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INTRODUCTION For my teens succeed project I chose to photograph my friend Anthony Ritacco while he does his workout. I went with him to Planet Fitness where he has a membership. Anthony goes to workout every night with his friend Yusuf. Photographing Anthony shows he is a teen succeeding because he is going out if his way to stay in shape and not be lazy.

Stretching Here you see Anthony stretching. This is a major key in working out because if you don’t stretch your muscles before you work them something could get pulled or strained. This could cause pain and that’s not good.

Tricep pushdown Here Anthony is using the tricep pulldown machine. This workout helps strengthen your triceps and makes your arms bigger.

Pull-ups Here Anthony is doing his pull-ups. These work the back, shoulders and arms. This is a nice exercise if you want to get a good upper body workout which strengthens multiple areas.

Lat pulldown Here Anthony is using the lat pulldown bar. This machine works your latissimus which are muscles in your upper and lower back. This exercise also works your biceps and strengthens your arms too.

Push-ups Here Anthony is doing his push-ups. He does a few sets of 25 to strengthen his arms some more. These are good for working your arms, abs, and lower body because it not only strengthens the muscles but teaches them to work all together.

Hydration Here Anthony is drinking water. Hydration is a big key in working out as well. Your body needs to be hydrated in order to be working or you could lose strength and become lightheaded.

Leg Press Here Anthony is working on his legs. The leg press is a good workout for strengthening your hamstrings, quadriceps, and thigh muscles. Overall a good lower body exercise. This will help become faster as well.

Rowing machine Here Anthony is using the rowing machine. This is good machine for the lower body. It works your quads and thighs. This also works a bit in your calves which is good for explosiveness.

Lat pulldown 2 Here Anthony is using a different lat pulldown machine. This machine works basically the same muscles but is a little different in form. This machine works your upper back in many ways. Such as strengthening your lats, shoulders and scapula.

Chest press Here Anthony is using the chest press machine. This works your pectoral muscles. Also known as your chest. This is good if you are trying to get your upper body more defined.

Summary ď ľ

During this project I have learned that there are many different workouts you can do to stay in shape and make your body stronger. Photographing Anthony during his workout inspired me to workout myself. Anthony is a good example of a teen succeeding because he is out there putting in the extra work for his own body. This helps the community because it could inspire others to workout themselves as well.

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