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Headed for the podium

Team BTP made its mark at Tribuna FM Radio’s 31st 10 km run. p.07




Nike and BTP: gateway to the 2016 Olympic Games

Health and sport initiatives mark the beginning of “For the Best” p.06

ABOUT THE SECTOR Accounting and our numbers p.10

A message from our CEO

Dear colleagues, Winter is officially due to start in June, but the cold weather has come along earlier this year. Despite low temperatures outside, here inside BTP I would say that we feel as if it were spring. Despite the cold outside, we feel warm in here and more good ideas are flourishing. We have pursued creativity to help be more productive; we have been cost conscious too. These initiatives have made for an optimistic mood showing that the weather outside does not dictate the ‘season of the year’ in here. Although we have to fight adversity, we are capable of making our business thrive and prosper. Of course this does not mean we ignore difficulties, especially the constant need to keep an eye on any opportunities for improvement. I believe there is still room for improvement in each process, such as the higher average productivity of our quayside operations, and better customer prospecting and retention along with a bigger portfolio of services to offer them. Additionally, ongoing cost awareness, as shown, is essential to enjoy good financial health for the year. Having ships moored almost every day does not mean that we are getting the results we planned, which were discussed and approved by our shareholders. We need to be persistent about reaching targets to ensure our business has the right momentum so that when the economy picks up we are poised to get ahead of our competition. An important point is that our best practices and our insistence on doing everything right is not limited to the internal environment. We can - and must - contribute to everything around us developing too, because there is no way to thinking of BTP without thinking of Port of Santos and its region. Excellence in port operations means nothing unless countries are producing goods

Credits Graphic design Oficina de Ideias Writers Isabela Bretas - Corporate Communications and Social Resp. Assistant Larissa Saviello - Corporate Communications and Social Resp. and Social Resp. Intern Coordinator Yara Motta - Corporate Communications and Social Resp. Manager Contributors for this issue Hudson Carvalho - Human Resources Manager Matheus Pereira - Corporate Communications and Social Resp. Analyst Directors responsible Antonio P. Passaro - CEO Joel Contente - Head of Corporate Affairs


and trading. Our agility at work service is of no use unless our employees are working safely and our operations are sustainable. Just as important as the conditions mentioned above is the fact that our business can only be sustainable in the long run if we think and take action today to solve problems related to our accesses, whether waterways, highways or railroads. In this respect - as you may have seen in newscasts - dredging has been our primary mission for the last few weeks. After the restriction affecting our area for turning ships and then our shipping channel - in sections 2 and 3 - we devised a plan to find an emergency solution for this exceptional situation, in order to immediately restore operating conditions for our customers and a level playing field in terms of competition in Port of Santos. The limitation on vessels mooring at BTP has a ripple effect on our work. In addition to the extra operating costs, mooring has to be reorganized and there is an inevitable effect on our productivity. But the negative effects are not confined to our area of reach. Lack of dredging or delay in maintaining previous depths affects condition for our port terminal and push it in the opposite direction away from the development and progress that our country so urgently needs to return to growth. Each one of us, and all of us together, can make a difference inside or outside, not only to make sure we keep our jobs but also to build a prosperous environment that provides opportunities for others and ‘spring time’ for many - and for a long time. Thank you. Antonio Passaro CEO

Cristiano, from our Commercial team with Nike representatives Tran Thi Thuy Uyen Suzuki, Leonardo Garbin Silverio and Marcel Westin de Oliveira visiting the terminal on April 26.

Our Client

Nike and BTP: gateway to the 2016 Olympic Games by Isabela Bretas

Nike is supplying sports equipment for leading athletes, teams and federations worldwide. Many of the sports items Nike imports here to Brazil are coming in through our Terminal. A BTP client ever since we started operating in October 2013, the US giant founded in 1964 now ranks as one of the world’s largest companies making and selling sporting items. In its business relations, Nike uses BTP’s terminal for storing cargo, getting it through customs clearance and processing its legal status for business in Brazil. In 2015, we received a total of 467 containers forwarded to different points of distribution for Nike. After the arrival of new service lines originating in Asia in February this year, Nike’s volume traffic rose by almost 50% and 438 containers have been received at the terminal in the first four months of this year. Among the services used by Nike, a standout is the CSW, originating from Asian ports and carrying most of the cargoes; and the Samba, originating in Europe.

