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Synergy Merchandising Manual


Everything you need to know about how to list a house

Table of Contents

Creating the Experience


Staging the Property


Taking Pictures


Placing Signage


Listing onto the MLS


Setting up showing service


Creating the Website


Creating the Flyers


Listing on Social Media


Just Listed Postcards


Open House Scheduling


Maintaining & Closing Out



Creating the Synergy HomeSeller Experience I

t is our job to ensure that our Sellers receive the HomeSeller Experience. In order to achieve this goal, we need to make sure we know and implement the best ways to Maximize the house and get it sold as fast as possible by creating an emotional response in any potential buyers.


s a new member of the Synergy Real Estate Team you now understand how important it is to support our Agents as well as the homeowners in this process. Use this manual as your step by step guide and remember we are always here to support you if you need it.


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Staging the Property: I

t is important to remember that you are NOT staging the property yourself, you are simply making sure the property is in showing condition and that the sellers have followed the Staging Guidelines that their agent has provided them with. Here is the items checklist for property staging:



as the seller thoroughly cleaned the house? Has the seller removed all personal photographs from the house? Does the house appear to be open or does it feel cramped and cluttered? If the answer to this is cramped and cluttered then have a conversation with the seller about removing more items from that room. Do the decorating items make sense for the room? Does the house smell clean and fresh?


his is your checklist for staging. If any of the items on this list are not completed or you think they are not to our standards the have a conversation with the homeowner and refer back to the staging checklist provided to them by their agent. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

House is clean. House is clutter-free 3 pieces of furniture or less per room. All personal photos removed. Furniture doesn’t obstruct the flow. Walls are a neutral color. House smells clean & fresh. Decorations make sense for the space. All trash & debris have been removed from inside & outside.


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Taking Pictures:                        


ictures are the most important part of listing a property. Without good pictures the property wont be able to attract as many buyers. Some agents will choose to hire a professional photographer but most will rely on you, the merchandising specialist, to take phenomenal listing pictures. These pictures will be used for all marketing of this property so lets learn the best ways to take pictures.

Picture TIPS


Make sure to get the floor and the ceiling in the picture. Close up pictures do nothing to showcase the room.


Remove all trash and other items from the room before taking a picture. Example: pop cans, clothes, purses, cell phones, toys, etc. Also, make sure the doors and cabinet doors are closed. Always trust your judgment. If its bad, don’t use it.


Take each room picture from 2 – 3 different angles to give yourself more to work with.



Always have the lights on and as much natural light as possible. This will automatically brighten up a room.



Stand as far back as you can when taking pictures to capture as much of the room as possible.


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Taking Pictures continued: S

titching pictures is one of the best ways to showcase a large room and all its features. To create a stitch picture stand at the farthest corner of the room where you have a full view of the room. Turn your camera vertically and start at the left hand corner. Take a picture then keeping your hand as still and straight as possible move the camera to the right by 3 inches and take another picture. Repeat the process until you end up at your far right. Then we will show you how to put them all together for one panoramic picture. Once you have all your pictures you will upload them to your computer. Using the software ‘Microsoft Ice’ you will be able to stitch them into 1 panoramic pic. Open up Microsoft Ice  Click on File, New  Locate the pictures, Select them ALL in the order you took them (left to right)  click open  Adjust the white lines around the photo to get rid of the grey areas where the picture isn’t there  click Export to Disc  Name the photo and click save  repeat process for new stitches.


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Taking Pictures continued:



ast but not least is making the photos pop! There are a number of programs out there for photo editing so whichever one you are comfortable with is the one you should use. Start by adjusting the brightness and the contrast to give the image a sharper detail. Next adjust the color tint to make the greens and reds more vibrant. Once those are adjusted then slightly adjust the saturation for balance. If needed rotate the picture and center it.

Original Photo

Edited Photo

Looking at the examples next to this. Allowing the colors to pop, centering the picture, and toning down the harsh light is what makes a good photo great!


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Taking Pictures Check List:



aking photos can be overwhelming at times and we want to support you in every way we can. We want to make sure that we are consistent with the pictures we take so Agents feel confident in trusting you with this task. Nothing is more frustrating then returning to the office only to discover you forgot to take a key picture! Agents have some certain expectations on what pictures will showcase the house best, but for the most part we have developed a list of the top photos you will want in order to market the property. This checklist will be your best friend in ensuring you don’t miss anything. As always, if you aren’t sure then ask the Listing Agent.

1. Front of house from Left Angle. 2. Front of house from Right Angle. 3. Front of house Straight On. 4. Rear of house from Left Angle. 5. Rear of house from Right Angle. 6. Rear of house Straight on. 7. Backyard from left or right angle. 8. Front Living Room. 9. Front Family Room. 10. Main Floor Bathroom 11. Dining Room 12. Kitchen from left angle. 13. Kitchen from right angle. 14. Kitchen from straight on. 15. Basement 16. Guest Bedroom 17. Guest Bathroom 18. Master Bedroom from left angle. 19. Master Bedroom from right angle. 20. Master Bedroom straight on. 21. Master Bathroom left angle. 22. Master Bathroom right angle. 23. Special Feature of property (example: loft, butlers pantry, bay windows, 20 foot high ceilings, etc.) 24. Parks or schools within walking.


