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brandy melville


Peace/tree/symbol triple chain necklace

Owl pendant necklace

Sapphire bug necklace

Feather beaded necklace

Black robot necklace

Scroll elephant necklace

Flower/peace/feather necklace

Peace/feather necklace

Hand necklace | black, red

Pearl chain necklace

Triple chain pearl necklace

Pearl with gems necklace

Triple chain pearls with bow necklace

Feather and beads braided lariat

Wrap beaded bracelet | assorted colors

Double beaded bracelet | assorted colors

Double beaded bracelets | assorted colors

Gold braided bracelet | assorted colors

Braided leather bracelet | assorted colors

Antique gem bracelet

Elephant with brown beads bracelet

Stone with feather bracelet | assorted colors

Chain bracelet with gems

Thin bracelet set, assorted colors

C. A.



E. I. P.



K. J. M.


H. F.


A. Rose rhinestone ring, white, gold B. Owl ring, assorted C. Flower ring, assorted colors D. Rhinestone bow ring E. Heart with rhinestone ring, silver and gold F. Rhinestone double ring, silver and gold G. Silver double ring H. Antique gold/turquoise ring I. Round gem ring, set of five J. Peace ring, gold K. Bow with gems ring, assorted L. Key double ring M. Crown ring N. Rhinestone owl ring O. Double gem ring, assorted colors P. Vintage ring with turquoise stone

K. Bow with gems, assorted colors

E. Heart with rhinestone ring, gold/silver, assorted

B. Owl ring, assorted colors

Pearl bow earrings

F. Rhinestone double ring, silver/gold assorted

G. Silver double ring

Crochet headband | black, grey

Lace crochet headband | white, pink, cream

Sequin lace headband | silver, gold

Braided suede headbands | black, grey, dark brown, light brown

Triple strap suede headband | black, grey, tan, dark brown, blue

Woven belt, black

Studded belt, black

Red beaded wishbone bracelet

Red/turquoise earrings

Peace bracelet set

Brown beaded oval earrings

Feather earrings

Single feather earring

Braided lariat | black, tan

Crochet hair bow | cream

Sweater hair bow | purple, white, pink, lavender, black

Sequin hair bow | grey, silver, pink

Feathers braided lariat | grey, brown, tan

Multi-chain bracelet

MINIMUM order $100. Each item is sold in PACKS OF TEN unless otherwise noted. Colors/sizes may be mixed within the case pack. Contact for a price sheet/order form.

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Accessories Lookbook  

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