Sales executive Cristiano Ferreira says that constant concern for security is a particularity of this client: “Highvalue added loads require extra effort in relation to their integrity. Here in the terminal, containers are stored at locations monitored 24x7 by cameras; trucks only leave the terminal when high-level security is in place.” As an official sponsor of Brazil for the 2016 Olympic Games and the event’s leading sports supplier, much of its volume imported since October/2015 has been headed for Rio de Janeiro. There were uniforms, tennis shoes and all sports kit for used in competitions. The last to arrive were uniforms and footwear used by top athletes and therefore more sensitive items. With the strengthening of the Nike - BTP relationship, our Commercial team recently welcomed Nike representatives to visit our Terminal and see our modern structure for port operations, and hear about our history and activities in Port of Santos.

Did you know? The word Nike came from Nice (pronounced ‘Niké’ in Greek), a goddess represented by a winged woman who personified victory, strength and speed. Some speculate that the famous company logo is a representation of Nice’s wing in honor of the goddess.


Our company

2016 PPR Incentive program by Isabela Bretas

The criteria for our Incentive Program - 2016 were approved recently by the PPR Committee, which reviewed the program’s criteria and further enhanced benefits.

What has changed?

PPR Committee Consisting of representatives elected by employees and others designated by the company, the PPR Committee, whose members are elected for two-year tenures, should be the focal point for matters related to the program. In addition to our HR Time, from now on, employees can rely on Committee members to get answers to any questions and seek explanations. See who they are:

Weightings Operational PPR Company and team targets now have 50% weighting each.

Company designated representatives: Paulo Fernando Martins Clemente Scale Coordinator Juliana Fontes Lopes Mansur Tax coordinator Tiago Falasca Silva Commercial Coordinator - Shippers and Exports Maria de Fátima Borges dos Santos Administrative manager Representatives elected by employees: Alex Ferreira Onboard operator (D Team) Joilson Souza Miranda Operation coordinator Leandro dos Santos Comptroller analyst Marcelo Augusto Fernandes Alves Equipment operator (B Team)

Leandro Santos and Alex Ferreira are also committee members but were not present for the photo.


The main changes in the program refer to targets, their weightings and general rules. See details below:

Administrative PPR Company targets will now have 100% weighting and comprise the calculation along with individual performance (individual targets have 60% weighting and competencies the remaining 40%). Individual performance Administrative PPR Individual performance calculations will be based on individual targets and competencies. Until last year, competencies were part of the performance assessment for administrative staff but not in the PPR. As part of the updated program for 2016, competencies were included in benefit calculations. They have been revised and will be measured by level of complexity, depending on positions held (assistants, analysts, supervisors, coordinators).

HR manager Hudson Carvalho (center) with committee members Paulo Clemente, Maria de Fátima Borges, Joílson Miranda, Tiago Falasca, Juliana Mansur and Marcelo Alves (from left to right)

How do I calculate my award?

Team Targets Operational PPR In 2015, team targets were divided into Maintenance and Operational teams. This year’s targets are based on the attributes of each sector. So units such as Occupational Safety, Asset and Property Security, Customs Process and Warehouse now have their own specific targets. General rules Employees leaving the company will be paid an amount proportional to the number of months worked, provided they are actively employed on December 31, 2016 and have worked at least six months in 2016.

Operational PPR The extent to which company targets have been reached will be published on a monthly basis to generate a percentage (80% to 130%) that will be given 50% weighting for the value of the award. Reaching team targets will generate another percentage- also from 80% to 130% with a 50% weighting. The sum of the two will generate a PPR percentage to be used as a multiplier for the calculation.

