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The Stars & Strokes

City Paper's guide to the Mayor's race by horoscope & handwriting Astrology by Sue Lovett, Handwriting Analysis by Maria Luna


During the primary they were opposed by Democrats Lopez and McNamara. Lopez is a Leo and McNamara is an Aries – both strong fire signs – whose flames were extinguished by the two water signs, Bell and Collins. Bell and Collins are running as independents with the unions hurrying to support Collins and the Republicans recommending Bell. Both candidates want to retain their independence, but appreciate whatever support they can get.

Michael Bell

D. Michael Collins

Pices February19–March 20

Pisces sign Mike Bell was born on March 19, 1955. The sun was in the sign of Pisces but we must look at the position of the moon and eight planets to get a complete picture. The moon was in the sign of Capricorn which enables him to control his feelings. Interestingly enough the City of Toledo is a Capricorn City, incorporated on January 7, 1837. This connection qualifies Mayor Bell to do what he feels is best for the city as a whole, even if his actions are not popular with the residents.


Cancer June 21–July 22

Cancer sign Mike Collins was born on June 30, 1944. He is a Cancer and the moon was in the sign of Libra. He definitely is a family-oriented patriotic man and he is able to negotiate as his experience has shown. There is an eclipse on November 3 which seems to favor Collins but on Election Day November 5 the alignment looks better for Bell. This will be a very close race… that is in the stars!

Astrolgoy by Sue Lovett

Sue Lovett has practiced Astrology since 1971. She is available at and routinely contributes to the City Paper with her Sign Language column (See p.54).

Mr. Bell’s letters are neat, which indicates that he is a profound thinker. A lot of thought that takes place before he puts his final ideas on paper. Along with high intelligence, Mr. Bell demonstrates steadfast, reasoning with attention to details. This is a man who commands authority, with an ability to arrange ingenious ideas, objects and thoughts into a meaningful pattern. The pressure on his script indicates his sincere determination. His middle zone letters are even which shows that he is able to organize with his keen concentration. This writer likes everything in the proper place. The rounded thread writing shows his willingness to listen to others’ needs. The upper zone is directed with some end strokes, indicating a sensitive and intelligent person that has experienced some disappointment in his life, contributing to the formation of his present personality. Mr. Bell’s writing shows that he is proud of his position, as well as his successes. While being a competitive individual, he is social, with opinions based on intelligence and common sense. The upper zone reaches above the mundane. This individual has the ability to analyze people and situations. He is a fast and down to earth thinker; an individual who wants to get right to the point mayormichaelbell as his vertical orientation of letters reveals a beautiful balance 1807 friends between the head and the heart. He lives his life as if always on a journey. @mikebell4tol 724 Followers

Mr. Collins is active, ambitious and future oriented; goal driven with an expansive, fast thinking mind, he possesses self-confidence. His writing shows vitality, will power and maturity. He enjoys reaching out to other people, and accomplishes goals through his great communication skills. This writing sample displays his abilities to get along well with others and to maintain an open-mind. He has a great interest in others, as well as environmental activities. The sample demonstrates an even balance between his emotions and his mind. He has a reserved manner and reasons things out clearly. His letter slant indicates that his head controls his heart, and that he is in clear control of his emotions. The even spacing of his letters reveals that he has great respect for his fellow man. His right trend delivers his leadership potential with a combination of goal and directed-ness. The garlands indicate a caring, sociable, energetic, articulate and resourceful person. He is an “all systems go” individual, as well as a great team player. The firm lower case letters reveal the ability to complete assignments with high ethical standards, being careful about details. The dynamic movement of letters shows an enterprising spirit, with the ability to identify objectives and to achieve them. His right trend conveys his keen comprehension and creative ideas in meaningful patterns to produce creative outcomes. Also, his ability to grasp new concepts, originate and enact ideas with opinions are based on intelligence and common sense.


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Handwriting analysis by Maria Luna

Maria Luna leanred handwriting analysis from renowned analysts Felix and Janice Klein in 2010. She owns and operates In Depth Handwriting Consultants and can be contacted at

The blotter Pulled from the pages of actual local police reports Ground control to major drunk

A Bowling Green man was warned for disorderly conduct on Thursday, September 19 after police found him in the middle of Wooster St. attempting to conduct traffic. The obviously intoxicated man claimed that he was just trying to flag people down to play pool.

Going postal

An unknown suspect stole a mailbox from a house in the 1000 block of Clough St. in Bowling Green around 11am on Saturday, September 21. The victim called police at around 1am to report that the mailbox had 'magically' reappeared on his porch. The victim became angry after police refused to fingerprint the mailbox and further investigate the crime.

This isn't Walmart!

Police are investigating a burglary that occurred on Sunday, September 22 in the 2000 blockof Caledonia St. An unknown suspect allegedly broke the basement window and stole laundry detergent, a case of pop and napkins.

October 09 • October 24


On Wednesday, October 2, a known Toledo suspect is accused of stealing 30 year old Star Trek memorabilia including 3 Star Trek watches from his friend. The victim was letting the suspect stay with him at his home at the time.


The Stars and Strokes  

Our guide to Toledo's Mayoral race by horoscope and handwriting

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