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Your support of Louisiana College is more than a financial contribution, you are a hand to the body that is actively committed to changing the world for Christ.

Our education department along with college communications and graphic services has developed a set of instructional videos that train teachers to practice the most effective and practical methods in the classroom.

efforts in Tanzania, to the initiative for our veterans to the training of our lawyers.

Stemming from our campus in Pineville to our






you have served us well we’d like to return the favor

The mission of the Louisiana College School of Law will be to train, equip and empower the next generation. A roster of enthusiastic and highly respected faculty and administrators combined with the latest forms of technology and innovation, will enable us to offer a superior program of legal education that is grounded in time-honored tradition.

Louisiana College • 1140 College Drive • Pineville, LA • 318-487-7330 • •

Louisiana College is proud of the courageous men and women who serve our country. We are here to help you with your military and veteran benefits, so that you can focus on your academic goals. For more information contact Ronnie Lalande at 318-487-7330


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COLUMNS Spring 2012


Dear Friends

Deutoronomy 30:19,20 I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing;

therefore choose life, that

both you and your descendants may live; 20 that you may love the Lord your God, that you may obey His voice, and that you may cling to Him for He is your life and the length of your days; and that you may dwell in the land which the Lord swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to give them.

Wow! What a promise! What a vision! What a God! And, what a CHOICE! God gave His people a choice, just as he does for each and every one of us today. That choice is life or death, very simple. Some of us just ignore it, some of us run from it, some of us coast with the culture, and some of us embrace life no matter what the cost. Louisiana College has chosen LIFE, and at all costs! Most recently, God gave Louisiana College another opportunity to put Him first before the World. The Obamacare legislation would require us to fund abortion causing practices to all of our employees and potentially to our students as well. We filed suit against the President’s murderous mandate and are prepared to take it to whatever lengths God leads. The scripture is true and clear, “. . . choose LIFE!”, and we have. The comparison is a duality. Louisiana College not only chooses LIFE from conception, but we choose to support Louisiana College forever, for LIFE! And with that choice, goes all that the Bible calls for. One hundred percent of ourselves filled by the Holy Spirit, one hundred percent of the time – for LIFE!

Vision 20-20


COLUMNS Spring 2012

Louisiana College, your College, has made a “no turning back” choice for LIFE and if you haven’t yet, we are asking you to do so as well. The College has come to the edge of the Promised Land and we are moving in. God has imparted His vision to us, “to change the world for Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.” We have chosen to follow without fear and He has rewarded us with blessings, protection, and LIFE. Just in the first five years since 2005 we have grown 89% in enrollment. Our budget has grown over 70% since 2005. We became a graduate school, began LC Pressler School of Law with the first class to begin in 2013, started the Caskey School of Divinity with 57 students with growth to over 100 and 162 souls saved through its witnessing practicum, founded Louisiana College Tanzania on 433 acres of donated land in Africa, founded a Nurse Led Outpatient Clinic, and this year, in March the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approved LC to begin the Louisiana Collegiate International Academy, which is a high school/ middle college for local and international students to pursue a high school diploma while concurrently enrolling in College classes at Louisiana College. Students will graduate with a diploma from LCIA and can begin their traditional college years with up to fifty college credits already earned. In the very near future, we will assume the old Huey P. Long Hospital where we will move our Nurse led Outpatient Clinic and where we will found our graduate medical education programs including the Louisiana College School of Medicine.

literally hundreds of lost souls are coming to Christ through both on and off-campus ministries of Louisiana College. My question is, will you choose to be an exciting part of Louisiana College for LIFE? In the last three years alumni and friends have given Louisiana College $13.5 million to operate and grow LC. In August of this year, we will move into a brand new 45 bed apartment style dormitory. We will begin construction of a second and third dormitory as soon as this one is finished. We have run out of room for our on campus students and God is providing quality housing for our future. If you choose LC for LIFE, you can help, you can be a part of a Divine Vision that God is bringing to fruition.

How? First, Choose to Pray every day for Louisiana College. Bind

Satan from his attacks in Jesus name.

Second, Choose to Get involved in recruiting students to LC, visit events on the campus, and spread the good news of what God is miraculously doing at your College.

Third, Choose to Give to the mission of Louisiana College.

You can’t out-give God. If every Louisiana Baptist and alum gave a mere $10 per month, our entire mobilization of strategic planning would catapult forward and the structure for our exponential growth would be reinforced. Furthermore, students could be scholar-shipped allowing them to stay in school and graduate, and faculty and staff could be paid as they should be. In short, your support can make the difference in how Louisiana College will “change the World for Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit!” It’s a CHOICE. Will you choose to support Louisiana College for LIFE?

Do we serve a big God or what! Every day on our campus is a miraculous experience. Students are finding God’s will for their lives, faculty are sharing their personal faith in Jesus Christ, athletic teams In Christ, are playing for Christ, Joe W. Aguillard academic minds are President dedicating every thought captive for Him, and

COLUMNS Spring 2012


From the Alumni Director Dear Louisiana College Alumni and Friends, Please take the opportunity to send in your alumni news and pictures – we love pictures – to me at or by mail at Alumni Office, Louisiana College, P.O. Box 588, Pineville, LA 71359. Your fellow classmates love reading about your jobs, babies, grandkids, churchwork, etc. Just send it on in.

There’s still time to submit nominations for Distinguished Alumnus 2012. Nominate by contacting the Alumni Office at (318) 487-7301 or email me directly at Selections will be made in early summer. In Christ, Luana Cunningham Director of Alumni Relations | 318.487.7301

In Memoriam • Dr. Hal Thompson Weathersby, Class of 1933 • Dr. Doyle R. Hamilton, Jr., Class of 1946 • Annie Jo Sehon Dugas, Class of 1949 • Emma Loyce Till Smelley, Class of 1953 • Ralph Campbell, Class of 1956 • Dr. Ronald C. Wimberley, Class of 1963 • Margaret A. Booker, Class of 1965 • Melynda Irvin, Class of 1991


COLUMNS Spring 2012

Landmark Court Decision

To “delve deeply into Baptist theology . . . is precisely what is prohibited.” Slip. Op. at p. 8. The four professors testified that they held an “. . . errant view of the Bible . . .” Slip. Op. at p. 10

After almost seven years, the suit filed by four former faculty members of Louisiana College, has been decided by the court and in full favor of Louisiana College, its President, Dr. Joe Aguillard, and four other named Board of Trustees’ defendants, Dr. Leon Hyatt, Alan Shoemaker, Amy Russell, and H. Kent Aguillard, Esq. Judge Doggett of the Ninth Judicial District Court signed her decision in ruling in favor of Louisiana College on March 28, 2012, and ordered that the lawsuit be dismissed.

The dispute centered around whether or not the Bible is the inerrant Word of God Himself. Louisiana College, a Southern Baptist institution, proudly operates in accordance with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 which articulates the Bible’s truths and supports Biblical inerrancy. The mission of Louisiana College is to provide liberal arts, professional, and graduate programs characterized by devotion to the preeminence of the Lord Jesus, allegiance to the authority of the Holy Scriptures, dedication to academic excellence for the glory of God, and commitment to change the world for Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Louisiana College, Biblical Truth Prevail

The case is a landmark decision for Louisiana College, religious institutions everywhere who stand upon Biblical truth, and for Louisiana Baptists who have proudly supported their only Biblically based higher education institution. The court’s ruling derives from the establishment clause of the First Amendment that Congress is prohibited from making any law “respecting an establishment of religion.” The court’s decision would require the court to choose sides in a dispute over Baptist Theology which violates the establishment clause. The court has said that it does not have the power to choose which Baptist view is correct.

