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NEC is an engineering and a core infrastructure company with a felt difference - born to fulfilling a dream of a visionary, nurtured on homespun values, embracing the state-of-the-art technology, transcending the country contours and growing exponentially across a wide spectrum of infrastructure activity. The flagship company of Navayuga Group, NEC is the established leader in special foundations by dint of completing each and every project ahead of schedule.

Vision: To be the world leader in infrastructure


he year 2008 is epoch-making for NEC in as much as it has successfully commissioned the Krishnapatnam Port in a record time of 18 months.

Moreover, it is poised to embark on more ports on the east coast; thereby elevating Navayuga to a Port specialist, the only one of its kind in the country. Further, forays in Power have been fetching and fruitful. It’s ambitious plans to set up Power Plants of a capacity of 6000 MW are fast afoot, some in advanced stage. NEC's core ability to deliver projects from its traditional stable on time as well as within budget continues to earn widespread recognition. Perfect blend of youth and experience across management and workforce, team-spirit, cutting-edge technology and equipment, underlying strength of the value-system, corporate goals borne out of a Vision are the driving factors behind NEC's unprecendented success. And taking a leap forward into international arena, NEC has presence in the Middle East as well.

C. Visweswara Rao Chairman & Managing Director

Navayuga Engineering Company Limited


At the Helm

C. Sridhar

Col. SB Puri

Joint Managing Director In the age of modern construction, his expertise in mechanical engineering stands him in good stead to innovate towards achieving cost effective solutions under demanding situations. He also heads human and financial resources.

Executive Director If Civil Engineering design could be personified as one individual, it would have to be S.B. Puri. This IIT alumnus’ devotion and commitment to the profession are beyond compare.

Dr Ir PV Chandramohan President - Technical With a Ph D in Engineering, a national award, about 80 technical publications, numerous innovations and patents, it is hardly surprising that he was nominated as the 'Person of the Year' by India Vision Channel in 2007. His contribution continues to raise living standards of people across the country.


Navayuga Engineering Company Limited

Sajjan Singh Mangat

C. Sasidhar

Director He has a way with machines. Stubborn construction machinery responds wonderfully to his soothing touch. He has the ability to achieve the impossible in Mechanical Engineering, Sajjan Singh has contributed critically to the execution of demanding projects. His grappling with steel has been a major factor in the timely completion of many a project.

Director He has in him creative excellence refined with productivity oriented management skills. He has been the driving force behind Navayuga’s forays into urban infrastructure, major irrigation projects and port administration.

Navayuga Engineering Company Limited


The Gamut of NEC Stable

Marine Structues .............6 -

Berths / Jetties / Wharves Mooring Dolphins Breakwaters Coastal & Shore Protection Sea Water Intakes

Commissioning Ports ....10 Its portfolio will contain mega ports in Krishnapatnam, Astranga and Cuddalore. Krishnapatnam Port is ready to be the country’s largest privately owned and managed port.


Thermal Power Plants Hydel Power Plants Cooling Towers

The Living Legends

On the Fast Rail the Metro Way ..............18

NEC’s most valuable asset and the pride of success is


some thing off its Balance Sheet – yes, the dedicated, efficient and qualified workforce that mans huge pile of equipment and scores of projects; masterminded by a missionary and visionary Management.


EmPOWERing the Nation .....................14

Navayuga Engineering Company Limited

Elevated Viaducts Elevated Stations Structural Works

Bridges & Flyovers ........20 -

Bridges Flyovers ROBs

Irrigation the Rural Lifeline ...........26 -

Lift Irrigation Systems Tunnels Aquaducts Canals Earth Dams

The Foreign Connection a Geographical Leap ....34

Special Foundations .....30 -

RCC Bored Piles > Vertical & Raker Land & Marine RCC Diaphragm Walls > Straight & T-Shaped Panels Well Foundations / Caissons Prestressed Rock Anchors Sheet Piling / King Posts

Integrated Townships ....36

Navayuga Engineering Company Limited


Marine Structures

OSV facility and Berth at Kakinada Port


Navayuga Engineering Company Limited

Success in Sea Waters NEC remains a leader in marine infrastructure development. Its ability to build deep wells, berths, jetties, wharves, mooring dolphins, breakwaters and coastal & shore protection projects in open seas is reinforced by a very vibrant R&D team that has a special foundations project-specific engineering and planning. As of now, NEC has built over 9000m of berthing structures covering most major ports in the country. Over 4500m of these structures have been built with the company’s in-house and cost-effective alternative design proposals.

