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Prominent Features of Lifan 620

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Prominent Features of Lifan 620 Posted on July 5, 2013 by mp4mobilephone

The Lifan 620 is a four-door saloon car produced by the Lifan Motors division of Lifan Group. Launched in 2009, it is powered by a 4-cylinder engines 1.6 L (1587cc) Tritec engine producing 85 kW (116 PS; 114 bhp). The Lifan 620 is sold in China in and several export markets including Brazil and Vietnam. In Russia, where it is assembled by Derways, it is known as the Lifan Solano. In an Tunisian plant the model is assembled since 2012 by Martin Motors as the Martin Motors MM620 for the European markets.第 1/10 页)2013/7/10 15:32:05

Prominent Features of Lifan 620

PROMINENT FEATURES *Strong Power of Lifan 620 LF620 matches with imported “TRITEC” 1.6L engine. The engine also applies to LF520 and LF520i. Through long market test, its sound performance has got wide recognition of market consumers. The technology of TRITEC engine is advanced and mature with strong drive and power of which the performance is outstanding and reliable. The drive is outstanding among all 1.6L displacement vehicles of which the maximum power is 85kw. Moreover, oil saving is one of the characteristics. During 10 thousand driving activity without barrier, the comprehensive oil consumption of LF620 matched with TRITEC engine is 7.4L, proving that this engine model has sound oil saving performance. Actually the engine has won “Global Top 10 Engines” and is the only one with 1.6L displacement. Delphi Electronic Ignition System Electronic controlled timing of ignition will make engine ignite at the perfect第 2/10 页)2013/7/10 15:32:05

Prominent Features of Lifan 620

time in any situation,which can improve engine’s power performance and economy, as well as reduce the tail exhaust. With non-distributor design, high tension current produced by the spark coil will directly be transferred to spark plug, realizing to control the ignition time precisely. It improves the engine’s whole performance. Aluminum alloy cylinder head At the cylinder head, it is laid firebox, valve, and camshaft and so on. The engine will produce much heat when it works. With the aluminum alloy cylinder head, which has special characteristic of light and good heat dispersion, we can reduce the thermal load of valve mechanism in maximum. And at the same time, we can reduce the distortion and mechanism performance declining caused by the heat gathering. That is to say the whole engine’s performance is improved. Larger Diameter Suction Pipe When the engine works, it needs to inhale the fresh air and gasoline mixed gas, so High-efficiency intake air can ensure the engine to get high power. After LIFAN designers’ researching, developing and correcting meticulously, comparing with TOYOTA 8A, the suction pipe’s minor diameter of the LF479Q engine increases 2mm.It can ensure enough air input when the engine operates with the high speed, thereby, the maximum power output can be ensured. *Stable Driving of Lifan 620 Transmission The transmission of LF620 mainly matches with former LF520 with 1.6L displacement. It performs well through long-time driving of final customers. Reflected by the market, we optimize the design of transmission gear mechanism and gear shift mechanism making them have the characteristics of portable, liable, long life-span, short distance and clear gear.第 3/10 页)2013/7/10 15:32:05

Prominent Features of Lifan 620

The gear lever of LF620 embodies the design philosophy of human caring, applies human functional physiology and adopts scientific “inclined” design. Adopting this design is mainly in consideration of the driving habit of drivers and gear shift fluent. When starting and accelerating, it is more fast and improves mastering fun. Chassis The chassis of LF620 is level and the air resistance coefficient is low. Suspension System LF620 adopts front Macpherson independent and rear trailing arm semiindependent suspension which is suspension method adopted by middle and high class vehicle normally. Apt to eliminate road noise when driving, improve the driving smooth and floor traction of tire and provide sound dynamic respond characteristics. Steering System It has hydraulic power steering system, mature technology and better return ability proving the stability of steering and liability in complicated road conditions and mastering portably. The upper and lower degrees of steering wheel can be adjusted: convenient for drivers with different height who can easily enjoy the comfort of driving. Energy absorbing steering column: The energy can be absorbed when occurs frontal impact leaving the space efficiently and avoid impact between drivers and steering wheel. It also can amortize cushion and confirm drivers’ safety efficiently.第 4/10 页)2013/7/10 15:32:05