“This is an extraordinarily important religious liberties case. It is historic,” said attorney Frederic Theodore (“Ted”) Le Clercq who represented the College during the years of litigation. President Joe Aguillard, who served on the faculty for years with the four plaintiffs before they filed suit said, “God’s Word is true, and Louisiana College will never move from its position on Biblical inerrancy, regardless of attacks from any and all directions. The Victory is the Lord’s!” Aguillard said.

2012 GOP Candidates Louisiana College was honored to host the 2012 GOP candidates for our students and community to show support for their favorite to win the nomination.

COLUMNS Spring 2012


Student Spotlight

Kara Parikh

Louisiana College sophomore, Kara Parikh enjoys sharing her story about how she came to know about LC. Not only is she from Chicago, Illinois, but she is at LC on a full ride scholarship. Kara is the Smith’s scholar of her class. “God just led me here. Humanly speaking, it was an accident. But it was definitely a Divine Intervention. Definitely a God thing,” said Kara. Knowing her course of study was to be pre-med Kara had her heart set on attending a four year university in Florida, one she wanted to attend since her freshman year of high school. The cost of tuition was important for the Parikh family and the school in Florida was willing to offer Kara a very generous amount in scholarships, so Florida seemed to be the best option. But one day, Kara was talking with a family friend who is a Tioga High School alumni and he suggested that she look into LC. “I thought ‘this is pointless, I don’t want to go there. I know where I want to go.’ But I looked into it a little anyway, just to be nice,” said Kara. After several phone calls and visits to the LC website, Kara found herself submitting an application. Kara, still very reluctant to come to LC, spoke with her admissions officer, Mary Evelyn Cesar. Eventually, Kara ended up at LC for a visit. “While I was out here, I met a lot of faculty and they were all really nice, really personable and they really cared,” said Kara. However, Kara could not have predicted just how life changing this visit would be. While visiting LC, Kara competed in the Top 30 competition. After an extensive process of interviews Kara left everything in God’s hands. When it was announced at the Top 30 banquet that Kara won the scholarship, at first she did not believe that they actually said her name. “I thought that maybe because I wanted it so bad I’d just thought they said my name. So, I kind of started sitting back down but I looked over at Mary Evelyn and she said ‘no that’s you.’ I just started crying because it really came out of nowhere,” said Kara. Once Kara told her parents the news, they wanted her to really understand how big of a deal this was for their family. “After I won my mom said ‘I know you understand how big of a deal this is but just so you really understand, if you didn’t win this scholarship, you really weren’t going to go to Florida.’ We just didn’t have any money to put towards my tuition and I wouldn’t have been able to go anywhere,” said Kara.


COLUMNS Spring 2012

But all throughout the application process, the Parikh family kept praying for God to provide a way for Kara to get an education. “God just provided, out of nowhere, at the last minute. It’s really humbling and it really grew my faith,” said Kara. Now that Kara is a sophomore, she knows that God has immense plans for her at LC. Aside from the relationships she has built with friends and professors, Kara knows that there is a greater reason she is at LC, even if God has not totally revealed it to her yet. “I was just amazed at what God had done. It was seemingly so random how he brought me from Chicago to Louisiana. I didn’t know anybody here and it was completely out of the blue. It was definitely a God thing.” Despite Kara’s wishes, she has not had the opportunity to meet the donors who made God’s plan for her life achievable. “My donors were an elderly couple who both lived in Texas.The husband passed away my freshman year, I believe, and I haven’t had the chance to meet the widow or her family,” said Kara. Looking back on her journey thus far, Kara is amazed at how God has shown Himself and His plans for Kara’s future. “I remember the day I flew out for the Top 30 Competition and I remember praying and telling God ‘I am so confused right now God, you’re going to have to make it very clear to me what you want me to do’ and He did. “It’s just so amazing to see how God provides for His will. If He calls you to do something, He will provide the means for you to do it. I felt God calling me to be a medical missionary and you can’t do that without going to school…but God always provides for His will,” said Kara. Kara knows that God’s plan for her merely begins at LC. Full of joy and comfort in the Lord, she prays that the He will continue to show His will for her life everyday as she knows He always has. “He is faithful.”

Donor Spotlight

Ray Ford, in honor of his wife, Diane Louisiana College has had the long tradition of premiere classical and church music training. Walk through Weathersby Fine Arts Building and you can hear music floating through the halls, from piano sonatas to vocal exercises. This is what drew Ray Ford to Louisiana College in the late ‘60s. He not only received training in preparation for a church music career but he found his life partner, Diane and the beautiful duet began. She was a music education major and he a church music major. They married and began their journey leading church music. Ray and Diane had three children who are Louisiana College graduates. Ray Ford believes that the music department at Louisiana College was integral in preparing him for music ministry. The instruction of traditional music education folded into and applied to church ministry was invaluable. The call to lead congregations in worship has been his life’s dream. Ray is still singing, and leading worship. As with many faithful ministry couples, Ray’s wife became ill and fought a long battle with cancer. She lost that battle in 1988. Ray sought to keep her memory alive in a way that would benefit other church musicians. It was decided that a scholarship would be set up in her name. This has been such blessing for many music students. He has continued on his journey having served as a worship leader for 49 years. There is an old hymn that comes to mind when reflecting on Ray’s contribution in his wife’s memory. “Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go” by George Matheson. Ray’s greatest love is for Christ, His Savior. Second would be the love he has for his wife…

O love that will not let me go, I rest my weary soul in thee; I give thee back the life I owe, That in thine ocean depths its flow May richer, fuller be. O joy that sleekest me through pain, I cannot close my heart to thee; I trace the rainbow through the rain, And feel the promise is not vain, That morn shall tearless be. Louisiana College seeks men and women of faith to consider an investment with eternal returns! Consider sponsoring a scholarship in the name of a deceased loved one. Thank you, Ray Ford.

First Picture Top Row: Christianne and Bruce Knight, Leigh Ford Bottom Row: Celeste and Ray Ford Second Picture Ray, Celeste, Leigh and Christianne

COLUMNS Spring 2012


The Wildcat Cup The Louisiana College Wildcat Athletic Association is hosting a series of golf tournaments around the state of Louisiana as the first annual Wildcat Cup. The tournaments will kick off on June 25th at Oakwing golf course. The five tournament series will come to a close on October 25th at Oakwing golf club for the yearly Homecoming tournament. Five tournaments will be held in Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, and Central Louisiana. The winning teams of each region will have a chance to compete against each other at the Homecoming tournament. The annual Homecoming tournament scramble will continue to operate as it has. The winning “Shamble” team will receive a Texas Hill Country Golf retreat at Boot Ranch located in Fredericksburg, Texas. Two rounds of golf and overnight accommodations will be provided to the Wildcat Cup winning foursome. Boot Ranch is a private golf club with the 8th ranked golf course in the state of Texas and the Clubhouse Village has been acclaimed as one of the Best New Golf Facilities in the United States. The Hal Sutton designed course is truly spectacular as it winds through the hills and valleys, creeks and lakes of this unique golf course community. The signature 10th hole was utilized in the filming of “Seven Days in Utopia, Golf’s Sacred Journey” featuring Robert Duval and Lucas Black. The hole features a forty foot double waterfall beside the 10th green. The value of this package is $3,000. To get more information about each tournament across the state call the Events line at 318-487-7003.