Seawater Intake well and Pumphouse, CPCL, Chennai

Cargo Berth, Tuticorin, Tamilnadu Navayuga Engineering Company Limited


Navayuga has built over 9000m of berthing structures covering most major ports in the country

LPG Jetty at Visakhapatnam Port

Sea water intake for JNPT, Mumbai


Navayuga Engineering Company Limited

WQ1 Jetty for Visakhapatnam Port



Construction of Degaussing Jetty at Visakhapatnam

270m long jetty supported on RCC bored cast-in-situ marine piles

Conversion of jetties WJ3, WJ2 and WJ1 into multipurpose quay berths with end protection, for Visakhapatnam Port Trust

Dismantling existing RCC piled jetties and construction of 784m long berth. The project executed on NECL's in-house alternate design proposal consisted of RCC Diaphragm wall, Bored piles and cellular deck.

Construction of multipurpose berth EQ-7 in the Inner Harbour at Visakhapatnam Port Trust

255m long Berth consisting of bored cast-in-situ RCC vertical & Raker piles and T-shaped diaphragm wall with cellular Deck.

Construction of LPG Handling Jetty at Pipavav Port, Gujarat.

Offshore berthing structure to accommodate 25,000DWT vessels comprising a 150m long approach jetty, 6 mooring dolphins, 2 breasting dolphins with central unloading platform, supported on cast-in-situ vertical marine piles, RCC deck and Rock Bund (13.50 Lakh Tonnes)

Construction of Multipurpose Berth 4B in continuation to Berth No. 5 at Haldia Dock.

Berth consisted of RCC marine piles, diaphragm walls of 600 mm and 1100 mm thickness, deck of 250mm thickness, service duct and retaining wall.

Construction of Cargo Berth No. 8 (Multipurpose) at Tuticorin Port.

340m long jetty consisting of 1200mm diameter cast-insitu bored piles, concrete deck slab, formation of rock bund and 60,000sqm reclamation.

Entire Make-up Water System on EPC Turnkey basis for Simhadri Thermal Power Project, Stage-I for NTPC, Visakhapatnam (2500 MW)

Complete engineering and construction of seawater intake system (9000 Cum / Hr) with 750m Open Sea Approach, Sweet Water Intake, Pipelines (50KM) Transmission lines (60 KM), SCADA Instrumentation, Data & Voice Communication system etc.

Construction of 9th Cargo Berth at Kandla Port.

281m long Jetty with 1000mm and 1200mm diameter castin-situ RCC bored piles, composite RCC deck etc.

Modification of existing Container Berth in Jawaharlal Nehru Port

Container Berth of 680m length founded on 1000mm diameter bored cast-in-situ RCC piles.

Construction of Deep Draft Multipurpose Berth at New Mangalore Port

381m long berth with 1100mm thick diaphragm walls with pre-stressed rock anchors of 225T Capacity, 1000mm 1100mm diameter bored cast-in-situ RCC piles.

LSTK-1 package - Seawater Intake, Outfall and Product Water Conveyance System of 5.8 MGD Sea Water Desalination Project, CPCL.

Construction of 17.1 OD intake well with pump house, 500m long approach jetty, 30km long pipelines along with hydro-mechanical & electro-mechanical works.

Development of OSV Facility & 4th Berth for Kakinada Seaports Limited

Construction of 300m long 4th Berth with piled approach (125m long) & 2nos. OSV Jetties each 200m long besides reclamation bunds at Kakinada Port.

Navayuga Engineering Company Limited


Navayuga Engineering makes Krishnapatnam Port operational in a record period of 18 months

Commissioning Ports


Navayuga Engineering Company Limited

Navigating Vision India’s maritime trade and its percentage share in the world market is growing at a rapid pace. The unprecedented growth has triggered a demand for strategic port capacity. NEC now stands on the threshold of maritime glory, secure with mega ports at Krishnapatnam, Astranga and Cuddalore in its portfolio. Krishnapatnam Port is ready to be the country’s largest privately owned and managed port.

Port at Astranga: Astranga is located on the coast of Orissa. There are large coal and iron ore mines in the hinterland and good transport facilities for easy conveyance of cargo to and from the port. The Port at Astranga will become a hub for coal and iron ore trade. Port at Cuddalore: Cuddalore Port is proposed about 300 km south of Chennai, Tamila Nadu. Two overlapping breakwaters will be constructed to form the harbor basin. The approach channel will be aligned through the narrow opening between the breakwaters. The development of the port will be carried out in two stages. The first stage will cater to vessels of 100000 DWT and second stage to vessels of upto 200000 DWT. The draught of the channel will be 19m. The port infrastructure will consist of a number of specialized berths and terminals for handling coal, iron ore, petroleum, chemicals and containers.