Prominent Features of Lifan 620

*Security & Safety of Lifan 620 ABS+EBD Under the function of optimized chassis system and ABS+EBD, shortened brake distance can avoid the accidence efficiently. ABS anti-lock brake system prevents sliding and locking to avoid direction out of control and sliding; for the EBD electronic brake force limitation, when drivers braking, the brake oil pressure system adjusts the brake device automatically according to the conditions of the four wheels to make the brake force match with traction force in use of assisting ABS function, enhancing the brake efficiency and driving safety. Four wheel disc brake system LF620 adopts the brake system of four-wheel disc brake enhancing driving safety. The front and rear wheels are solid disc brake. The front solid brake disc is 10 inches and the rear one is 10.5 inches. Reversing auxiliary device Three reversing radar probes are amounted on the vehicle tail of LF620. Ultrasonic is made use of to detect the barrier behind the vehicle. Remind the drivers as different frequency according to its distance and indicate warning red light on the dashboard. The human caring reminding way enhances the reversing safety. Reversing auxiliary device When the vehicle speed reaches 20km, the central controlled door lock will lock all doors automatically to avoid a mistake of door opening when driving sequentially to enhance the driving safety.第 5/10 页)2013/7/10 15:32:05

Prominent Features of Lifan 620

If impact accident occurs, the vehicle door will unblock automatically to assist drivers and passengers to evacuate. Meanwhile, the system has the function of immobilizing. Passive Safety Safety impact test LF620 has experienced the frontal impact, side impact and rear impact tests. The test result indicates that when LF620 impacts, all air bags have been opened; A, B, C pillar are good without any damage; there is no deformation of the cockpit; there is no extrusion to the dummy; large displacement has not been occurred to the steering wheel; four doors can be opened smoothly. Seat belts+ dual air bags The vehicle body adopts “cage” structure and complete side wall. Strengthened A, B, C pillar constitutes high strength cockpit which can protect the safety of passengers efficiently when occurring impact or side fall. Door impact prevention *Appearance of Lifan 620 Front Part Modeling Arc roof makes the whole vehicle modeling more fluent and the air resistance coefficient is lower; the waist line of side vehicle is of the sense of sculpture embodying sport sense and having the design factor of fashionable sedan; long front hood, short vehicle tail showing the steady and generous design style. When designers design LF620, the window is designed as the classical golden section of 1:1.618 complied with the current aesthetic standards. Long inner seating accommodation stands for the width of inner space and the seating comfort is elevated a lot. Wide rear door design makes LF620 suitable for family第 6/10 页)2013/7/10 15:32:05

Prominent Features of Lifan 620

and business purpose. Both families and business man will feel comfortable. Vehicle Tail Design The vehicle tail of LF620 is concise; the “U” line corresponds with front vehicle modeling embodying unification of whole design style. Rapid guiding tail lift: When driving at high speed, pressure can be produced while airflow on the auto body flows from front to the rear to assure the vehicle steady. In the rear window, there is high-tech antenna and hot efficient defrosting line inlaid making the whole vehicle concise and pleasant. The tail light of LF620 adopts large ruby fan-like tail lights emanating shining color and luster; 650L super large luggage carrier satisfies business requirements and family need. This car DVD player is speical designed for Lifan 620第 7/10 页)2013/7/10 15:32:05

Prominent Features of Lifan 620

It compatible with most brands of GPS software, the popular are IGO, Route66, TomTom and Finean. Happyshoppinglife provides the GPS-enabled hardware, free evaluation software and map. This device comes with USB 3G internet access, which support 3G dongle (3G dongle is not included in the pacakge). Good News for dear customers: two free map available (iGo and Navitel) from Russia and Ukraine. Car DVD players for Lifan 620 enjoys the following general functions: support 3G internet, 7 inch Autoradio head unit, touchscreen, car kit bluetooth for hands free calling, GPS navigation with dual zone function, RDS, USB port, SD第 8/10 页)2013/7/10 15:32:05

Prominent Features of Lifan 620

slot, IPOD, Subwoofer, Aux in, support Steering Wheel Controls. 3G USB Host is ready, support 3G dongle.

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Prominent Features of Lifan 620 ❍

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Prominent features of lifan 620  

The Lifan 620 is sold in China in and several export markets including Brazil and Vietnam. In Russia, where it is assembled by Derways, it i...

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