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Brown Rice, Wheat Bread (LESS FLOUR AS POSSIBLE) Citrus Herbal Cleanse--- Metamucil (Walmart) Catalyst- amino Acids, L-Glutamine pills, 100% Aminos on Herbal Cleanse Tablets- Simply Fiber Pills Omegaplex—Omega Complex or NO BURP OR NO SMELL ODERLESS (or Fish Oil, but Fish Oil can make you have fish burps) AdvoCare Spark- Numerous Options here, Black Coffee, 1 half of a 200mg NODoz Caffeine Pill with 1 half bottle G2 Gatorade, or you can get a fat burner to take instead or a pre workout drink, the fat burner would be stronger with more caffeine. Also take Vitamin B-12 in pill form- 1000 or 2500mcg Advocare Meal Replacement---- Numerous options here I would opt for 1 scoop of 0 CARBS whey protein and 6-8 oz of Skim Milk this is = the advocare product and winds up wayyyyyyyy cheaper……You also could do 1 scoop whey protein and a small amount of dry oats in the shake, but mixed in water. It should add up to 24g protein 24g Carbs Advocare MNS Max 3- Vitamin C 500mg

I also Recommend- Any Multivitamin taken in the morning. Melotonin at night if you want but not needed Green Tea Pills taken around lunch, they help with metabolism Make sure to take the B12 with whatever you take for spark Take a higher dosage of the Vitamin C when feeling tired/ stressed ** For controlling your appetite one of the following Grape Seed Oil, Glucomannan, Hoodia, Chromium Picolinate (this one is usually really really cheap)

24day supplments