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October 2010

Inside this Issue: Laundry Lessons~ 1

Lessons Learned in the Laundry Room

Fall Fun Events~ 2 Steering Team~ 3 MOPS PM Sponsors~ 3 Moment of Science~ 4 Kids in the Kitchen~ 4 5 Minutes for Mom~ 5 Crafts for Kids~ 5 Small Group Leaders~ 5 Mentor Minute~ 6 Love & Logic Corner~ 6 Classifieds~ 7 Mouths of Moppets~ 8 Hands Can Bless~ 9 Celebrations~ 9 Mommy Knows~ 10 Postpartum Blues ~ 11 Service Info~ 12 Branson Photo~ 13 Christmas Expo~ 13 Coordinators Welcome ~14

Christmas Outreach~15 Bunco Night~ 15 Parent Night Out~ 15 What to Expect~16

Next Meeting Oct. 12th @ 6:00 pm

We recently bought a new washer and dryer. I had only done a load or two before I realized the bell signaling a completed load of laundry sounded pleasant. A gentle ding dong … ding dong … ding dong … one note slightly higher than the other, loud enough to not be ignored but pleasant, almost compelling. Come to … the dryer … fold clothes … load more. I actually didn’t mind progressing from one phase of laundry to another. My old dryer’s alarm sounded harsh and abrasive. A loud continuous “blaaaat” screamed to me, “GET IN HERE NOW AND DO LAUNDRY.” Not inviting in the least. After comparing my old dryer signal with the new, I wondered what type of signal I send my children when chores need to be done. Was I sweet and melodious, enticing them to complete chores in a timely fashion or harsh and abrasive, demanding action now? I didn’t like the answer. I start out sweet and melodious only to digress into harsh and abrasive when chores aren’t accomplished quickly. I also noticed the children wait for the harsh tone before responding. They knew

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I wasn’t really serious until I changed my approach, but by that time neither one of us was happy about chores: with the children mumbling about how I always yelled and with me grumbling about asking them three times to complete their tasks. We seemed to be at an impasse. I looked to my laundry room for answers and found four things I could implement: Lesson #1: The persistent attention grabbing tone only beckoned to me if I were within hearing distance. I realize this one might seem obvious, but I have had children tell me they did not hear my directions when standing three feet from me. Were they lying? Probably not. They were simply focused on something else at the time. I needed to get their attention and then, let them know what needed to be done. Lesson #2: The pleasant tone of the dryer encouraged me to do laundry. I need to keep my tone pleasant so my children will associate a pleasant attitude with doing chores. Like it or

not, my children exhibit the same attitude towards chores as I do. Lesson #3: The dryer didn’t change tones if I didn’t get the clothes folded immediately. I would simply receive another ringing reminder in ten minutes. My dryer gave me more grace than I gave my children. I need to step back and give them time to obey after making sure they heard my instructions. Lesson #4: If I didn’t get the clothes when the dryer dinged, consequences occurred. My clothes would get wrinkled if left in the dryer, stinky if left in the washer and not done at all if I didn’t move them from the laundry basket to the machine. Likewise, my children need to experience real consequences when they do not complete their chores. Now every time my dryer beckons me to change another load with the melodious ding dong, I remember the laundry room lessons, “get my children’s attention, speak sweetly, give them time to complete the task, and follow through with consequences when the work does not get done.” Simple? Yes. Easy? no!

By Lori Poppinga

Fall Fun for the Whole Family McKenna Pumpkin Patch General Admission: Ages 3-65 $6.00 66 and older $3.00 (2 and under Free) General Admission includes: Hay Ride through our woods, Play Area which includes: Big Bale Hay Maze, Pony Swings, Tricycle Race Track, Corn Box, Baby Farm Animals- Up close, 3 great slides, 2 Acre Corn Maze, and New this Year-Rubber Ducky Water Races! Open Sept 20th - Nov 1st Hours: Mon. - Fri. 3-8, Sat. 10-8, Sun. 11-8 Call or check out their website for more details! or 417-593-3159

