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If academe were an Olympics event, Regents Professor Barbara Stoecker would wear gold. The professor of nutritional sciences and Fulbright scholar has received tributes as a researcher, teacher, advisor and administrator. Last fall she received two new honors, OSU’s Eminent Faculty Award, recognizing the highest level of scholarly achievement, and the International Faculty Excellence Award, acknowledging faculty distinction in international teaching, research or outreach programs and activities.

Nutritional scientist Barbara Stoecker, Regents Professor, Fulbright scholar, recipient of 2008 International Faculty Excellence Award and the Eminent Faculty Award, OSU’s highest honor

These awards reflect her scholarship and commitment to education, but they don’t tell the entire story — the story of the individual successes that extend from OSU students to Africa. And neither will Stoecker. While she’ll discuss her work, she turns aside personal praise. “I haven’t done any project solely,” she says. “They’ve all been collaborative.” Colleagues and students tell a slightly different version of Stoecker’s achievement. “I had the privilege of reviewing materials nominating Dr. Stoecker for the OSU Eminent Faculty Award,” says Christine Johnson, associate professor and associate dean for research and graduate studies in the College of Human Environmental Sciences. “The most moving tribute to her credentials and credibility came from the letters of support from OSU colleagues as well as experts in the field of nutritional science and international aid. Those letters speak to her research expertise, her personal and professional commitment to make a difference, and her quiet, unassuming strength as a scholar, a humanitarian, a fine human being and global citizen.” Unpretentiousness characterizes Stoecker, says Julie Barnard, publication manager for the college. “She avoids any form of self-promotion even though she is someone who truly has made a difference in the world. Dr. Stoecker’s work has affected the lives of many people today and will far into the future, like ripples in water. She has vast influence.” (continues on next page)


STATE Magazine, Spring 2010  

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