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The Rock Cycle By: Andrew Lawrence Hamilton

• Once upon a time below the earth there was a rock named Meta, he is a metamorphic rock. He was formed by extreme heat and pressure. Then BOOM!

• A volcano erupted, Meta went out. Now he is above earth. He has landed on the ground. A strong wind came, picked him up, carried him, broke him, and he landed in the water. After many years he was packed together with other rocks.

• Meta is not a metamorphic rock anymore, he is a sedimentary rock.

• Then it rained. Meta is so heavy he went back under the earth. The volcano erupted again. He is above earth and has cooled and hardened.

• He is now a igneous rock. This is one way the rock cycle can go.

Rock Cycle Story  

Follow a rock as it travels through the rock cycle.

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