Rutledge-Wilson Farm Corn has never been so ear-resistible! Rutledge- Wilson Farm is proud to present a 10 acre corn maze that is fun for the whole family! (We also feature a separate, smaller maze for younger kids.) • $5.00 per adult (12 years and older)/ $3.50 per child (5 years—11 years)/ 4 years and younger free Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch open Sept. 25th—Oct. 31st Fridays: Opens 5 p.m. — Last Entrance 9 p.m. Saturdays & Sundays: Opens 5 p.m. — Last Entrance 9 p.m. There are special events each weekend so be sure to check out their website or pick up a brochure at the information table at MOPS. or 417-837-5944 Trick or Treat Off the Street- October 31st

Safe Street Trick or Treat

Dolly Parton’s Whoadeo!

October 31st from 5-7 pm

October 9th from 10am-1pm

@ Factory Merchant Malls

@ Branson Landing or



Bring the kids out for a fun and safe evening of trick-or-treating at Factory Merchants Branson. Look for the smiling pumpkin faces for participating stores!

This will be the 4th Annual Safe Street Trick or Treat for Branson Landing merchants to participate in on Sunday, October 31st. This safe Halloween alternative is exclusively for children in costume up to age 12. Look for the Halloween Signs in the windows of participating businesses, located up and down Branson Landing.

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What is a Whoadeo? It is a stick horse rodeo for kids. It gives them a chance to ride in the Dixie Stampede main arena and showcase their skills, including: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Obstacle Course, Bucking Horse and Jumping. There are kids' games, face painting, animal exhibitions, as well as giveaways.

Gold and Platinum Sponsors


Check out our website for more information about these sponsors:

Steering Team Co-Coordinators: Mary Blackwood


Tennille Michel


Publicity DeAnna Sheets


Finance Melody Alms


Prayer & Care April Mulnik


Hospitality Amy Wilhoit


Kami Biedenstein


Craft Coordinator: Hollie Holderfield


MOPPETS: Jenine Conway


Kelly Skoglund


Service: Teresa Boyd

Have you check out the Branson PM MOPS website? Visit us online to view past newsletters, registration information, calendar with upcoming dates and more about our sponsors. Page 3


Mentor Moms: Carolyn








A Moment of Science October is Fire Safety Month Let children use an eyedropper to drop water on a paper towel. Watch how the water spot gets bigger even though more water is not added. Fire is like that, it spreads over an area.

Multiple Ways to Make Homemade Bird Feeders - A pinecone which has been rolled in peanut butter. - String Cheerios through a piece of yarn. - Half of an orange or grapefruit.

Kids in the Kitchen Recipes for Kids

Playdoh Don’t buy store bought playdoh anymore. This recipe is fast, cheap and lasts so much longer than store bought play doh. Plus, your toddler can help you mix it all together and will love every minute of it making it together. 1 c. flour 1 c. boiling water 2 tbsp. cream of tartar 1/2 c. salt 1 tbsp. oil Food coloring (instead of food coloring you could use kool-aid packets)

Mix and knead together. This playdoh is not sticky and does not dry out.

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5 minutes for Moms Figure out where your time goes List the activities and chores that fill the hours in your week, and roughly how much time each of them takes up. What are the areas where the time you spend doesn't reflect your priorities? "If I can tear myself away from the tube at night, I get so much more done -reading, writing, or just relaxing," says Shana Aborn, the Queens, New York, mother of Daniel, 3, and Sarah, 3 months. Are you too concerned with having a spotless home? Can you lower your standards a little? Are you sidetracked by phone interruptions? Try letting calls go to voicemail and returning them at your convenience.

2010-2011 Small Group Leaders Small Group Coordinator: Stacy McNeil


Small Group Leaders: Angie Smith


Larene Thrash


Maryann Riveros


Kim Matthews


Tami Guerin


Sarah Matthews


Sara DeLawder


Cara Conway


Orange construction paper

Lori Larimore


Green construction paper White paper Glue or glue stick

Adriane Stauffer


Crafts for Kids Pumpkin Tear Art Supplies:

Directions: Draw an outline of a pumpkin and its stem on a piece of white paper. Let the child tear orange construction paper into many different size pieces. Glue the pieces on the white paper to fill in the outline of the pumpkin. Pieces will overlap until none of the white paper can be seen. Tear pieces from the green construction paper and glue to the stem.

