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january 25, 2010

Extreme Pizza competes in a crowded market but a robust pizza market representing 36 billion in annual sales. Americans love pizza! Extreme Pizza differentiates itself by having a product with attitude; pizzas with outrageous names, and more toppings than anyone should dare to put on a pizza. The net result is a unique product, and a distinct brand position. The success and growth of the Owned+Operated locations have proven that this formula can lead to great success; however the struggles of some of the franchisees proves that the brand itself, when decoupled from strong management, execution and resources, is not a strong enough draw to make a location a success.

Franchising is a smart way for a business to grow quickly; by utilizing the franchisees capital rather than its own, the risk of rapid expansion is externalized, while the revenue and profits continue to grow. However, franchising works best when there are firmly established rules and guidelines that each and every franchisee must follow; without brand cohesion and a consistent culinary and social experience, franchising can actually erode the value of the brand and the business rather than expand it. In order to successfully franchise, Extreme Pizza must 1) establish a clearer definition of the brand and the product offering, 2) establish a more regimented set of rules for franchisees to follow, and 3) establish selection criteria to identify franchisees who are sufficiently capitalized to succeed, 4) create a sales and marketing system that helps franchisees succeed. As a brand, in order for Extreme Pizza to distinguish itself and thrive, must have both a product offering and a brand proposition that is both compelling and distinct. As a brand, Extreme Pizza, should choose a particular customer segment, and once chosen, set out to create sustainable points of distinction with that segment. The retail brand should be designed with innovative stores that resonate with the target audience and deliver on the brand promise. The goal is to offer a food assortment and an environment so compelling and distinctive that the customer feels an empathetic connection to the brand and is compelled to buy.

The Extreme Pizza concept, as originally conceived, speaks to a contemporary consumer who thrives on the “extreme” nature of the brand. This could be an individual who enjoys extreme sports (participating or watching). It could also be a consumer who enjoys or is intrigued by the concept of an “extreme” lifestyle and aspires to have more “extreme” aspects in their life. The attraction and therefore original proposition for the Extreme Pizza brand is the “extreme” nature of the program, and its fulfillment throughout the brand experience. We believe Extreme Pizza has an original and engaging restaurant concept. However, from reviewing materials and visiting the Long Beach location, the concept is not fully fulfilled through location, marketing and the overall customer experience. The pizza is very tasty and does fulfill on the brand promise of an “Extreme Pizza”. The overall experience however does not consistently resonate with the brand promise, and this is a key component to building long term success and brand loyalty.

Throughout our research of pizzerias and quick serve restaurants in the LA area a few key components of the business have come to the forefront: Original – even in a cluttered food space with option after option the leaders clearly define their niche and engage their core target while delivering great food. Building on originality – restaurants that had an abundance of customers “lived” their concept. Whether is be Wahoos, who create an environment, menu and attitude connected to their business philosophy or a simple pizzaria, Garlic Jims, that has defined their niche as the garlic pizzaria chain, who promote and offer product rich with garlic. Both restaurant examples “live” their concept at each and every consumer touch point. branding, inc. proposes an evolution of the Extreme Pizza brand. By redefining the brand, brand image and brand voice we will create a distinctive footprint for Extreme Pizza in the pizza and quick-serve market. The evolved Extreme Pizza Brand Guide will create the tools and tone for all components of the business; advertising and marketing, location experience, web experience and customer experience.

In an effort to tease and preview our ideas and thoughts for Extreme Pizza we have developed a few creative boards for your consideration. Logo – we have explored a logo evolution that is more “extreme” if you will forgive the pun. The logo is now in warmer tones, and signifies more attitude, reminiscent of extreme sports, and a contemporary vibe. Coupon – A key component of our recommendations will be to show case amazing food photography that visually defines the “extreme” nature of your product…showcasing the unusual combination of toppings and the quality of ingredients. We will also develop a “voice” that has a modern attitude synonymous with the brand. In this case, we chose “Bring It,” a catchy phrase often used as a challenge, in this instance a fun play on words to bring in their coupon for some delicious pizza. The graphic package we will create for the brand guide will once again tap into the contemporary/edgy positioning of the brand.

Advertisement – many quick serve competitors are utilizing a personalization technique to showcase “their” customers, and the customer’s food choice. We developed our own version of this strategy with an edgy use of graphics, lingo and above all else attitude. The evolution of this advertising concept that we chose to incorporate was an image of the “extreme” food, once again playing to your concept and strength – original pizzas. We would also love to explore the use of known extreme sports talent to further realize this brand concept…we believe it could add credibility and excitement to the program. The following three boards were designed to exemplify the brand strategy and creative branding that branding, inc. would develop for Extreme Pizza.













Extreme Pizza Booklet  

One of the original owners asked us how "we" would recommend evolving the Extreme Pizza brand, and this was our presentation.