Dorm Update The next addition to the College Drive Apartments is still under construction, the College is experiencing exponential growth with enrollment having grown over 89% in Dr. Aguillard’s first five years as President. The Dorm will is the second phase to a 4 phase process and will be open for Fall 2012. 10

COLUMNS Spring 2012

Thank You

President’s Clubs 2011 - 2012 Lifetime Member ($50,000 one time gift or $100,000 lifetime) Mr.* Rea Allen, ‘34 Mrs. Mildred Allen-Clement Altha L. Brackney Trust Mr. Sellers Aycock, Jr., ‘55 Mrs. Sarah Aycock Mr.* James R. Baker Mrs.* Mary Baker BellSouth Foundation Ben E. Factor Foundation Mr.* Francis S. Bolton Dr.* Gail Bolton Mr.* Robert H. Bolton Mr. & Mrs. L. H. Bossier Mrs. Edna M. Boyd Mr. Jesse Boyd, Jr., ‘55 Mrs. Edna B. Brashier Mr. Lawrence Brashier, Jr., ‘48 Dr.* Etienne Brown, 50 Mrs. Jean Brown, ‘50 Mr.* Cleveland C. Burton Capital One Dr. E. Linus Carroll, Jr., ‘65 Mrs. Gale Carroll, ‘61 Mr. & Mrs. F.M. Carter Central La. Electric Company Christus St. Frances Cabrini Hospital Mr.* Chandler Clover, ‘47 Mrs. Lois Clover, ‘47 Mrs.* Dot T. Colvin Mrs. Jamie Colvin, ‘96 Dr.* John Henry Colvin, ‘28 Mr. Lodwrick M. Cook Coughlin-Saunders Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Carter Cox, Jr. Mrs.* Bobbye Crowell Mr.* Richard Crowell, ‘37 Rev.* John Curtis, Sr., ‘46 Mrs. Merle Curtis, ‘46 Dr. Erroll Dawson, Jr. Mr. Bill Dore Dore Family Foundation Mr.* Don Duggan Mrs. Molly Duggan Mrs. Beverly Durham Mr.* Thomas Durham, ‘46 E.G. Schlieder Educ. Fdtn. Ed & Gladys Hurley Foundation Ms.* Ella B. Young, ‘37 Mr.* H.K. & .Mrs.* Thelma Everett Exxon Education Foundation Foreign Mission Board, SBC Frost Foundation Mrs.* Minnie Lee Frye Mr.* W. R. Frye Mr.* Parrish Fuller G.B. Saucier Scholarship Fund Mr. Gordon R. & Mrs. Juarene W. Gisclard Mrs. Mary Anna Granberry Mr.* R.J. Granberry Dr.* G. Earl Guinn, ‘37 Mrs. Neva N. Guinn Mrs.* Ruth Hankins Mr.* A. O. Highers Mrs. Dorothy Highers Mr. Edley Hixson, Sr. Mr. Edley M. Hixson, Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth Hixson

Mr.* J. Carroll Hixson Mr. & Mrs. Earl Hogan Mr.* Clyde Hoyt Mrs.* Wilma Hoyt, ‘39 Mr.* & Mrs.* Ollie Hyde Mr. James & Mrs. Teresa Johnston *Mrs. Fay G. Jones JPMorgan Chase Alexandria JPMorgan Chase Baton Rouge Mr.* & Mrs.* William M. Keller Mrs.* Nannette Kirby Mr.* Claude Kirkpatrick, ‘38 Mrs. Edith Kirkpatrick, ‘38 Kresge Foundation, The Mr.* Joseph J. Lawless Mrs. Bambi Lee, ‘81 Dr. J. Anthony Lee, ‘79 Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Floyd W. Lewis, Sr. Louisiana Baptist Convention Louisiana Baptist Convention, WMU Louisiana Baptist Foundation Louisiana Independent College Fund Louisiana Interstate Gas Corp. Mrs. Lorraine Martin, ‘87 Mr. Norman Martin, ‘43 Mr.* & Mrs.* Roy O. Martin, Jr. Martin Foundation Masonic Home Education Foundation, Alexandria Mayo Estate McCormick & Company McCormick Smith Fund Inc. Mr. Frank P. Merritt Mrs.* Dixie Moss Mr.* Walter Moss, ‘28 Dr.* Robert Mount, ‘22 Mrs.* Thelma Mount Mr.* & Mrs.* Howard Mulder Mr. John W. Musselwhite Mrs.* Maude Musselwhite Nabors Trust Mr.* John M. O’Quinn Estate of Mary B. Owen Mr. Bob Perry Mr.* T. C. & Mrs.* Mabel Pipes Mr. C. A. Powell Mrs.* Pauline Powell Presser Foundation Judge & Mrs. Paul Pressler Rapides Foundation Rapides Regional Medical Center Mrs.* Olive Rau, ‘25 Mr.* H.C. Reding Mrs.* Madolene Reding Franklin Mrs.* Wilfred Richardson, ‘32 Mrs. Lora C. Roberts Mrs.* Dorothy Rougeou, ‘28 Mr.* James Rougeou, ‘30 Mrs.* Alice Rushing Dr.* Samuel Rushing, ‘22 Thomas & Mayme Scott Foundation Shell Oil Company Foundation Dr.* Noel Simmonds, ‘24 Mrs. Sara Simmonds Mr.* & Mrs. Harrell R. Smith Mr. & Mrs. M. L. Smith, Jr. Mr.* Joe Smith, Jr., ‘75 Southern Baptist of Texas Conv Mr. & Mrs. J.E. Stack, Jr. Mrs. Madge Stack, ‘38

Mr.* Thilo Steinschulte Mr.* Joe Stewart, ‘61 Mr.* & Mrs. James H. Taylor Ms.* Sibyl V. Townes Mrs.* Margaret P. Townsend Mr.* Milton Tyler Mrs.* Ruby Tyler Mrs.* Della F. Vining Virginia M. Howard Foundation Mr.* Carl Vogel, ‘31 Von Boyett Corporation Mr.* Andrew Walker, ‘36 Mr.* Curtis Walker, ‘26 Mr.* David Walker, ‘29 Mrs.* Frances Walker Mr. M. W. Walker Mrs.* Norma Walker Mrs.* Rosalee W. Walker Mrs.* Lallage F. Wall Mrs.* Drunetta N. Wendt Mrs.* H. O. West West Foundation, Inc. Estate of Bonnie H. White Mr.* Clarke Williams Mrs.* Mary K. Williams Ms.* Lois Wilson Dr.* Lorraine Woolman

