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Memorandum To: Dr. Kenneth Price From: Brandy Kiger Date: October 6, 2007 Re: Style Sheets ________________________________________________________________ Introduction I have spent the past five weeks editing the “After the War� traveling exhibit for the Mountain Heritage Center. I am coming to the end of the editing portion of this project, and it is moving along well. I have met with Suzanne McDowell and Peter Koch and they have reviewed the progress so far and the direction that it is going in. Enclosed in this memo are a style grid, an editing log, editing questions, and a sample page from the project for you to review. This project is slated to be completed December 1, 2007. Editing Log This is a breakdown of the hours I have worked so far on this exhibit. I expect that with the design portion included, I will have at least 40 more hours of work ahead of me. Fig. 1 Editing Log

Panel 1 Panel 2 Panels 3 & 4 Panels 5-8 Panels 9 & 10 Panels 11-13 Panels 14-19

Start 8:05 pm 8:46 pm 9:00 pm 10:30 pm 9:22 am 2:47 pm 6:04 pm

Stop 8:43 pm 8:55 pm 10:12 pm 1:43 am 10:30 am 6:03 pm 9:55 pm

Total 38 minutes 9 minutes 1 hour, 12 minutes 3 hours, 13 minutes 1 hour, 8 minutes 3 hours, 20 minutes 4 hours, 59 minutes Total: 14 hours, 41 minutes.

Editing Style Sheet This document outlines common elements and provides consistency to the document. It also identifies words that were questionable in use or spelling in order to streamline the document. A-D “After the War”

E-H great = vast hard-earned

I-L labor-saving

M-P mockingbird peephole point-of-view

Q-T Tuckasegee

U-Z V-E Day Western Carolina Teachers College World War I (WWI) World War II (WWII)

Fonts & Styles Quotes, Palatino Linotype, 47 pt., 66 pt. leading Body Text, Palatino Linotype, 40 pt., 61 pt. leading Heading, Palatino Linotype, 167 pt. Subheading, Palatino Linotype, 99 pt. Credits, Palatino Linotype, 22 pt., 35 pt. leading

Miscellaneous Em-dash when attributing quotes Write out numbers under 10 Exhibit title should be in consistent case form

Editing Questions Log Much of this project was self-explanatory and Suzanne and Peter were very through in describing their intentions and vision for the project at our first meeting. The following questions are mainly technical questions that were answered at our meeting on October 10th. Question What size would you like the

Answer 24” x 36” panels

Date 9/25

Time 1:00

finished product to be? May I have an electronic copy of the exhibit?

yes, copy was obtained



When will the exhibit be leaving the MHC?

2008, after venues are found



How many panels would you like 10-12 to have in the final product?



Have I cut too much information from the economics pages?




What is absolutely necessary to include?

as much information as possible while still being readable





Teacher’s, Teachers, or Teachers’? Teachers

Sample Layout Since this is not an inter-office document, but rather a museum exhibit, it is necessary to have variety within panels. I have provided consistency by using only one font, with several different sizes, and having a uniform style for headings, subheadings, captions and credits. Below is Panel 3 from the exhibit. Please excuse the fuzzy text as it has been shrunk from a very large document to fit within this one.

Conclusion This project has been very rewarding and will be a nice portfolio piece for me. It has also led to discussion over whether I can do an internship for the Mountain Heritage Center in Spring 2008. The document is nearing completion, but will take some more time to reach that point. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at (828) 226-2162 or at

Style Guide  

Style Guide for the After the War exhibit.

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