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MELBOURNE CBD PERSONAL TRAINERS AND MELBOURNE BOOTCAMP Dear Friend, Welco me to My Fitness Team. Hi, I’m Zo ran So vilj, yo ur Melbo urne CBD Perso nal Trainer and Fat Lo ss Specialist. I GUARANTEE yo u'll be leaner and mo re attractive with my pro gram o therwise I'll give yo u ALL yo ur mo ney back.



Ho w can I make such a bo ld guarantee?



My Fitness Team Perso nal Trainers are DIFFERENT. We DO NOT use o utdated fitness ro utines. We DO NOT just "stand aro und" ho lding a clip bo ard and lo o king bo red. We DO NOT stand aro und checking o urselves o ut in the mirro r all day o r go o n and o n telling yo u abo ut o ur perso nal lives during the wo rko uts.

We do one thing… We GET YOU INTO SHAPE by using cutting edge wo rko uts that have been pro ven by years o f experimenting and separating fact fro m fictio n to make yo u lo se fat and get to ned as FAST and as SAFELY as po ssible. February 25, 2013 If yo u're like mo st peo ple who want to beco me leaner, fitter, stro2012 nger and mo re attractive but do n’t 8 MAR NEWS have the time to exercise fo r an ho ur at a time o r the mo tivatio n to reach yo als oo ut n yo ur with a I will be rewarding ournefitness lucky go stand client o wn… I co mpletely understand… hey I'm super busy to oFREE … so here's what I've do ne… SESSION every newsletter fro m no w o nward. On a similar no te, Neefo Nawaf is reall... I've created highly effective 40 minute wo rko ut ro utines… The wo rko uts are fast-paced and fun and they'll have yo u lo o king better and feeling better in no time. We kno w no t everyo ne is the same, so o ur fitness and fat lo ss so lutio ns are specific to YOUR go als, YOUR bo dy type and YOUR life.

Latest News April 16, 2013 April 6, 2013 No Signage Personal Training Facility in Melbourne WELCOME to NUTRITION COMPLETE CBD FINALLY.. A HEALTHY EATING PROGRAM FOR There have been several inquiries into o ur new PEOPLE WHO LOVE FOOD Happy Easter to all facility despite it having no signage as yet. who celebrate it at this time o f the year and to no t Remember, that quality o f training and nutriti... get...


So me o f yo u My Fitness T bigger, bette

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My Fitness Team Blog Interval Training For Faster Results

July 18, 2013 Dessert Question before a Personal Training Session Personal Training and Desserts just don’t work!

Want to get mo re o ut o f yo ur wo rko uts? There's a little secret in the fitness wo rld called interval training. What is interval training? R...

Just this week during o ne o f o ur perso nal training sessio ns in Melbo urne, Mandy had asked abo ut desserts so this article and o thers in the b...

July 11, 2013 The Dreaded

7 Steps to Pro per Dessert Cho ice Ho wever, mo st Witho ut getti will agree that desserts are a delicio us and fun part then we'd all o f life that mo st o f us enjo y. ... Unfo rtunatel

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I Finally have My Body Back




Very Toned with 6 Pack

“A friend o f mine highly reco mmended Zo ran as the right perso nal trainer to get me into shape fo r my wedding. There was o ne big pro blem, actually a few; I had to travel into the Melbo urne CBD if I was to train with him (I’m no t the best driver, getting better tho ugh), I had bad hips fro m my pro fessio nal days o f ballet dancing and I had also develo ped lo wer back pain in the meantime. So with so me degree o f hesitatio n, I made the call and bo o ked myself in fo r my first sessio n. We spo ke briefly abo ut my go als, I had 3 mo nths to lo se weight and fit into my wedding dress, and I needed slim and to ned arms fo r this o ccasio n.

“When I first co mmenced with Zo ran I wasn’t exactly lo o king fo r a perso nal trainer, but I tho ught I’d give it a try. I used to go to the gym, exercise o n the equipment and then leave as discreetly as po ssible. Ho wever, I so o n wanted to see if having a perso nal trainer wo uld wo rk fo r me as the machines were bo ring me and results were slo w.

It didn’t take lo ng fo r me to realize Zo ran was pro fessio nal and real passio nate abo ut helping me. The sessio n had finished and I co uldn’t no w wait fo r my next o ne, I knew this was go ing to wo rk fo r me. After just 2 weeks o f training at My Fitness Team, I felt taller, I had mo re energy and my back pain had subsided. In 4 weeks I was bo uncing o ut o f my skin, I had lo st so me weight and no w co uldn’t wait fo r mo re. It was abo ut then that I went to a party and met up with friends, they no ticed my bo dy changing. Fro m this mo ment o n, everywhere I went, friends and family kept telling me ho w go o d I lo o k as I kept dro pping fat weekly. The rest is histo ry.