Annual President’s Trust ($5,000 unrestricted) Board of Regents Louisiana Mr. Anthony Bunting, ‘87 Mrs. Robin Bunting, ‘83 Mr. & Mrs. Gaylon L. Dighton Harmony Baptist Church of Tioga Louisiana Baptist Convention Mr. Howard Norris, ‘53 Jennifer Robertson Memorial Scholarship Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Tennison Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Young Ms. Ida M. Young

Annual Executive Membership ($5,000) Mr. & Mrs. Ben Johnson III Mr. & Mrs. Joe I. Kirk Lanier Law Firm Mr. Ralph D. McBride Stewart Morris, Attorney Nabors Trust National Christian Foundation Houston O’Neill Foundation Mr. Larry D. Smith Mr. Peter S. Wareing Dr.* & Mrs.* James Young

Annual Membership ($1,000) Mr. Alexander Adams Alpine First Baptist Church, Pineville Bain Farms Mr. Sterling “Buster” Bain, Jr. Baptist Collegiate Ministries of LC Mrs. Delores Barrett, ‘71 Mr. George L. Barrett Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Baxley Mrs. Nannette Beeson, ‘82 Mr. Stan Beeson, ‘74

Mr. Carl Benedict, ‘76 Mrs. Linda Benedict Berean Baptist Church, Rayville Bible Baptist Church Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Biggs Bolton Fund, The Mr. & Mrs. Lee Breithaupt, Jr. Brian K. Thompson ESQ Mrs. Carla Brown Dr. Robert Brown, ‘75 Mr. Buck Buchanan Rev. Carl Carrigan Dr. David Cavanaugh, ‘78 Mrs. Donna Cavanaugh, ‘77 Kelly & Brenda Coghlan Cook Construction LLC Mr. & Mrs. Brad Cottano Mr. & Mrs. Ed Crowder Dow Chemical Company Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Randall Esters False River Quick Stop First Baptist Church, Longville First Baptist Church, Dry Prong Mr. Ray Ford Rev. Tommy French, Jr. Ms. Kristen Fuselier Mrs. Gloria Garrett, ‘53 Mr. Harold Garrett, ‘52 Mr. David & Mrs. Gina Gunn Dr. & Mrs. David Hankins Ms. Jacquelyn M. Haynes Mr.* & Mrs. Weldon S. Honeycutt Mr. Jack Hunter, ‘74 Mrs. Ann Hyatt, ‘48 Dr. Leon Hyatt, Jr., ‘49 Dr. & Mrs. Bendel Johnson Mr. James & Mrs. Laura Jones Mr. Drew Landry, ‘84 Mr. J. Keet Lewis, III Mr. & Mrs. Raymond S. Lister, Jr. Louisiana Independent College Fund Magnolia Baptist Church Mr. & Ms. Bob Martin Dr. Lee F. Mason Mr. Curtis McCune, Jr., ‘52 Mrs. Nancy McCune Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy McLaughlin Mid-State Orthopedics Mrs. Sue Miller, ‘07 Mr. John & Mrs. Sally Mitchell Ms. Betty K. Moore Mr. Mike & Mrs. Monica Moore Drs. Harold & Cherri E. Penton Mr. Johnny Porter, ‘70 Mrs. Judy Porter, ‘67 The Nancy & Paul Pressler Foundation Mrs. Donna Prosperie, ‘90 Mr. James Prosperie II, ‘88 Mrs. Nancy Racine, ‘44 Mr. Edwin Reed, ‘56 Mrs. Joy Reed Dr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Rich Mrs. Edith Rich, ‘44 River Outreach Center Rev. Earl Roderick, ‘49 Mrs. Robbie Roderick Mrs. Ginger. Scarborough Mr. Lonnie Scarborough, ‘91 Mr. Edward Schoening, ‘72 Mrs. Elizabeth Schoening, ‘74 Dr. & Mrs. Patrick Sexton

COLUMNS Spring 2012


Sigma Theta Tau Int. Mrs. Katie Smith, ‘54 Mr. Tommy Smith, ‘57 Mr. Allen Spears, ‘62 Dr. Carolyn Spears, ‘62 Spengler-Stewart Agency Inc. State Farm Companies Foundation Mr. Paul D. Stewart, Jr. Summer Grove Baptist Church Mr. Brian Thompson Esq., ‘95 Ms. Anita Tinsley Mr. Milton Toups Mr. T. Steen Trawick, Jr. Mrs. Lois Vance, ‘54 Rev. Carlton Vance, ‘50 Col. John A. Walker, Jr. Mrs. Betty Wells, ‘70 Dr.* Darthon Wells, ‘70 Mrs. Sandy Whittington, ‘68 Colonel William ‘Rut’ Whittington, ‘68 Dr. & Mrs. Glenn Wilkins Mr. Jared Woodfill

Trustee’s Club ($500 - $999 annually) Ms. Susie K. Bace Barrett’s Inc. Ms. Joan Berry Mr. Harvey & Mrs. Cynthia Brown Ms. Rita Brown Central La. Electric Company Circle 8 Dance Club Dr. Cheryl Clark Mr. Loyd & Mrs. Nancy Dalton Mr.* & Mrs. Paul M. Davis, Jr. Honorable Sylvan Davis, Jr., ‘45 District Eight Baptist Convention First Baptist Church, Eunice First Baptist Church, Pine Prairie Four Sisters, LLC Mrs. J. M. Free Freedom Fitness Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Graves Mr. & Mrs. George Griffing James E. Gregory & Sons, Inc. Mr. Bruce L. Knight Mrs. Christianne Knight, ‘95 Mr.* Joseph J. Lawless Dr. Hans Leis, Jr. Mrs. Peggy Leis Mr. David LeRay, ‘89 Mr. Charles Lowe Ann Motte McAllister Excellence in Social Work Award Dr. Ann & Mr. Aaron McAllister Mr. William & Mrs. Ann K. McCulloch Ms. Deisha Meade Dr. Jeff Mohr MD Mrs. Joy Mohr MSW, ‘81 Mr. Larry C. Morris Esq. Mr. & Mrs. Vance Morris Mr. Stewart Morris Mrs. Susan Nixon, ‘84 Mr. William Nixon Dr. Peggy Pack Mr. Alvin Perkins II, ‘83 Mrs. Wendi Plants Townes, Jr. & Kathleen Pressler Rapides Parish D.A.R.E. Program Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne Reeves Mr. A. T. Richardson Mr. Don Robbins Thomas & Mayme Scott Foundation Sigma Gas, Ltd Co. Simmesport Family Clinic Mr. Robert & Mrs. Sue Talton Mr. & Mrs. Martin E. Taylor Ms. Beverly Terrell Trinity Heights Baptist Church