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Property Signage:




lacing the for sale sign isn’t just as simple as sticking it in the ground or placing it in a window. When the yard sign is in place you should be able to see it while driving from either direction on the street. If a tree, or other obstruction prevents you from seeing the sign it is also preventing potential buyers from seeing it. The sign needs to be placed in the front yard at the edge of the grass where the sidewalk starts. If the property is a condo or has HOA restrictions then the sign needs to be placed in a window that can easily be seen from the street. See below for specifics and tips.


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Listing onto the MLS:



isting the property on the Metrolist or MLS as we call it, is the best and fastest way to get the property noticed. The MLS allows every Real Estate Agent in the Denver Metro Area to see the property.



Pull the properties PDC report. Log onto the MLS  on the main screen click on Public Records  enter the address and press search  Scroll down and click on the PIN number  Print to PDF  Send to Listing Agent.



he Licensed Listing Agent must enter all the data onto the MLS. It is your job to support the listing specialist as well as finish out the listing. Here is your guide to completing the listing. Check with the Agent with any questions.


Once the Listing Agent has advised you that the property is listed on the MLS they will provide you with the MLS number. Log onto the MLS  go to My Listings | Media/Documents  enter listing #  click on Manage Media  Click on Add Photos  select photos  arrange photos in order  click Publish.


Then print the complete listing to a PDF and send to Listing Agent for final approval.


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Setting up Showing Service:



sing a showing Service allows the Listing agent time to focus on selling the property rather than scheduling showings. The Listing Agent will have the seller complete the Showing Instructions form which will provide you with the specific showing guidelines. No property can be seen without first being entered onto the showing agency page. The agency we are currently using is Colorado Real Estate Resource Center.


The website for entering new listings is Please check with each Listing Agent to ensure the correct agency is being used and also for any specifications or restrictions about scheduling showings.



o to Showing service website & log in  Click enter new listing  Enter all property Information  Copy directions from Listing & paste into page  Pull the showing instructions sheet filled out by the Seller and enter their showing guidelines  click save & print page to PDF  Send PDF to Listing Agent.


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Creating a Custom Website:




ustom websites are a unique and impressive way to get the property showcased and to show our clients we are doing everything we can to help sell their property. But don’t be scared, creating the custom websites is easy and fast. Each website should take you no more than 30 minutes to create.


nce the website is created you will then use the specific URL to showcase this site onto Social networking and the flyers. If an agent has more than 1 property that they are listing it is important to remember to create a different URL for each property. That way the agent can easily find the property they are looking for and it allows the specific property to stand out in search engines.

You’ll need these to get started: 1. The MLS listing Number. 2. The MLS listing. 3. All edited pictures. 4. All virtual tours. 5. All documents pertaining to selling (example: floor plans, building permits, disclosures, etc.) in a PDF format.

6. Any Listing Agent specifications.


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Creating a Custom Website continued: Log onto the website www.ColoradoPropertiesSite. com.  Click on Properties Tab  Click Add New  Enter all information with Red Arrows next to them.  Click Save.



To create the custom URL: Click on the properties address  Click on Layouts / Controls  Website Key should be the properties street number and the street name (no direction or ending. Example: 123Main)  Under website domain choose the best one.  Click Save.

Once the property is entered it is time to customize it. Click on the weight symbol with the percentage below it  Click on Manage Pictures  Upload all edited Pictures  click save  Repeat for all other items on list.



Once you have completed all items under the Weight Symbol you should be between a 40-50% completion (the remaining percentage costs money so it typically not done). Now its time to make the site active. Click on Buy  make sure nothing additional is checked  go to checkout  amount should read $0 (if not go back and uncheck any additional items)  Click purchase.  Test website yourself to make sure its active. .



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Creating a Custom Website continued: Company Standards & More Specifics


 Layout standard is Layout #4.  Music selection our standard is under the Instrumental section ‘Romantic Nights’ song.  Front Page Banner standard is Luxury Home however you will choose appropriately based on the house.  Google Street View. Click on Google Street View  Select house icon  Go to  enter the property address  click on the link icon  click on the HTML code  Copy that HTML code and paste into the website.  click save.

 Craigslist ad – this costs the Listing Agent a fee of $25 to list a property onto Craigslist. Our Standard is that should an agent choose to purchase this then you will upload to their craigslist account. Click on Craigslist Ad  sign in  follow steps  click save or add new ad  receive confirmation email  confirm.  Spokesperson our standard is the Woman.  And Remember – WHEN IN DOUBT JUST ASK.


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Listing Tip N

ever guess on any information pertaining to the property. If you aren’t sure about something then ask the Listing Agent. Remember: we are a TEAM.