Example: Monthly salary of R$ 1.000,00 x 1,33 = PPR calculation base will be R$ 1.330,00 Suppose 90% of the company’s target has been reached and 80% of the team’s. Targets

Weighting (50% = 0,5) Result Targets (%) 0,5 x 90

Company Team




= =

45 + 40 85%

Target percentage reached

Then the calculation would be: Annual salary R$ 1.330,00 x

Targets 85%


Total benefit to be paid R$ 1.130,50

Administrative PPR Reaching company targets will generate a percentage from 80% to 130%. The result obtained by multiplying individual targets and competencies will generate another percentage, equivalent to one of the multipliers described in the table (which will depend on the position held).

How can I help improve the company’s results?

Approving the incentive program was just the beginning. Improving results requires commitment and this is the responsibility of each individual. Whether aiming for company or team targets, doing more and better in your day-to-day is an essential part of the process since each stage and each sector has its importance in reaching targets and final results. If everyone works, everyone wins. This is the right spirit this should be our motivation for the next nine months. In addition to daily improvement through tools and training provided by the company, each employee can strive for excellence in their own area. Reflect on their role in strengthening Team BTP and out this responsibility into practice, directing all efforts in pursuit of continuous improvement will ensure that BTP will increasingly be better for all of us.

The percentage equivalent to the company’s results and the multiplier related to individual targets and competencies will generate a PPR percentage to be paid which will finally be used as the basis for calculating the award.

Example: Monthly salary of R$ 1.000,00 x 1,33 = PPR calculation base will be R$ 1.330,00 Suppose the company has reached 90% of its targets and final employee individual performance is equivalent to a 1.33 multiplier (i.e. they reached 130% of their targets and competencies).

Company targets x 90%

Multiplier Percentual de (individual performance) recebimento do PPR = 119,70% 1,33

Then the calculation would be: Annual salary R$ 1.330,00


Percentage of PPR Total benefit to be paid to be paid 119,60% = R$ 1.592,01


Quality of life

by Isabela Bretas

Enhancing life: Health and sports initiatives mark the beginning of “For the Best” In the last week of April we launched “For the Best” as BTP’s Quality of Life Program devised to foster employee health and well-being. The program includes a set of initiatives and incentive projects to help Team BTP adopt posture and attitudes that enhance life. From April 25 to May 1, employees were asked to get health mapping checks of their cholesterol and glycaemia levels, BMI calculation and blood pressure. Talks with a nutritionist and the dengue mosquito combat group heightened employee awareness of good eating habits and preventing Aedes Aegypti. More benefits including discounts from pharmacies and automobile insurance were part of the week’s activities too. The initiative reinforced the importance of keeping up with health checks and encouraged employees to rethink their habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The full list of activities planned as part of For the Best in 2016 follows below:

June August September October

2nd BTP Indoor Football Cup Prevention of winter illnesses National Combat Cholesterol Day World Heart Day Pink October (Breast cancer prevention) National Oral Health Day


National Deafness Day World Combat Diabetes Day Blue November (Prostate cancer prevention)


World Day for the Fight against AIDS

It is essential that our company develop activities to foster quality of life for our employees. Health Mapping, for example, was essential to give us an overview of the physical conditions of Hudson Carvalho, HR manager employees and on that basis develop initiatives focused on their real needs

Other “For the Best” initiatives


In view of proliferating cases of H1N1 influenza

To commemorate World No Tobacco Day on May 31, our company arranged an anti-smoking exhibition organized by Hospital A.C. Camargo to be held at the port terminal. Throughout the day, banners were arranged in various places around the company conveying messages and information on the subject. Employees were able to take respiratory and cardiac tests while learning about ways of quitting the habit.

In our region, as in previous years, our company ran a vaccination campaign. The initiative is part of “For the Best”; employees who adhered previously got shots at our clinic.


Team BTP heading for the podium On May 15, Team BTP made its mark at Tribuna FM’s 31st 10 km run and joined the ranking of the top 10 squads in the race by taking 5th position. A total of 221 employees joined the region’s largest street race in the Amateur and Walker categories. Athletes shared determination and excitement all the way from the center of Santos to Gonzaga beach. On crossing the finishing line, everybody was welcomed to a big party in our tent on the beach, exclusively set up for them to recover from their exertions. Employees could pick and choose from a variety of fruit, sports drinks and masseurs.