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Your small group leaders are here for you, here to guide you, pray for you, and help you feel welcome to our group. If you have any questions or need please don’t hesitate to ask your small group leader or another steering team member! We want NO MOM


Mentor Minute Welcome to Fall Ladies, What a wonderful change in seasons we are having. There's nothing like going to the pumpkin patch farm and watching our kids try to pick up the heaviest pumpkin there. I hope everyone will be able to go out and have fun and make some memories this month. Not only is October a time for fall activities, it's a reminder that we need to take care of ourselves. I'm sure we're all aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I believe we always take time to do for others and we may not stop and take care of ourselves FIRST! I read that somewhere in the world every 69 seconds a women dies of breast cancer. That is just astounding to me!! The National Breast Cancer Foundation site offers an early detection plan to help remind us to schedule our self breast exams, clinical breast exams or mammograms. I hope you will check out this fantastic site! We are never to young to start this important routine in our lives... Blessings, Jr. Mint– Kathy (If you have questions for Kathy you can contact her @ or 417-339-4108) Resources for Breast Cancer Awareness Site

National Breast Cancer Site ( Breast Cancer Awareness Site ( Breast Cancer Website (

Love & Logic Corner End Childhood Swearing Stop Bad Language Without Lectures or Harsh Punishments There is a tried and true psychological principle that says, "Notice something you don't like about your child, show some emotion, and the problem is guaranteed to get worse." Childhood swearing is a good example. Nowhere do we see this phenomenon more evident than when parents hear their little cherub utter one of the dreaded four-letter words. Many parents react with a variety of emotions ranging from shock, to out and out adult temper tantrums complete with threats. A normal child has to witness this parental display with utter fascination. "Wow. Look at my folks now. I haven't generated this much household excitement in a long time. I know exactly how to push their buttons. Television can't compete with this!" Many people believe some severe punishment for swearing will put an end to it. However, punishment doesn't work because the parent's attention is the ultimate reward. Punishment added to parental exasperation is intoxicating for the average kid. Here are some real-world techniques to end these word battles: 1. Focus on the location of the word instead of the badness of the word. Talk with your kids about situations when these words are and are not acceptable. Consistently react to swearing with, "Is this the right place for that word? Thank you." Some effective parents say, "How sad. There's someone in your mirror who enjoys those words. Why don't you go to your room and have a talk with that person." 2. Use the Love and LogicÂŽ "Energy Drain" technique. "Oh, listening to words like that drains my energy. Give me a little while to think of some ways you can put that energy back in me." Say these words with the all the appropriate body language of a person who is becoming exhausted. Later say, "I think if you did some of my housework it might restore some of that energy I lost listening to your swearing. Thanks."

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Classifieds…….I want…….I have…...I Need E-mail DeAnna Sheets if you have something you would like to place in the Classifieds. “I needs” will be kept confidential and not published. DeAnna will help find someone who can help and get what you need to you. E-mail

I Have………..

I Want………..

*Navy Blue Dual Recliner Leather Couch - mint condition (Contact Sarah DeLawder @ or 417-230-2811)

*Starwars or Batman legos (contact Jenine Conway @ 417-239-0632 or *Children’s Picnic Table (contact Jen Cooper @ 417-496-6133 or *Baby Monitor System (Contact Aimee Stewart at *Maternity Clothes Size XL (Contact April Mulnik @ aprilmulnik@gmail or 527-0091) *Exersaucer for Babies (Contact Mesa Mitchell @ 417-527-0352 or *Full Size Bed Frame (Contact Emily @ or 417-3310085)

I Have……….. *Graco Snug Ride Infant Car Seat w/ Base Like New (Contact Melody @ or 294-0063) *NASCAR Activity Bouncer, Play Yard Panels Snap Together to make a circle (Contact Melody @ or 294-0063) *1 Fisher Price toddler riding toy (Contact Amy Wilhoit 417.336.9822 or *Girls Newborn—12 months clothes (Contact Christy @ 294-2033 or *Infant Toys (Contact Christy @ 294-2033 or

