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Brandika Cadenhead W3 February 9, 2012

SuperPuppy’s Big Day SuperPuppy and Midnight fight over a rawhide in the living room on the couch. SuperPuppy has a flashback. SuperPuppy remembers back when the Great-Storm hit. He explains what he experienced during that time. He describes the time when he had no one to believe him for his crime. He tells of the town of Petville and how they took the storm. Fighting over the rawhide, Midnight snatches this delicious treat. SuperPuppy then remembers when he Last had a battle. The year was 1989, in the month of June. The day was warm and brisk, The SkyGods were looking upon SuperPuppy. He was shining in the bright sun and decided to Go on a stroll. On the stroll, he could sense something was Approaching all the way down to his bone Marrow. The birds were flying southwind, The businesses were beginning to close for the day. SuperPuppy inhaled what believed to be the Greastest storm arise. The SkyGods changed The clouds and picked up the wind. All animals Could feel the temperature drop. On the radar A huge storm of the frozen waterer was going To attack the town of Petville. Now, SuperPuppy attempted to calm down all The animals, but had little to no success in doing so. None of them believed in him, After what happened in the previous year. After all who would believe someone that Lied to the town. A year to the day, SuperPuppy had committed A crime and lied about it to the town. He and Midnight had gone out one evening For a party. At the party he had disappeared and Snuck in to the Major’s office. He stole the Commandments that the city all lived by.

Brandika Cadenhead W3 February 9, 2012

When getting tried he had spoken to the animals. He said unto them, “Animals of Petville, hear my plea. I was not the one to steal the commandments. I did not go into the Major’s office on the Night of the party. I have been framed and there is no proof that It was I who took what means the most to this Town.”

He then turns up to the SkyGods, “Sky Gods, I beg of you to help me Get out of this mess and let my people See it is I who is innocent. Let them see I am the hero this town Needs.”

The SkyGods did not help him out. He Got fined and had to serve community Service without payment.

This time SuperPuppy knew he needed To prove himself to the town by saving Them from this storm. He decided to go up To the SkyGods and figure out what was actually Happening up there. He went to the airfield, where he could get a Flying-machiner. He needed a machine that was Going to take him there and bring him back in one Piece. He found the perfect machine to handle it. He was going to take the red and blue, American Jet. While on the way up to the SkyGods, SuperPuppy had a little struggle going through the thick, black, rolling clouds that blocked out the sun. The windows on the jet Had condensation and started to freeze on the inside From the cold front that blew in from the Northerns. He had reached up to the doors of the SkyGods’ Palace.

Brandika Cadenhead W3 February 9, 2012

They let him in and questioned what he was doing.

He began to say, “I have come up here to your palace, on behalf Of the animals of Petville, to ask why have you sent This storm upon us? What is it that we have done to Deserve this storm?”

The SkyGods respond with confused looks on their Faces, “SuperPuppy, it is not us who have sent the storm. Frozen Waterer is behind all of it. He had written in Book that he wants Petville to suffer while it ends. He believes that your time has come to an end. We have kicked him out of the palace and he turned Evil, destroying everything that comes in his path. He is making the rain freeze in places that have never Seen the snow or heard of it. He is out of control And working on his own. We are not helping him Out.” Shocked SuperPuppy sighs and asks,”What are We to do?” The SkyGods say that there is nothing they can Do, but hide and wait out the storm. They would be Helping as much as they could by shining the sun behind The clouds. With this information SuperPuppy returns To Petville and lets his animals know what was said By the SkyGods. He tells them to get as much food as the can For a couple weeks. He emphasizes the need for water and warmth. Grocery stores opened up and supplied the animals With the essentials they would need. The guys went to board up the houses and the Females went to get the necessities. The kids went and Gathered all the blankets they could find. Although they did not quite comprehend How yesterday they were swimming at the lake And today it would be a snow storm. And so forth, the town and everyone there had all

Brandika Cadenhead W3 February 9, 2012

Survived and conquered the fear of the Great storm. SuperPuppy could not have Been happier that day and everyday to follow. Lastly, after SuperPuppy’s flashback, he feels Better than he ever has. He was content With what he had done and how he saved his town. No one even mentions his crime he committed before.

SuperPuppy's Big Day  

SuperPuppy remembers back when the Great-Storm hit. He explains what he experienced during that time. He tells of the town of Petville and...

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