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THE FIRST TIME Written by Brandon M. Prosek

Draft 3-8-13 630-947-5465

INT. APARTMENET LIVING ROOM- NIGHT JAMES, 20’s sits next to his girlfriend MACKENZIE, 20’s as they watch television. Mackenzie looks over at James. He stares ahead at the screen. She smiles and inches closer to James. She moves her hand onto his leg. MACKENZIE You know I’ve been thinking. James continues to stare ahead. JAMES What about? She moves in even closer. Mackenzie starts playing with James’ hair. MACKENZIE I think... I’m ready. James snaps his head over to look at her. JAMES (antsy) Wait, you’re serious? She nods with confidence. MACKENZIE I think I’ve waited long enough. I want you to be my first. James shifts in his seat on the couch to face her. JAMES I don’t wanna feel like I’m pressuring you. We can wait. MACKENZIE You’re not. It’s time we share the experience already. JAMES You know the first time is supposed to hurt. MACKENZIE I know. But later it’ll feel amazing.

2. JAMES I’m ready if you are. She smiles and inches up to his ear. MACKENZIE (whispers seductively) Let’s... CUDDLE. James jumps to his feet and picks her up. She giggles as her carries her to his room. INT. APARTMENT BEDROOM- NIGHT James lays down on his back on the bed. Mackenzie sits on the bed next to him. You ready?


She looks a bit nervous but nods. MACKENZIE I love you. JAMES I love you too baby. Mackenzie lays down next to James. She slowly starts inching her head down to lay on James’ chest. JAMES (CONT’D) That’s it. Just like that. She rests her head on his chest with a painful look on her face. You okay?


MACKENZIE Yes, keep going. James lays his arm down over her onto her back. She winces in pain a little bit. JAMES Oh God that feels good. She bites her lip a little bit. He starts moaning. Her expression slowly changes to a bit of relief.

3. MACKENZIE Ooo. That feels kinda good. JAMES Wanna keep going? Yes! More!


JAMES Let’s try more positions! CUT Mackenzie is now laying on James’ lap. MACKENZIE (moaning) Yes. Keep going. JAMES God you feel amazing. CUT James and Mackenzie are now in a 69-like position but on their sides. Mackenzie is laying on James’ lap while James is laying on hers. They are holding hands. JAMES (CONT’D) Yes. Yes. Yes. Right there? MACKENZIE Yes, right there. Don’t stop. CUT Mackenzie is now laying on her back and her arms out making her look like a ‘T’. James is laying on her chest with his legs wrapped up around her waist. Oh god!


JAMES Yeah!? Hold you tighter? MACKENZIE God yes! Tighter! Tighter! CUT (Few really quick shots each of these positions their moaning)

4. James is laying on the left while Mackenzie on the right. Their arms and legs closest to one another are linked. CUT Mackenzie is laying on her back. James is laying on her chest with her arm around him. His legs are bunched up as her legs lay over his. CUT Mackenzie is now laying on top of James as he holds her. CUT James is now laying on his back as Mackenzie lays sideways with her head on his stomach. Tighter? Ow! You okay?


MACKENZIE Not too tight. CUT James is now spooning Mackenzie. MACKENZIE (CONT’D) HOLY SHIT this is good. JAMES (really aggressive) Yeah? You like it soft don’t ya? GOD YES.


CUT They are now tangled up holding each other face to face. YES.


JAMES I’m gonna... I’m gonna...

5. MACKENZIE Right there. Right there. Right there. They both let out a big gasp followed by a relieved breath.


JAMES (panting)

MACKENZIE (panting) I’m not going to be able to walk tomorrow. JAMES You were amazing. They take another big breath as they break their cuddle and lay next to each other looking at the ceiling. MACKENZIE Wanna have sex? They pause and look over at each other. They burst out into an uncontrollable laughter. JAMES/MACKENZIE (simultaneous) YEAH RIGHT. CUT TO BLACK

The First Time  

A couple takes the next step in their relationship involving some spoons.

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