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Columbia-Greene Community College ​hey my name is I cannot OB and I want to share with you guys what learning languages for six years has taught me [Music] so first I think it's only right to start off with my backstory because people usually want to know for what reason did I start learning languages and it's actually kind of silly so I used to really be into gaming and one day my friend sent me a link to anime called Sora online it was like yo anime really I haven't watched in a long time what so I he told me it's about people that are stuck in a video games I was like oh that's that's interesting I mean let me watch that and after that I kind of got hooked on Japanese TV shows both anime also drama and somewhere down the line I thought to myself you know this is actually a pretty cool language I wonder if I'd be able to learn it and fast forward two years I actually went to Japan I did a summer home stay there while I was in Japan I met a Russian girl she taught me some bad words a year later I could speak Russian so after that I did a gap year and I was like okay which university can I go to I saw one really cool one in the Netherlands so I started teaching myself Dutch I went there and after I think eight to eight months to a year of study I got it to the level where I could understand drunk Dutch people so I'm very happy with that but while I was in university I met my my friend who's from Egypt but he's also Armenian / Belgian and being that he's part Belgian he speaks French I was like man this is a cool language let me learn this one too and then well for the last I'd say six months I've been learning French so yeah that's kind of my story it's just it's just random kind of set of coincidences that that led me to where I am today but yeah don't get me wrong even though languages Wars and always in my head I do have to say that learning languages has probably had the most profound impact on my life versus I don't learning anything else it's it's insane and it's really truly enriched my life for the better and man believe me I had so many crazy things happen in my life because I know these languages and and and through through learning them through studying them and I will share with you the stories and also some videos and pictures as well but I'm gonna leave that to the end of the video because right now I want to address you know some of some of the tips and tricks that I can give you that I've learned through you know years of teaching myself languages and just stuff that can generally help you in your endeavors so the first bit of advice I could give you is just go for it and don't talk about it actually so when I started learning Japanese I was really excited I'm like I gotta learn the language and learning Asian language was super hard so I shouted it to the rooftop I went to school one day and I said guys I don't learned I'm gonna learn Japanese everyone was like why are you gonna learn that ching chong language i'm like whoa so you know after kind of receiving that initial negativity and people just kind of being like why are you doing that for I was like okay I'm not gonna tell anyone about it so I didn't tell anyone apart from the initial people that I thought I didn't tell anyone about the fact I was gonna learn Japanese and I don't even tell my parents if you want to know how they found out they found out because after I think eight months of learning Japanese I wrote my mom a Mother's Day card in Japanese and she was like what and honestly I was one of one of the best moments ever because everyone was completely surprised and the reason I did this is because I actually do research and it's basically basically states that if you tell people that you're gonna do something that you're going to learn something and you get praised for that that can actually lower your motivation to to go through with it because you're kind of are taking that you're getting that external gratitude you're getting that external praise before you do the activity now I know people say well I won't learn languages for myself I don't care what people think I don't care if people are impressed but you have to admit it you know that is that is a part of it that is one motivating factor the fact that you and the future will be able to say oh yeah you know I speak Japanese I speak I speak Arabic I speak and people go whoa because I mean at the end the day no one wants other people not to like them not to respect them and just to be like yeah I do everyone goes yeah you know it actually lowers your motivation to do it but on the other hand obviously the more even worse thing is that you tell people I'm gonna learn Japanese lingo wouldn't it be better to do this wouldn't it be better to do this even if they don't outright criticize your decision that little bit of doubt really can stick in your mind think it really can make you in the future be like oh man you know things are getting hard with Japanese maybe they're right maybe I should just learn Spanish PMS or just learn and easier language and it can really get to you so what I would recommend is if

you have some really motivating people people who can hold you accountable maybe even people that you can learn with right learn a language alongside them then sure tell them let them know your goals but if it's just random people there's just friends in school if it's just you know even sometimes your parents can with it or even trying can kind of hold you back you might say guys I want to learn you know finish I want to learn Japanese I want to learn whatever language that I'm interested in and they might go I don't know you should probably learn this instead you should learn this instead and that can actually be harmful so that's my first bit of advice pit pit of advice the second and probably one of the most important is consume media in the language whether it's for Japanese French Dutch or Russian I would not know any of these languages if I did not kind of immerse myself in the culture and more importantly watch TV shows watch films listen to music listen to podcasts in that language because you know there's something to be said for when you know you're watching a really cool Japanese show or a really cool friend show and the main character is just being all suave I mean like yeah yeah leave me just be home and you know all that stuff and you just you just kind of associate that image and you have wow that's cool I want to do what that guy is doing I want to do what that girl is doing and not only that but listening to music and really gets you to like the language to get you to like the sound of the language I'm not even going to talk about all the listening skills that you can kind of pick up from from hearing you know natural people or native speakers speak at a native rate but it's very very important that you consume a lot of media in the language you're studying if you're only in grammar books only in dictionaries unless your brain is specifically wired that way you're gonna get tired of it and you're gonna get tired of it very fast that's what I've learned from years of experience so moving onward I'd have to say that another really important thing is the fact that speaking is good but you should build a base first now especially this goes especially for if you're gonna pay for lessons if you're gonna use I talked EECOM which is like a which we usually what people do and I can leave a link in the description below but um if you're gonna use that then which essentially is like language lessons and you can find language tutors or language teachers and what you should do is make sure your your language that you're trying to learn is maybe at an intermediate level for me what I do is I learned this like I learn whatever interested like whatever language I'm interested in for six months usually around six months to the point where I can start to understand TV shows without subtitles subtitles and then I will go and I will you know find a teacher online and that is so much better than if you're going to a teacher right away unless you have the money for it of course but going to teach you right away and them having to teach you words like