To see all photos, access the Public folder: p:\3 – Comunicação\10km Tribuna FM; or go to our fan page: www.facebook.com/BrasilTerminalPortuario

The benefit offered by BTP was part of “For the Best” aim of encouraging employees to take up sports as a way of helping to improve quality of life. Here are some images from BTP Team’s day:


Shorts by Isabela Bretas

Women’s Day On International Women’s Day, our female employees joined in activities prepared especially for them. A delicious breakfast started the day followed by a talk given by Marcélli Paulino, fashion consultant and publisher of the “Lindizzima” blog. The blogger from Santos talked about how to dress appropriately for work, the importance of personal image in the corporate environment and supplied suggestions for different occasions. The program went on with quick-massage, makeup artists and health spaces for women throughout the day.

Hazardous Chemicals Training In April and June, 111 employees attended theoretical and practical training sessions around BTP’s emergency plans: Individual Emergency Plan to combat oil pollution at sea and Emergency Action Plan for cases of chemicals spills on land, among other sessions. The training prepared employees to intervene in various emergency situations. By the end of July other fire-brigade members will be trained so that our entire workforce gets training on responding to environmental emergencies.

Global Safety Day On April 28 we commemorated Global Safety Day around the theme of Risk Management. Icarus, a member of the Super Fatal 5 who is responsible for Working at Heights, toured sectors at the company testing employees’ knowledge of safety and risk management. The activity caused a stir at the terminal and reinforced the importance of employees having safe habits and being aware of the risks and protection measures involved in any everyday job.

Easter campaign In March our Easter Campaign collected chocolate eggs. During the month we invited Terminal employees at Central Office to contribute to the cause. 55 eggs were collected and delivered to the Social Solidarity Fund of Santos, which donated them to social organizations assisting young children in the region.


1st coastal shipping vessel In March, we started our coastal shipping service with Mercosul Itajaí from the ship owner’s Mercosul Line, which docked at the Terminal on March 22 to inaugurate our cabotage service, wich connects ports within the same country, without losing sight of the coast).

Better Restaurants As of March, BTP employees have enjoyed upgraded catering facilities. To ensure convenience and well-being for everybody, an upgrade project got to work on the facilities and menus. Structural alterations included new serving counters. Instead of cans, juices and beverages are now dispensed from machines and an extra salad dish was added to the menu options too.

Intermodal BTP was at the 22nd Intermodal South America event in São Paulo on April 5, 6 and 7. As Latin America’s top fair event for logistics and foreign trade, it afforded our teams a chance to network with customers and other industry stakeholders as well as make great business deals.

Young Talents Program April saw the beginning of BTP’s 3rd Young Talents Program, which holds meetings with interns and apprentices to enhance and upgrade their competencies. At the first of three annual meetings, young people were able to discuss issues related to choosing a career and teamwork. During the year, apprentices and interns will also take part in individual career advice and guidance sessions.

New time clocks New time clocks purchased for ADMIN buildings and operational areas featured a more modern and agile system to improve procedures and add more convenience for employees.


Learn more about the sector

Company accounts and numbers

by Isabela Bretas

Complying with all BTP tax obligations and laws is the main commitment for the Tax team. In addition to maintaining efficient management of taxation to find viable and intelligent tax solutions for our business.

Numbers, figures, calculations and metrics are the main products of our Accounts sector, which is divided into Accounting and Tax teams to manage all BTP expense and revenues data, which are subsequently used as the basis for other functions of the sector. Our Accounting team is tasked with ensuring healthy financials for our company. Invoices for expenses as well as amounts due for services provided to customers are recorded and stored. The team also provides support for other internal departments to correctly classify expenses by their correct financial account and cost center for each sector, in addition to managing monthly provisioning accruals. The team’ routine activities also involve posting updates to balances, which reflect 100% of all BTP financial transactions for balance sheets published annually in local newspapers. Team members also close out the books for monthly reporting covering all numbers and results for our shareholders (APM Terminals and TIL).