NEC is the specialist - in setting up ports on turnkey basis Aerial View of Krishnapatnam Port, Krishnapatnam Navayuga Engineering Company Limited


9 million tons cargo handled in the year 2008-2009

At the Krishnapatnam Port, Breakwaters comprise concrete armour blocks engineered in-house. Known as "KOLOS", these have the highest Kd value among the simillar blocks in use around the world

482 pucca houses for fishermen


Navayuga Engineering Company Limited

Krishnapatnam Port: Krishnapatnam Port is ideally located on the East Coast of India in Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh, 180 Kms North of Chennai. The Port functions 24x7, with night navigation capabilities and bulk cargo handling capacity of 100 MPTA besides 5-7 million TEU container traffic. The port will have a minimum of 30 berths and a specialized railway line to reduce transport cost. The advantage of Krishnapatnam port is that it has 5000 acres of back-up area. The Port has the potential to develop into a hub terminal for coal, petrochemicals and project cargos. Smt. Sonia Gandhi, UPA Chairperson unveiled the replica of Krishnapatnam Port

“The nation feels proud to see nurturing of it in to a port of international standard having state-of-ar t cargo handling equipment which will greatly reduce preberthing and turn-around time of vessels. This gigantic port will handle cargo at the rate of over 40,000 tons per day. On this historic day I would like to thank the people of Andhra Pradesh who have a special place in my heart for giving me this opportunity of dedicating this “modern temple” to the people our great country.” Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson, UPA, on the occasion of Dedication of Krishnapatnam Port to the Nation on 17-07-2008 Sri C.V. Rao, Chairman, Navayuga Group speaks on the occasion

India’s premier world-class port dedicated to the nation: On July 17, 2008: Set to become the preferred gateway to South East Asia, the Krishnapatnam Port was dedicated to the nation. Krishnapatnam Port is emerging as one of the fastest growing PPP ports in the country and has given a huge scope to create immense employment opportunities. Salient features of the Port: !

Among the world’s largest and state of the art container terminal in the world


Over 30 berths


Dedicated rail line and highway connectivity


Night navigation, 24/7, one of the deepest draft all weather ports

Corporate Social Responsibility: Navayuga Engineering Company Limited has built up 482 pucca houses with better roads and drainage facilities in a short span of 18 months to the fishermen affected in the development of Krishnapatnam Port Company Limited, as a social corporate responsibility besides a very good compensation package. It is also ensuring regular supply of Drinking Water and Gas to these houses on free of cost. Education, Health and Community Hall are also being set up to enrich their lives. NEC will always focus on CSR to uplift the rural masses. CVR Foundation: CVR Foundation, a part of CVR group - the leader in Infrastructure Development, believes in providing equal opportunities for all sections in the society. Driven by this ambition, CVR foundation serves the needs of the deprived with its holistic approach that aims to provide Education, Healthcare, Employment and Civic amenities. About 300 students were benefitted by getting aid towards College Fees, Examination Fees and cost of Books and admissions into various diversified courses and hostel charges.

“It is befitting for our Group to establish an international benchmark by developing this port with state-of-the-art facilities in a record time of 18 months… Our vision is to make it the most sought after International Integrated Port City. The Port will herald a new era of economic activity and dramatically transform the lifestyle of the people.” CV Rao, CMD - Krishnapatnam Port, Navayuga Group

For more details about the port please visit: Navayuga Engineering Company Limited


EmPOWERing the Nation


Navayuga Engineering Company Limited

Main Plant Work - NTPC, Farakka, West Bengal

Powering the Future Responding to Government of India’s Mission 2012 for providing “POWER FOR ALL”, the Navayuga Group is venturing into power generation in a big way to build an installed capacity of about 6,000 MW. Thermal Power Projects: Navayuga is developing an imported coal based 2,120MW mega power project at Krishnapatnam near its Krishnapatnam Port in the Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh. The estimated cost of the project is Rs. 85 billion. The station will comprise 2 units of 660MW supercritical power generating units in phase I and an 800MW supercritical generating unit in Phase II. The power plants will be state of the art, highly efficient, environment friendly and use low sulphur, low ash imported coal from Indonesia. The first phase of the project is scheduled to go on stream during 2012, and the second phase during 2015. Navayuga is also developing a coal based 4x660 MW power project at Astranga in the state of Orissa. Navaygua is implementing a Dudh Koshi-1, 165MW Hydel Power Project at Bhadaure VDC Okhaldhunga District in Nepal.

