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01 October 2012


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8 Tips for Election: 1.Both Parties Go To Church “There’s a Christian left, and…a secular right.” 2. Radio and TV news only want ratings “These personalities get rich by instilling fear and paranoia in their listeners.” 3. Just because you argue for your candidate, doesn’t mean you love America more. (Prov. 10:12, James 4:1) “They just love to argue more than others.”

Pastor’s Post P.1 New Seasons P.2 Upcoming Events/Prayer Requests P.3

Growth Is Not Bad As we reach our 8th month in church world existence, I’m

But, does that mean that we should “throw the baby

learning that God actually WANTS Radiate Church to grow.

out with the bath water”? Absolutely not! If we do that

As we move on our radical vision from God, I’m learning

4. Your party’s platform is flawed too. “The social policies of your party were constructed by imperfect politicians fueled by selfish ambition.”

that God doesn’t just want vision accomplishment, but

5. Pray for your governing leaders. (2 Tim. 2:1-4) “God commands us to pray for…their wisdom, hearts, and to be led by Him.”

numerical growth is a bad thing, or a stigma. There is

There seems to be an overwhelming attitude throughout churches (pastors and attendees) that

never a question in anyone’s mind that spiritual growth is a must, a necessity, and a liability if it is not taking

6. Honor authority (Rom. 13:1-7) “We should spend more time honoring our leaders, than vilifying them.”

called a “church” if you aren’t experiencing salvations,

7. Don’t be paranoid (2 Tim. 1:7) “This country will not be destroyed if your candidate loses.”

anyone mixed into Christianity that does not agree with

and people are not able to “feed” themselves, and walk out the Kingdom daily. I have never come across

and even support that notion. But I have a problem swallowing the thought that God doesn’t really want numerically large churches.

In one day 3,000 people were added to the Kingdom at the beginning of Acts. Why? Because they were focused on spreading and exalting the Kingdom of God, not the Kingdom of man! After that moment, it continued to grow. Acts 6:1 says, “…while the disciples were increasing in number…” Radiate, do not buy into the notion that God ONLY wants us to be concerned with growing spiritually, that IS His #1 concern. He also wants us to grow HIS church numerically, so that more and more people can become part of this community and life-changing movement called The Church. Let’s grow ourselves, and bring others on the journey with us! Thank you for the honor to pastor you!

Why wouldn’t He? The more people that hear about the Kingdom, the more the Kingdom will grow, right?

Taken from Relevant Magazine. You may read more at:

incredible promises of the Bible… God WANTS His church to grow!

growth as well.

place. In my humble opinion, you should not even be

8. This isn’t the most important election in American history. “Abraham Lincoln was…before that we owned people.”

we tend to miss out on one of the most important and

Doesn’t that reasoning work in this situation? God used this notion in Acts 2:47 – “…and the Lord was adding to their number day by day those who were being saved.” In my thought process, why would that only be an option for the church of Acts, and not the church of today? Sure, there are churches that are based upon personalities and not power. Sure, there are churches that are more worried about the money in your pocket than the heart in your chest.

In HIS Grip,

Seasons Are Necessary Seasons can be some of the most frustrating, annoying, and difficult times in any Christians life. But without them the essential growth and blooming cannot take place. As you know Radiate recently began a new season of ministry, after just 6 short months of official church existence. Pastor Gabe and Emily Felker felt that the Lord had spoken to them and led them into a new season of ministry of their lives. October 14 marked their last Sunday on staff at Radiate, as we prayed over them and believed with them for great things.

Pastor Megan has felt the lead to take over the Worship ministry, and has also decided to continue the oversight of Radiate Kids. This is a dynamic load on Megan, but she feels this is the route she needs to go with her ministry. We, as the staff of Radiate, are extremely excited about the growth of these departments that will be upcoming, and the growth of the staff! Seasons changing are never fun, are often underappreciated, and most times catch people off guard.

The great thing is, the ending of one season usually indicates a step into a greater season of your life in the Kingdom…if you are following God! We will continue to pray over Gabe and Emily, as we pray anointing over Megan, Radiate Worship, and Radiate Kids! Here’s to the FUTURE!

“The ending of one season usually indicates a step into a greater season of your life…”

Top 5 Diet Excuses

Web Monthly Picks Of course this month is going to be the website of Radiate Church itself. As we grow our Web presence Will be changing and growing with us. Beginning this month, your announcements will be placed on our website under “events”. We also ask that you subscribe to weekly text announcements by texting: “Radiate” to 7606703130 (message rates may apply)

5. “But the doughnut was calling my name!” 4. “I felt left out because everyone else was eating.”

3. “If you eat something and no one sees you eat it, it has no calories.”

2. “If you fatten everyone else around you up, then you look thinner.”

1.”Only eat things that have broken apart, that way all the calories have fallen out.”

Monthly Habitude:


Upcoming Events -

Thank you for all who participated in and made the Avad Week (7 Days. 100 Hours of service.) such a success. It’s a great honor to pastor people that WANT to serve the Kingdom so much!


Kryptonite begins November 4! Our vision is to see 100 people sit in these life changing services…the only way to do that is for you to invite people. This is a series that can bring people into the truth of the Kingdom and into life with us. Invite EVERYONE you can think of!


November 25: we will be having a baptism service for anyone that would like to show the outward expression of salvation for the first time, or again. Please email Pastor at

(taken from Habitudes by Dr. Tim Elmore) for more information.


November 6: ELECTION DAY! It’s our duty as Americans to vote… don’t forget!

Many years ago a ship set sail on a voyage that would live in infamy forever. The Titanic was dubbed the “Unsinkable Ship” that “…even God could not destroy.” As we now know, those words would haunt the tragedy of this cruise liner forever. As the ship crashed into the edge of an iceberg, split the hull into pieces and killed hundreds of people. The sad thing is, in many ways there are people in the world that live their lives, Christian and nonChristian, just like The Titanic. 90% of an iceberg is underwater, 10% is above water. You can only see 10% of the massive block of ice, but the 90% underwater, that you cannot see, will sink the ship every time. The character in your life is the 90% that people cannot see, but the most important. Live your life with undeniable, Spiritdriven character in order to keep your ship from sinking. Let your 90% support your 10%!

Prayer Requests -

Ginger Cobb

Gary and Dee Morris


Megan Miles

Pastor and family


Project 1:11


Patty Hunt

Staff Lead Pastor: Associate Pastor: Worship Pastor: Administrative Assistant:

Brandon Goff Brian Goins Megan Goff Leslie Goins - - - 803.422.6499 - - - Project 1:11 Update Currently: $1,786.00 Goal: $111,111 Left To Go: $109,325 You can donate online or by sowing a seed during service.

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