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Show them your good! A cause-branding and media creation agency



A cause-branding and media creation agency

// The future is looking to you


Our story starts with your story. It starts with how you excel as a community for today and for future generations. How you support your staff and engage your employees. It’s how you create innovative products and services that work with the environment – not against it. It’s about how your actions inspire your customers, your suppliers and the future managers of your company. It’s a story of shared values and grounded beliefs. It’s a story we call your Living Brand. Whether you’re a large or small company, Branding For Good works with you to define your unique Corporate Social Responsibility communication platform, provide opportunities to engage your teams and show the world your good!

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// Branding for Good

// People // planet // profit

We are a cause-branding and media creation agency. We define, refine and showcase your company’s social responsibility initiatives by designing brand content online, in print and through engagement events.



A cause-branding and media creation agency

// We can help

// define your unique CSR communication platform

Define your living brand Establishing your Corporate Social Responsibility platform really means defining and understanding your Living Brand: how your profit, your people and your environment work in balance. Our aim is to identify this balance and help you express it in your communications.

Engage your communities Understanding your living brand is fundamental. Acting upon it is essential! Our initiatives can help build your living brand by engaging your company and its employees on both local volunteer engagements and global investment initiatives.

Showcase your good! More than 2/3 of people interviewed don’t think companies are giving them enough detail of their CSR efforts*. Our media services cover the overall strategic approach of your CSR platform as well as the day-to-day victories your company realizes in its journey towards sustainability.

* Cone Cause Evolution Study



EXAMPLE ARTICLE FROM BfG Magazine #2 by BfG BRIGADE MEMBER Roger brenninkmeyer

// I KEA: Make a Required Service a Brand Builder


I have never seen any retailer celebrate

That’s not the case with Ikea.


and incorporate their Recycling Sevices

Instead of hiding recycling services

as a brand communique as boldly as

behind a desk, Ikea brings them out in

IKEA does. These images I took in a

the open, right next to the entrance,

Toronto IKEA store are most definitely

as a pillar of their environmental

typical of their recycling presentation

stewardship. So in addition to offering

across the globe.

convenient recycling as customers walk


in, this builds on Ikea’s story as an enviPositive brand association is obvious

ronmentally conscious brand. For Ikea,

for two reasons:

recycling is a never-ending process.

1) It’s bold. The massive green wall that can be seen from across the street becomes an appealing interactive display of recycling options once the customer is standing in front of it. It just makes you feel good using it or just walking by. 2) Where recycling services may have been a competitive advantage

IKEA brings their ‘Good’ out and

some years ago, they are pretty standard now. Not surprisingly, many companies don’t advertise these services because they don’t drive customer traffic.



displays it proudly next to its entrance

A cause-branding and media creation agency



EXAMPLE ARTICLE FROM BfG Magazine #2 by BfG BRIGADE MEMBER Jessica Ocheltree



A cause-branding and media creation agency

// Uniqlo Finds New Use For Old Clothes


In Japan, thrift shops in the Western

overwhelmingly positive. So in 2006


mold are not very common. Sure, you

they officially launched and began


can find used clothing shops, but they

expanding Uniqlo Recycle, which

are generally boutiques for luxury

now allows any Uniqlo product to be

brand names and funky fashions.

recycled at any time at any store in

So what’s a person to do with their

Japan, the US, the UK, South Korea

gently used clothing without that

and France. To date, the program has

pedigree? Clothing manufacturer

collected more than 11.5 million items.

an ecofriendly and socially conscious initiative called the All-Product Recycling Initiative or, more commonly,

Uniqlo took a look at the 500 million plus units they are producing each

Most items were distributed to

year and wondered the same thing.

refugees and internally displaced

Their solution: an eco-friendly and

persons through the UNHCR, Japan

socially conscious initiative called

Relief Clothing Center and Japanese

the All-Product Recycling Initiative

Organization for International

or, more commonly, Uniqlo Recycle.

Cooperation in Family Planning. These organizations insure that

Uniqlo Recycle.

Originally, the company was exploring

donations are suitable for local

the option of turning used clothing into

weather, meet the demographic

fuel, but then the United Nations High

needs of the population, and are

Commissioner for Refugees expressed

culturally appropriate. About 10

an interest in sending it to refugee

percent of the donations was

camps (UNHCR). In 2001, Uniqlo began

deemed inappropriate and recycled

collecting certain items from their

into industrial fiber or fuel, making

fleece line, but only at certain

the program a fantastic example

times. The customer response was

of cradle-to-cradle thinking.



