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A New Foundation for the Arts The First Artist Foundation is a business literacy eLearning program for Artists to learn how to maximize their success in the creative industry. We plan to unite Experts, Intellects and Artists in support of each other as we build a stronger and more knowledgable creative community. Our goal is to empower Artists through education, and by creating access to experience and insights, while also providing exclusive tools that will enable more Artists to enjoy a sustainable career in the Arts. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit we are employing an eLearning business model where 50% of course revenue is invested back into the creative community through grants and scholarships.


We believe the creative industry is a vibrant and vital force in modern society. The Arts stimulate innovation, strengthen America's competitiveness in the global marketplace, and play an important role in building and sustaining economic vibrancy.

Yet the Artistic ecosystem lacks a support system that

teaches, nurtures and sustains creative careers. The First Artist Foundation recognizes an opportunity to better educate Artists about the creative business. The disruption of the industry presents more opportunities than ever before to contemporary Artists, and the First Artist Foundation’s charge is to educate and support Artists to best leverage their talents in order to create a sustainable and successful career in the Arts.

MISSION Our mission is to empower emerging artists across the creative industry through knowledge, opportunities and resources that support the development of their careers so they may achieve both creative and financial success as an Artists.


Educate: The First Artist Foundation program seeks to educate creatives about the disruption of the creative business, the opportunities these changes afford contemporary artists, and how best to embrace and maximize these opportunities for the betterment of the Artists. Empower: A greater knowledge and understanding of the creative industry will empower Artists to protect their rights, maximize their exposure and build a successful career in the Arts. Support: Every Artist will have the opportunity to apply for our Grant or Scholarship programs, where we provide financial support, guidance and mentoring to take their career to a new level. Community: Build a nurturing and involved community of Artists, Experts and Intellects to strengthen the creative community. Awareness: First Artist Foundation will work to expand industry and consumer knowledge about the challenges Artists face while pursuing a creative career, and work to rally and garner support for our programs so that more artists can thrive in the creative business.

MARKET OPPORTUNITY The creative economy is critical to economic growth yet there are no organizations committed to educating the community with the essential information they need to make a sustainable living. The global eLearning market will reach $107 billion in 2015, and is an industry that is seeing double digit growth annually. The intersection of a dedicated curriculum for the Advancement of Artists, and the burgeoning eLearning business allow the First Artist Foundation to develop a vital program for the creative community.

Target creatives Emerging Artists who are professional working Artists. Individuals who understand the importance and value of insights, education and a strong peer-to-peer community to improve their opportunities within the creative industry.


COMMUNICATION Core Messaging: The First Artist Foundation was formed to educate Artists about the creative business, instill financial literacy and support the development of their creative endeavors so they can flourish as an Artist while achieving financial stability and success. The Starving Artist Theory is about to be Debunked!

First Artist Foundation will create numerous consumer touch points to share our story, and engage Artists, the creative community and consumers in the our cause. Website: (also: Social Media: Twitter: @firstartistfnd Instagram: @firstartistfnd Facebook: FirstArtistFoundation Gmail: Google+: First Artist Foundation YouTube - First Artist Foundation Advisory Board Fundraising Campaigns Community & Industry Outreach FAF Events & Projects


A.R.T. Access . Resources . Tools A.R.T is an original program created by the First Artist Foundation for the advancement of Artists. We will offer Artists unprecedented ACCESS to experts, influencers and industry executives. We will offer a business literacy eLearning program as a RESOURCE for creatives. We will also offer grants and scholarships as an additional RESOURCE and investment in the development of Artists. And, we are developing exclusive TOOLS to assist connectivity and awareness within the creative industry.

ACCESS The First Artist Foundation believes connectivity and ACCESS are central to the growth of an Artists career. We vow to engage and connect artists, industry experts, business authorities and scholars to share their knowledge, expertise and inspiring stories about their creative journeys.

eLearning Resource Our eLearning RESOURCE is dedicated to the advancement of Artists through information, education and expert guidance that enables them to better succeed in the contemporary creative business. Courses will cover topics such as Crowdfunding, Money Management, Financial Literacy, Artist Marketing, Artist Management, Social Media, Distribution, Legal and Networking. Each First Artist Foundation course will include:

• 10-20 (3-4 min.) Videos from our Industry Expert(s) & Advisor • a Creative White Paper about the course topic • Webinar - Students are invited to participate in a webinar with the Expert(s) to ask direct questions and learn from a group environment.

• Podcasts - Multiple Experts discussing the topic of the course -All courses are accessible from any device

Grants & Scholarships Grants and Scholarships will be awarded to talented and deserving Artists of all disciplines.


programs are a RESOURCE available to Artists who need an investment in their further development and future as a working Artist.

TOOLS First Artist Foundation is working with leading companies within the financial, technology and creative industries to develop exclusive TOOLS for our community. Tools that will give our Artists advantages and opportunities to implement their knowledge, extend their access and ensure their creative careers flourish.


Critical to the success of the organization will be the careful selection of the Advisory Board and Advisory Council. We are working with Laura Ferretti of Impact Philanthropy to engage smart partners who will help optimize our effectiveness within the Creative Community. We believe that the First Artist Foundation should have an Advisory Board of Industry Experts who bring a broad spectrum of knowledge and relationships in the technology, financial and creative industries to help guide the overall development and promotion of the Foundation. Additionally an Advisory Council of content experts will ensure our educational offerings share emerging opportunities along with best practices while also participating in the creation of a strong peer community of creative professionals.


FIRST ARTIST FOUNDATION Awards (2016) First Artist Foundation will develop and execute the First Artist Foundation Awards, a program that recognizes the individuals and companies dedicated to the advancement of the Arts and Artists. Our goal is to craft an annual sought-after, invite only event celebrating Artists, the Arts and its most innovative supporters. FIRST ARTIST FOUNDATION & YoungArts (2016) The union of the two companies is based on a desire to develop talented and knowledgable Artists, as YOUNGARTS nurtures young creatives to hone their talents, on a parallel path First Artist Foundation will educate them on the creative business and how best to manage finances and opportunities to ensure their success as an Artist. Together we will develop a webseries based on First Artist Foundation Insights about the creative business and presented by the talented YOUNGARTS alumni (i..e Josh Groban,Viola Davis & Kerry Washington)


First Artist Foundation Overview  

This was developed to pitch the concept of the First Artist Foundation to potential partners and supporters.

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