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JUNG’S TYPOLOGY Jungs classified the humasn in two groups sensing – intuation and thinkig feeling .jung introduces the motion of introvert an extrovert.the extrovert,s source of energy is mainly found ouside in the the introvert’s source of energy is mainly found in his or her innerr world. The rational(judging) typical for mental activity that results in thinking-feeling. The irrational(perciving) typical for mental and preceptual activity operates with opportunities.all possible permutation of the 4 criteria above difine 16 different personaliti type for example ISTJ meaning introvert,sensing.thinking,judging.


ESFJ ESFJ - "Seller". Most sociable of all types. Nurturer of harmony. Outstanding host or hostesses. 12.3% of total population. Extroverted (E) 59.26% Introverted (I) 40.74% Sensing (S) 58.82% Intuitive (N) 41.18% Feeling (F) 53.33% Thinking (T) 46.67% Judging (J) 51.28% Perceiving (P) 48.72% THIS TEST HELPS TO ME TO UNDERSTAND MORE ABOUT MY PERSONALITY, AND CHANGE THE BAD ATTITUDE IN ME, AND LOOK FOR THINGS THAT DESCRIBE ME THAT ARE TRUE AND I NEVER THINK ABOUT IT. I CAN USE IT TO KNOW MY SKILLS AND CHOSE A CAREER THAT CAN FITS WITH MY PERSONALITY.

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