Creating Flyers:



ustom flyers are a Key component to marketing a house. Each property should have its own Full Color Flyer. The flyer should have at least 5 color photos, a brief description, the Listing Agents contact info, the custom website address, the Property Address, & the QR code. The flyer should never feature the asking price as this is a tool to get people to call about the property.


1. Listing Agent contact info.

6. Front of house – Pic #1

2. QR Code

7. Kitchen – Pic #2

3. NO asking / Listing Price

8. Minimum of 3 additional pics

4. Company Information

9. Property Address

5. Printed a Minimum of 100 flyers


Headline (Welcome Home!)


Brief Property Description

& placed on property.


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Social Media:



art of marketing the property is getting it out there for the public to see. The best way to do that is with social networking. Our company has a general facebook fan page as well as the individual Listing Agent. Facebook and twitter are the fastest & easiest ways to let people know we have a property they might be interested in. Research shows that over 75% of people find their new home off of the internet. With that being the case it is our responsibility to the seller to make sure our property is easily found on the internet.


ere are the steps to listing the property on our Social Networking Feeds. For the individual Listing Agent’s facebook please get access through them.

Log Onto Facebook go to our SynergyRET fan page.  Click on the Status update bar.  Enter the properties custom website URL  this will bring up the website thumbnail, make sure the thumbnail picture is of the front of the house.  BEFORE pressing POST make sure to enter text like “Check out our newest listing.  Repeat process for Agent’s page.

Log on to Twitter  go to our Our Twitter fan page.  Click on Compose new tweet  Enter the properties custom website URL  click enter and this will post to our twitter account.  Repeat with the Listing Agents personal twitter account.


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Creating Just Listed Postcards:



ust listed postcards are just as much essential as the flyers are. Each property should have its own Full color just listed postcard. These get sent out to the neighborhood within 1 mile of the property. Most people who receive these aren’t in the market to buy, but it does get our business out there and promotes the property.



he flyer should have a front color photo of the property,   a brief description, the Listing Agents contact info, the custom   website address, the Property   Address, & the Listing Price.   Unlike the flyers, we want people   to see what we are listing the house for so they can then start   thinking about what their house is   worth and if they should sell too.



Rule of thumb for the size is ½ a sheet of an 8 ½ x 11. The Listing Agent will specify if they want it larger or smaller than that.


nce the Just Listed Postcards are created you will then order the amount specified by the Listing Agent and have them shipped directly to the Listing Agent. He or She will then be responsible for distributing the Just Listed Postcards.


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Open House: O


pen houses are a great way for people who live in the neighborhood and people who are driving around looking for properties a chance to see ours right away. Many people who are looking to purchase a home will drive the neighborhoods they want to live in and see what houses are available. With an open house we get the opportunity to capture the attention of those buyers. You will work with the listing agent to coordinate the open house. Here is your checklist for items to be completed before the open house.

1. Date & time scheduled. 2. House is cleaned & staged. 3. Calls to other agents listings in the neighborhood asking to join in on open house are made 4. Open house listed on Social Networking sites.. 5. Open house directional signs are placed from main streets to the property. 6. Welcome sign placed on property with Balloons. 7. Appetizers and drinks are set and ready inside the house 8. Additional Flyers are printed out and at property.


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nce a week check in with the Listing Agent to see if any adjustments need to be made. Example: Price, Status, Pictures.


Closing Out


nce the property has closed you need to follow up with Listing Agent to make sure the property has been closed out in MLS. If no, then you will take the file closing sheet & close out on MLS. Log in  change listing  status Closed  enter closing details.  Save  Print to PDF.


Showing Service: Maintenance


Closing Out


f the property has any change in status (Under Contract, no showings this weekend, etc.) You must call the showing agency and update the property status. Call them at 303-399-9930.


nce the property has closed you need to do 2 things to close out with showing company: First call the showing agency and tell them the property has sold and to remove from our account. Next log onto our account and verify it has been removed.


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Showings & Feedback:    




ach week you will enter the showing information into the showing spreadsheet. You will then email the Listing Agent with the showing information: How many showings this week, How many showings total, what price the property is currently at & how many days it has been at this price. All this information should be on the showing spreadsheet.

Closing Out


fter the property has closed you will need to go to the Showing Spreadsheet  Print PDF of all showing history & all showings  Print out a copy and place into the file  send PDF to Listing Agent for their records.  Then remove from the showings spreadsheet.


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Social Networking:                



eekly you will posts on both facebook to keep new on the Social sites.

refresh the twitter and the posting Networking

Closing Out


fter the property has closed you will create a new Post stating “The property at ‘123 Main’ has now sold. Keep an eye out for our next listing”.


Custom Website: Maintenance

Closing Out



he MLS should be linked to the website when you created it so all changes on the MLS should reflect onto the website. Anytime there are changes to the MLS you need to go to the properties custom site and verify the changes linked up.


ow you get to close out the personal website. Log on m.  Click on Properties Tab  Click the trash can / delete button  On the left hand side click the Trash can / Delete button again.  Confirm it is no longer under the properties section.


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Merchandising Manual  

A Traning Manual on how to merchandise a property for sale.