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*Noah's Ark Cookie Jar - (Contact Haley Toombs @ 417-327-2268 or *Trampoline- (Contact Haley Toombs @ 417327-2268 or *Playstation 2 with 3 controllers and 3 memory cards, total of 35 games, 2 dance games with dance mat, Guitar Hero Guitar, 2 controller with multiple games, Game Cube with 1 controller with case, total of 22 games. (Contact Hollie Holderfield @ or 417-263-0484). *Toddler "Cars" Chair. Sides of chair fold out to create a car. Steering wheel on the back makes it lots of fun!! (Contact Cara Conway @ or 417-331-3001) *Brand New Toddler Recliner, tan color. Spotless! (Contact Cara Conway @ or 417-331-3001) *Sony DVD player with remote...WORKS! (Contact Cara Conway @ or 417-331-3001) *2 John Deere toddler riding toys (Contact Amy Wilhoit 417.336.9822 or

Out of the Mouths of Moppets Kids say the funniest things. If you have something funny that your child has said e-mail it do DeAnna @ include the child’s first name and age.

My grandon said "I have a stinger in my penis!"-needless to say we took him to the doctor.

Last week while traveling we stopped for dinner there was a State Patrolman there and the girls were intrigued by him. Hannah made sure to mention to him that his uniform was different than her daddy's and that her daddy played :"Barney P. Fife". Faith then asked him if he arrested people and his response was that it was part of his job, but he didn't like to. Faith then asked him if he killed them! He said NO and that he wouldn't want to - she then had to mention to him that he DID have a gun!!

My daughter Marlie, age 2, and I were having an apple for a snack. Our dog, Briea, was watching us longingly. I told Marlie, "Briea loves apples. Should we share some with her?" She replied very matter of factly, "No! She's full."

Last night at our family birthday gathering I suggested we have a popcorn prayer and anyone could take a turn "popping up" prayers. Savanah wanted to go first and prayed, "Jesus, thank you for popcorn"!

T-Shirts On sale @ Info Table We have our No Mom Alone long sleeve t-shirts for sale at the October meeting. We will also be selling last year’s t-shirts. $5 for Long Sleeve $3 for Short Sleeve

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Directory Pictures will be taken at the next meeting! The directory will be placed online this year and password protected. The password will be announced at a MOPS Meeting. Please let DeAnna Sheets know if this is a problem.

Hands Can Bless Jesus placed his hands on the man’s eyes again, and his eyes were opened. His sigh was completely restored, and he could see everything clearly. ~Mark 8:25 Then {Jesus} took the children in his arms and placed his hands on their heads and blessed them. ~ Mark 10:16 When Jesus lived on earth, he used his hands to bless children, touch and heal the eyes of a blind man, and break loaves of bread for the hungry. A mother’s hands can communicate blessing when they cuddle a baby or wipe away a toddler’s tears. As the years pass, those same hands clap at ball games or recitals, prepare pizza for a birthday party, or fold in prayer as she pours out to God her concerns for a child’s choices. Our hands can contribute to the growth of God’s Kingdom in the lives of our family. - Daily Devotions for Moms We will have our first sponsor spotlight at our October Meeting! The Titantic Museum will be set up before the meeting and will give a 5 minute presentation to tell you what they have to offer for our moms and kids. Make sure to pay attention and see what great things they have happening! Thanks to Titantic Museum for being a Platinum Sponsor!

Secret Sister Info If you need to drop from being secret sister please contact Kami Biedenstein at 417.348.0695 or

Congratulations! Birthday Celebrations October 1

Deinna Smith


Kim Crouse


Mary Blackwood


Carolyn Loften


Shannon Coyle


Sarah Wilson


Summer Fronterhouse


Debi Schuhow

Birth Announcements *Brittany Hamman welcomed a

bouncing baby boy named Tayrien Mark Hamman on September 23rd! *Aimee Stewart welcomed a sweet baby girl on September 17th named Brooke Allison Stewart.

