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HANDS CLEAN Waterless Hands Cleaner Part of MOTUL MC Care Motorcyclist and Equipment Care Line APPLICATION MOTUL Hands Clean is a waterless and non-aggressive hand cleaning cream specially formulated to lift, absorb, and remove greases, oils, and other dirt from your hands. -Use it in the shop or in the garage. -Take and use on the road where water may not be accessible. PERFORMANCE     

Dissolves grease, oil, and other stubborn dirt on hands. Non-aggressive formula tested under dermatological control, does not dry skin. Requires no water, soap, or towels. Practical and non-flammable, can be stored safely under the seat of the motorcycle, in a tank bag, or in a saddle bag. MOTUL Hands Clean is a white cream packaged in a conveniently sized tube for easy application and storage.

RECOMMENDED USE To take care of the rider and riding equipment, regularly use MOTUL MC Care Motorcyclist and Equipment Care products to clean and protect the rider from helmet to boots. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Apply a dab of MOTUL Hands Clean cream on your hands. Rub your hands. MOTUL Hands Clean turns into a gum which lifts and absorbs dirt. Continue rubbing your hands. MOTUL Hands Clean and dirty residue falls off leaving you with clean hands. Do not use MOTUL Hands Clean on any other parts of the body.

SECURITY & SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Refer to the information mentioned on the label and on the MSDS sheet.

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Motul® MC Care Range® Hands Clean  

Cleans hands without water. Dissolves grease, oil and other stubborn dirt. Non-aggressive dermatologically tested formula; does not dry the...