Structural Work - NTPC, Farakka, West Bengal Navayuga Engineering Company Limited


Civil and Structural Works for Power Projects


Navayuga Engineering Company Limited

Apart from setting up its own power projects, Navayuga is also executing major Civil, Structural & Architectural works for: •

NTPC Barh Super Thermal Power Project, Stage I (3x660MW) - SG Area

NTPC Barh Super Thermal Power Project, Stage I (3x660MW) - TG Area

NTPC Barh Super Thermal Power Project, Stage II (2x660MW) - Main Plant & Offsite Area

NTPC Farakka Super Thermal Power Project, Stage III (1x500MW) - Main Plant

DVC Koderma Thermal Power Station, (2x550MW) - Main Plant

SG and TG Area - Civil and Structural works, NTPC, Barh

Main Plant Work - NTPC, Barh

Main Plant Work - NTPC, Farakka, West Bengal Navayuga Engineering Company Limited


On the Fast Rail - the Metro Way

Station building at Pragati Maidan for DMRC, New Delhi


Navayuga Engineering Company Limited

Metro India Navayuga Engineering is contributing significantly to empowering a safe, fast, economical, clean and reliable transport system for modern India. NEC is designing and executing major works in two of India’s most prestigious metro rail projects – Delhi and Bangalore. NEC’s prominent Metro milestones include: •

Building the largest railway station for phase I of Delhi’s Metro Project at Pragati Maidan, which can accommodate a maximum of two lakh passengers at a time.

Civil works for the Bangalore and Delhi Metro Projects which include construction of long stretches of elevated viaducts.

NEC is playing a crucial role in Phase II of the Delhi Metro Project as well.


Placing pre-stressed girders on an elevated structure for Bangalore Metro



Delhi MRTS, Project-Contract-BC-6.

Part design and construction of elevated viaduct of length 5253m, including structural work of three elevated stations (Mayur Vihar Phase-I extension and New Ashok Nagar) of Phase-II.

Construction of elevated structures (Viaduct) for Bangalore Metro

5.50KM elevated structure (Viaduct) from Byappanahalli to Cricket Stadium (Reach-1)

Navayuga Engineering Company Limited


3.0 Km long bridge across a major River: The fastest ever in Indian Construction, completed in record eleven months.

Bridges & Flyovers

Bridge across River Krishna


Navayuga Engineering Company Limited

Bridging Goals & Accomplishment - the Road to inclusive Growth

Bridge across River Gautami between Yanam and Yedurulanka

Nagaloi Flyover

Project Yanam Bridge (Bridge across River Godavari)

Description Construction of a 1.80Km long bridge on a BOT basis, connecting Yanam and Yedurlanka, including 9.4Km long approaches. The bridge comprised 40 spans of 45m each. 1.70m dia bored cast-in-situ piles, each 45m deep, were installed in flowing waters of depths upto 16.0 meters by a hydraulic rotary piling rig mounted on a jack up barge. This was the first major River crossing road bridge in India to have been founded on large diameter bored piles. The highly mechanized system of construction adopted facilitated the completion of the project three months ahead of schedule.

Krishna Bridge

The 3.0Km long bridge included 4.0Km long approach roads. 70 spans each 43m long, were founded on large diameter bored piles, and the deck structure comprised of prestressed girders. Precise planning, high level of mechanization with custom built equipments were the key features that enabled completion of the project in a record period of eleven months, as against the target of thirty six months.

Navayuga Engineering Company Limited


4.5 km long elevated viaduct in segmental construction with innovative design features unique to the structure like use of external post-tentioning technique.


Navayuga Engineering Company Limited

Breaking new ground for a New India

Mahamaya Flyover, Noida

Best roads, better connectivity One of the first players in India to visualize the importance of taking up BOT projects, NEC has conquered new heights with every kilometer of road it has laid. Some of its more prominent milestones are: Project

Elevated Expressway at Bangalore-Nelamangala Project


Nellore Bypass

17.3km long by-pass on BOT Annuity basis for NHAI. Project included 840m long three laned twin bridges across River Pennar, five minor bridges, seven underpasses, one Railway Over Bridge with a single span of 31.5m for four tracks, and Sixty Seven CD structures. The project valued at Rs.163.78 crores was completed two months ahead of schedule.

