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Brandon Van Dam for SBESS President Experience. Leadership. Action. About Me: I am currently in my fourth year at Wilfrid Laurier University in the BBA program, and am absolutely thrilled to be given the opportunity to come back for a fifth year to represent the SBE students throughout the School of Business & Economics, locally, and nationally.

It has been the highlight of my time at Laurier to be part of the SBESS since first year university, working 3 years in the Corporate Relations portfolio and most recently being the Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs. Through the past four years I have been able to see the impact that the SBESS is able to have on the students of SBE and know the importance of this role and of this society to represent in the best interest of the student population. This experience has also given me the opportunity to work with and lead an amazing group of individuals who have helped make me the person I am today.

Another major highlight of my time thus far at Laurier is being a BU111 Teaching Assistant for the past two years and being able to work with first year students and providing them with the ultimate Laurier experience from Day 1 in the classroom. There is no better feeling than being able to work so closely with students and seeing them progress and improve throughout the term and reach their full potential.

My Goals:

My goal as SBESS President is easily detailed through a quote by Mary Kay Ash: “Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, Make me feel important.” This is my promise to each and every SBE student, in that I will get to know as many of you as possible and make certain that all of your needs are being met to the best of my abilities, ultimately ensuring you see and are receiving VALUE from the SBESS. This same goal applies to the members of the SBESS Full Council in that I want to ensure they are receiving value for being a part of the organization and truly realize how valuable their contributions are to the society.

My Platform:

My platform revolves around adding value to the SBE student body by implementing an action plan strategy to ensure that the School of Business & Economics Students’ Society is providing students with the ultimate benefits from your student dollars. This includes reevaluating the current service offering that SBESS provides SBE students to ensure our society is keeping current with the needs and wants of the student body and not remaining with the status quo. Two pillars structure my platform and I will use these two structures in evaluating any future idea ensuring it is aligned with Academic Excellence or Student Engagement.


Email: #BVDforSBE

Brandon Van Dam for SBESS President Experience. Leadership. Action. Academic Excellence:

Conferences & Competitions • Sending out students to competitions more prepared to ensure success and continuing Laurier’s strong reputation of having the best students in Canada • This will be done through connecting the students with faculty members and hosting a mock style event for the competition Executive Mentorship Program • Implement a world class mentorship program that allows senior students to be paired with successful alumni in their industry of choice

Education Roundtables • Open forums for students to discuss their concerns and ideas for improving SBE curriculum to ensure we truly are the Best Business School in Canada

Student Engagement:

SBE Olympics • Think Winter Carnival. Think JDCC. Think of a weeklong competition that gives SBE students a chance to compete as a team on the basis of academics, social, and sport to be crowned the SBE Olympians of the Year

Office Hours • The SBE Clubs Office will be utilized as a drop in centre and a hub for students to gain more information from the SBESS Executives and SBE clubs in a welcoming environment with free coffee

SWAG • Allow students to proudly represent Laurier SBE by wearing spirit wear through having monthly sales orders to ensure never to run out SBE Year End Banquet Transforming the current Year End Banquet to allow the all SBE students to attend and celebrate their yearly achievements with dinner and a distinguished keynote speaker

“Business Break” • Once a week the SBESS will be offering all students an opportunity to come visit the SBESS Clubs Office and take a break from the day, where they can eat free snack items and socialize with one another Website • A functional website that is user friendly and constantly updated with all event opportunities within the SBE, nationally, and internationally


Email: #BVDforSBE

Brandon Van Dam - Experience. Leadership. Action.  

Brandon Van Dam for SBESS President