Mr. & Mrs. Andy Wales Mr. & Mrs. Ken Young

Heritage Club ($250 - $499 annually) 2001 Odyssey Partnership Mr. & Mrs. Mark M. Albrecht Alto Baptist Church, Rayville Dr. Sarah F. Anders Barksdale Federal Credit Union Bayou Chateau Nursing Center Bayou Vista Baptist Church, Morgan City Mrs. Billie Boone, ‘49 Mr.* Roy Boone, Jr., ‘50 Mr. Billy Brooks, ‘77 Mrs. Vickie Brooks Mr. & Mrs. Warren Byrd Mr. & Mrs. John T. Carroll Community Trust Bank D & D Erectors Edkar Inc. ExxonMobil Foundation Dr. Melanie Firmin-McMullen, ‘78 First Baptist Church, Ville Platte First Baptist Church, Houston Ms. Lonia W. Fontenot Mr. Hal Gatti Mr. Hayden Gatti Graceworks Church Mrs. Anna Gregory Mr. Ryan Gregory, ‘06 Mrs. Sherma Grisham Mr. Michael Hall Mr. Harold Holmes Homewood Baptist Church Mr.* Henry & Mrs.* Hazel Hopper Industrial Rubber & Gasket Co., LLC Ms. Jackie D. Lally Mrs. Bambi Lee, ‘81 Dr. J. Anthony Lee, ‘79 Ms. Laura H. McMurrey Mr. & Mrs. James B. Michiels Monroe Office Equipment Mr. Victor & Mrs. Alyce Morris Ms. Mary P. Noska Oak Ridge Baptist Church Ms. Dolores Olbeter Mrs. Carol Papsco, ‘48 Mr. Robert Papsco Pentecostals of Alexandria Mr. & Mrs. Chris Plants Mr. Coy Raiford Mr. Richard Rush, ‘71 Mr. Howard F. Smith III Mr. Robert Spruill, ‘81 Mrs. Teresa C. Spruill St. Rita Church Ms. Fanny Starns, ‘48 Tammany Hills Baptist Church Mr. & Mrs. Blake Tartt Temple Baptist Church, Winnsboro Mr. James & Mrs Francita Ulmer Ms. Denice Vincent Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Watts Ms. Neola D. Wetta

Columns Club ($100 - $249 annually) Ms. Alicia Abels Mr. Matthew Albrecht, ‘10 Alexandria District Nurses Association Alto Property Partnership LLC Ameriprise Financial Ms. Denise A. Anderson Ms. Lindsey N. Anderson Ms. Mollie Anderson Mrs. Marsha Armond Ms. Douglas Ashe

COLUMNS Spring 2012

Mr. Cameron Avery Mrs. Kathleen Bailey Mr. John E. Baker, Jr. Balentine Ambulance Service Inc. Mr. Henri & Mrs. Samantha Barber Mr. & Mrs. Charles Barfield Ms. Yvonne S. Barnett Mr. F. A. Barrow Mrs. Lou A. Barrow Bart Wood Agency, Inc. Ms. Mildred Beall Mrs. Ayme Beeson, ‘64 Ms. Elizabeth Bembenick Mr. John B. Bembenick Ms. Lynda Bertrand, ‘09 Mr. Bryan Bieber, ‘94 Mrs. Regina Bieber, ‘96 Mr. Robert A. Blackburn Mrs. Noelle Blackwell, ‘86 Dr. Merry Bourgeois, ‘76 Ms. Sandra Bracknell, ‘64 Mr. & Mrs. Aaron M. Bradley Britton Christian Church Mrs. Desiree Brunet Dr. Michael Brunet, Jr., ‘96 Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Butler Caldwell Bank & Trust Company Dr. & Mrs. Henry S. Carter Cenla Sports Charles Vining, III Farms Chick-fil-A, Alexandria La Ms. Mei-En Chou Christ Fellowship, Haughton Mr. & Mrs. David A. Cole Ms. Kelli M. Coleman Mr. Constance R. Colley Ms. Madeline Collier Mr. Kenneth Colston Mr. Wesley Cooper Dr. Jack Corley MD Mr. Michael Couvillon Ms. Susan T. Crooks Mr. W. Klein Crow Curbing Krewe LLC D.C. “Bill” Bates Agency, Inc. Daughters of the American Revolution - Pelican Chapter Ms. Lois S. Davis Mrs. Robin Davis Despino’s Tire Service, Inc. Ms. Rebecca Dominique Dr. Donald Doughty, ‘67 Mrs. Jimmie Doughty Patricia H. Douglas Attorney at Law LLC Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Douglas Mr. Vernon Dove Mrs. Melinda Draper, ‘90 Mrs. Alisha Dubea, ‘01 Mr. & Mrs. Pete Dupre Mr. & Mrs. Richard Earl Mr. & Mrs. John Eastham Mrs. Bonny Elliott, ‘81 Dr. David Elliott, ‘81 Mrs. Jane Emerson Ms. Helen Ethridge, ‘60 Mr. Ben Feibel Mr. & Mrs. Don Feibel Mrs. Margaret Duncan Firestone, ‘52 First Baptist Church, Many Mr. Richard Fluker, ‘50 Ms. Clevie Fontenot Mr. Gerald Fontenot Mr. Logan Fontenot Mrs. Donna L. Gasque Dr. Norman Gearhart & Rev. Carolyn Piper Mr. & Mrs. William Gibson Gilbert Baptist Church Mr. Joseph Green, Jr., ‘96 Ms. Gwen Greene

Mr. Stanley Guillot Mr. Joe E. Hadwin Ms. Lynn Hall Rev. Jesse Halley, ‘51 Mrs. Ruby Halley Mr. & Mrs. Randall Hargis Mr. Stephen E. Henthorne Ms. Charlotte Hill Ms. Sandra Hindman Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Hoffmeyer, Jr. Honorable Jack Holt, ‘48 Ms. Janice Hunter Mr. & Mrs. Frank F. Jee Dr. & Mrs. Timothy Johnson Mr. Sherwood & Mrs. Edith Jones Dr. & Mrs. Gilbert B. Jones Mrs. Lucien Jones Kantar Health, Inc. Ms. Suzanne Klein Mrs. Dorothy Krivos Mr. Ken Krivos, ‘69 Mrs. Beverly Lane Dr. Matthew Lane, ‘81 Mr. Lonzo Lanier Mrs. Kinta Leblanc Mrs. Jerry W. Lee Mr. Ronald Lee Mr. Howard & Mrs. Catherine H. Legate Mr. & Mrs. Louis Leporati Mr. Richard Lindsay Louisiana Physical Therapy Center of Pineville, LLC Dr. W. Bonham & Mrs. Marcille Magness Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Manning Marathon Oil - MEPAC Match Pro Mr. & Mrs. Terry Martin Mr. Clay Matchett, ‘05 Mr. & Mrs. Sandy McBeath Mr. & Mrs. Glenn McMillan Mr. Larry McMillian, ‘62 Mrs. Bertha Meisner Mr. Chris Meisner, ‘70 Mr. & Mrs. Alex Menard Mr. Tom A. Miller Minden Orthapaedics, APMC Mr. James Mitchell, ‘69 Mrs. Jean Mitchell, ‘69 Kipper Montgomery & Dawn Montgomery Mr. & Mrs. Billy Moore Ms. Mary Moore Mr. & Mrs. James V. Moulton, Jr. Ms. Clara Nolan Mr. Garland Normand, ‘76 North Central Baptist Church Ms. Martha Norton Mr. Ted Oliver Mrs. Linda Ortego, ‘76 Dr. Stephen Ortego, ‘76 Parker Farm and Ranch Mrs. Sharon Parrish Dr. Janet Passman Mr. Scott Pecue, D.D.S. Mr. Dale Perkins Ms. M. Elaine Perkins Dr. Randall Perkins Mr. Jonathan Perry Mr. & Mrs. Boyd Peterson Mrs. Patricia Pourciau Mr. Brett A. Price Mr. William Pruitt Ms. Rhonda Ranson Mr. Thomas A. Redwine Esq. Mrs. Patsy Reeves Mr. & Mrs. E. R. Remkes Mrs. Kathryn Rhodes Mr. Lloyd W. Richards, Jr. Mrs. Hope Roberson Mr. Knight Roddy, III Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne Rogers

