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A portrait or photograph captures a fleeting moment in time and tells only a fragment of a longer, richer, more meaningful story.

However, a sculpture is a definitive biography, a deeply personal revelation and a sculpture in pure solid gold is the quintessential expression of an extraordinary life.


The Timeless Allure of Gold Au Gold speaks a universal language understood by all

of humanity since long before the dawn of recorded history. Only gold can transform words into poetry, deeds into legends and lives into legacies that endure the test of time. Gold is the eternal metal, the ultimate symbol, the substance and statement of true distinction, power and prestige. It signifies success, affluence and nobility. It magnifies our most treasured ideals, values, beliefs and aspirations. Gold is the ultimate tribute, the ultimate reward, the ultimate possession. A sculpture made of 18 karat gold embodies not only the wealth of experiences and accomplishments that manifest an extraordinary life, but also the wealth of wisdom that empowers it.



The Artistry of Aurum Sculptures

Creating an incomparable sculpture in solid gold requires the combined talents of world-renowned artists and artisans who can render and realize the true nature of each unique subject.

The Aurum team is comprised of world-renowned photographers and master sculptors, and a single precious-metal foundry entrusted to accomplish each critical step in the process beautifully and brilliantly.

Aurum Photographers Our photographers have built their international reputations on capturing iconic images of leading political figures and business magnates, A-list celebrities and sports figures, legendary musicians and some of the world’s most beautiful women.

Their award-winning photography and videography have also captured the imaginations of millions of people on behalf of the world’s foremost agencies, corporations, couturiers and luxury brands. Photography courtesy of Peter LangonÊ.

photography ©2013 Peter Langoné

Photography by: Peter Langoné, All Rights Reserved. ©2013 Peter Langoné

Aurum Sculptors The inspired eyes, hands and soul of the sculptor induce the divine essence from earthly elements and brings them to life. A life that is ageless and timeless. Each Aurum sculptor has a singular gift and a distinctive style. Each has the keen, confident eye required to envisage the subtleties of flesh and bone, as well as the insights to discern the deep complexities of character, intellect, motivation and life experience that completely and uniquely define each face. The artistry of Aurum sculptors has honored some of the greatest leaders, thinkers, heroes and sports legends – some of the most extraordinary lives of our time. They have given each of these subjects the ability to transcend time, to sustain the meaning of their lives, to preserve their memories and tell their stories for generations to come.

Aurum sculptors have created portrait sculptures for the realist galleries of Madame Tussauds and the magical universe of Cirque du Soleil, as well as for museums, embassies, galleries and palaces around the world. Their works reside in some of the most honored and important public and private collections, including The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, the Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin and the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

The Foundry Only one foundry possesses the unique knowledge, techniques and experience required to realize Aurum sculptures. For more than thirty-eight years, this foundry has been revered the world over for its unsurpassed quality, dedication to perfection and complete discretion. It is the only one to meet the strict Aurum Standard. These gifted and passionate artisans combine ancient and state-of-the-art methods with time -tested experience and time-honored wisdom to surmount any technical or artistic challenge an Aurum sculpture may present. They realize precious metal sculptures that reveal and preserve every nuance of expression, emotion and intent imparted by our master sculptors.

Aurum’s foundry has produced countless ornaments and objets d’art for the world’s most celebrated jewelers and designers, as well as for elite private clientele. Their work graces the persons and possessions of le beau monde, superstars, tycoons and royalty.


The Aurum Experience Your Aurum experience will be designed to accommodate your individual needs. It begins with a personal consultation with Aurum’s Creative Director to determine which of our master sculptors will be best suited to interpret your personality and preferences. Next, your sculptor will meet with you and discuss every aspect and detail of your portrait sculpture. An Aurum photographer will document the meeting to capture your unique expressions and tones for further reference during sittings and finishing as your sculpture takes shape and comes to life. Your completed sculpture will be formally presented to you prior to being committed to gold in the casting process. To commemorate your Aurum experience, we will create a personalized, high-definition video and picture book for your archives.



Aurum sculptures are created for those who have the courage, the means and the mettle to lead extraordinary lives. Lives worth celebrating. Lives worth remembering. Our sculptures, like these rare individuals, are treasures beyond compare and beyond value. Like gold itself, they define a spirit and substance that transcends time.

We invite you to experience the ultimate possession, to bestow the ultimate tribute, to share the ultimate legacy.

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