Trichy to Padalur four laning of National Highway

4/6 laning of a 40 Km stretch between Trichy and Padalur on NH 45 at Rs 411 crores on BOT basis. The project involved construction of major bridges across River Cauvery, Kollidam and Uppar.

Bangalore-Nelamangala Expressway

NHAI’s 6 laning of access controlled highway project along Bangalore-Nelamangala section on NH4 at a cost of Rs.719 crores on BOT basis, it runs over 20km with one 4 lane elevated viaduct of 4.5km with 7 nos. of 6 lane flyovers. It is the largest valued BOT project yet awarded by NHAI to a single contractor.

Khalghat - MP/Maharashtra Border - four laning National Highway

Development of 83km length of four lane road along with major and minor bridges, flyovers, culverts etc. at a cost of Rs.700 crores.

Navayuga Engineering Company Limited


Bridge across River Cauvery, Tamilnadu

Flyover at Kanpur


Navayuga Engineering Company Limited

MP Road over Disused Canal, New Delhi



Flyover at Najafgarh

Construction of Flyover covering Najafgarh and Kirari Mor intersection on NH-10 (Delhi-Rohtak Road) at Nangloi and Construction of Underpass along Outer Ring Road No.26 and Two Nos. Foot Over Bridges (FOB) at the intersection of Jwala Heri – Bhera Enclave Road, Delhi.

Flyover at Shyam Lal College Crossing

Construction of Flyover and Underpasses with FOB’s at Shyam Lal College Crossing on Grand Trunk Road and Construction of Underpass and Four Nos. Clover leaves with FOB’s at ITO Chungi crossing, Delhi

Flyover at Naraina T-Point

Construction of Flyover at Naraina T-Point, Ring Road, New Delhi. (Civil Work).

Flyover at Azadpur

Construction of Main Flyover including Underpass, Pedestrial, Bus Bays, Service Road, Drainage, Electrical, Landscaping and Allied Works at Azadpur, New Delhi

Flyover at T-Junction, Noida.

Construction of Flyover at T-Junction on Sector-14A, Noida.

Flyover with Clover Leaves at NOIDA

Construction of Flyover with clover leaves and MP Road No.3 and Express Highway and allied work near Amity School at Noida. Construction of Flyover and allied works at T-Junction near Film City in District Goutam Budh Nagar

Allahabad Bypass Project

Construction of 18 Nos. Structures of Major and Minor Bridges, Flyover, ROB’s, Overpasses & Underpasses in the stretch of KM 198 to KM 242.7 as a part of ABP-3 for NHAI.

Master Plan Road over Disused Canal

Construction of 3KM long Master Plan Road over Disused Canal in East Delhi from Karkari Mor to Marginal Bund Road (near Shastri Nagar), Delhi.

Bridge across River Yamuna

Construction of 560m long Bridge founded on Wells across River Yamuna along with Approaches of 1.90 KM near Geeta Colony, Delhi.

Navayuga Engineering Company Limited


Navayuga continues to contribute to Nation building through Lift Irrigation Projects including the most prestigious Pranahitha-Chevella Lift Irrigation Projects.

Irrigation - the Rural Lifeline


Navayuga Engineering Company Limited

Boosting Agrarian Economy NEC is emerging as the leader in major lift irrigation projects. It is at the forefront of design, equipment, R&D, tunneling prowess and electrical know-how. Pump houses, inclined shafts and long challenging excavations are all part of a day's work for engineers at our sites.

Tunnel at Bhima Lift Irrigation Project



Sripada Sagar Project - Stage II, Phase -I

To lift water over 135m in height, construct pump houses, supply & lay of pressure main, along with various ElectroMechanical and other utilities.

Execution of Stage - 2 pumping station (5x30MW) at Jonnalaboguda Balancing Reservior Near Khanapur Village under EPC/Turnkey Basis, KALWAKURTHY

To lift water over 90m in height, construct pump houses, surgepool, cistern, tunnel (5.0KM) along with various Electro-Mechanical and other utilities.

BLIP-Lift II – Design & Execution of Stage1& Stage-2 Pumping Station of Lift –II at Thirumalayapally & Kothakota (Vg) of Kothakota (M) Mahabubnagar Dist. on E.P.C.

To lift water over 61m in height over a length of 5 KM in two stages. Work involves construction of a tunnel (2.0KM), pump house, surge pool, cistern along with various Electro-Mechanical and other utilities.

