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Nguyen 1 Brandon Nguyen English Lang. Comp. AP, Period 2 Mrs. Spencer December 16, 2013 The Road to a Pokémon Champion Welcome to the world of Pokémon. This world is inhabited with animals known as Pokémon. These mysterious creatures can be found all around the world. You will be able to find Pokémon over the wide open plains, up above in the skies, or even deep below in the oceans. Pokémon and trainers live together lending strength to each other to live and prosper. Your adventures begin now. Upon entering this world the goal of any trainer would to become the Pokémon champion. Do not back down to anything that opposes you in the way of becoming the next champion. Go meet many new Pokémon and people, fill your life with riches. You are now entering the Pokémon world. To properly begin your journey to being a champion would be to abandon your mother and home, leaving with nothing but running shoes, a bottomless backpack, and a snapback for a competitive edge. Do not listen to your mother’s pleas. Do not let anything stop you from walking to the country side. Do not come back to visit often even though she is a single mother who has raised you for your entire life. The only exception for coming back would be when your pets are harmed and need to be healed. Luckily for you your mother has taken classes on animal care.

Nguyen 2 Now that you have left your mother with nothing on you it is time to find a decrepit professor who is willing to become your mentor. Take note that he will ask you for your gender and age – it is okay do not take it personally, he cannot even remember the name of his own grandson. You’ll have to take advantage of this elderly man’s lapse to gain power over him to give you your first pet. After you have successfully convinced him that you will lend your youth to his research to finish his documentation of every species of animal in the region you are well on your way to becoming a trainer. By now you have your first pet and a piece of fancy new technology called a Pokédex, which will record the data of each animal you encounter. In the start of your journey to you will start to make an extremely powerful team that will annihilate everyone who crosses your path. First find some tall grass and run around in there a bit. You should be able to find some rodents, birds, and bugs which are starts to your ultimate team but they will probably be tossed away for something with more power later on such as dragons or fairies. Obviously you can’t possibly fit these animals into the pocket-sized balls given to you by the nut-crack professor so it’s recommended to just use trolley cages because they will provide space for them live in and make for easy transportation. If you want to stay somewhat safe from the cages you will gather throughout your journey, it is best to go to the local supermarket and pick up an electric cattle prod or maybe a whip. Keep in mind that these captured creatures are your newly forced companions (I mean friends). But the most important part of these enslaved pets is not your bond but their raw strength that determines how strong of a trainer you are. You will mostly find rodents and birds that will not have a “type” in the beginning of your journey, so you will have to be creative and give them types. For example, if you want to make a steel type just wrap some aluminum to one of them. If

Nguyen 3 you want a fire type simply rile their fighting spirit inside them and let them express their rage through the use of a flamethrower. The water type is not recommended unless your animal has the ability to summon tsunamis and flood the battlefield thus drowning your opponents. After you have chosen their types and made sure they are all hostile towards anyone who approaches them, it is time to let them unleash their rage on the weaker animals in the wild. As you defeat the common species in the area and nearly turn them extinct, your friends will start to grow even stronger than before. Now that they have made some progress it is time to attack other trainers. Defeating trainers will show them how their bonds with their slaves are not as strong as yours and you will also gain money from this. Keep in mind, money is power. As you move through the different routes you will encounter trainers. Remember, these completely random strangers will make eye contact with you and look down upon your power. It is useless to avoid them because they will have a full view of the area and there are no other paths to take but the one that crosses their point of view. Quickly, once they have made eye contact release your rabid dogs and wreck house with it. When the battle is over, watch them wallow in defeat due to your superiority. While they are defenseless take this as the perfect opportunity to take their money and leave them powerless showing your dominance. Then rinse and repeat the process until there are no more civilians who dare to challenge you. Civilians may be easy victories but find a gang to test your power. It is pretty common to find criminals or gangs in towns and back alleys. You don’t need to worry about getting hurt because they won’t attack you with guns or knives, but they will use their useless animals to attack you. These pity battles shouldn’t be a problem though. If you have already struggled with these small encounters just end the journey and go back home then. But if you have defeated

Nguyen 4 these gangs and criminals they will usually renounce their evil ways as they are crushed under your justice. Though your journey may start to arrive at an end why stop? Keep in mind that while you still continue your journey, do not get dragged down by the weight of your cages. It is okay to keep capturing animals but remember to drop most of them off at local animal centers. Also there is a law where you are only allowed to cargo six animals at a time or else you will be charged for cheating. Having more than six at a time gives you an unfair advantage against everyone else. Either way you’ll find yourself just using six main animals that will become the elite and resort to abandoning the rest of the captured at the centers, only to be caught for their data (remember this all started because you had to abide to the old man’s research.) Do not release the abandoned though! You will probably get tired using the same six so keep the others to stay entertained. But by now you are a hero and a champion after defeating everyone in your path so you are really free to do what you want.

Final Draft: Process Analysis  

My last draft for my process analysis.

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