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While most companies use YouTube to upload good content, Business-to-Business marketers should not only deploy their content on YouTube, but also syndicate it on other business sites. This gives the necessary visibility, increases brand awareness and ensures maximum reach. When Canadian supply chain management company, Kinaxis, wanted to spread fun and informative content around their business, the company produced seven video series. Additionally, the company launched KinaxisTV, a more serious channel that featured analyst, customer and company videos on best practices for supply chain management issues, trends and solutions. Social media tools such as StumbleUpon and SlideShare may not be as popular as Facebook or LinkedIn; nevertheless we recommend B2B marketers include them as part of their marketing plan as they are proven to be highly effective in driving website traffic and generating leads. StumbleUpon: If you‟re looking to drive B2B traffic to your website, then StumbleUpon is your answer. Once your business gets noticed on this social bookmarking site, you could give your website a little boost by starting a StumbleUpon Champion. For just 5 cents a visitor, you can drive your target audience to the company‟s homepage. In fact, some studies have shown that StumbleUpon actually attracts more traffic to your website than any other social media site outside of Facebook. SlideShare: What makes SlideShare one of the most important and highly used tools for businesses and professionals? SlideShare enables companies to not just share their business presentations with clients and partners on the web, but also allows for others to directly view your company‟s marketing presentations instead of depending on Google for industry related information. This in turn, attracts business users and functions as an important tool for lead generation. In 2009, team launched two business services; i)Adshare, which allows users to promote their presentations on SlideShare by paying a pay-per-click rate ii)LeadShare, a service that lets you embed a form in your slide show to capture potential leads.

Summary The fact that over 90% of B2B buyers are already using social media tools to research and execute purchases shows that B2B marketing via social media is poised for significant growth in the future. Industry experts predict B2B social media marketing budgets to skyrocket over the next five years. Statistics such as these are prompting business marketers to broaden their marketing mix to include social media, instead of simply having a web presence in the form of a static company webpage. Using Social Media for B2B marketing also has other rewards; B2B companies looking to leverage social media to its maximum potential are going that extra mile by monitoring their social media activities. Our research shows that social media monitoring for B2B companies is not just about listening; the insights gained through social media monitoring is enabling the B2B industry identify new offerings, helping them establish revenue generating partnerships in the process. With more B2B companies using popular networking channels such as LinkedIn, followed by Facebook and Twitter, the myth social media is not for B2B marketing is gradually being dispelled. StumbleUpon and SlideShare are also very popular tools that can significantly help marketing efforts. As companies understand the opportunities these channels offer and how they can benefit business, we expect both large and small-to-medium businesses to use these platforms for greater returns. LinkedIn and Facebook maybe huge now, but video, blogs and smaller networking sites are expected to be the new frontiers. Unlike static websites (now considered to be passé), the direct engagement model social media offers is set to transform the business-customer relationship in the years to come.

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Social Media For B2B Companies; The Need To Have More Than A Website  
Social Media For B2B Companies; The Need To Have More Than A Website  

As a B2B marketing professional, here are some reasons why your company should have more than a website presence. just now