In Accounts, our main mission is to transparently and efficiently prepare financial statements in observance of our responsibility to comply with the law and accounting principles while ensuring that correct information is fed into senior management’s decision-making processes. Rogério Marques, Tax Account Manager

Our Tax team is responsible for ensuring compliance with tax laws. As it is for individuals, paying taxes is a legal obligation for legal entities such as BTP.

Rogério Marques, Tax Account Manager

Tax team members calculate all taxes and contributions that BTP must pay or withhold in a given period. These taxes, directly related to BTP business and are based on its profit and revenue, include Income Tax and Social Contribution, Social Contribution on Gross Revenue, ISS, and PIS/COFINS. Since our sector is part of the final phase of the financial process, the Tax team has to work together with other sectors to ensuring correct application of legal requirements. Its routine involves collecting data to calculate taxes on a daily basis and each tax has a different calculation base and subsequent work on accessory obligations for payment to the appropriate authorities. These teams are constantly interacting. For example, the inflow of invoices involves both accounting and tax related validations. Updating and presenting Risk Management data is another joint activity coordinated by Douglas Hayasaki and Juliana Mansur to submit a quarterly report describing all activities that involve operating risks and may incur costs. Responding to the needs of internal auditors as well as shareholders and outside agencies (such as federal and state tax authorities) is also part of the routine for both Accounting teams.

Kelly dos Santos, Beatriz Gonçalves, Maria Aparecida dos Santos, Letícia dos Santos, Leia Reis, Alexandre Alves, Mônica Gonçalves, Douglas Hayasaki, Juliana Mansur, Tainah Costa and Rogério Marques, sector manager. Elizabeth do Nascimento, who is on maternity leave, is also part of the team.



Reinventing is a must!

Our Maintenance team is tasked with improving procedures and boosting productivity by Isabela Bretas Innovation is a must in today’s world, so here is the great challenge to be tackled this year: creatively finding solutions to optimize processes, focusing on time savings and raising productivity levels. Since port operations are our company’s core activities, a key priority for all business processes taking place alongside these operations is to have as little impact as possible on the routine of terminal operations. Maintenance team members understand what this priority means in practice more than anybody. The team is responsible for ensuring proper functioning of equipment operated here, such as STSs, RTGs, terminal tractors and reach stackers, and they spare no efforts to make sure the job is done while ensuring accuracy and agility since repairing equipment means costly downtime. Replacing steel cables on STSs is one of the most complex tasks from a Maintenance point of view. There are about 1.3 km of cable and the sequence of procedures involved in the activity has to be strictly followed, which means shutting down equipment for about 15 hours (at other terminals, replacing cable may take up to 24 hours).

Having introduced this new format, cable replacement jobs have already shown positive results: a 15-hour job using the previous procedure was firstly cut to 11 hours and more recently to 8 hours. So the time spent on this work has been reduced by almost 50% and we have higher levels of availability of equipment for operation.

João Carlos Prudêncio Junior, Mechanical Maintenance Coordinator and Flávio Rodrigues, Maintenance Supervisor.

Two team members, Maintenance Supervisor Flávio Rodrigues and Mechanical Maintenance Coordinator João Prudêncio, recently detected an opportunity to save time in this procedure that basically involves three initiatives: upgrading, training and investing.

Flávio is glad that progress has been made but believes that this is just a beginning: “We have great potential to improve procedures, but we have to do this cautiously. Before making any alteration, however minor, to an existing process, we must look at safety requirements for all those involved. There are no time-savings that justify exposing an employee to risk.”

Tapping their extensive experience in maintenance, Flávio and João started to improve the activity by making minor adjustments to sequences and ways of carrying out procedures. Having made these adjustments, they realized that employees involved in the process had to be retrained to ensure they fully understood each stage of the job. Finally, they pointed to the need to invest in new equipment, materials and tools to make the activity more agile.

This is the right time to drill down and several points are being carefully evaluated. If the team thinks more alterations are appropriate and safe, the procedure may be revised again. Initiatives like this show that Team BTP is intent on pursuing continuous improvement for every aspect of our terminal’s operations while strengthening team members’ commitment to excellence.


