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WBGO Program Guide Jazz 88.3 FM

WBGO Celebrates GARY WALKER’S 30 Years on Jazz88

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Kenny Burrell, 1999, The Blue Note, NYC ©1999


eter Leitch, the respected New Yorkbased jazz guitarist, has worked and recorded with such luminaries as Oscar Peterson, Milt Jackson, Woody Shaw, and Jaki Byard and has 15 recordings under his own name. He has in recent years built a solid reputation as a black-and-white photographer, capturing street scenes, landscapes, architecture, and fellow musicians from New York to Mississippi. Although he has had a life-long interest in photography, the Montreal native remembers one seminal moment when a love for the medium took hold: “Many years ago I went to an Andre Kertesz exhibit and it was like hearing Charlie Parker for the first time!” For the exhibit on display at WBGO through

Vol. XXXIV No. 4


June 1, 2012, Leitch has photographed his musical friends, colleagues and heroes at work on the bandstand and in the studio. Informed and inspired by the work of William Claxton and Roy DeCarava among others, Leitch’s photographs capture not only the musicians, but also suggest the sound of the music. Leitch commented, “Jazz and photography are both arts of the moment. With these photographs I’m trying to show musicians deeply involved with music. Using available light I’m trying to get back to that gritty, in the moment, on the bandstand look.” Leitch has dedicated the exhibit, A View From The Bandstand, to the memory of those artists who are no longer with us, but whose music lives on and continues to inspire.

54 Park Place Newark, NJ 07102 Tel: (973) 624-8880 Fax:(973) 824-8888 E-mail: Web Page:

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Upbeat is available in a large print edition upon request.

UpbeatMay/June 2012

Pres./CEO Cephas Bowles Sr. VP/COO Amy Niles

VP Programming and Production Thurston Briscoe Music Director Gary Walker

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on air, online and on your mobile device On air In Upbeat, you can see the details for weekly produced programs like JazzSet, but that is just a portion of the exciting radio content WBGO brings you everyday. Gary Walker celebrates 30 years at WBGO in June, and Rhonda Hamilton has been with the station 33 years! The Blues Hour with Michael Bourne every Monday through Friday, 3–4pm, is for many appointment radio.

Online The WBGO Blog is a resource we’ve been cultivating since 2007 and new elements are added all the time. Recently we launched a new segment “This Week in JazzSet History." In this series, Alex Ariff, who is currently working toward his Masters in Jazz History and Research at Rutgers-Newark, hand picks clips from some of the most enthralling live performances over JazzSet’s 20 years history. The WBGO Blog is also a fantastic place to catch an artist interview, learn more about what’s going on at WBGO, and discover the jazz world of New York and New Jersey. Dr. Lewis Porter has a continuing series on the blog as well, entitled “You Don’t Know Jazz!” Here you can uncover the origins of the word “jazz,” unique performance techniques of jazz musicians and more. The WBGO Blog is also the place to watch, re-watch and share all of the live recordings we’ve produced from The Checkout LIVE at 92Y Tribeca, Berklee and Live from the Village Vanguard. Connect to jazz at the WBGO Blog. The WBGO homepage is more colorful than ever as the WBGO News Department has added photos to their award winning coverage.

On Your Mobile Device Free downloads are available for the fantastic WBGO mobile app for both iPhone and Android, almost 30,000 WBGO listeners have downloaded the app already! You can grab your WBGO mobile app at There, you can also find WBGO's official Facebook page link as well as Twitter. Another way you can connect via mobile to WBGO is to "check in" using Foursquare if you attend one of our Gallery Receptions, or if you schedule a tour of our studios.