// BfG Service Overview

// Define Defining your essence through cause-branding and design

// Engage Focusing your giving and engaging your employees

// Showcase Creating, executing and measuring media content that showcases your good

Media Distribution Branding for Good Affiliate Distribution Partners



A cause-branding and media creation agency

// Showcase your good

Your CauseBranding

Identity Definition

Design Services

Initiative Alignment

SingleEvent Initiatives

Giving Platform Definition

Storytelling Snapshots

Feature Articles

Social Media

Soc. Med.

a a


a a



Trustpoint Dynamics™




a a


Photography Video






a a



// Define Services

Brand Essence Naming / Messaging Trustpoint Dynamics™ Brand Identity System

// Identity Definition // Define your living brand

Every business needs to build meaning into how it conducts business beyond profit – how it relates to its employees and the communities in which it works. We help define your unique CSR communication platform, provide opportunities to engage your teams and show the world your good! Although our solutions are uniquely suited to your environment, here are some details about our product offerings:

// I dentity Definition A big part of implementing CSR is in how it is presented to employees, management and customers. Our Identity Definition and Brand Guidelines build consistency into your messaging and overall brand appeal.

// Design Services Inform and inspire by way of visual design. We combine design, strategy and sustainability to inspire trust in everything that defines your brand.

// T  rustpoint Dynamics


Build trust with customers by understanding your touchpoint landscape, improve and find cost savings in the process. Trustpoint DynamicsTM help highlight the most valuable touchpoints unique to your brand program.

For available service packages please find details on our website at www.brandingforgood/bfg-define-services




A cause-branding and media creation agency



// Engage Services

Initiative Consulting Event Coordination Video PRODUCTION Photography Writing Services

// Engage your communities

It goes without saying that a more engaged employee is a better employee. In recent surveys of corporate employees, 80% consistently report being more motivated and loyal the more socially responsible a company becomes. We are here to help you define a “giving� platform that not only engages your employees but also builds real trust with your customers by getting your team and work involved in the communities in which you live.

// Initiative Alignment Focusing your giving to serve others strengthens employee relations and builds customer trust. Our workshop will help identify the right community partner to compliment your company brand and vision.

// Single event initiatives Our engagements are designed to involve your employees one initiative at a time. The need is defined, the non-profit ready and the marketing arranged. All you have to do is roll up your sleeves and jump in.

// Giving Platform Synergize your company’s giving on one platform. Our online giving portal enables any company to manage volunteer hours, corporate matching and gift carding from one central location.

For available service packages please find details on our website at www.brandingforgood/bfg-engage-services




A cause-branding and media creation agency



// Showcase Services

Creative Services Media Distribution Writing Services BLOGGING Infographic Design


The majority of consumers prefer one brand over the other if they know the company involved is socially responsible. Yet most companies don’t purposefully integrate their sustainable efforts into their marketing communications. This is where we can help! We work with you to identify innovative changes your company is taking in the areas of environmental stewardship, employee engagement, leadership and day-to-day policies and procedures. Our stories aim to cover both the general and specific day-to-day victories your company realizes on its journey towards sustainability.

// M  edia Integration Do you have great CSR stories you want to share? Our cost-conscious media packages can do just that!

// Visual Media Visual media in the form of Photography, Video or Infographics is a great way to get your messages across.

// GOODIE Awards For business-tobusiness networks that want a fun way to engage potential customers try our contest platform and build your network.

For available service packages please find details on our website at www.brandingforgood/bfg-showcase-services




A cause-branding and media creation agency




// People // planet // profit

The GOODIE Awards nomination platform is a great way for any organization to boost awareness through the power of CSR storytelling. More?



A cause-branding and media creation agency

// Run your own CSR contest

// define your unique CSR communication platform

As the host sponsor you define your award. We create the platform. Local businesses share their “good” stories. Everyone votes. The best story wins. You build lasting relationships. Perfect for: • organizations expanding and developing a positive impression into new territories • Human resource managers looking to make employees aware of existing company initiatives • networking organizations (BIA’s, Chambers of Commerce) looking for a fun way to engage membership



// Define // Engage // Showcase

Show them your good! ANNOUNCING

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We’d love to hear your stories about companies – and leaders within them – who “walk the walk” in terms of employee engagement, environmental stewardship and community initiative. All accepted contributions will become a part of our online community and potentially in our quarterly magazine.


Join the Branding For Good Brigade and become one of our key contributors in discussing how CSR helps to build positive brand awareness of companies and the communities they serve.


Branding for Good Corporate Magazine  
Branding for Good Corporate Magazine  

Branding for Good is a cause-branding and media creation agency. We define, refine and showcase your company’s social responsibility initiat...