Don’t forget to pray for all the pregnant mommies and mommies wanting to be pregnant! Page 9

"Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you." 3 John 1:2

Because Mommy Knows Everything 5 ways to Encourage Your Child’s Curiosity All those questions may try your patience, but they'll make your child smarter. "Curiosity is the driving force of intellect," notes Pam Schiller, author of Seven Skills for School Success. Kids' brains thrive on new experiences and activities, so shake things up with these ideas: Break with tradition. tradition Turn things upside down every so often: Have cereal for dinner or pizza for breakfast. Introducing novelty into your child's routine gives you a jumping-off point for conversation -- does he know people eat miso soup and fish for breakfast in Japan? -- and shows him that there's more than one way to do things, says Schiller. Change the scene. Rearrange the toys in her room or the dolls on her bed, and then discuss the difference. Does it look better now? Is it less cluttered? Does this arrangement seem more inviting? Rewrite the book. Mix up the characters and the scenery in the stories you read. Add a dragon to "Jack and the Beanstalk," for example. Ask "what if" and other open-ended questions, like "What if the wolf in 'Little Red Riding Hood' wasn't hungry? How would the tale be different? Make it kidkid-friendly. Create a special space -- in his bedroom, the den, or the basement -- where anything goes (finger painting, fort building, pillow fighting) and exploration is encouraged. Ask away. Show her that you're curious about her interests by asking her to explain the difference between Ariel and Snow White, say and getting just as excited about the dead beetle she found as she is (okay you may have to fake it). (For more articles about child development check out Parent Magazine Online)

Annoying Things Kids Say & Ways to Respond

"It's not fair." Attempts to pry her 4-year-old son away from one last episode of his favorite show usually turn into major bedtime battles for Anne Eide of Columbus, Mississippi. "William will say, 'But it's not fair!' Then he'll cross his arms and stomp down the hall, come back again, and repeat, 'Mom, it's not fair.'" That's when Eide sometimes can't help but let loose with "Listen here, Mister, you either turn off the TV now or you won't watch it for a week!"

A better way to respond: On nights when she's a tad more patient, Eide uses a kid-friendly example to explain why he doesn't always get his way. "I say, 'Daddy doesn't want to be in school all the time, but right now he needs to.'" Translation: Even adults don't get everything they want. The approach usually works. "He looks at me kind of like, 'Oookay.' Then he goes and gets ready for bed," says Eide. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, a mom of two and author of Kids, Parents, and Power Struggles, recommends asking your child to start over and try again with less irritating words, such as "Can we please talk about this?" or "Mom, I don't like that rule." Next time he complains that something's not fair, you can say, "Remember, we talked about this before. What words are you supposed to use instead?" Giving your child new ways to express himself makes him more likely to abandon the annoying ones. (For more articles about child development check out Parent

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Recognizing Postpartum Depression As any mother will tell you, the birth of a child is a tremendously emotional experience. Moms feel joy, happiness, relief and pride. They can also, however, experience fear and anxiety. Indeed, some even experience profound depression over this life-changing event. For many moms, this depression will take the form of temporary blues, a mild sense of sadness that might last a few days or weeks. But some moms will undergo something more intense--postpartum depression. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, about 10 percent of new moms experience postpartum depression--a more severe form of depression that can develop within the first six months after giving birth. Postpartum depression can create feelings that are so intense that they interfere with daily tasks. In extreme cases, postpartum psychosis can develop. It is important to keep in mind that if you do experience depression after childbirth it is not a reflection on you. It is not a character flaw or weakness. If you are feeling blue, prompt treatment can help you manage your symptoms--and enjoy your baby. But you need to be on the look out for symptoms to help you determine just how serious the depression is. Signs of the ordinary baby blues may include:







Sense of Inadequacy

Often the baby blues will just fade away. But additional signs and symptoms that are more intense and longer lasting may appear, evidence that you are sliding into postpartum depression. According to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic these may include: •