In abo ut 4-6 weeks I started to feel my clo thes lo o ser o n me, by 3 mo nths my clo thes were starting to fall o ff me and I had to wear a belt fo r my wo rk pants (I never wo re belts befo re). My co lleagues started no ticing a difference in me bo th with regards to the weight I had started to lo o se and my o verall well-being. I was mo re carefree, happier, relaxed and energetic.

I no w have my perso nally to ned arms, small waist, slim legs and am super stro ng. I finally have my bo dy back.”

Rit a J 25

I hired Zo ran thro ugh a friend who reco mmended him (po o r Zo ran!) I say this because I’m no t the easiest perso n to please, I want to do things accurately, have expectatio ns and tend to get bo red easily – it’s the Gemini in me! So I started PT with Zo ran and haven’t lo o ked back.

I had to buy new clo thes, ho wever the weight co ntinued to dro p and I had to get these new pants taken in. Mo nth-by-mo nth I wo uld no tice changes to my bo dy, thinner, muscle was develo ping and I was to ning. I tho ro ughly enjo yed the perso nal training sessio ns and actually lo o ked fo rward to attending these. It was like my bo dy had beco me addicted to exercise and it co uld no t co pe if I missed any. Every time I wo uld think that I am happy with my weight lo ss and ho w I lo o ked, Zo ran wo uld always find ways to impro ve my physique. He wo uld challenge me and my bo dy with different exercises and we wo uld see results every 4-6 weeks. Zo ran managed to mo tivate me. Never were two sessio ns the same. This is what maintained my enthusiasm and interests – remember I bo re easily! He wo uld always co me up with new exercises – and no matter ho w bizarre they seemed, they wo uld wo rk!! The perso nal training saw me leave fo r my extended ho liday to Greece as a size 8 (I was size 12-14 when I started), very to ned with almo st a 6 pack!!”

Suzie P 56

Will I have t ime f o r t his?

Will My Fit ne ss Te am wo rk f o r me t ho ug h?

We lo ve this questio n because the answer will change yo ur life. My Fitness Team will actually save yo u time as o ur wo rko uts are up to 3 times mo re pro ductive than yo ur o wn. Our pro grams are designed to maximize yo ur results in the sho rtest po ssible time.

My Fitness Team was develo ped o ver the last 10 years and is based o n tho usands o f ho urs o f training and research. Our pro grams are lo aded with the best o f every fitness mo dality in existence, all bo iled do wn into o ne incredibly effective and fast pro gram that blasts fat and builds lean muscle. So yes, it will definitely wo rk fo r yo u to o .

C an I re ally af f o rd a p e rso nal t raine r? Am I t o o o ut o f shap e f o r t his p ro g ram?

Abso lutely. My Fitness Team was designed to o ffer an affo rdable perso nal training o ptio n that ensures that everyo ne can have access to a premium perso nal training pro duct. Believe it o r no t, the results fro m o ur affo rdable perso nal training pro grams exceed many high end expensive o nes.

No t a chance. Our exclusive perso nal training system is designed to get yo u to yo ur fitness go als, no matter what co nditio n yo u are starting fro m. Mo st o f o ur clients co me to us with little o r no fitness experience. All o f o ur fitness pro grams are designed to be co mpletely custo mized to each and every individual client, allo wing them to get up to speed at their o wn pace.






Now a Model, Take My Advice and Call Him Today!

Proud to be a Leaner and More Toned Mother

“I’m Esther. Mo delling has always been my life time dream. I heard abo ut Zo ran’s perso nal training fro m a friend and was eager to give him a try. The pro blem was that I had plenty o f weight to lo se if I wanted to have any chance. Having wo rked with o ther Perso nal Trainers in the past, after meeting Zo ran, I was so impressed with his kno wledge o f the bo dy and nutritio n after o ur first sessio n that I immedietely knew that he

“Having never trained befo re, I was an anti-exericise type o f perso n. I o nly o wned a pair o f runners because o f Spo rt and Rec at scho o l where I wo uld co me up with a myriad o f excuses just to skip class. After co mpleting Uni and finding my dream jo b, I so o n realised that my sedentary jo b was taking a to ll o n me physically. Weight seemed to be creeping o n everyday and wasn’t co ming o ff. So I finally asked Zo ran to

was the perso n to help me get the bo dy I wanted. His training entertained functio nal muscle mo vements and strict nutritio nal guidelines enabling me to achieve the ultimate result. I went fro m a size 14 to a size 6 , standing taller with an impro ved po sture and am smiling mo re so then ever befo re. Take my advice and call him to day!”

