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Adding dimension to the college experience BY J I M M I T C H E L L

Students at Oklahoma State University claimed some big wins this year in national award programs, earning prized fellowships and scholarships.

FULBRIGHT SCHOLARS Five OSU students are recipients of Fulbright U.S. Student Program grants for 2017, which will fund their journeys to foreign countries to conduct research or to teach while learning about the people and culture of another country.

Christina Anaya In addition to the Fulbright award, Christina Anaya, a doctoral student at OSU from Fallbrook, California, will also receive funding from the National Science Foundation to study parasites in Iceland and help establish a baseline for gauging shifts in their populations. The scientific community is seeking this data to determine whether such shifts could negatively influence ecosystem health and impact people, too. “I plan to use snails to gauge the number of parasites that live in an area since many parasites use snails as a host,” Anaya says.

Jaryd Hinch Jaryd Hinch, a geography major from Ponca City, Oklahoma, chose Estonia as his Fulbright destination because its people have managed to create a society where nature and technology have a unique relationship. “The duality of their culture is astounding. They’re deeply connected with their traditional roots in nature while being the world’s most digital and technologically-advanced country,” Hinch says. “I expect to share what I’ve learned about this synergy of technology and nature in hopes of bringing these concepts together in my own society.”

Candace Square A graduate student at OSU, Candace Square of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, will travel to Israel to help students improve their English. She’ll be teaching at a college in Tel Aviv and is excited to be headed to a place she’s been inspired to visit from her youth.  

“I grew up going to an event at my church called A Night to Honor Israel. The first time I attended, it sparked my curiosity, which grew into a fascination for Israeli culture and history,” Square says. “There’s no better way to learn more about the culture than to be immersed in the country.”

Sydney Stewart Sydney Stewart, an animal science major at OSU from Red Oak, Texas, will evaluate health and biosecurity measures used on commercial swine farms in Germany’s rural northwest, where producers use antibiotic-free disease control and prevention systems. She will join a team of researchers from the Institute of Animal Sciences in Bonn. “By studying and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each system, we may be able to develop viable, costeffective, practical models for implementation on U.S. farms,” she says. PHOTO / GARY LAWSON

Colton Flynn A doctoral student at OSU from Farmington, Arkansas, Colton Flynn will conduct research in Ethiopia on the development of remote sensing techniques to predict the nutrient levels of grains and grasses. He will be working with researchers at the Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute. “I’ve always wanted to help others and what better way than by battling hunger and malnutrition in Ethiopia, a country currently struggling with these issues,” Flynn says. “The crop I’m studying is a staple in the Ethiopian diet, and I plan to use remote sensing methods to quickly identify iron, calcium and protein levels in the crop during its growing periods, so action can be taken to increase these levels.”


FALL 20 17

OSU congratulated five Fulbright Scholars, from left, Colton Flynn, Christina Anaya, Jaryd Hinch, President Burns Hargis, Candace Square, Sydney Stewart and Steve Hallgren, Fulbright program adviser.

STATE Magazine Fall 2017  

STATE magazine is the official magazine of Oklahoma State University, America's Brightest Orange®

STATE Magazine Fall 2017  

STATE magazine is the official magazine of Oklahoma State University, America's Brightest Orange®