May/June 2012 Upbeat


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WBGO Celebrates GARY WALKER’S 30 Years on Jazz88


ary Walker, host of Morning Jazz and WBGO’s Music Director, reaches a milestone this June— 30 years at Jazz88! Upbeat sat down with him to talk about how he got here, what keeps him here, and what makes a great jazz record. UB: 30 years as “the morning DJ!” That’s quite a lot. GW: Actually, I have only hosted Morning Jazz for 28 years, but yes 30 years here at WBGO. UB: Only 28? We’ll let it slide, this time. What keeps you spinning jazz from 6am10am five days a week? GW:: It’s rare that I don’t want to get up and come in to work in the morning. I really love this job, and I don’t think everyone can say that.


UpbeatMay/June 2012

UB: How did you get to WBGO? GW: I discovered jazz by accident, like a lot of people. My dad brought home a new fangled FM radio (a few years back) and I got hooked. I was an announcer at my college jazz radio station in Akron, Ohio. Then, after moving to New York, and within five weeks, found myself at WBGO. UB: Gary, as Music Director of WBGO, you probably listen to more music than the next hundred people you run into. What makes a record sound great? GW: I wish it was a formula! The ears of course are a big part of it, but also the eyes. UB: Eyes? GW: Sure, the ones in your mind that can see the story being told by the music.

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That’s especially true for singers. Whether a singer is performing an original tune or a standard, the way that he or she communicates the story is key. There is a creative process that can be heard in certain records—a clear beginning, middle and end that are seamlessly connected. With the advent of CDs, some of those connections became more drawn out, because of the technology allowing for longer recordings. Sometimes a twelve minute piece of music could have told the story in five minutes. Dizzy might have said it in three! UB: So new artists have to overcome the technology? GW: More people have access to making records because of technology. There could be two or three great albums by vibe players this year, but by the time the fourth or fifth comes out… New artists are competing with the icons to get included in the classic jazz lexicon. UB: So between choosing the top plays and reissues for Upbeat and the CDs for the CD of the Month Club, you are choosing the best from a large and diverse pool? GW: Do I bat a thousand? Not a chance! It helps having great ears around me like Michael Bourne, who will tell me about a blues artist or a vocalist, and Rhonda Hamilton will drop something off at my office saying “this is great.” UB: Do you hear things you like that just don’t fit into the WBGO format?

GW: Although we have a format, it’s the freest format around. “Classic performance,” I mean, that could mean anything! Every announcer on WBGO has the job of taking this craft and making it part of people’s lives. We think about what the audience might be doing at any given time of day. Inspiration could come from a season, a holiday, something we read in the paper or something coming up on TV? UB: TV? GW: The first thing I do when I come into the office is look at TV Guide. I want to relate to what’s going on in and around the listener’s life. Recently, I saw that there was a Marlon Brando festival coming up on Turner Classic Movies. That inspired me to play music that was featured in the film. I also read Entertainment Weekly. Did you know the male lead in “The Good Wife” is into Johnny Hartman and John Coltrane? UB: No! Many people might not expect that. GW: It’s a good thing to marry jazz to the main stream. I have been approached several times by people saying, almost apologetically, “I don’t know much about jazz.” They usually follow that by explaining that they like it though. If we, as DJs, can make the music friendly, to tie it into what people are experiencing, to get them to tap their feet and smile, we’ve introduced them to a wonderful world. Feeling the music is a great beginning. I know I learn something about this music every day. No one knows it all.

May/June 2012 Upbeat


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WBGO’s Spring Events THE CHECKOUT: LIVE AT 92Y TRIBECA 92Y Tribeca Hosted by WBGO’s Josh Jackson and broadcast on WBGO Jazz88.3FM and 92Y Tribeca 200 Hudson Street New York, NY May 30 8pm Gilad Hekselman Quartet with Mark Turner/Henry Cole Afrobeat Collective June 16 Clarence Penn Quartet/TBA 8pm MONDAY NIGHTS WITH WBGO DIZZY’S CLUB COCA-COLA Hosted by WBGO’s Rhonda Hamilton Frederick P. Rose Hall Home of Jazz at Lincoln Center Broadway at 60th Street New York, NY May 7 7:30pm Magos Herrera Quartet with Luis Perdomo, piano; Ricky Rodriguez, bass; Alex Kautz, drums June 4 7:30pm Jazz from Morava: George Mraz, bass; Iva Bittova, violin, vocals; Emil Viklicky, piano; Billy Hart, drums AFRO LATIN JAZZ ORCHESTRA Symphony Space 2537 Broadway New York, NY May 11 Big Band Poetry Jam and Beyond 8pm May 12 Big Band Poetry Jam and Beyond 8pm

