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By: Ufuomah Ojeni


Hello my name is Rocky Ojeni. I am a limestone rock. I’m a sedimentary rock. I am made from sediments. My sediments are joined together there is pressure added. Then I become a sedimentary rock. Next I will be a igneous rock. I am on my trip to volcano land!

I am granite. I am made from hot magma . I am formed from volcanic activity. Which is from volcanos that is where I live ? When I come out of this big fat volcano I will cool and get very hard. Now I have turned into an igneous rock. Now I am on my way to metamorphic world. .


Now I am a metamorphic rock called gneiss. I am made for extreme heat. When pressure hits me I will cool and turn into a hard rock. So now I am a metamorphic rock. Now I completed the rock cycle!!!



Follow a crazy rock through the rock cycle

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