Mr. Robert Rowan Mrs. Pam Ruddell Samaritan Management of LA Mrs. Sarah Savell Mr. David Searle Dr. Joe E. Sedberry, Jr. Mrs. Rosemary Sedberry, ‘50 Mrs. Mary Ann Shallberg, ‘64 Mr. William Shallberg Ms. Charlene Shaw Dr. & Mrs. David Simmons Mr. & Mrs. John R. Simmons Mrs. Lisa Slack Mr. & Mrs. Jim Smith Mrs. Peggy St. John, ‘74 Ms. Joyce Stafford Mr. Robert E. Stults Mr. Tom Sumrall, ‘54 Mr. James A. Swain Mr. & Mrs. Richard Talley Ms. Kathlyn Terry Mr. & Mrs. Edwin W. Thomas Mr. Lonnie D. Thomas Mr. Ronda Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Steve Thomas Mr. Taylor Thompson, ‘73 Ms. Aloyesse Tidwell Mrs. Lillie Tullos, ‘55 Mr. Mark Tullos, ‘57 Ms. Carol Vance Mr. David Vasalech Mrs. Pat Veillon Ms. Jacqueline Vickers Mr. Timothy Vujnovich Walker Automotive Mr. Foster Walker III Ms. Nena Ware Ms. Mary L. Watson Ms. Sally M. Watts Ms. Michelle Webb Mr. Ewing Werlein, Jr. Ms. Irmus West Mr. Quint West Mrs. Roxane West, ‘85 Mrs. Betty White, ‘07 Mr. Luvell White Mr. Preston White Mr. Jimmy E. Williams Ms. Tammy Wilson Mr. Randall Young Mr. & Mrs. Ray Young

Century Club ($1 - $99) A.B. Gymnastics & Dance Supply Ms. Margaret M. Acosta Ms. Lora Adams All Regions Services Inc. Mrs. Beth Allen Ms. Frances M. Allen Ms. Marybeth Anderson Andrews Custom Farm Services Mrs. Kandyce Andries, ‘95 Mr. Lois Ardoin Ms. Elaine Ashline Ms. Betty Aucoin Ms. Blondell L. Avery Mrs. Carolyn Bailey Mr. Ryan Baker Ms. Vicki Baker Mr. & Mrs. Bill Barkas Mrs. Ronny G. Barnhart Ms. Joyce Batey Ms. Janice Baum Mrs. Equilla Bazile Mrs. Carolyn Belgard, ‘70 Ms. Barbara D. Bell Ms. Dee A. Bertrand Ms. Laura Bertrand Mr. & Mrs. Ted Bertrand

Mr. Andrew Best Beulah Baptist Church, Mansfield Mr. Erskin Biggs Mr. Kelly Boggs Mr. N. R. Boles Mrs. Stephanie Bonaventure Mr. & Mrs. Brent M. Booker Ms. Mary Boyette, ‘86 Ms. Dana Brenn Ms. Cleotelde M. Brooks Ms. Susan Broussard Mr. Dale T. Brown Dr.* Etienne Brown, ‘50 Mrs. Jean Brown, ‘50 Mr. & Mrs. Mike Brown Mrs. Susan Brown Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Burkett, Jr. Ms. Jennifer A. Burlew Ms. Susan Burlew Mr. R. C. & Alla Jane Bush C. Gary Mitchell, Attorney, APLC Ms. Mary Callaway Can-Do Trucking Co. LLC Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Carroll Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Cavalier Central Baptist Church Mr. & Mrs. Alton Chapman Dr. & Mrs. Benjamin Close Mrs. Charlotte Clouatre Dr. Sally H. Coco Mrs. Vera Cole Ms. Iva Collie Ms. Patricia C. Cooley Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Criswell Mr. David Daigrepont Ms. Amy Davis Mr. & Mrs. Don Davis Mr. & Mrs. Roland Davis Ms. Nancy M. Davis Mr. Jeff Deblieux, IV Mr. David Debona Mrs. A. L. Derouen Mrs. Linda Desormeaux Mr. Casey Dickinson Mrs. Jan Dicks Mrs. Gayle Dixon, ‘64 Mr. Grover Dixon Doyle Baptist Church Ms. Tracey Driggers Ms. Yvonne Drummond Mr. Jerry Dubose Mrs. Eleanor Duke Mr. Merlin Duke, ‘62 Ms. Edith Duncan Ms. Brittany A. Dupre Mrs. Judith Ellis Mr. Scott D. Ellis Ms. Rose Eschete The Family Church First Baptist Church, Haynesville Mr. & Mrs. George W. Fontenot Mrs. Betty Foster Mrs. Kimberly Frank Ms. Emily Free Mr. & Mrs. E. M. Frey Mr. Gary Fuqua Ms. Ramona Giddings Mrs. Patsy Gordon Ms. Sheila Graff Mr. & Mrs. Mitchel Green Mrs. Terri Green Ms. Patricia Guin Denise W. Gullatt Mr. & Mrs. Steven C. Gullatt Mrs. Stacy Gunter, ‘93 Mrs. Elizabeth Z. Haindel Mrs. Joe Hamilton Mr. Richard Hamilton Ms. Casey Hancock Mr. & Mrs. Norman Hanna

Dr. C. E. Hardin Dr. Sue Hardin, ‘50 Mr. Paul Harlow Ms. Robin R. Haynes Mr. & Mrs. Walter Head, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Davey Hebert Ms. Barbara Herman Herringville Baptist Church Dr. William & Mrs. Marcia Hill Ms. Linda Hof Ms. Laura Holifield, ‘09 Hopkins Insurance Agency, Inc Ms. Virginia M. Horn Mrs. Lisa Hudson Mr. Donald Hughel Jr., ‘11 Ms. Barbara Hunt Ms. LaDonna Hunt Mr. & Mrs. Mike Iles Mr. Curt Iles, ‘79 Mrs. DeDe Iles Ms. Pamela Jaeger Ms. Tammy Jaeger Ms. Danette Janzen Mr. Mark Janzen Mrs. Shu-Lain Jee Mrs. Tonya C. Jenkins Mr. Howard John Ms. Debra L. Johnson Mr. Richard Johnson Mrs. Theresa Jones Mr. James E. Jordan Mr. Wayne & Mrs. Carla Jowers Mrs. Dianna Kelly Mr. & Mrs. James Kelly Mr. Jeremy Lane, ‘08 Mrs. Dana Leblanc Ms. Jessica Leblanc Mr. & Mrs. W. A. LeBlanc Mrs. Kathleen Leboeuf Ms. Lorie Lefevers Life Resources Inc. Mrs. Kim Long Louisiana Allergy & Asthma Specialist Ms. Chelle N. Ludke Ms. Rita Mann Mrs. Jane Marks Ms. Leah Marshall Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Martin Mr. Billy Martin Ms. Linda B. Mathis Dr. David McGraw, ‘59 Mrs. Margaret McGraw, ‘61 Mrs. Elaine McKethan, ‘47 Mr.* John McKethan, ‘49 Memorial Baptist Church Mrs. Terri C. Michel Mr. John Morton Ms. Cheryl Moulder Ms. Melrose K. Murphree Mr. & Mrs. Richard Myatt Mrs. Carol Neff Dr. Anna Nguyen Ms. Anna Belle Nihart Mr. & Mrs. Edward Nugent Oak Hill Community Church, Oakdale Mr. & Mrs. Billy F. O’Neal Mr. Gerald Ortego, ‘71 Mrs. Frances Owens Mr. Stephen Panepinto Mr. Leroy & Mrs. Faye Parker Mr. Ray Parrish Ms. Candis Parvin Ms. Clara Patterson Mr. Drew G. Pierce Ms. Angela Pilgreen Pilgrim’s Rest Baptist Church Drs. Jerry & Bayne Pounds Mr. & Mrs. Chris Pourciau Mrs. Tracy W. Pourciau Ms. Pamela Pout