CELEBRATE BROOKLYN Brooklyn Bridge Park Brooklyn, NY May 10 7pm Chuck Brown (season will be announced at this performance)

You can always find out about WBGO partner events by visiting

TEKSERVE INSIDERClub Suite of free


119 W. 23rd St. NYC 10011 212.929.3645

Our next WBGO Board of Trustees meeting will be held on May 14, 2012 at 6 p.m. The meeting will take place at Heritage Management, 550 Broad Street, 18th Floor, in Downtown Newark. This meeting is open to the public.


UpbeatMay/June 2012


programs at a glance

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programguide May/June 2012 SUNDAYS 5:00 AM LIVING ON EARTH with Steve Curwood A magazine show covering environmental issues. 6:00 AM SUNDAY MORNING HARMONY with Dan Karcher 10:00 AM SINGERS UNLIMITED with Michael Bourne Singers Unlimited is 4 hours of new and classic singers singing ballads and bossas, blues and be-bop. For more than 25 years, JAZZSET

May 13

WBGO’s Michael Bourne has turned the spotlight on jazz vocalists with live in-studio performances, interviews and more. 6:00 PM JazzSet with Dee Dee Bridgewater Re-broadcasts on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm JazzSet 20th Anniversary Season programs are produced in DTS Neural Surround Sound!

May 6

Josh Moshier: The Studs Terkel Project at the Jazz Showcase Born in May, 1912, Terkel helped define an era in Chicago, writing about jazz, working, war, life, death. In his prose, young composer Josh Moshier finds a framework for “Touch and Go: The Studs Terkel Project” for the Moshier-LeBrun Collective. “Touch and Go” by Josh Moshier has been made possible with support from Chamber Music America’s New Jazz Works Commissioning and Ensemble Development program, funded through the generosity of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

May 13

20th Anniversary Special for the Gil Evans Centennial Miles Davis / Gil Evans: Still Ahead at the 2011 Monterey Jazz Festival Davis and Evans, trumpet and orchestrator, collaborated unforgettably on the albums Porgy and Bess and Sketches of Spain. For this occasion, Miles Evans (the son of Gil) provides the original charts for both. Terence Blanchard is the trumpet soloist, with the Vince Mendoza Orchestra from Los Angeles. “. . . [T]he entire performance [of Sketches of Spain] was impeccable,” blogged Richard Scheinen of the San Jose Mercury News immediately after the show. “You could hear, with clarity, the astonishing detail of Evans’s writing.” We have some highlights!


UpbeatMay/June 2012

20th Anniversary Special for the Gil Evans Centennial See sidebar. May 20 Corea, Clarke and White: Return to Forever at the Monterey Jazz Festival The trio won this year’s Grammy® Award for Best Jazz Instrumental Album for Return to Forever, Chick Corea won an individual Grammy® for Best Jazz Solo, and we have a magnificent live festival performance from their tour, in Surround Sound. May 27 Alexis Cuadrado: A Lorca Soundscape at 92YTribeca The bassist came to New York from Barcelona, earned his Master’s in Jazz Performance at Queens College, and cofounded the Brooklyn Jazz Underground Collective. “A Lorca Soundscape” reflects on Federico García Lorca (1898-–1936) of Granada, who visited the US and wrote Poeta en Nueva York (A Poet in New York) about the time. Claudia Acuña and Miguel Zenón are performers.

