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Predicting the Future with Social Media

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Conversation! by: Brandon Bowman

Social media has taken the internet by storm. Before the internet, computers were mostly useless. Before social media, the internet was for porn (as the Avenue Q proudly declares)

basis anyway. Social media is so pervasive that we want it on our phones. Pause. You may be thinking, “No, I don’t really do social media on my phone.” Research shows that more and more consumers want to be hyperconnected to those around them. Enter the status.

content of every tweet and use algorithms to decide if those tweets could predict what people think about certain movies..

What are you doing?

Anyway, the internet has become a conversation. No, truly it has. The internet, now more than ever, is incredibly popular because of the incredible opportunities it provides for connecting with our friends. Now that social media -- Facebook, Twitter, Blogs -- have invaded our lives, we as consumers are ready to connect talk about the products we purchase and choose on a dialy

Ever tweeted from your phone? Is 40404 a common text? What about changing your Facebook status from your phone? Is 32665 familiar? Well, reseachers from HP Labs, a division of Hewlett Packard, decided to take a look at the

So, we should take a look at what they think and ask some key questions about when it will not work. Understanding Twitter is easy: it’s a top-of-the-mind sounding block. There is a certain sense of “no-holds-barred around it. But why? We don’t really think ahead about our specific tweets and their impact.

What does YOUR network look like?

So, they found that their formula predicted Box Office grosses with a 97 percent accuracy. T H AT ’ S I N C R E D I B L E . No function, in all of the effort that goes into predicting Box Office performance, has ever come close to a consistently accurate prediction. It will put analysts out of business.

Is that what she had said?! Problem

Hype can be misleading... because people are lazy. Sometimes, the hype may not turn out in actual attendance. Public Problem It predicts the gross numbers Relations professionals and marketers now wisely know that a few days before release. someone’s intent does not always Now, while this information is lead to his behavior. So, if too interesting, it isn’t necessarily many someones are “Excited to see useful. Marketers for these the new #Pixar movie. They’re movies will want to find out these predictions weeks, maybe months in they best,” and then don’t actually see the movie, a financial surprise advance. Why? Because they can is in store. tweak their campaign if needed.

Box Office PR  

This is an intro to an article explaining the effectiveness of "Predicting the Future with Social Media," by HP Labs

Box Office PR  

This is an intro to an article explaining the effectiveness of "Predicting the Future with Social Media," by HP Labs