Premier Women’s Health Center Pro Clean Restoration, LLC Mrs. Johnnie Queen, ‘54 Mrs. Helen Robey Mr. & Mrs. James Robinson Rod’s Music Shop Mrs. Cindy Roseberry Mrs. Anne M. Rykard S.E.L.H. Federal Credit Union Ms. Marlene Sabella Ms. Raquel Sadler Mr. Eric Savell Ms. D. D. Schmidt Ms. Anita Scott Mr. David L. Shaffer Ms. Angie Shepherd Mr. & Mrs. Irving Sills Ms. Madeline Simmons Ms. Linda Simoneaux Mr. & Mrs. Kingsley J. Skinner Mrs. Madelynn Slade Mr. Matthew R. Smith Mr. Mitchell A. Smith Mrs. Susan Smith, ‘87 Ms. Vida Rae Smith Mrs. Jackey South Ms. Mary C. Spoor Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Stagg Mr. Grant A. Stanley Mr. Billy Stears Mrs. Wang-Ling C. Stokes Summit Artists, Inc. Mrs. Huey Taylor Ms. K.B. Thomas Ms. Mary Thompson Ms. Amy W. Thornhill Ms. Patti A. Tregre Mr. Michael Tudor Mrs. Susan Tudor, ‘70 Tumble Bunnie Corp. Ms. Rosemary Tumminello Mrs. Gwen Tuttle Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Usey Mrs. Cheryl Vanlangendonck Ms. Cindy Vanlangendonck Mr. Gregory Verret, ‘00 Ms. Rebecca A. Verzwyvelt Mr. & Mrs. Greg Veuleman Ms. Holli Vining Mr. Cliff & Mrs. Ayse Vrielink Mr. Frank Vujnovich Mr. Jeremy Vujnovich Ms. Lorine Vujnovich Mrs. Peter Vujnovich Mr. Lloyd Waldroup Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Walker Mrs. Susanne E. Wallace Mr. Michael R. Weathers Mr. & Mrs. Mark Weaver Mr. & Mrs. John Webb Mrs. Anita West, ‘99 Mr. Kevin West Mr. & Mrs. Owen White Ms. Patricia M. White Ms. Dorothy Williams Mrs. Melodye Willie, ‘76 Mr. Robert Willie, ‘76 Mrs. Amanda Wilmer Mr. Cody Wilson Mr. Michael Wood * denotes deceased

COLUMNS Spring 2012


Thank You

Visionaires Club 2011 - 2012

Individuals who have included LC in their Estate Plan through their Will, Trust, Gift Annuity, Life Estate Contract, Life Insurance Program, or gift of Real Estate. Charter Members Sarah Frances Anders Aline H. Autrey* C. E. Autrey* Grace C. Beall Timothy C. Beall Vernon D. Beall Francis Bolton* Myrtie G. Bond Sireno E. Bowers* Mrs. Garnet R. Brown* Kate E. Carter* Johnnie Cranford* Minnie Lee Frye* W. Ray Frye* Parrish Fuller* Alleyne Gillan* Ruth K. Hankins* Ollie Hanks Elsie Hayden* J. Carroll Hixson* Fay G. Jones* Corinne Keller* William M. Keller* Faye E. Kirkham* Ela Kite Joe G. Kite Elizabeth Laughlin Ronnie Laughlin Jerry W. Lee* Joyce Lee May Lewis* Vernon Lewis* Bonnie M. Lynn Robert L. Lynn Nellie Maher* William D. Malone Mary Lee O. Martin* Robert K. Martin Alta G. May Lynn E. May, Jr.* James McNair* Lucille McNair Annie Lee Miley* M. Wayne Miley Dixie S. Moss* Robert H. Mount* Howard K. Norris J. L. Polson* Pauline Powell*


Larry Ramsour Valetta Ramsour Lottie M. Ross Alice M. Rushing* Samuel Rushing* Wayne E. Ryan Roger E. Saunders* J. D. Scott* J. Garlin Smith* Juanita G. Smith Georgia Smith O’Neal Smith A. J. Szabo Ruth Szabo Mrs. J. Tom Tanner* Drunetta N. Wendt* Mrs. H. O. West* J. L. Whitmire* Jean Whitmire* Lois E. Wilson* Alice C. Wygant James Young* Nora Lee Young*

Subsequent Members Clavis Akridge Margaret Akridge Virginia C. Allison* Carmel J. Anderson* John K. Anderson* John C. Bains* Laverta Barnes R. A. Barnes* Marjorie Wood Beasley Dixon St. Clair Bower* Annie W. Bower* Welby Bozeman* Jeanine Bozeman Mathilde Bradford Sheila Breazeale William K. “Keith” Breazeale Nat Bridwell* Elaine Holmes Brister* Kenneth L. Brown Lou Brown Glenn E. Bryant* Mildred Bryant R.G. Bryant* Marie Caldwell Liles Judy W.S. Karst Campbell

COLUMNS Spring 2012

Luta E. Catron* Ruth Young Coffman* Chrystine B. Conn Leona Chaddick Cooper Cliff Creasy Sheri M. Creasy Louis A. Daigle Nellie Daigle Joe Desmarais* Mary L’Herrison Earnest* M. Virginia Enete Walter L. Enete Roy Evens* H.K. Everett* Thelma Everett* Irma F. Farr* Madolyn Reding Franklin* Della Friend* J. P. Friend* Gordon R. Gisclard, Jr. Juarene W. Gisclard Ray J. Granberry* G. Earl Guinn* Neva N. Guinn Charles A. Haynes Catherine G. Haynes Fran Haymon Heaton Elliott Henry* Lorraine Henry Asberry Holdcraft LaVerne M. Holdcraft Clyde Hoyt* Wilma Hoyt* Calvin Huckabay* Ruth Weathersby Hyde* C. Roger Johnson* Mrs. Ruth A. Johnson* Faith Johnson Rousseau James R. Johnston Teresa Johnston Lutilla H. Kelley* Elizabeth E. Kemp R. Lavelle Kennedy* Ruth Allred Kennedy Nannette D. Kirby* Tom Kirkham* Myrtle Kirkham* A.C. Kirkpatrick* Claude Kirkpatrick* Edith Killgore Kirkpatrick