Construction of Chagallu Barrage under PABR Stage –II of Anantapur Dist. (Package No.33)

To construct 2.60 Km long barrage comprising of spillway, bund and saddle dyke. 16Km long canal to distribute water to irrigate 6000 acres.

Construction of Sri Komaram Bhim Project (Pedda vagu project) near Ada (Vg), Asifabad (M), Adilabad Dist.

To construct 2.20 Km long earthen dam with spillway, 65 Km long lined canal to distribute water to irrigate 25000 acres.

Execution of Pranahitha - Chevella Lift Irrigation Scheme Link-II - Package No. 06

Lifting of 146.24 TMC water over 100m in single stage, Construction of Pump House, Surge Pool, Cistern, Tunnel along with various Hydro & Electro-Mechanical works.

Link-VII - Package No. 21

Lifting of 17 TMC water over 65m in single stage, Construction of Pump House, Surge Pool, Cistern, Tunnel along with various Hydro & Electro-Mechanical works and Distribution network to irrigate an ayacut of 1,80,000 Acres.

Sri Komaram Bheem Dam Project Navayuga Engineering Company Limited


A record achievement in Indian Construction History: l

2 km long tunnel excavation completed in a record time of 6 months (@12m/day) at Bheema Lift Irrigation Project, Mahaboobnagar Dist.


5 km long tunnel excavation completed in a record period of 14 months at Kalwakurthy Lift Irrigation Project, Mahaboobnagar Dist.

Deep Excavation of over 60m for Pump House in Bheema Lift Irrigation Project


Navayuga Engineering Company Limited

Pumphouse - Bheema Lift Irrigation Project

Fastest Steel Pipeline Fabrication (total 29km 34,525T) in a record period of 8 months in Sripada Sagar Stage-II, Phase-1.

Navayuga Engineering Company Limited


Special Foundations

Marine Pile foundations for 9th Cargo Berth, Kandla Port


Navayuga Engineering Company Limited

The Technology mantra As the leader in Special foundations, NEC continues to raise the bar. Number of records and commendations such as one from NTPC, Barh for executing the largest quantum of piling in a single day, continues to bear the testimony.

Installation of RCC Bored cast-in-situ piles 425,000 RM at NTPC, Barh Largest single piling contract to any company in India

Jetty Piling at Pipavav Port, Gujarat



Strengthening of NH-1, Karnal – Ambala Road, Haryana (World Bank Project)

Construction of 527 Nos. of 1200 mm dia Raker piles and 1132 Nos of 1200 mm vertical piles of 18 to 26m deep & 48 Nos of 800mm dia Piles 24m in deep for various Bridges on NH-1.

Main Plant & Offsite Civil Works Package for Barh, STPP, Stage - II (2X660 MW), Barh

Construction of 3,01,500RM of 600 & 760 mm dia Bored cast-in-situ piles along with 47000 MT of structural steel fabrication & erection.

Civil construction work of External Coal Handling System (ECHS) of North Chennai Thermal Power Station, Tamil Nadu Electricity Board, Chennai

4010 Nos. of 500mm dia bored cast-in-situ piles of 100T capacity with Civil Works.

Piling works for SG Area Civil Works Package for NTPC, VSTPP, Stage III.

Construction of 1950 Nos of Bored cast-in-situ RCC piles of 760mm dia up to a depth of 24m. Achieved a record progress of 460 Nos of piles in a month.

Providing pile foundations for Transmission Lines

Construction of Bored cast in situ RCC Piles across various rivers for Transmission Line Towers

Construction of 1400 Mts Cut and Cover Tunnel Works for Delhi Metro rail Corporation

Driving of Sheet Piles, King Posts and Construction of 800mm & 1000mm thick RCC Diaphragm Wall, RCC Barrets.

Additional tankage project site of Visakh Refinery

Piling and Pile Cap works for 2 Nos. crude tanks at additional tankage project site of Visakh Refinery.

Pragati Maidan & Indraprastha Stations on Extension of Line-3 of Delhi MRTS Project. Contract 3C47A

Construction of bored cast in – situ RCC vertical piles of dia 1000mm

Persvanth Metro Station at Akshardham

800 mm dia RCC bored cast in situ piles at Persvanth Metro Station at Akshardham

Navayuga Engineering Company Limited


Special Foundations for DMRC, New Delhi


Navayuga Engineering Company Limited

Sheet Piling Shore Protection work at Prakasam Barrage, Vijayawada

Diaphragm Wall at NTPC, Visakhapatnam



Kakardooma Metro Station Project

Piling work at Kakardooma Metro Station Project for DMRC

Vediocon IT Park, Salt Lake,Kolkata

Piling work for proposed Vediocon IT Park, Salt Lake, Kolkata

2x135MW Captive Power Project at Tamminapatnam

Construction of 1510 Nos. of Bored cast-in-situ RCC piles of 750mm & 600 mm dia up to a depth of 40m.