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All programs subject to change. “A Lorca Soundscape” by Alexis Cuadrado has been made possible with support from Chamber Music America’s New Jazz Works Commissioning and Ensemble Development program, funded through the generosity of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

June 3

Russell Malone Trio at the KC Jazz Club, Washington, DC In his current guitar / bass/drums trio— “not having the piano there taking up all that space,” Russell says—Malone lets the music breathe into his full, round, rich tone. This is not to say that he doesn’t play exuberantly. He uses his most amazing chops to serve the songs. The up tempo tunes swing, the ballads melt. June 10 Sean Jones at the Detroit Jazz Festival The former Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra lead trumpeter, Sean Jones—now Artistic Director of the Pittsburgh and Cleveland Jazz Orchestras—is a Professor at Oberlin College. From Detroit, JazzTimes’s Mike Shanley notes Sean’s “ferocity and joy . . . starting a solo at a subdued volume and gradually building in intensity until he and the audience are wailing in appreciation.” June 17 Tribute to Abbey Lincoln from Dee Dee Bridgewater, Dianne Reeves, Cassandra Wilson at the Kennedy Center Abbey’s musical daughters sing her songbook: “Bird Alone” and “It’s Supposed To Be Love” (Reeves), “Wholly Earth” and “Another World” (Bridgewater), “Throw It Away” and “Talking to the Sun” (Wilson), “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” by Maya Angelou, and “Freedom Day” from We Insist: Max Roach’s Freedom Now Suite. Grammy® Award winner Terri Lyne Carrington leads the band. June 24 The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra at the Village Vanguard, New York The VJO has played 45 years of Monday nights here, in a rarely interrupted run. Dee Dee Bridgewater sang with the original iteration, the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra.

In February, WBGO and NPR Music webcast the VJO Live at the Village Vanguard. We have more from that night, including Bob Brookmeyer (1929–2011) charts and Thad’s “My Centennial,” commissioned for 1976. 7:00 PM SUNDAY NIGHT MUSIC MIX Grammy™ nominated record producer Eulis Cathey plays an eclectic mixture of jazz, contemporary jazz, fusion, jazz/funk, Latin, classic R&B and so much more. From Grover Washington, Jr. to Weather Report; from James Brown to Eddie Palmieri; from Charles Earland to Incognito, the Sunday Night Music Mix has something for everyone. 11:00 PM JAZZ FROM THE ARCHIVES May 6 Jazz From Fifty Years Ago Join host Vincent Pelote as he plays recordings made by his favorite artists in 1962. May 13 Don’t Pass On This Joe! Tad Hershorn samples some of the recordings from guitarist’s Joe Pass’s illustrious career. May 20 Adventures of a Jazz Baron Dan Morgenstern’s guest is Fradley Garner, translator-editor of the recently published memoirs of Timme Rosenkrantz (1911–69), who recorded, presented, photographed and hung out with jazz royalty. May 27 2 Pianos, 4 Hands, Part 3 Join host Bill Kirchner as he continues his survey of piano duos such as Dick Hyman and Dick Wellstood, Brad Mehldau and Kevin Hays, Benoit Delbecq and Andy Milne. June 3 TBA—Joe Peterson June 10 Queen of the Big Band Singers Featured with Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman and Harry James, Helen Forrest merits more attention from jazz fans, says host Dan Morgenstern. June 17 Remembering Wes Vincent Pelote pays tribute to guitarist Wes Montgomery on the 44th anniversary of his death by playing newly discovered recordings from his early years in Indianapolis. June 24 Raving About Rava Trumpeter Enrico Rava’s music is examined by host Bill Kirchner. May/June 2012 Upbeat