Mary Alice Lauret* Joe Lawless Grace Lee Robert L. Lee* Calistabelle D. Legas* J. K. Lesley Loyce Lesley Malcolm Levy* Jean L. Lively Carolyn Lowry Charles Lowry Lyman A. Magee* Betty Magee Blanche F. Marler* Norman K. Martin Lorraine B. Martin Aaron McAllister Ann McAllister Jimmie McCann* Loda McCann* Aubrey L. McClellan, Sr.* Annie McClellan* Betty W. McElveen Betty McIlveene Charles McIlveene* Earl Mercer* Betty Mercer* Judy McCoy Merola Moses E. Mercer* Martina F. Mercer* T. H. Mercer, Jr.* Margaret Kitchingham Mounce* Jenira Murrell Ralph Murrell Maude M. Musselwhite* Henry K. Neal Arnold F. Nelson Darothy L. Nickey* Rosanne Osborne Mary Paige Richard Paige Mattie Lee Pate* Mildred Morton Pearce* Linda Peevy Michael Peevy Mabel Pipes* J.L. Pollard* Rosa T. Pollard* Wendell H. Prudhomme* Carrilyn A. Prudhomme*

Margaret Pryer Ronald Pryer* Olive Ann Rau* Charles Reidlinger Nathalie D. Reidlinger* Marcia S. Roberts* Olive L. Roberts* Judith A. Robinson Philip C. Robinson Kathryn D. Roddy* Henry C. Rubin* Margaret Y Rushing Earl Sandifer E. Fred Savage, Jr.* Nellie Inzer Savage* Mary Ann Shallberg William Shallberg Annie Mae Shoemaker* Ann Skinner Lamar Skinner Arveal Smith B. F. Smith* Harrell R. Smith* Irene J. Smith* Jewell Kees Smith* JoEl Smith* L.A. Smith* Basil D. Stagg* Olive G. Stagg* Melba Kees Street* Henry L. Thomas* James E. Thurston Nelrose Thurston Floye Kimball Tolar William B. Tolar Margaret P. Townsend* Lavergne L. Turpin L. Milton Tyler* Ruby S. Tyler* Artie Sylvest Varnado* D. Herman Walker* Norma Walker* Daniel J. Welch, Jr. Cordia R. Wells John Virgil Willis* Lorraine Woolman* Eleven Members prefer anonymity * denotes deceased

In Memory

Memorials 2011 - 2012 In Memory of Robert “Bobby Jack” Bagwell Marcia Hill Mr. & Mrs. James H. Kelly Linda Morgan/Kantar Health Melrose K. Murphree Mary Belle Owen

Michael Sowell, Candis Parvin & Madison Wright Jim Warren & Patty Thompson

In Honor of Dean Mike Johnson Daughters of the American Revolution

In Memory of Bill Smelley, Harold Broussard & Gene Bullard Harold & Gloria Garrett

In Memory of William A. Fahey George Griffing

In Honor of Jerry Jones, Dean Mike Johnson & Judge Stephens Winters Mr. Steen Trawick, Jr.

In Honor of Jean & Paul Barnhart Larry C. Morris

In Honor of Mable G. Fuselier Merlin & Eleanor Duke

In Memory of Betty Brister LeBlanc Dr. Merry J. Bourgeois

In Memory of William “Billy” Smelley Joe Hadwin Virginia Horn Fances & Tommy Owens Jack & Pat Reeves Randall Young

In Memory of Mrs. Louise Sumlin Briggs Kipper & Dawn Montgomery

In Memory of Dr. Kim Hall Dr. Merry Jane Bourgeois

In Honor of Bob & Bonnie Lynn Chris Hoffmeyer

In Memory of Charles H. Walker Mrs. Frances N. Dowdy

In Memory of Courtney Butler Caldwell Bank & Trust Company La Nae Chapman Sheila Graff Stanley & Marsha Harris Mr. Harold Holmes Lighthouse Sunday School Class, Britton Christian Church Jerry & Angela Martin Cassandra McBeath The McBeath Family: Pam & Carl, Sandy & Cassandra, Tom & Suzy Carol Shanklin Neff & Family Mrs. Helen Robey Pam Ruddell

In Memory of Catherine Rose Haynes Mrs. Ronny G. Barnhart Don & Jennie Davis Butch & Judy Ellis

In Honor of Judge Paul & Nancy Pressler Cameron Avery/ Lynn Donaldson O’Neill Foundation: Brian & Kathy O’Neill

In Memory of Lucille Davis Walker Mrs. Frances N. Dowdy

In Memory of Alfred “Bo” Herring Mary B. Cumming-Moore & Family R. Howard John, DDS

In Honor of Children: Ryan, Rebecca, Reagan & Renee Prosperie Donna A. Prosperie

In Memory of Dan Hill Mei-En Chou

In Memory of Janice Richard Billy C. Brooks

In Memory of W.S. “Pete” Honeycutt Ruth Honeycutt

In Memory of William E. “Bill” Schuleberg, Sr. Dr. Merry J. Bourgeois

In Honor of Mr. Patrick Weaver Dr. Merry Jane Bourgeois In Memory of Dr. Darthon Wells & Andy Wells Betty Wells

Carl & Helen Vogel Trust

The largest single one-time gift in Louisiana College history

“...hold fast to those unchanging values.” - Carl Vogel, Class of 1931 Seven years ago, unbeknownst to him at the time, the President of Louisiana College, Dr. Joe Aguillard, would receive one of the most important and unforgettable calls of his presidency. The voice on the other end of the phone introduced himself as Carl Vogel, a100 year old alum of the College. He praised the Board of Trustees for taking the College back to her roots of conservatism and challenged the President to “hold fast to those unchanging values!” “That was a day that I will never forget”, said Aguillard in reference to his first conversation with LC’s oldest alum, Carl Vogel, a proud graduate of the College and contemporary of well-known and long-time LC Professor Charles Cavanaugh. “After about 90 minutes of answering questions about the state of the College and our endowments, he turned the conversation to the great days he experienced at LC. He talked about how LC had changed his life forever and how as long as the College remained Biblically true, he wanted to give back to the College in repayment for what it had given to him.”

The Carl and Helen Vogel Trust totals approximately $2.5 Million and has been donated to the College as an unrestricted endowment. The $2.5 Million is the largest single one-time gift to be given to Louisiana College in its 106 year history. In the last three and one half years, Louisiana College has received over $13 Million in gifts from alumni and friends of the College. Louisiana College is a private Christian liberal arts College of professional and graduate studies with a mission grounded in the preeminence of Jesus Christ, the authority of the Holy Scriptures, Academic Excellence, and a passion for Changing the World for Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. The College is experiencing exponential growth with enrollment having grown over 89% in President Aguillard’s first five years as President and an Operational Budget growth of 70% during his presidency.

COLUMNS Spring 2012


Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage


Permit No. 77 Alexandria, LA

Office of Alumni Relations 1140 College Drive, Box 588 Pineville, LA 71359

Louisiana College invites you to the

Inaugural Grand prize: golf rounds for 4 at boot ranch golf resort Fredericksburg, tx


first tournament hosted at oakwing golf club in alexandria, la june 25, 2012


Columns Spring 2012  

Columns Spring 2012

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