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Orthodox Judaism ​so we just had last weekend we just had a sweet call to Nick Hall with people who are on our specialist people who we send stuff to and it was great but as usual we were you know we ran out of time so me and Josh in here to film another quick video so stick around and we're gonna get right to it so we got some questions we just wrote down here now we didn't get to on the live Q&A call the other day also I'm wearing this shirt because I thought we were gonna do this at the beach today we ran out of time so that's why I looked this way he always looks that way silly but we'll put this side we'll probably zoom in on this or something and show you guys what the question is yeah so the first one we got here is I would like to know if my profit or interest accrued is subjected to government tax that's from Olusegun and in Edmonton that's great that you're in Edmonton I was just in Edmonton beautiful city I lived there for five years alright I know it's out yeah take it away kid so you're gonna have to claim whatever tax you're gonna have to claim whatever profit you make on your real estate investment properties so that's gonna fall under capital gains now there are ways that you can maximize you know your potential income and limit not initial Emmitt but reduce you know the amount you give to the government so if you just want to look on the Internet you know there's ways to reduce paying taxes with capital gains just kind of some loopholes or things you can do to maximize your profit so that's that's what I'd say about that well beauty okay next question is regarding tax liens this one's from Tom from San Mateo the cardia tax liens how many years must I hold before I get paid back so Tom the Tom with tax liens it's gonna differ from each state but for instance Florida two years you're gonna have the tax need for two years and then you can send it to a tax deed sale which is a little more complicated you can check out our Florida video for more information on that but you can put it down there alright but depending on what state you're investing in that's how long generally you're gonna look between one two three years I think we answered this one on the call but thing would between one two three years so you'll have to hold it for one to three years or however long the redemption period is in that state and then you'll be able to foreclose on that so usually foreclosure costs are between we like to say budget between 1 to thousand dollars for foreclosure costs so if you're gonna be bidding higher than then that's that you're comfortable or if you're bidding a high amount on the tax lien always make sure you keep that 3k into your profit because it will potentially cost that much to foreclose on the tax lien when all is said and done so yeah yeah all right Edie from Northland says in Redemption states are you able to sell the property before the redemption period is up if so how there's a big ol wasp nest yeah so great question in any Redemption state you cannot sell the property before the redemption period is up and that's because you're not gonna mill it to get a clear title from anybody but where there is a will there is a way come on yes what you can do is draw up some paperwork and if you can have the owner sign and waive their right of redemption then that's something that you can do and then you can actually get a clear title sooner you could sell the property I start doing rehab whatever you want to do if that's something that you would just like a little bit help with send us an email hello a tax lien certificate school calm we can maybe hook you up with some paperwork or just show you what we use yeah you know that's about it it's a pretty ninja tip that we don't really share a lot so I sneak that one of I I thought was a ninja tip but for the price and there's there's and we're not actually joking we don't exist show that one a month I don't share that one but you didn't see anything you forget any one of those men and black things or it's like anyway let's move back into the proportion portion of messini I have a tax lien certificate from Prince George County in md maryland how we at maryland oh we're sitting right by the flowers i have a tax lien certificate from Prince George County in Maryland how do I redeem it Nathaniel Riverdale so actually I got on the internet today and did a little bit of research in this before we even get into that I just wanted to hold but before we even get into that tips about doing research when it comes to a tax sale so this is what was it Prince George right yep yeah so Prince George in Maryland so what I typed in Google was Prince George Maryland tax sale and the first result that that brought up was actually the county website so I was able to click on the county website and they have in there very thorough with the information they've given on the website so I just spend a couple seconds browsing but if that's what if that's what you can do you can get on Google type Prince George Maryland tax sell get on the county website they have all the instructions for what to do if the

