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00_ Brandon Nield

BA Product Design

An enthusiastic 2nd year BA Product Design student at Nottingham Trent University who is seeking a placement within industry. Attentive, creative and passionate with eclectic interests and experience to draw from a wide scope of design. Dedicated and motivated to any task with an open approach to learning new skills. Able to work on own initiative or provide input to perform as part of a team to collectively pursue an outcome.

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01 / SPEEDO BACKPACK Brief / Through primary and secondary research your task is to observe and identify key insights / opportunities within the Chinese athleisure market. You must review the quality, accessibility and experience of existing facilities / products / brands and consumer trends proposing a new to world product or product range for the fitness swimming consumer in China.





The backpack is designed for professionals with tight schedules and extensive work periods. Combining work and leisure into a single formto reduce the luggage associated with swimming in order to give greater opportunity to fit in the time to swim

The main leather compartment is large enough to house the essentials to a daily work routine, while the silicone insert forms a watertight barrier that separates wet and dry to contain equipment for swimming. The insert can be removed and inverted to easily clean the insides of the casing

Designed to be formal yet functional to maintain a professional image while still giving purpose to swim. The clean lines and geometric shape suit a modern individual with the silicone insert providing highlight to the f u n c t i o n

02 / WILKO TOY Brief / To design an innovative, gender neutral educational toy suitable to be sold in a Wilko Store. The concept should consider physical, cognitive or emotional development of a child within an age group. The concept should be supported by in-depth research into this area of child development. The product must cost under ÂŁ10

Target user 1-2 year old have a short attention span with toys but they enjoymatching colours, shapes and animals with a “hands-on” approach Playtime is around the clock, always playing whether it’s bath time or bedtime. Constantly switching between toys and losing interst with them quickly

Target consumer Parents look for the safety, educational value and size of the product when purchasing a toy Parents don’t often associate Wilko with toys and wouldn’t visit there specifically to buy toys




The compact formfactor is constructed of a circular plywood body which is lightweight yet strong, alongside a translucent acetate skin. The design encompasses few materials to minimise size and cost, while offering a range of functionality to suit parents with a tight budget and storage capabilities. The product aims to improve cognitive and motor skills with the use of noise and play. It’s range of features give the product versatility to entertain children in a variety of ways throughout the day; a product that can’t be put down


03 / INNOVIA POQ AR GLASSES Brief / Through primary and secondary research your task is to observe and identify key insights / opportunities for VR/AR within a BBC media service. You must review the quality, accessibility and experience of existing facilities / products proposing new innovative and accessible products that promote virtual reality to be consumed by the mass market





shared applications appear on poqs HUD

motion gestures are picked up by poqs sensors to enable the live interaction of HUD

function Poq augmented reality glasses allow users greater convenience to accessing BBC services and external applications. The product enables the personal projection of adaptable screens, all through a lens which adapts leading flexible OLED technology from LG. Designed with commuters in mind, it allows the user to create an interactive

The flexible translucent display friction fits to the plastic frame for easy assembly and convenient replacement if broken. Prescription lenses can also be fitted behind the display, therefore one frame can suit all

Cutouts are placed along the curve of the frame to allow the plastic to flex, creating an all in one hinge that strengthens the weakest and most common area of breakage among spectacles The earpiece houses the Bluetooth connector and battery that powers the spectacles. Advancements in the efficiency of OLED along with the input being streamed from a smartphone means the spectacles have an extensive battery

“ Visually they look amazing...

personally i’d use them the whole time ” Montell Martin Social Influencer

04 / REGA PORTABLE SPEAKER Brief / To design a portable concrete speaker for Rega that could potentially be viably produced in small-medium sized batches. The speaker must be no larger than 150mm3 in volume. Whilst the majority of your product must consist of concrete, you may use other materials in moderation.


concept one

concept two

concept three

05 / MAKE DO ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECT Self set brief / To design a product, system or service based solution to tackle the issue of student throw away culture within clothing.

3 out of 4 students throw away clothing rather than repair it when damaged

students visit local pop-up workshops to be taught the skills required to mend thier clothes

The experience is passed through generations to reconnect the cycle of make do and mend

80’S PUNKS Punks have always had to resort to making their own clothes seeing as shops didn’t sell their style. everything was custom




“I’m always repairing clothes for myfriends, it only takes a few minutes with no effort at all. I think that people have just forgotten how to repair clothes over time”

70% “YES”


KANYE WEST Modern cultural influencers such as Kanye West are pushing fashion towards ‘DIY’ movements, blending high fashion and streetwear

MAKE DO AND MEND short supplies of rations during WW2 encouraged women to tackle the issue by learning how to make and mend their own clothes


Students bring their tarnished clothes to shop

Trained staff will show the customer how to fix their clothes

Students now have the knowledge to repair their own clothes rather than disposing of them

06 / HERMAN MILLER PRIVACY SCREEN Brief / Through focused primary and secondary research your task is to design and develop an innovative, complementary product / products for the Herman Miler brand. Consideration of new consumer behaviours, potential markets and brand impact is essential


Within educational environments barriers are often erected to give users more privacy. They’re not adjustable and can’t be moved to direct toward the distraction. Students need a system is more adaptble and interacable

Laid flat the screen forms a less obtrusive radial barrier, inspired by Japanese fans

stretched and secured to the desk a vertical barrier is formed that can be curved around the desk to precisely block the visual distraction

the aluminium body wraps around itself to form an attachable light with the transluscent acetate radiating light in all directions





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Working along side a graphic designer to produce promotional and cover work for Vincent Vain; an up and coming duo from the midlands releasing their first EP. The brief being to play around with the idea of vanity within portraiture in order to establish the creative direction of the artists

LukePeterFoster BrandonNield MatttheWebb


Designing, producing and selling a photographic/illustrative zine at venues that extends the brand of local hip hop artist Luke Foster. The idea being played off an existing music video of his, the brief being to extend those themes of gloom and ambiguity through colour, contrast and composition. The images were used for commercial and promotional work to give visual continuity of the artist

Brandon Nield Product Design Portfolio  

Second Year BA Product Design Student at Nottingham Trent University

Brandon Nield Product Design Portfolio  

Second Year BA Product Design Student at Nottingham Trent University