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LEADERSHIP MESSAGE Thank you for being a member of the Brandon Chamber of Commerce. Your continued support over the past year has enabled the Chamber to continue to champion for local business and a strong economic environment. Over the past year, the Chamber sustained its reputation for the excellence of its events and as the voice of the business community. We have continued to work hard to improve the quality of our services and provide value for your membership dollars. In addition to our highly valued networking events we offered complimentary workshops, public forums, and low cost marketing and sponsorship opportunities. The 2011-2012 year was a very active year for the Chamber. We were involved in numerous local, provincial and federal issues relevant to business. We represented the business point of view through many community debates around civic taxes and the school budget. We held an open forum for our membership in regards to Sunday shopping legislation, and brought forward information gathered to the province. The Chamber developed a post flood recovery marketing strategy to support flood impacted businesses and we hosted a variety of election forums for both local candidates and provincial party leaders. These are but a few of the issues we tackled over the past year, and we will continue to have a strong voice representing Brandon business going forward. Internally, we have dealt with some staff changes. The first half of the Chamber year functioned under the leadership of Nathan Peto and after his departure for another career, Carolynn Cancade was appointed the new General Manager. Her team includes Ashleigh Salo, External Relations Co-ordinator and Stacie Bourgeois, Internal Relations Co-ordinator. They have worked hard to ensure a seamless transition of Chamber operations and events. Our continued success is determined by an active membership, dedicated leadership through our board of directors and the tireless work of our staff. Without the support of volunteers, the board of directors, and the membership at large, the work that we do would not be possible. Your support allows the Chamber to continue its work.

WHO WE ARE The Brandon Chamber of Commerce is an independent, membership funded, non-profit organization that represents Brandon business from the grassroots level.

MISSION To encourage growth in the Brandon community by fostering a progressive business environment, favourable to enhancing existing and attracting new business.

VISION A vibrant, growing organization that reflects the dynamic, diverse business environment in Brandon and delivers recognized value for its members. Respected at all levels of government and the community as a highly credible and influential organization, the Chamber is the voice of Brandon’s growing business community.

We thank you for your support.


Annual report 2012  
Annual report 2012