Profile by Larissa Saviello

Grit and resolve to go the extra mile

In the battle for first place, Márcio José Cardoso dos Santos broke his record time at 39’29’’, just 10’34” behind the winner, Paul Kitkorir from Kenya. Márcio, who is a B Team equipment operator I, says he was surprised by the result because he has not been taking part in events of this nature for a few years and did not have a specific training program for the race. “My mother says she has always enjoyed running since childhood. I like walking too, so I usually catch a bus some way off, so I do some walking and get some exercise. When I want to run, I train on the streets in the neighborhood or out the highway (Padre Manoel da Nóbrega).

First placed among BTP women team members with a time of 54’8” was operational logistics analyst Cláudia Figueiredo Rodrigues, known as Koda. As a child, she took up several physical activities and entered competitions. At the suggestion of her swimming coach and supported by her family, Koda started entering biathlon events at the age of 15 and this event was to become her passion. Now aged 37, her classification in the race was a personal record too: in addition to winning 1st place among BTP Team women members, she beat her time in the previous year’s event, when she finished the Tribuna FM 2015 10 km race in 55’30”.

Firstly, you have to like what you do and not give up. If you focus properly, you will reach your objectives and win.

As a real sporting enthusiast, she competed in every event held in the region in 2015, together with her friend and running partner André Vale, who is a who is a Market Intelligence specialist at BTP.

Márcio José Cardoso dos Santos -No. 1 in Team BTP

Because of his freckled complexion, Márcio has been nicknamed ‘Brigadeiro [a chocolate-based candy, very popular in Brazil] ever since he started working in the port at another terminal in 2012. He came to BTP in January 2016 and says that although a newcomer here, he has already realizes that our health campaigns and initiatives motivate employees and encourage them to take up sports. Although Márcio has a somewhat retiring personality, he is happy to talk about how colleagues have been inspired by his running and how well he did in the race. Some have even said they will be following the example he set and practicing physical activities. Originally from the state of Sergipe, at the age of ten Márcio moved to São Vicente to live with his grandmother Inês. Now aged at 38, he still lives locally with his wife Adriana and their five children aged 4 to 16. Whenever he can, he encourages his children to practice sports and likes to play football with them on his breaks. Márcio thinks that working a 6-hour daily routine at BTP gives him more free time to rest and practice sports, which in turn benefits his work since he feels more energized, alert and enthusiastic. Asked about his plans for the future, Márcio says he would like to continue running. “Since I made good time in the race this year, I intend to put more effort into running and train for competitions. I hope to set an example for my children. “

Brasil Terminal Portuário Av. Engenheiro Augusto Barata, s/n – Alemoa Santos/SP – Brazil CEP: 11095-907


Men and women from BTP’s team took 1st places at Radio Tribuna FM’s 10 km event.

Now looking for new challenges, Koda says that in the same year, the two were challenged to run a half marathon so they started training together. By egging

I met new colleagues and saw that everybody was interacting and excited by the results. BTP’s encouraging people to practice sport is excellent for quality of life and social integration too Cláudia Figueiredo Rodrigues -1st place among women members of Team BTP

each other on they were able to finish a 21 km event together. This motivation is also perceived in her everyday work at the terminal, where she joined our company two years ago. She is proactive and likes to present new ideas and get involved in all quality of life initiatives by encouraging other employees. “Whether running or working, you must be patient, set targets, pay attention and keep on training. Everything depends on your attitude, on your being determined to develop.” As for her next steps in terms of sports, Claudia is a member of one of the women’s teams entering the 2nd BTP Indoor Football Cup. She has a special supporter for her training routines and giving tips on how to take penalty kicks in the person of Cassiano, the 7 year-old son of her husband Jefferson. Having set a new target, she is already training to run a couple of half-marathons this year, one in São Paulo in July and the other in Praia Grande in September.

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To report conduct violating BTP’s internal policies or procedures, send an e-mail to ouvidoria@btp.com.br

Profile for Brasil Terminal Portuário

Our Jornal - Issue 15 (March/April - 2016)  

Our Jornal - Issue 15 (March/April - 2016)