Constant Fatigue

Lack of Joy in Life

Sense of Emotional Numbness or Failure

Withdrawal from Family/Friends

Excessive Concern for Baby

Less Interest in sex

Severe Mood Swings

Impaired thinking


If you are feeling depressed after your baby's birth, it might be difficult for you to admit it. You might feel ashamed or embarrassed. Or you might consider it proof that you are bad mother. You should not feel any guilt about experiencing depression. Get plenty of rest and accept help from family and friends. Seek out new moms so that you can go through the emotional swings together. If the symptoms last for longer than a few weeks, or they become so severe that they interfere with you ability to function, it's important to call your doctor. The earlier you reach out for help, the sooner you can recover. If you start to develop the symptoms of someone in postpartum psychosis, seek medical attention immediately. It can literally lead to life-threatening situations for you and your baby.

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Service Corner –Women’s Crisis Center 1. Reason •

Reaching out to families in our area

Reaching out to Moms like us

Ministering to others

Helping our hearts to grow in leadership while serving others in our community.

2. What is the Crisis Center? •

The Crisis Center is a place for women and their families to go to get help.

Situations include but are not limited to being abused, drug abuse, and rape.

The Crisis Center is transitional housing where the advocates’ aide in finding jobs, providing classes, transportation, and getting their lives back on track.

Families can stay up to two years or as little as one week, depending on situation.

3. Our purpose/what we will be doing •

Deep Clean Cabins

Organize and sort donations

Making toiletry bags

Pick up trash.

Once a year, serve dinner to the families

Christmas Presents for families

Organize play area.

Collect items that are needed.

4. How often do I need to serve? •

Two small groups a month will be serving on the third Saturday of the month. month

Dates are listed below for each small group and are also online.

If you would like to attend on another date you may.

5. Just think! •

We are the only group that goes out and spends time each month.

The families are so appreciative that we take the time to love on them.

These families come with little; hope, love or belongings.

Please take the time to talk with some of the women.

Your time is and will be worthwhile!

Thank you so much for loving on these families!

We may be the only “Jesus” they will see in their lives!

Thank you so much for all you do! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Teresa Boyd: 417-230-6051, 417-634-0381, or on facebook! You all are amazing women and I look forward to serving with you! ~Teresa Body, Service Coordinator

Oct 16-Maryann/Adrianne 16 January 15-Lori/Cara 15 April 16-Larene/Kim 16

Small Group Schedule for Women’s Crisis Center 20-Tami/Sara/Sarah Team Nov 20 December 18-Maryann/Steering 18 February 19March 1919-Kim/Adrianne 19 Tami/Sara/Sarah May 21Summer Dates to Come 21 Angie/Cara Page 12

MOPS Fundraiser with Branson Photo Your choice of Indoor or Outdoor Sessions Available! Indoor fee is $10, Outdoor fee is $20. All proceeds goes to Branson PM MOPS! Family & Children shots available. Anytime between now and Christmas! Contact Lori Larimore at or 417-3375747 to schedule your session!

Annual MOPS PM Christmas Expo Branson PM MOPS will have their annual Christmas Expo. We are looking for MOPS moms and other area businesses that sell items that would appeal to moms and families that would like to have a table at our November 9th meeting. If you choose to have a table at our November meeting your business will be advertised in our November Newsletter. We can only fill so many tables so reply fast to reserve your spot and make sure that your business reaches over a 100 moms in our community. If you would like to have a table contact DeAnna Sheets @ or 417-880-9936.

Prices for Tables: PM MOPS Mom half a table– FREE PM MOPS Mom full table- $10 NON-PM MOPS Member Full Table- $20 This is a great time to get a head start on Christmas shopping and supporting our MOPS moms.

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Welcome Note from our coordinators Our MOPS group will not be participating in the Operation Christmas Child this year as we will be adopting some families through the Women’s Crisis Center. However if you would like to create a box to send for Operation Christmas Child you can check out the link below to find out what needs to go in the boxes and then drop off at C of O between November 15-21st.

Women’s Crisis Center Meal

We are looking for women to help cook meals for the Women’s Crisis Center on November 2nd. We would need the food dropped off or sent with a steering team member. Steering team will be serving the ladies and spending some time ministering with them. If you are available to cook and send a meal or deliver a meal to the Crisis Center please contact Teresa Boyd @ or 417-634-0381.

