot and met several actors and actresses. At the time, I had enrolled for engineering school, but I had to put it on hold. “ After a few years, Eduardo wanted a change and took a job as a truck driver. In his 6 years driving along roads and highways as a haulage company employee, Eduardo took several courses for small and large stacker trucks (RTG, STS) as well as container tally services.

In 2012, Eduardo saw an ad announcing vacancies for operators at BTP and decided to apply. He then joined our team as part of the second group of operators we hired. As a BTP employee, Eduardo likes to tackle challenges as a way of practicing everything he has learned. “I want to exceed expectations, day after day. Being a TT operator means being one of the people who keep the economy moving and ensure the country’s future,” he says. Tractor operator Eduardo, aged 41, is married and has a 20-year old daughter named Caroline. He divides his time between work, family and the Port Management course at technical college (FATEC Santos), where is he is in Year 1. “Keeping up with all these responsibilities is not easy, but I am not giving up,” he says.

I give my best to everything I set out to do. I’m always trying to get more qualifications to do an excellent job Eduardo da Silva Lima, TT operator

Brasil Terminal Portuário Av. Engenheiro Augusto Barata, s/nº - Alemoa Santos - SP - Brasil CEP: 11095-907


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Our Jornal - Issue 17 (July/August/September - 2016)