2x800MW Domodaram Sanjeevaiah TPP at Krishnapatnam

Construction of 4995 Nos. of Bored cast-in-situ RCC piles of 750mm & 600 mm dia up to a depth of 48m.

1.50 MMTA Alumina Refinery Project at Makaravaripalem

Construction of 2083 Nos. of Bored cast-in-situ RCC piles of 1000mm & 600 mm dia up to a depth of 17m.

Krishnapatnam Port Project

Construction of 780 Nos. 900mm dia. Raker piles and 790 Nos of 900 mm dia vertical piles of about 43 m deep for berth construction of 3.3 KM length.

Construction of RCC Diaphragm wall and Anchors etc., for Pipavav Port Ship Breaking Project at Pipavav, Gujarat.

Design and Construction of 600 mm thick RCC T- shaped Diaphragm wall with tiebacks consisting of prestressed rock anchors for the ship breaking docks and pile

Provision of 280M long North Yard Protection Berth

280M long berth consisting of 10195 Sq.M of 600mm thick T-shaped Diaphragm wall in front of 190 Nos. of 1000mm dia. Raker piles of about 22m deep.

Construction of LPG Handling Jetty at Visakhapatnam Outer Harbour

Installation of 250 Nos bored cast-in-situ of 750mm to 100mm dia for 371m long Jetty.

Construction of multipurpose Berth 4B at Haldia Dock

Installation of 57Nos. of 1200 mm dia bored cast-in-situ piles for the construction of Berth

Construction of Plastic Concrete Diaphragm wall for Gundlakamma reservoir project, Ongole

Construction of 800mm thick plastic diaphragm wall for a length of 1265 m

Design and Construction of underground portion of Viswa Vidyalaya-Jahangirpuri of DMRC Contract BC-2

Construction of 800mm thick diaphragm wall of and installation of cast-in-situ bored piles of 1000mm dia. Navayuga Engineering Company Limited


The Foreign Connection a Geographical Leap


Piling work - Qatar Navayuga Engineering Company Limited

Beyond the Borders Engineers at Navayuga are driven by new challenges and opportunities. The overseas market - especially in the Middle East - is an inspiring destination. Buzzing with the most competitive and cutting edge construction, it offers fertile ground for inspiration and growth. Navayuga’s core strengths - huge equipment arsenal and ability to design and deliver the toughest foundations in the roughest terrains and weather conditions – find synergy with development in the Middle East. Navayuga began its overseas foray with Qatar, and in two short years, established a presence in Abu Dhabi as well. With a rapidly evolving track record in Qatar and Abu Dhabi, Navayuga is raring to support the development initiatives in the Middle East and the rest of the world.

Piling work - Qatar

Piling work - Abu Dhabi Navayuga Engineering Company Limited


Married Sailors Accommodation at Ezhimala - 195 units of 4 quarters each. Development spread over 63 acres.

Integrated Townships


Navayuga Engineering Company Limited

The New Reality IT Park, Hyderabad: The IT Park will be a premium mix of swanky corporate offices, housing, retail setups, entertainment and recreation facilities. The salient features include 4.4 million sq.ft. of built-up area, integrated approach to development. Navayuga is showcasing its strength in Technology at its IT Park at Hyderabad by building Twin Towers of 17 floors each leaning towards each other by 14o to the normal - A first of its kind in the Country. Very few leaning towers in the world over which lean so much. Even the world wonder, the Leaning Tower of Pisa lean only 5½o.

IT Park, Vizag: Premium buildings, top of the line security measures, and close proximity to residential and recreational zones will serve as the icing on the cake spread over 3 acres. Civilians and Sailors Accommodation Project, Ezhimala, Kerala: The Project consists of 195 blocks, each consisting of four quarters in ten categories. The layout set on a side of a hill and involved deep excavations of upto 14m in soil and rock. The project valued at Rs.582 millions, includes construction of Internal Roads, Water Supply, Drainage System, Electrification, Landscaping etc. Physical Training and Extra Curricular Activities Complex, for Naval Academy, Ezhimala, Kerala: Construction of PT & ECA Complex for the Naval Academy at Ezhimala in Kerala is valued at Rs.354 million comprises of an Olympic sized swimming cum diving pool, covered multipurpose physical training and drill sheds. Physical Training block, Olympic sized athletic track, parade ground, spectator galleries, Extra Curricular Activities Complex, flotilla office building, fitness center, cafeteria, audio visual center, water body and play fields with obstacle courses.