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programguide May/June 2012 MONDAYS 6:30 PM JAZZ AT LINCOLN CENTER WITH WENDELL PIERCE May 7 The Music of Billy Strayhorn Duke Ellington described him as “my right arm, my left arm, all the eyes in the back of my head.” Composer Billy Strayhorn penned some of Duke’s most enduring songs, but he himself remained in relative obscurity. Vocalist José James and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra interpret Strayhorn classics including “Lush Life,” “Take the ‘A’ Train” and “Something to Live For.” May 14 Bird with Strings In 1949, Charlie Parker envisioned an album that would link jazz to pop and influence artists to come. His legendary venture with strings has done just that. Parker with Strings set his searching solos against a lush string quartet. And onstage Bird lives— as we feature saxophonists Wess Anderson and Charles McPherson and the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas. May 21 The Music of Fats Waller A light-hearted entertainer and a very serious musician, Thomas ‘Fats’ Waller mastered the stride piano and wrote some of the jazz’s enduring, endearing tunes. Hear “Honeysuckle Rose,” “Ain’t Misbehavin” and “A Handful of Keys” in the ‘hands’ of pianist Ehud Asherie, vocalist Allan Harris, and guitar master Doug Wamble under the direction of composer, arranger and reedman Andy Farber. May 28 The Yellowjackets with Mike Stern For over 25 years, The Yellowjackets—saxophonist Bob Mintzer, pianist Russell Ferrante, bassist Jimmy Haslip and drummer Will Kennedy—have combined jazz, rock and electronic instruments. Now, the sensational and discerning guitarist Mike Stern, veteran of Miles Davis and Michael Brecker bands, joins the group to lead “Chromazone,” “I Wonder” and “Dreams Go.” Bob Mintzer


UpbeatMay/June 2012

brings forth soulful sax and the true wonders of the EWI (ee-wee). June 4 McCoy Tyner and Ravi Coltrane Pianist McCoy Tyner, who helped define the sound of the John Coltrane’s Quartet, invites tenor saxophonist Ravi Coltrane to join his trio. They’ll perform Tyner’s own “Fly with the Wind” and “Blues on the Corner” and revisit John Coltrane’s “Moment’s Notice.” June 11 Nursery Song Swing The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra try their hand at another book of classics—these standards include “Chicken Rhythm,” “Three Blind Mice” and “Liza Jane.” Wynton and the orchestra give a big band twist to children classics. Guest soloist, 16 year old Grace Kelly (alto saxophone), 17 year old Carl Majeau (tenor saxophone and clarinet) and 13 year old Jonathan Russell (violin) join Wynton on stage. The perfect way to end the school year and start the summer! June 18 Monty Alexander: Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra At first blush, this Jamaican pianist seems an unlikely leader to honor a “king” and a “chairman of the board.” But Monty Alexander discovered jazz at a Nat King Cole concert and played his first New York gig at Sinatra’s old haunt called ‘Jilly’s’. Alexander offers fresh, inventive readings on “Sweet Lorraine,” “Come Fly with Me” and more— with vocalists James DeFrances and Allan Harris. June 25 Soul Jazz of the 60s In the 1960s—as rock music was changing the pop world—saxophonist Cannonball Adderley, pianist Horace Silver and drummer Art Blakey drew bebop, rhythm and blues, and gospel into a powerful small-group sound. Alto saxophonist Wess “Warmdaddy“ Anderson and drummer Kenny Washington lead inspired sets in tribute to their soulful predecessors. 7:30 PM NEW JERSEY CAPITOL REPORT Emmy Award-winning anchors Steve Adubato and Rafael Pi Roman host New Jersey Capitol

