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Thinking about your future

On our 150th anniversary, we would like to share the attitude that has allowed us to grow and evolve all these years. Motivated by our desire to offer security and well-being, we have always avoided unnecessary risks. Still, we have also taken firm steps when the situation required, always seeking a balance between bravery and prudence, with the future of our customers ever in mind.

When your most basic needs are covered, you begin thinking of tomorrow. That is when you turn to an insurance company. So that you don’t need to worry when something unexpected happens. So that nothing changes when everything changes.

In Catalana Occidente Group, this is what we do. We look at the long term. We foresee risks; we calculate imponderables. We know life is unpredictable and work hard to make sure that is not an issue.

In 2014, we celebrate our 150th anniversary. A century and a half strong. For a company to last that long, it takes stability, caution and good judgment窶馬ot by sitting still, but by constantly seeking the best way to do things.

Because he was intuitive and prudent, but also brave, JesĂşs Serra initiated the formation of our group in 1959, introducing significant technological advances and innovative and effective management techniques.

For this reason, in 1963, Catalana Occidente became the first Spanish insurance company to computerize its operations.

For this reason, in 1971, we moved our headquarters out of Barcelona, seeking a peaceful and hospitable environment where we could work more efficiently.

For this reason, we bucked the industry trend and created our own network of brokers, professionals trained to provide our customers with superb support and top-quality service.

For this reason, we have welcomed companies providing diversification, growth, strength, stability and volume into the group fold.

For this reason, we are constantly dreaming up new products and new forms of coverage. Even though the world is changing, we want our customers to feel as protected as they were before. As they have always been.

For this reason, we are only in the insurance business. To keep on innovating, we need give it our full focus and effort.

And because we are prudent and also brave, we try to help our community advance by protecting people and their assets. A path we all travel together.

The world is moving faster and faster, and at Catalana Occidente Group, we know how important it is to keep pace. To move forward with enthusiasm and tackle new challenges.

In honor of our 150th anniversary, we have updated our graphic identity. This new image strives to reflect the values of solidity, balance and dynamism that have brought us to where we are today and will continue to guide us in the future.

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