homeowner doesn't redeem hmm so there's a six month Redemption period and not all counties are going to have that much information on the website so if you don't have all that information you can always then call the county and get some more information like that but that's what I always do first step county and then state tax sale I finally get the most results we have so six months is the redemption period there in that County Maryland is tricky because each county is different than the next but you learn the rules you can play a ball keep coming back that learning curve you you get over that learning curve at the beginning and then it gets easier but six months is the redemption period and then you have to file with the I think it's like the city circuit or something was what it was called there courts there go through the court and then it'll be your property and if there's other investors that have bought previous years they'll actually have the bonus Lee you gotta get yourself if there's other investors that have brought previous years in the axes yeah previously okay and then they'll have the the first shot at foreclose on the property I don't have to pay everybody else off but if you are if you have the superior lien then you'll have the first opportunity to foreclose cool company yeah quick side tangent so just what he mentioned the learning curve a quick story I went wake surfing for my first time this past weekend and it was fun but I know I got to drive the boat too because I got my boat license anyway so the learning curve just like tax liens it's the exact same thing in anything anything you do there's a learning curve so basically what you do is you sit behind the boat and you hold on to this thing and you're like like fluff in the water like this and your feet are on the board you're trying to like balance and then the boat guns it and you're just like oh I think I toppled into the water maybe 15 times so there was like six people on the boat so like the first the first time nothing just kept eating eating water second time like did it six six or seven times again nothing then the end of the day it was like the last time they're like you want to go get in I was like well I have to try one more time so you know the wakeboard and my hands I was like squatting like a bro and then be gunned it and I got up and I was like was like yeah it was great um I've snowboarded before so as far as the balance goes I was able to like once I got up I was able to balance really well and kind of move into everything and start carving the water a little bit but that's such a such a great example of the learning curve where this this time with tax liens and deeds you're gonna hit those time furiously it's so frustrated and you're gonna be cleaning yourself why am i why am i doing this is stupid I hate my life or something like that I mean we've all thought that about different things in their lives but what's important is that you just keep doing it because like for me that initial part was really hard to get that balance and get up but then once I got that because I've done things in the past and snowboarding I was able to balance and carve and get used to it really quickly and that can be the same for tax liens indeed so if you start in tax liens and beads and maybe you have a really hard time finding counties are getting a list or combing the list eventually you're gonna get better at that and then when you go on let's sit let's just say you start doing wholesaling or you move into other avenues of real estate it's gonna be you're gonna catch on so much quicker because you put in that hard work in that effort to get stuff done previously and it's like there's that's basically the metaphor of life and I'm sure you and I'll have more metaphors of life with the same story but hopefully you can use that to hold that encourages you a little bit just to keep going and if you're feeling down just know that we've all felt down doing the stuff before and doing lots of stuff in our life and what what matters is you just keep doing it and you blow past that initial frustration and then keep going so tangent alright beautiful I did the last one so I'll hold this for you I am from New York which is the best County to work in Pennsylvania Thacker New York the kuru New York Josh there was more about Philly I'm gonna say Philly that's unless my yeah Philadelphia Philadelphia is pretty they have lots of tax sales they have two that are really good lots of information I know the County web fits are pretty good yeah we picked up like I think fifteen properties so far there or something wrong yeah fifteen loving hunting fire that one yeah Philadelphia County this is the hot topic what is your actual current yield experience that's from Jerry in Colorado so we're gonna hit on that our actual yield experience well of course does it mean by yield experienced Rose pretty sure you're saying what kind of money are we making here you know what's the actual so we advertise on a web site for instance that you're gonna get properties for pennies on the dollar or eight we say for the back taxes owed though we say for the back taxes oh now you change that well yeah yeah that's good yeah it's it's a lot different than it was and but there are still incredible opportunities so our actual current yield experience it's hard to make an average of that but how about I'll tell you some examples that we've seen or some of our coaches have seen so I'm sure you guys have heard the example from I keep looking at I got a look at that one of the examples that I'm sure you guys have heard of before is from coach Kevin where he spent I think it was less than 5k right a fork foreclosure cost everything in it was 3k plus 2k foreclosure cost so he was sent it over just over just a total 5k yeah so we got to say 5k and he's got a carwash and a convenience store and a gas station yeah yeah yeah and so him and his wife are actually running the gas or carwash yeah the running the carwash right now it made it a business and they fix it onto a gas station the convenience store yeah certainly like 750,000 plus you know and equity there which is amazing so that's pennies on the dollar that is our ones but that is a penny on the dollar