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All programs subject to change. Report which examines New Jersey’s most pressing public and policy issues. The program looks at political, social, and cultural issues affecting the people of New Jersey through in-depth conversations with the state’s top legislative leaders, political pundits, and “movers and shakers.” TUESDAYS 6:30 PM THE CHECKOUT This hour-long music magazine, hosted by Josh Jackson, is also available as a podcast, which can be found at the show’s dedicated website, The multimedia show, which won the 2012 JazzTimes Critics Poll for Best Syndicated Radio Show, features what's new in the New York jazz scene, including featured new music selections, sessions from the WBGO performance studio, as well as interviews. 7:30 PM LATINO USA with Maria Hinojosa Multi award-winning Latino USA, the radio journal of news and culture, is the only nationally distributed English-language radio program produced from a Latino perspective. This program covers the social, cultural and political issues facing today’s Latino community. Maria Hinojosa, host of Latino USA, is also urban affairs correspondent for CNN and a former NPR News reporter. In addition to being a broadcaster, Hinojosa is an author, and a frequent lecturer on college campuses. She has received the Robert F. Kennedy Award, an Associated Press award and the National Council of La Raza’s 1999 Ruben Salazar Award. 8:00 PM LATIN JAZZ CRUISE with Awilda Rivera WEDNESDAYS 6:30 PM JAZZSET WITH DEE DEE BRIDGEWATER Re-broadcast of Sunday’s Program; See Listing THURSDAYS 6:30 PM MARIAN MCPARTLAND’S PIANO JAZZ May 3 Ellis Larkins

Pianist Ellis Larkins was best known for his recorded work as accompanist to Ella Fitzgerald. He also worked with a list of other artists including Herb Jeffries, Anita Ellis and Mildred Bailey, and was a celebrated solo and trio performer on the New York Club scene. In this 1979 session, Larkins performs “Perfidia” and “Blues in the Night,” and duets with McPartland on “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore.” May 10 Daryl Sherman: Remembering Johnny Mercer Pianist/singer Daryl Sherman brings her sophisticated swing and witty charm to this celebration of songwriter and lyricist Johnny Mercer. Sherman performs “Too Marvelous for Words” and “Jeepers Creepers,” and McPartland joins in on one of her favorite Mercer ballads, the beautiful “Skylark.” May 17 Christopher Ziemba Pianist Christopher Ziemba is an amazing young pianist and composer currently enrolled in the post-graduate program in Jazz Studies at Juilliard. He took the stage at age 7, playing with his hometown orchestra; last year he won the 2011 Jacksonville Jazz Piano Competition. On his Piano Jazz debut from 2009, Ziemba performs “Dream Dancing” and “The Nearness of You.” May 24 Daniela Schaechter Italian import Daniela Schaechter is a brilliant young pianist and singer taking the jazz scene by storm. But her resume disguises her youth, with a long list of awards and performances with jazz luminaries. One thing is for sure—she’ll be around for years to come. Schaechter performs her own tune, “Dark Blue,” and McPartland joins in for “It Could Happen to You.” May 31 Barbara Carroll Pianist and singer Barbara Carroll was McPartland’s second guest during the first season of Piano Jazz. Thirty years later, Carroll made a return appearance to reminisce with her good friend about their experiences at the Hickory House and the Oak May/June 2012 Upbeat


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programguide May/June 2012 PIANO JAZZ

April 15

Remembering Sir George Shearing, OBE Composer and pianist George Shearing rose to prominence in the late 1940s with his signature “Shearing Sound”: block chords backed by the band playing in tight unison. Shearing, who was blind, composed over 300 tunes and performed for three U.S. Presidents and the Queen of England. He performs “Dream Dancing” and “Lullaby of Birdland,” and duets with McPartland on “Windows.”

Room in Manhattan. Carroll gives a charmed performance of Bill Evans’ tune, “Very Early,” and McPartland improvises a musical portrait of her guest. June 7 Remembering Sir George Shearing, OBE See sidebar. June 14 Gerald Wiggins Piano Jazz remembers Gerald Wiggins, a master musician whose career as a pianist, arranger, and composer spanned six


