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About Chaléur Established in 2013, Chaléur was put together by a young group of gentlemen who put just as much effort into their work as they do their leisure. The blends and products are all inspired by the activities they engage in when they are not pushing paper, not driving from client to client, and not in front of a computer screen. Bottled up in Chaléur flavors are real-life tropical vacations, pool parties, and days at the beach. These gentlemen have and will continue to provide their friends with creative vape products that will make Chaléur like a donut shop to a policeman or a steam room to an 80-year-old or a chicken wing to your favorite dip. But all jokes aside, the bottom line is that no matter what you’re doing or where you are, Chaléur is committed to provide you with an instant release from the everyday stresses of life in general. So when the going gets tough….take a deep breath, lean back, and let Chaléur be your lawn chair.


Chaléur Vape Starter Kit

Sleek and modern…just like you. This classy vaporizer features a compact size allowing you carry it anywhere. This package has everything you need to enjoy your Chaleur Vape Juice. The only assembly required is opening the tank and filling it with your favorite blend. Also, the clear tank lets you see exactly much or how little you have, so you can refill when necessary and never have to hear the dreaded and unexpected “LAST CALL!” Features • 5 click lock setting, for pocket storage • Advanced Technology • Compact & Portable • Easy to use • Light Weight • Long Battery Life • Quick Heat-Up Time • See through Measuring scale • Small and Compact Design • Stylish & Sleek Design

Chaleur Vape Professional Edition - Coming Soon

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Chaléur Flavors Tiger’s Blood - Want to increase your intelligence so you can take your supervisors position? Want to raise your stamina to help you go longer and stronger? Well... This flavor will not help you accomplish either of those goals. But this invigorating strawberry blend will help you feel just as good as a mighty tiger.

Blue Crush - we’ve all made mistakes. We all have our fair share of regrets. And we all have many apologies we owe. But just as the waves clean the beaches of any debris and footprints, this bold blueberry blend will wash away any of your wrong doings and will give you a much needed fresh start.

Tropical Breeze - close your eyes. Listen to the rhythmic beat of the ocean. Bask in the sun and feel the sand between your toes. Take another sip of your mango daiquiri. Open your eyes. You’re still at work, sorry. But take another sip, it’s delicious and you deserve it.

Get Lei’d - middle seat, no leg room, and a screaming toddler kicking the back of your chair. This pineapple blend provides the same relief you experience when you step off that flying discomfort and step onto the land of leisure, with nothing left to say but “mahalo”.


Summer Ice - Inspired by the creator’s love of the summertime season, this smooth blend starts you off with a mouthwatering rush of strawberries and leaves you with a cool refreshing finish. Like a beach ball to the face, this flavor hits with just enough punch to wake you up from those seasonal blues.

Royal Dessert - we all don’t dine with queens, magistrates, and the artist formally know as... But this elite blueberry blend will allow you to enjoy a small piece of the delicacies royalties are privileged to enjoy.

Party Juice - shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Come on shy guy! Break out of your shell and live a little. This sweet, tangy blend will be sure to push you out of the mundane ordinary.

Zombie Juice - Skin falling off, a walking corpse, and a hunger for human flesh. Zombies do not have much going for them except for the fact that they don’t have a care in the world. This delicious honeydew blend will quickly strip you of your everyday worries and leave you with an insatiable hunger.... For more zombie juice of course.

creative vape products


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Return Policy 30 Day Guarantee - This 30-Day Guarantee gives you plenty of time to check items for accuracy, and quality. If for any reason you need to return or exchange an item, just contact our Customer Service department and you’re done!

Changing an Order If you need to cancel your order, contact Customer Service. Please include the order number of the item that you would like to cancel to ensure accuracy. If you have already completed an order and wish to add an additional item to your order, you will need to cancel your initial order and place a new order. Contact Customer Service for assistance. Please include the order number of the item that you would like to cancel to ensure accuracy. Please note, if your order has already been processed, you may not be able to cancel or modify it.


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creative vape products


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