for sure so it still happens yeah now we we started a hedge fund which is what we use at the live auction training and so I think right now or a couple weeks ago we're looking at we had invested around 1.2 1.3 million looking at around 3 million in equity with the properties so that's not including rehab as well but those are those are some numbers just to give you an idea in Philadelphia we're picking up houses that are worth you know 50 60 70 thousand we're picking them up four five six seven eight nine ten K doing some rehab maybe sometimes selling into a contract or something if he can do work with it in Texas we're picking up a lot of deals oft we're gonna be getting them 40 50 60 % of market value sometimes less depending on the situation there is a assessed $500,000 home they picked up 474 K it's got $100,000 IRS lien on it and they have been notified so that's either gonna they're either going to redeem or it's just gonna go away one of the two I don't think they're gonna redeem so you know probably seventy four K in maybe 100 200 K in a rehab to get up to six seven hundred thousand so those are the numbers that we're playing with right now so that's what's happening at this very moment in the past a few weeks months so that's something we can't argue with and at all yeah that I think that's that's a very accurate yeah view yeah and like we advertise because it's true you think like tax liens can range anywhere from eight percent to thirty six percent now depending on where you're at that eight percent could be 8 percent per year so it's like it was like 0.75 percent a month so if they redeemed within three months it's only like one or three or four percent but still you're still getting you're still getting good money on that but then they're states like for instance Texas or Georgia where's twenty five or twenty percent which is a penalty state which means the second it leaves the sale they need to give you that 25% extra on top of it or twenty percent so whereas the interest rate is accruing over the months the penalty means it's it's just a penalty so they have to pay that and I think Philadelphia's a penalty state as well which is ten percent yeah ten percent but often they're not I mean redeemed it goes that far and it's only for people that are living in the property so if it's vacant there's no right of redemption it's only for people that have been living in the property for the past 90 days so three months cool cool cool okay I think I think I'm I don't know we're trying to make him good a video guess that's a lovely face foot okay so no just one oh okay if we go to live auctions with you do you give us some of the contacts to use in those specific locations like title searches and other stuff Joan from San Bruno yeah so a live auction training events will help you out as much as possible you know if you want to partner with us in the hedge fund you can do that if you want to do it yourself and then use maybe some of our resources you can do that you know you can use our team our crews our rehabbers contractors will give you access to everything we have so our title search we our title search people you know our title search resources will let you use those attorneys you know we've come through some attorneys in each state that working through to find the best ones that work well with us and what we do so we'll you their contact information what's so funny I just I like video and then for instance in Houston Texas we always try to have Richard and Richard aha Richard's the attorney then Richards are also our title guys are two different Richards we have them come to the Friday meet and greet they weren't able to make it last month just cuz of vacation but we often have special guests speakers and I used to have some contractors in the area come in and speak so you can get all their contact information from us when you come yeah so we will help you as much as we possibly can and answer as many questions as you ask cool that's great yeah yeah so that kind of brings us to the end of the the questions that we didn't get to on the Q&A we are gonna have another one this Saturday so it's gonna be at the same time like you'll get an email Saturday morning about that to call login details so we just don't even josh is back in town for feelings so we thought let's do a bunch of them yeah and the next Q&A video will definitely do at the beach yeah we're down at the beach it's beautiful here in Vancouver so in that sense we're near the beach for sure but yeah if you guys have any questions hello a tax lien certificate school is the email up I'll put it on your uh put it right here or you can call us you can call us up with the number right here wait seven seven four oh five ten fifteen let's talk to Jay Lewis Jordan Lewis yeah there's a new guy we added to the team yeah from Halifax Nova Scotia yeah we've known him for a long time yeah it's pretty pretty awesome so now looks like to have him on the team subscribe to our channel so you're putting the students on YouTube so I'm gonna put the subscribe button up here on top of our head to subscribe you're gonna get access to all the other videos when they come out sometimes I been uploading the videos like a week before we actually send them out to everybody so you'll actually be able to get it firsthand instant access to the videos and then also comment on this video tell us what you liked if you learn anything if you have any questions you can comment and we'll those below as well and there's a crane moving it's pretty cool right now maybe I'll be able to catch it when we in this but yeah so that's it for me anything else - yes that's 100% man you dear that's good so we guys will have a great rest of your day whenever you're seeing this I hope your day is sunny and bright and we will talk to you very soon chap much love the tax lien is typical school so it's always good to call just to make sure to check online and we're gonna show you some websites so the interest rate starts at 18% in Florida but what happens at the auctions in time we knock down the interest rate College of Performing Arts.