UpbeatMay/June 2012

decades. He spent much of that time as an in-demand sideman for everyone from Louis Armstrong to Lena Horne. On this 1992 program, Wiggins plays his thought-provoking improvisations on “Body and Soul,” before getting together with McPartland for “Now’s the Time.” June 21 Dave McKenna Pianist Dave McKenna got his start as a teen working with Charlie Ventura and Woody Herman in the late 1940s and early ’50s. He went on to work with Gene Krupa, Joe Venuti, Stan Getz, Zoot Sims, Louis Armstrong, and Bobby Hackett, among others. But he preferred to play solo gigs in the small clubs and bars of his native Rhode Island. McKenna performs “Silk Stockings” and “I’ll Be Around,” and joins McPartland for a duet of “Easy to Remember.” June 28 Helen Sung Pianist Helen Sung is a dazzling and passionate player with flawless technique and an exquisite touch. Originally from Houston, Texas, Sung is a graduate of the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz Performance and has played with such luminaries as Clark Terry, Wynton Marsalis, and her mentor, Kenny Barron. She shows off her compositional skills on her tune, “Hope Springs Eternally,” and joins McPartland on “Someday My Prince Will Come.” 7:30 PM PEOPLE’S PHARMACY This program examines current issues in medicine, mental health, nutrition and fitness. FRIDAYS 6:30 PM PORTRAITS IN BLUE Re-broadcast of previous Saturday’s Program; See Listing. 7:30 PM WBGO JOURNAL This program, produced by the multi-award winning WBGO team, covers issues of importance to the Newark/NY metro area. SATURDAYS 6:00 AM SMILEY & WEST Smiley & West from Public Radio International

May_June_12_Upbt_FNL.qxd:Jan_Feb10_Upbt_FNLv50.qxd 4/11/12 5:17 PM Page 13

All programs subject to change. (PRI) is an energetic radio program that is a fusion of thought provoking, intelligent and stimulating dialogue on every subject from news and politics to entertainment and culture. The one-hour weekly show attracts a broad spectrum of compelling guests and asks questions that solicit newsworthy discussions. Listen as Tavis Smiley & Cornel West engage in deep dialogue in the “Hot Stuff” segment where the duo dissects the hottest news topics. The most engaging portion of the show encourages audience interaction in the “Take ‘Em to Task” segment when a caller debates Smiley & West on a political or social issue. Finally, what would a Smiley & West show be without provocative discussions with A-list newsmakers, celebrities, great thinkers and doers of our time! Get Ready…it’s time for Smiley & West! 7:00 AM PORTRAITS IN BLUE Re-broadcasts on FRIDAYS at 6:30 May 5 Lloyd Price, Vol. 4 May 12 Bo Diddley, Vol. 5 May 19 James Brown, Vol. 5 May 26 Chuck Berry, Vol. 12 June 2 Jimmy Reed, Vol. 5 June 9 Jimmy Witherspoon Albums, Vol. 7 June 16 Big Joe Turner, Vol. 4 June 23 Dinah Washington Albums, Vol. 1 June 30 Blues Music Awards 2012 8:00 AM SATURDAY MORNING FUNCTION WBGO’s Bob Porter plays blues, R&B and classic soul, with an emphasis on the early 1950s to the late 1960s. New artists who perform these styles are also featured. 10:00 AM RHYTHM REVIEW with Felix Hernandez Recently celebrating 25 years, Rhythm Revue’s blend of classic soul and R&B received the A.I.R. (Achievement in Radio) Award for the Best Weekend Program in New York, and was named Best Radio Show by New York Magazine and the Village Voice.


