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ollege Campu

>>>> The college campus project began as a very simple drawing in which we were given a spatial term to portray. I was given “radial,� thus I came up with the drawing in the lower right side of this page. We then took that sketch as a plan of a college campus and began to extrude the lines, masses and colors into three dimensional shapes. As this process progressed a college campus began to emerge out of the mess. The masses of building hang on the armature like the fins of a pinwheel, which from above drives this campus in a rotating motion. Another theme we were encouraged to explore was tectonics. I experimented with different interesting ways that structure, mass and void could work together to create interesting moments and spaces. Passing objects and large voids are what comprise most of my design for this college campus.

UW-Milwaukee Architecture 410 Completed Fall 2011

Campus Model On Armature





ampus Auditoriu

02 Rotational Themed Auditorium

As this auditorium is an secondary project based within project 01, I wanted to continue the “Radial� theme. I did this with curves and spinning louvers behind the stage to filter light into the room. The panels on the walls and ceiling are to improve acoustics for the audience while aesthetically improving the space and correlating to the louvers. I chose wood for this project because of its warm nature both in p aesthetics and acoustics. The wood provides a much richer place to spend the day of classes, plays or performances.

This multi-purpose room with a stage is set within the outlying building that shoots off of the classroom block. When the louvers are fully opened, there a beautiful view of the park/arboretum.

This project also demonstrates my modeling abilities through craft and p ingenuity to provide lighting, coloring and molded wood for the louvers and sound panels. Most of the pieces were designed and lasercut to precise measurements before being fit together. Special care was taken to provide the battery packs a good space and the wiring is housed within the walls and ceiling of the project. (see next page for examples)

UW-Milwaukee Architecture 410 Completed Fall 2011

Construstion Detailing

Revolving Louvers

oom Repos FOR

A small room no more than 200 sqft at London Heathrow Airport for short term stays for frequent yers. This room shall include a lounge, but not a bed, a desk, shower, lavatory and washing basin.

Integration is the name of the game in this space. Integration of the indoors and outdoors through the use of a sweeping window and skylights for ltered light. Integration through the dual use of surfaces. The sweeping window sill protrudes into the room as the desk space as well as a separation wall between the living space and the lavatory. This same surface carries into the shower as a shelf for shampoos and soap. Lig play a large role in this space as well through the skylights Light washing sunlight down the walls and onto the desk surface. The ltering of the light allows for a comfortable lighting condition while bringing in natural light as an escape from the incessant orescence of the main airport terminal.

UW-Milwaukee Architecture 310 Completed Fall 2010

Sailing Center Milwaukee Inner Harbor

UW-Milwaukee Architecture 320 Completed Spring 2011

Design a boat center for the UWM sailing team in the Inner Harbor or Milwaukee. The site faces East and is situated where the Milwaukee and Kinnickinnic rivers converge before heading out to Lake Michigan through the Milwaukee Harbor. Given this location and orientation, full advantage of the view of the Hoan Bridge and the two converging rivers was taken. The building opens to the South and East to increase sun exposure. Views of the Hoan Bridge were optimized by the open rst rst oor and the reaching “masts” of columns leading your eye though the permeable conference rooms allowing you to see the Hoan Bridge across the river. The lawn on the south side of the Sailing Center is terraced to offer a at surface to enjoy outdoor meetings or classes while gradually stepping down towards the water’s edge. A row of docks line the river for sailors to come right up to the center and there is a boat ramp at the South end of the site for easy water access.

These four pieces were completed as a part of an architectural illustration class at UW-Milwaukee in the spring of 2013. They are pen and ink wash of existing buildings. Drawings were drawn using a photograph as the subject matter. There is light touchup in Photoshop to remove any unecessary blemishes around the work and to make a true black and white as the ink and paper cannot acheive this naturally. I am very comfortable with this method of drawing and can do it rather quickly. This medium offers speed with a great deal of accuracy and where this method falls short on precision it makes up for in character and passion.

Each of these pieces were completed as a part of a drawing class in the Fall of 2009 at Crown College. These were all subject matters I chose from photographs and represented them as closely as possible to reality with a range of graphite pencils.

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