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Sister to to Sister Sister Sister June 2012

Giving it to ya straight!

Mimi & Mike Tyson Their incredible story of love, her jail time and their will to win

Cedric the Entertainer Will he cross the line into heaven?

Trey Songz

Is he deeper than just sex?


front and center and ready to shoot


Diggy Simmons Erykah Badu Teairra Mari Nicole Ari Parker

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July 2012


The man who swears he “Invented Sex“ always gets real when he chats with S2S.Read on forTrey Songz’s latest adventures (physically, mentally and emotionally), what he thinks about his musics’ messages, why he doesn’t take vacations and how he wants to make his momma proud.

44 Cedric the Entertainer

Cedric the Entertainer has earned his stripes and his name. Find out what has him returning to the land of TV sitcoms and what he thinks about the state of comedy today. Also, guess his leading lady.

50 Mrs. Mike Tyson

Being Mrs. Mike Tyson is no small task, but Kiki Tyson is up to it! Find out more about the woman behind the man, the life she’s building with Mike and what it’s like being married to the former heavy weight champion of the world.

68 Dick Clark

Dick Clark, who passed away on April 18, 2012, was one of the most important people to bring Black music into American homes. May he rest in peace.

80 Ask Tami & Lyric

Should she stay with that man or leave him? Her readers ask Tami and Lyric this and more regarding love and relationships.


8 Diggy Simmons

must make his parents proud

8 Aretha Franklin

Celebrates 70 years

9 Nicole Ari Parker 10 Mama, I want to sing had me on pins and needles

I finally got to see this great play

1raise 1 Celebs money for kidneys

Sister to Sister June 2012


table of contents July 2012


celebrity avenue 18 Reality Stars

tell how their shows ruin relationships

18 Canceled

reality TV mariages that took a dive


Looking for lashes that are out-of-this-world gorg? The staff of S2S comes to your rescue! We’ve tested out some of the hottest mascaras on the market. Read on as we help you find the perfect finishing touch.

16 Off the Runways

22 Courtney B. Vance

33 Office With a View

22 Michelle Van Der Water

34 Food, Food, Food

shines for Disney

making ‘Single Ladies’ sizzle

23 Teairra Mari gets back her musical mojo

Take a look at these celebs stepping-out in the season’s hautest heels. Cupcake Queen Tami Sawyer, founder of online bakeshop TamiCakes Nothing tastes better in the summer than a juicy burger-mmm! Find out how restaurants near you are reinventing the classic patty. (Shrimp burger, anyone? Or maybe a beef one topped with Cheetos?) Then try the tasty recipes from some of our favorite burger joints.

24 Tyler James Williams

38 Health

25 Model Chicks

40 Stomps & Shouts

Everybody Loves Him

Separating the models from the video girls

27 Def Comedy Jam’

producer returns with a new wave of talent

28 Erykah Badoula Meet the new Erykah

28 Benjamin Charles Date Night with the Benjamins

32 ‘Mike & Molly’

star isn’t taking any roles for granted

Sister to Sister June 2012


14 Beauty Place

20 Auma Obama

has missing pieces to President Obama’s story



You’ve heard the saying “don’t sweat the small stuff,” but what if you literally can’t stop? Learn about hyperhidrosis and how to keep it under control. What’s going on with Le’ Andria Johnson? Praise 103.9 FM’s Inspiration and Music Conference JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise: After This Mali Music is changing the game

66 Redesigning Women

You thought Botox was just for removing those pesky wrinkles? Not so. Find out which beauty treatments and procedures are being used in unexpected ways.

76 Peaches and Firecrackers

Your best letters, tweets and Facebook messages to S2S

Fresh takes on a Burger 2012


CLASSIC By: Jessica Llanes

Ever since the first hamburger was sold in America more than a century ago, a good burger has been a perennial favorite among diners of all ages, and culimary innovators are offering diners fresh takes on the original. Emerging “Better Burger” chains like In-N-Out Burger and Five Guys are making it easier to get fresh made, customizable burgers with more variety in toppings. Some options like specialty cheeses and sauces, sliced avacado and fresh-baked buns haven’t traditionally been offered on fast-food menus. Burger powerhouses have taken note. Burger King released a selection of premium burgers on artisan buns, including a hardwood smoked bacon and blue cheese burger that’s more than the typical burger. Meanwhile, foie gras and even caviar have found their way onto upscale burger menus across the country. National chain smashburger offers fried egg as an optional add-on to any burger. The people at skillet street food in Seattle top their grass fed patty with their own specialty bacon jam, which became so popular that it’s now for sale on And James Boso, owner of Twisted Root Burger Co. in Texas sees a definite trend in childhood favorites like Fritos and Cheetos as burger toppings and they had great success with a PB&J Burger (peanut Butter, bacon and jalapenos). For those bored with the traditional beef burger, better beef (such as grass-fed or Kobe) and nontraditional patty options are becoming increasingly available, not only at five-star restaurants and trendy food trucks but also at local diners and chains. McDonald’s has it’s Angus beef burgers with toppings like Swiss cheese and mushrooms. Fiddruckers Exotics menu offers Buffalo, Elk, and Wild Boar. Twisted Root offers those plus goat (see the spicy goat burger recipe), venison, lamb burger

Sister to Sister June 2012


celebrity avenue


Sister to Sister June 2012

at their (child’s) birth and it was more hands on.”Erykah stayed awake helping the mother for an amazing 52 hours. Inspired by that experience in 2001, Erykah has continued as a doula.

I had three natural births with a doula and midwife and it was a natural progression for me as a holistic health practitioner.


hen she isn’t touring, recording her upcoming album, doing a collaborative project with her group the Cannibolds, being a spokeswoman for Hennessey’s Wild Rabbit campaign or raising her own children, Erykah Badu is helping bring new life into the world as a doula. A doula is a woman who provides support to pregnant moms during and after delivery helping them manage the pain without medication. “I had three natural births with a doula and midwife and it was a natural progression for me as a holistic health practitioner,” said Erykah, who got her start helping Afya, the wife of Dead Prez rapper “I was present

meet ERYKAH BADOULA Not only is she there for birthing pains, she remains present for the growing pains of the children she helps birth. “They call me Badoula, and I keep up with them and the moms are all hanging

out. So it’s cool, “ she said. In many ways Erykahs finds her work a testament to the adage “it takes a village to raise a child,” something that mirrors her own upbringing. “I grew up with five mothers and no father, per se. It was my mama, two grandmothers, godmother and Mother Nature. I don’t know anything else but community and service watching them.” For now Erykah has no plan to formalize her role and become a licensed midwife, preferring it to be something she does freely in between albums and touring. It’s easy for me and something that fulfills me, to make people feel good. I’m just happy to be the welcoming committee.

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