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“We told everyone to start having their mail sent to Parker Hall. The administration threatened to have any mail delivered to Parker Hall be returned ‘address unknown. We found out that was illegal and pointed out that the post office had to deliver to what they knew the address to be. Eventually, the administration relented and it became Parker Hall.” Overall, Provine looks back fondly on his time at OSU, especially the campfire nights spent partying down at the Cimarron River, the closest thing to a beach within miles. “Some of those darn farmers would call the police on us,” he says, laughing. “They must’ve been horrified at the thought of students having a good time.” Or laughing.

Bob Provine’s work has been profiled in many tV appearances (on the BBC, 20/20, Dateline NBC, Scientific American Frontiers), in newspapers and magazines ranging from Time to the New York Times. Discover Magazine has published three features about his work. An accomplished writer as well, his book, Laughter: A Scientific Investigation, has been published in three languages. He’s been on dozens of nPR shows (Science Friday, Morning Edition, All Things Considered), has an essay in the annual publication The Best American Science Writing and is a regular contributor to the Today’s Leading Bob Provine Thinkers book series. He recently published a paper in Evolutionary Psychology on tearing and another on how deaf signers laugh and a paper on online emoticons in the Journal of Language and Social Psychology. He also contributes to the online scholar site His work was most recently depicted in an Ode Magazine article penned by fellow OSU alumnus Blaine greteman.

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