Top Tunes Gary’ s Plays

Steve Turre Woody’s Delight (HighNote) Kenny Garrett Seeds From The Underground (Mack Avenue) John Pizzarelli Double Exposure (Telarc) Eric Alexander & Vincent Herring Friendly Fire (HighNote) Cyrus Chestnut Quartet Cyrus Chestnut Quartet (WJ3) Joe Locke/Geoffrey Keezer Group Signing (Motema) Chano Dominguez Flamenco Sketches (Blue Note) Marcus Printup Homage (Steeplechase) Clayton Cameron & The Jass Explosion Here’s To The Messengers ( Catherine Russell Strictly Romancin’ (World Village)

Reissues Toots Thielmans Yesterday & Tomorrow (Out Of The Blue) Hubert Laws In the Beginning (Masterworks Jazz) Cannonball Adderley Quintet Legends Live 1969 (Jazz Haus)

May/June 2012 Upbeat


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Brooklyn’s Beat . . .

a ’BGO Treat


our WBGO Member’s Card is your ticket to another exciting season of jazz events in central Brooklyn this June. The area is home to some of today’s most talked about jazz musicians, and WBGO is proud to once again partner with the Heart of Brooklyn (HOB) to produce the annual Jazz: Brooklyn’s Beat. This year’s exciting group of performers includes Jeremy Pelt, The Chuck Braman Quartet featuring Behn Gillece, Samba New York! and a free Felix Hernandez Rhythm Revue Dance Party. HOB was founded in 2001 by Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Public Library, Prospect Park and Prospect Park Zoo. Since 2007, HOB has partnered with WBGO Jazz 88 to produce Jazz: Brooklyn’s Beat, a month-long series of world-class jazz performances held at all six HOB member institutions. These institutions, like WBGO, promote audience education and strengthen


UpbeatMay/June 2012

local neighborhoods by providing outstanding cultural programming to area residents and visitors alike. The premise of Jazz: Brooklyn’s Beat is to bring great jazz to where people are. Looking forward to a Saturday trip to the park? How about a free Rhythm Revue Dance Party as part of your visit! Spending your evening at the Library? Why not learn a new dance and hear a great band—that is what the series is all about. Each of the sites in this series is an exciting destination in and of itself.

May_June_12_Upbt_FNL.qxd:Jan_Feb10_Upbt_FNLv50.qxd 4/11/12 5:18 PM Page 15


Brooklyn Botanic Garden features 52 acres of specialty gardens, including the first Japanese Garden in the Americas. Brooklyn Children’s Museum, founded in 1899, was the nation’s first children’s museum. Brooklyn Museum, housed in a 560,000 sq. ft. Beaux-Arts building, is one of the largest art museums in the country with collections ranging from ancient Egyptian to contemporary works of art. Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Library at Grand Army Plaza is a hot spot for the borough, thanks to the Dweck Center for Contemporary Culture and free performances on the Plaza. Prospect Park Zoo is home to over 90 animal species, including the ever-popular sea lions. Prospect Park, one of America’s preeminent historic, landscaped parks, is a 585 acre oasis that includes a lake, Brooklyn’s only forest and the nation’s first urban Audubon Center. All events are free to WBGO members

and HOB venue members alike. Jazz: Brooklyn’s Beat 2012 is supported by TD Bank, Berkeley College and with public funds from NYC Department of Cultural Affairs and the New York State Council on the Arts.


Brandee Younger at Brooklyn Botanic Garden (part of AMBLE: An Urban Garden Stroll) Saturday, June 9 Samba with the Sea Lions at Prospect Park Zoo with Samba New York! Saturday, June 16 Brandee Younger Father’s Day weekend performance at Brooklyn Children’s Museum Saturday, June 23 FREE Felix Hernandez Rhythm Revue Dance Party at Prospect Park’s Grand Army Plaza Thursday, June 28 Jeremy Pelt at Brooklyn Museum and a performance at Brooklyn Public Library’s Plaza For further information and performance times, visit Performances subject to change.

May/June 2012 Upbeat


WBGO Jazz 88.3FM Newark Public Radio 54 Park Place Newark, NJ 07102


Newark, NJ Permit No. 6132


Non-Profit Organization US Postage

May_June_12_Upbt_FNL.qxd:Jan_Feb10_Upbt_FNLv50.qxd 4/11/12 5:18 PM Page 16


WBGO Jazz 88.3FM program guide

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