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NSF FELLOWSHIPS The National Science Foundation awarded three Oklahoma State University students Graduate Research Fellowships in a program that drew 13,000 applications this year. The recipients receive a $34,000 annual stipend for three years, which can be used over a five-year period. Scott Goeppner, from Bridgewater, Massachusetts, was recognized with an honorable mention for his integrative biology doctoral research at OSU.

Christian Ley Christian Ley, from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, received an NSF fellowship with her first proposal, a rare achievement for undergraduates. She graduated from OSU with a bachelor’s degree in biosystems and agricultural engineering and is entering an environmental science doctoral program at Purdue University. Ley will examine the safety of municipal water systems and work to develop bio-sensors for water-borne pathogens.

Ann Money The curator of education and research at the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, Ann Money returned to school to earn a doctorate in integrative biology at OSU, where she is researching the health of coral systems. The NSF Fellowship will assist in her goal to develop possible explanations for the hardiness and survival of certain coral species affected by worldwide coral bleaching. She is from Alexandria, Virginia.

Ashley Rankin After earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology from North Texas University, Ashley Rankin, from Belton, Texas, joined the OSU doctoral psychology program and will use the NSF Fellowship in researching the psycho-biology of close friendships and how hormone levels affect friendship quality.

UDALL SCHOLAR The Udall Foundation annually awards scholarships of up to $7,000 each, to 50-60 college sophomores and juniors nationally. Lindsey Hancock was recognized with an honorable mention. A sophomore from Norman, Oklahoma, Hancock is a physiology major in the OSU Honors College who has conducted research as a freshman research scholar and with the American Indian Diabetes Prevention Center.

Emma Kincade Udall Scholar Emma Kincade was recognized for her student leadership and health-related accomplishments, which include collaboration with medical students and faculty at OSU Center for Health Sciences in evaluating a new therapy to help diabetics. She’s committed to advancing culturally sensitive occupational therapy in the Cherokee Nation. She is OSU’s 16th Udall Scholar and the third straight to earn the honor in native health care and tribal policy. Kincade, a junior from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, is majoring in communication sciences and disorders at OSU, with plans to pursue a dual master’s degree in occupational therapy and public health at Washington University in St. Louis.

GOLDWATER SCHOLAR A total of 240 sophomores and juniors were selected for Goldwater Scholarships this year. Each will receive a one- or two-year scholarship, which covers tuition, fees, books, room and board up to a maximum of $7,500 per year. OSU students Alicia Aguilar, a junior from Edmond, Oklahoma, and William “Colby” Starr, a junior from Tulsa, Oklahoma, were awarded honorable mentions in the competition.

Nicholas Nelsen Goldwater Scholar Nicholas H. Nelsen, from Stillwater, Oklahoma, is an OSU Honors College junior in a triple degree program, which includes honors bachelor’s degree programs in mechanical engineering and mathematics and a bachelor’s degree program in aerospace engineering. His undergraduate research at OSU includes projects focusing on the fluid dynamics of blood flow in the heart and the mathematics of lung-like fractals. “A multitude of strong programs and excellent faculty here at OSU have allowed me to thrive as I explore my diverse set of research interests in both engineering and mathematics,” Nelsen says. Nelsen is the 20th student from OSU to be named a Goldwater Scholar.


STATE Magazine Fall 2017  

STATE magazine is the official magazine of Oklahoma State University, America's Brightest Orange®

STATE Magazine Fall 2017  

STATE magazine is the official magazine of Oklahoma State University, America's Brightest Orange®