Well here we are again with cool nights, football games, and little ones tracking in leaves from outside. Fall is here and boy did it come fast. Tennille and I want to welcome everyone to another year together as mothers of preschoolers. We hope you had a wonderful summer, able to remember some sweet moments, but knowing all too well how fast it went by. I don’t want to sound like life is too busy, but I have to say that writing this letter is making me slow down. I am thankful for this opportunity to welcome you to MOPS and to tell you how excited we, as a steering team, are to have you come participate with us. Our theme this year is the Art and Science of Mothering. What does this mean to me, Mary Blackwood-mother of 5? I think the art of mothering is like art itself-I don’t really get it (art). I know I envy those that are artistic say in music, print, or with a paint brush. I don’t think my brain works that way, but that’s okay. There is no right or wrong in art. It is a perspective, how you look at something. So to me, my art is learning how to manage 5 incredible kids, their schedules, talents, and gifts; to teach them to love each other and love God. So what’s the Science of mothering? It the testing of ideas or hypothesis, seeing what results we might get and determining how we will use the results of our testing. A great example is me teaching my children to get a stool to help out in the kitchen. I thought this would be a great way to have them help me prepare a meal. Now, I have to be on constant guard of Madeline, my two year, old climbing up the stool, onto the countertop, trying to get the chips out of the cabinet, sippy cup for milk, looking for gum, etc. Live and learn and learn and learn. This came from the MOPS Connections Magazine: “Anywhere we go, God sees, knows and guides. So, we can lead-and love-knowing God will get us through all our hard spots, all our decisions, all our roles, all our times we can’t hold open our eyelids and the times we’re bursting with joy”. We have the most important jobs as mom and as we know better moms do make a better world. I hope you have a wonderful year at MOPS. ~Mary Blackwood and Tennille Michel (Co-Coordinators)

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Parents’ Night Out Need a date night? Want to k now your kIDS are being loved on and cared for? Why not bring them to Branson PM MOPS Parents’ Parents Night OUT! When: When Friday, November 12th How Much: Much $5 per KID MAX of $10 PER FAMILY Who WILL BE WATCHING MY KIDS? Steering TEAM Ladies will be caring for your kIDS and feeding them pizza! Only SO Many SPOTS Available so makE Sure to Sign up at our next meeting ALL PROCEEDS GOES TO THE WOMEN’S CRISIS CENTER Christmas Outreach

LADIES + BUNCO= FUN FILLED NIGHT Leave the kids home with the men or grandparents and join us for a BUNCO NIGHT with the gals!

Our MOPS group will be providing Christmas for some families through the Women’s Crisis Center! We will be adopting a few of the children that are out there as well. Please pick up extra items that are on sell that you think kids might like and drop them off at the information table at our next meeting. We will be collecting items from now through the December meeting. Some items you could pick up include: school supplies, small toys, socks, underwear, any necessities items or small toys that kids of school age might enjoy or need.

What: Bunco Night and Food Who: Any ladies are welcome (not just MOPS moms) When: October 22nd 6:30 (food), 7:00 (Game Time) Where: FBC-Branson How Much: $5 before or $7 at the door Bring your mom, grandma, friend, sister, etc and come join us for a night of crazy fun! Don’t know how to BUNCO no worries!! Tickets will be on sale for lots of great raffles! $1 per ticket or 6 for $5. Sorry ladies no childcare provided on this night.

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What to Expect at the October Meeting • •

• • •

Spotlight on Sponsors– Titantic Museum Presentation The Doctors Are In (Dr. Wherry & Dr. Spurling will be there to answer your questions) Refreshments Provided by: Tami/Maryann/Adrianne Directory Pictures Purchase T-Shirts (Old t-shirts on sale for $5 for long and $3 for short) Ribbon Bucket Craft with Hollie

Branson PM MOPS

DeAnna Sheets Publicity 234 Wilshire Drive Hollister, MO 65672

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Branson PM MOPS October Newsletter 2010  

Branson PM MOPS group October Newsletter

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