dog and I and have because these are stuff you can learn by yourself and it's relatively easy to learn and can save you money so going more into the more sentimental kind of things um you know from learning languages for a very long time it kind of helps you realize that people are just people maybe this has to do with getting older as well but you know before learning Japanese before learning French you have a certain impression of these people you kind of see them as a forest rather than you know the individual tree at which you know they all are we're all just individuals so you might think Japanese people all Chinese people Korean people the same you don't see any differences when you start to speak Japanese you know you see the fact that people from this part of Japan make fun of these kind of people from Japan because their accents are a bit weird and in Japan you can't really do this and then the the surname so the last names are usually like this but sometimes they're not like that because of another reason you start to get more in depth and you start seeing no people beaten just people you don't see like Oh Chinese people are all like this or French people don't yeah which actually something I kind of thought until I started watching a lot of TV shows and learning French I was like kind of almost shocked like there's not all these sophisticated kind of intellectuals always smoking with the baguettes you know kind of that stereotypical American look at them but um you know people are just so much more than that and you can never kind of really generalize now it's time for story time so I can share some of the videos and stories and just kind of be a hundred percent frank with you guys and tell you that you know learning languages by far best decision by life but pardon that it's enriched my life in such an informal way it's almost hard to express Japanese pronunciation right they're hard to explain but it's it's almost hard to explain because it's just it's it's amazing so some of the things that I've done some of the people I've talked to some of the people I've connected with just because of the fact that I can speak you know their mother tongue and one second let me get my notebook right so starting off with Japanese I've just had crazy experiences I went to Japan for during the summer I did a homestay I felt like part of the family we had an O ba son and a little little kid and that was really cool I mean I just just experiences that wouldn't have happened if I didn't speak the language for example you know going with a Japanese friend through Akihabara he's taking me different places he who bought me Rob and I still remember that is so cool and even like just surprising people and surprising Japanese people because I don't really look like if you can speak Japanese or any of most of the languages that I speak so if people are shocked and they're humbled and just to see that you know firsthand and to be able to understand that and connect with them better it's just so cool it can't be overstated enough but also even when I'm in

New York I one time went to a hair salon it was I guess a Japanese place I don't know and uh you know especially with my hairstyle but I went there and I started talking to the dude in Japanese I within you know 10 minutes I learned what his goals are in life where he wants to be in five years his history behind you know cutting hair and all that stuff and I actually at the end he told me that I couldn't pay by car which is kind of shitty because I only had my card so I was like listen I will leave my jacket here so you know I will come back and I will go to the ATM here and he was like no no it's fine it's fine you can go I trust you and that's because kind of build up the rapport largely speaking the language with him and there's very small things like that but just kind of make you feel cool because you know that if you had not put in the work to learn the language you would not have experiences like that now going over to to the Russian kind of side of things I mean anywhere from shooting tanks in Russia to getting drunk with Russian people and seeing my Russian go from intermediate to completely fluent level with you know a few vodkas oh this is one this is well actually one really cool thing so the girl I told you about they taught me some bad words in Russian while while I was actually in Japan she I actually met up with I surprised her at her birthday party in Moscow three years later after the fact and she didn't really know that I was speaking Russian at the time and she was completely shocked and I kind of that was like the moment because I kept up that was the last day I was in Moscow and my Russian was on point right so everything that was she was saying even the Moscow SCANA slang I was understanding and I was kind of spinning head out back to her and that was like the point like just one of the coolest points in my language learning career where I could just check it off right like I learned Russian like this is a person inspired me to learn it didn't see or didn't interact with her for three years and then after that I'm you know talking to her like I'm a native and that was a really cool moment but yeah I'm in terms of Dutch for example moving to a new country going to University in the Netherlands you know getting drunk with nine other Dutch dudes even kind of forming like a small fraternity and just you know journeys during the university time there works international students there but a lot of them look quite lost and felt quite lost because they couldn't speak Dutch and when you're surrounded by all Dutch people yes they can all speak English but oftentimes they will be speaking Dutch and to be able to understand what they're saying understand the inside jokes it was it was it was just nice I just felt part of it like a hundred percent and you know there was just surreal moments when I'm just partying with with all these Dutch people I'm just thinking to myself a normal American wouldn't be doing this you know a normal American wouldn't have like why am I here sometimes like but it was just it was just it was just cool which is cool or another really cool moment was speaking Dutch to my new brother-in-law because my sister got married to a Dutch guy and you know having him visit America we're in Walmart together and we're all speaking in Dutch kind of like a little secret language it was just just really cool things like that my my memory isn't too good honestly I've probably forget a lot of the really cool things that kind of made me appreciate language learning but I just have to say that when it comes to language learning it clicks after a while it definitely is hard in the beginning but there's gonna be if you keep at it if you keep going with it you're gonna thank yourself for the rest of your life because it not only does it get easier with each language but like you know you'd be learning French learning French in one day you feel you feel like oh my god I can actually understand most of what people are saying and it's one of the best feelings and you know to be able to multiply that how that happen multiple times it's just you know something that I am very grateful to have the opportunity and grateful more for having done so if you are looking to learn a new language or you're kind of maybe down in the dumps right now you cannot motivate it you search for videos to kind of motivate you to to get back into it well I hope you do get back into it because it's enriched my life and I'm not stopping the next language is Chinese Mandarin Chinese and hey that's it so yeah go for it and I hope you enjoyed the video if you want me to do another video on like my method and like the programs exact programs are used for how long cetera let me know because I'd be glad to do that and yeah thank you so much for watching please subscribe I do do more language stuff on here but also stuff with like fitness and just general selfimprovement and I also have a music channel so if you're interested to check that out that's by EC that's basically it guys thank you so much I do appreciate it and I hope you took something away from this video bye bye okay [Music] Le Moyne College, Syracuse.