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Written by Brandon Zachary

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INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT SUE KELLY (31) sits on her bed, her knees to her chest. She’s beautiful... but now, that’s not what draws attention. Her lip has been cracked open, and her eye blackened. SUE (V.O.) It’s the same, every night. The day is always different, just like life should be. But every night... The room around her is calm and quiet. A lamp has been crashed against the ground, and a window cracked. A trail of bloody footsteps leads to the bed, and her blood soaked feet. It’s not just her feet... her hands are COVERED in blood. SUE (V.O.) I always hope it’ll be different. Every morning, I think maybe tonight, maybe tonight, it won’t happen. Sue slowly rises off the bed, and follows the trail to the restroom. The white tile floor can barely be seen underneath the layer of blood. A pair of feet stick out from the door. SUE (V.O.) Maybe tonight, he won’t come home. INT. RESTROOM - NIGHT - CONTINUOUS Sue looks down. In a pool of his own blood lies the corpse of JIM KELLY (35). His face is contorted in pain and shock. SUE (V.O.) Maybe tonight, he won’t be him. Sue’s gaze slowly lifts up, to the mirror. She notices her eye. INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT - FLASHBACK It’s fast, faster than Sue can keep track of. A lamp crashes somewhere, something breaks the window... But she can see him just fine. Jim, furious, screaming something, swinging his fists forward... INT. RESTROOM - NIGHT - CONTINUOUS Sue tenderly raises her hand to her eye. She lowers it, and looks down at Jim.

2. INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT - FLASHBACK Sue kicks out, connecting with Jim’s nose. He falls backwards against the wall, nursing his face. Sue tries to scurry away, but he leaps after her. Sue manages to make it into the restroom. Jim rushes after her. INT. RESTROOM - NIGHT - CONTINUOUS Sue leans down low, and checks his pulse, just to make sure. INT. RESTROOM - NIGHT - FLASHBACK Jim sits on top of Sue, screaming at her, punching left and right, connecting every time, each harder than the lastWith all her might, Sue manages to flip around. Sue grabs him by the head, and forces it down - hard - against the tile floor. She screams with animalistic fury. She’s not being cruel. She’s not even really there anymore. Again and again and again and again she slams his head, until the sound of Jim screaming is no more. Just the squishy sound against tile. Sue finally stops, and drops him. She tries to catch her breath. INT. RESTROOM - NIGHT - CONTINUOUS Sue lifts her fingers away. Her gaze grows hard. She reaches under his arms, and pulls back. SUE (V.O.) He didn’t use to be like this. He used to sing and give me flowers. But then he started to drink, he started to grow old... INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT - CONTINUOUS Sue drags Jim out of the restroom. A bloody trail follows him. SUE (V.O.) He wasn’t the man I fell in love with. He was the monster I was trapped with.

3. INT. HALLWAY - NIGHT - CONTINUOUS Sue drags him down the hall, towards a patio door. SUE (V.O.) When he would hit me, I would think about fighting back. But how? He was always the strong one... but then one night, when he came back angry as ever... EXT. BACKYARD - NIGHT - CONTINUOUS Sue opens the sliding door, and drags Jim outside. Their yard is small, but big enough. She gets him to the middle of the yard, before dropping his arms. She walks to the fence. SUE (V.O.) He promised to do something... to... and I couldn’t. I couldn’t let him. So I did it. I killed the bastard. Next to a tiny garden, leaning against the fence, is a dirty shovel. Sue takes it, and walks back to where Jim is. She starts digging. SUE (V.O.) I’d never felt anything like it. Sue digs deeper. SUE (V.O.) I was sick and afraid and free. Sue digs deeper. SUE (V.O.) I was finally free. Sue stops digging. She’s deep enough. She pulls herself out of the shallow grave, and pushes Jim into it. She starts to bury him. SUE (V.O.) It didn’t matter what happened. In the morning, it would be over. Sue finishes burying him. She looks around. The yard is full of similar patches of uneven dirt. Sue looks up to the sky, closes her eyes, and offers a silent prayer.


Thank God.

SUE (V.O.)

Sue turns on the spot, and walks away. INT. BEDROOM - MORNING Sue wakes up. She rises slowly. She looks down at her hands. No blood. She moves a hand to her face, her impeccable, untouched face. She cracks, and has to stifle tears. She looks up. The bloody trail from the restroom is gone. She breathes deeply. SUE (V.O.) And every morning, it’s same. INT. KITCHEN - MOMENTS LATER Slowly, Sue walks - full of dread - into the kitchen. A hand finishes making a pot of coffee, and pours it into a mug. SUE (V.O.) It’s always the same. Jim raises the mug to his lips, and sips loudly. He turns to Sue, smiles, walks forward, kisses her on the cheek, and walks away. Sue doesn’t move. She tries to stop herself from screaming. A single tear rolls down her cheek. SUE (V.O.) Maybe I’ve gone mad. Maybe I’m in hell. I don’t know. All that matters is that every night, I kill him. And every morning, he’s down here, making his coffee. Why won’t he be kind, just once? EXT. BACKYARD - MORNING It’s a nice day out. Underground, the corpse of Jim - all fifty of them - rot in the ground. SUE (V.O.) Why won’t he just stay buried? CUT TO: BLACK



A woman relieves the worst moment of her life, over and over again.

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