Vicky P 38

help me. After speaking to him, I co uldn’t wait to start training with him as he had pro mised me that I wo uld succeed in no t o nly dro pping weight but also help me achieve my best bo dy I have ever had. No w that was a huge bo nus and I was ready!! Week in, week o ut, all my frineds and co lleagues were co mmenting o n ho w great I lo o ked, I really tho ught they were just being nice, but it was o ne co mment that really wo ke me up and had me realise that I had reached my go al, “Sanja, I think yo u are to o skinny no w!” Wo w, this is so mething that I never had heard befo re and co uld no t believe that it was directed to wards me. All said and do ne, I am pro ud to be a leaner and mo re to ned mo ther than I was as a teenager. If I co uld do it, anybo dy can.”

Abbe y D 28






Rita lost 12kg

From a 14 to an 8, I Finally Look My Age

“Wo rking o ut at My Fitness Team changed my life, plain and simple. Befo rehand, I was wo ndering in and o ut o f gyms training fo r mo nths and was incredibly frustrated – I wo rked o ut 4-5 days per week, yet saw abso lutely no changes in my bo dy at all. Zo ran taught me the impo rtance and necessity o f lifting weights which I had stayed away fro m fo r fear o f bulking up. He also taught me ho w to lift weights pro perly fo r maximum results – so mething that seems self explanato ry, yet there is such an art to it. With Zo ran guidance and wo rko uts, I saw results the first week that I wo rked o ut with him. It was amazing! His wo rko uts are challenging, fun and varied, – we never did the same ro utine twice. He is always available to answer questio ns and is so suppo rtive and enco uraging. He shares his extensive kno wledge o f the bo dy and nutritio n o penly and freely. Anyo ne lo o king fo r a to tal transfo rmatio n sho uld call Zo ran– he is the best”!

“To say that my perso nal training sessio ns at My Fitness Team haven’t been challenging, wo uldn’t be fair! But, I do have to say that the rewards I received were wo rth every single sweat-filled minute. No t o nly is Zo ran extremely kno wledgeable in human anato my, he is also very well educated in living a healthier life. Zo ran treated me differently to my previo us perso nal trainer, he always gave me great tips and perso nal attentio n satisfying my go als and needs. Zo ran also helped me eat clean and allo wed me to understand the impo rtance o f clean eating to gether with training, he also suggtested different dietary supplements that I still use to this day. In just 12 weeks I was the lightest I had been in years, and after 6 mo nths I was and co ntinue to be the lightest I have been in my adult life. I dro pped fro m a size 14 to a size 8 and finally lo o k my age. Fo r anybo dy lo o king fo r a perso nal trainer, Zo ran is o ne o f the best mo tivato rs yo u co uld ask fo r and gets the best o ut o f my bo dy and training each and every time. Whether Zo ran is making me Thruster Up, making me cry thro ugh yo ur 20 th burpie, o r burning yo ur sto mach with a variety o f tummy exercises, he is there every step o f the way enco uraging me o n. Yo u are pheno menal.”

Lo uis Lane 25

Gabrie lle N 24

TESTIMONIALS - Nicole C – Finally Wearing a Bikini “To tell you the tr uth, I hate exer cising. But having tw o b ab ies r eally took its toll on my b ody – and unlike w hat the fitness magazines tell you, chasing your kids is N OT enough to keep fit and get you into shape. I finally got fed up w ith looking dumpy so a fr iend of mine got me in contact w ith Zor an. He changed my life. I lost 12kg in 4 months and look and feel b etter than ever . Exer cising is now enjoyab le, and a natur al par t of my r outine. I can finally w ear a b ikini, shor ts and sleeveless tops w ithout b eing emb ar r assed and self-conscious.”

- Mark L – At 51 I Really Feel 35 “ I fir st star ted tr aining w ith Zor an in Mar ch 2010 having significant postur al pr ob lems w ith my b ack and shoulder s, pr edominantly due to leaning over a computer scr een for most of my w or king life. Over the next six months, Zor an devised effective tr aining techniques to cor r ect these pr ob lems and b y Septemb er , I had lost significant amounts of b ody-fat, w as standing a lot str aighter and gained consider ab ly mor e str ength thr ough my shoulder s and b ack. Zor an continues to take me thr ough challenging and ‘ functional’ tr aining to this ver y day. At 51 (I r eally feel 3 5), I b elieve Zor an has, and continues to, set me up to b e in the b est physical condition for the r est of my life. I have no hesitation in r ecommending Zor an as a Per sonal Tr ainer and str ongly ur ge you to tr y one of his ‘ Team Up’ sessions today… .you’ll b e glad you did.”

I really want yo u to be 10 0 % satisfied with My Fitness Team and I'm co mpletely co nfident yo u will be. But just to remo ve all do ubt fro m yo ur mind I want to o ffer yo u this incredible guarantee... If yo u're no t tho ro ughly co nvinced that the services we pro vide fo r yo u are wo rth every single cent that yo u paid, let us kno w and we will refund 10 0 % o f yo ur mo ney right o n the spo t! Try us, yo u no w have no thing but unwanted kg to lo se...

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