Navayuga Engineering Company Limited


NECL has more than 70 Nos. self propelled Hydraulic Piling Rigs ranging from 15 TM Torque to 40 TM Torque.

Equipment Trench Cutter


Navayuga Engineering Company Limited

- The largest stockpile owned by any Indian Company and perhaps by any Foreign Company.

Heart of construction The Company owns the latest equipment for bored piles and diaphragm walls among other construction needs. The inventory includes:

Automatic Concrete Batching Plant

Hydraulic Rotary Piling Rigs, Hydraulic Trench Cutters/ Grabs, Hammer Grabs for Piling Automated Concrete Batching Plants of upto 120 cum per hour Drilling Equipments / Rock Anchors for Tunnelling Floating Crafts Launching Girders / Trusses Cranes - Crawler mounted 25T to 250T capacity Tyre mounted all terrain Crane 10T to 50T capacity Floating Crafts - Heavy duty jackup platform, 14 crafts and dredgers

Rocket Boomer

Concrete Boom Placer

Navayuga Engineering Company Limited



Navayuga Engineering Company Limited

Dredgers NAVAYUGA-1: Navayuga 1 is a Trailer Suction Hopper Dredger with a hopper capacity of 7500 m3. This is one of biggest hopper dredgers owned by an Indian company. It is deployed to carry out the dredging works in the krishnapatnam port channel. NAVAYUGA-2: Navayuga 2 is a Trailer Suction Hopper Dredger with a hopper capacity of 4500 m3. This being small in size has better maneuverability and is deployed in inner channel and of berths in krishnapatnam port. NAVAYUGA-3: Navayuga 3 is a Cutter Suction Dredger CSD 500, it is built by DAMEN and is a standard model well proven, dismountable cutter suction dredger. Max dredging depth - 16 mtrs. NAVAYUGA-4: Navayuga 4 is a cutter suction dredger IHC beaver 1600, it is built by IHC, Holland and is well known for its robust construction and excellent performance. Max dredging depth - 16 mtrs.

Navayuga Engineering Company Limited


Researching Infrastructural Development 1.

Development of New Armor block Breakwaters are constructed in the sea to dissipate the energy of oncoming waves, so that the waters in the basin in the lee of the structure are tranquil. The basin can be utilized for handling vessels to load/unload cargo. But on the other hand, breakwaters should be able to withstand the on slought of the waves without undergoing distress themselves. Navayuga Engineering Company has developed a new armor block that it has named Kolos. According to initial results, its stability number is the highest in the world. The blocks have excellent interlocking characteristic. Patent for this development is pending. This is Navayuga’s powerful thrust into the field of harbor engineering.

Kolos for Krishnapatnam Port

2. Hauling system for de-mucking from an inclined shaft Normally, during tunneling operations, removal of muck from a blast is done by trucks that are loaded by an excavator. This is harder when the shaft is inclined. The excavation has to proceed from the top. The blasted muck will lie at the bottom of the excavation. Excavators and trucks cannot make it down. The shaft for the irrigation projects are at 450 to the horizontal. Navayuga designed an ingenious winch based arrangement for removal of muck. The arrangement consists of a winch for hauling, wire sheaves for changing the direction of pull, wire ropes for transferring the force and a trolley on rails for carrying the muck. This arrangement came in handy for transporting work force to the tunnel face and back. Later on, the same arrangement was utilized for lowering the steel liners.


Navayuga Engineering Company Limited


Navayuga has developed a Kelly Bar with grab to maintain alignment during the construction of diaphragm walls.


NECL has developed in-house Reverse Mud Circulation (RMC) rig with 10T capacity free fall double drum winch to chisel through hard rock strata to execute diaphragm wall works.

Leading India the infrastructure way Navayuga Engineering Company Limited is the flagship entity of the Navayuga Group. It stands out for its ability to take on projects on Turnkey basis that require end-to-end engineering solutions, for nurturing excellent relationships with financial institutions worldwide, and for having one of the largest equipment bases in India.

Aided by highly skilled professionals and cutting-edge technology, the Group continues to break new ground. The key companies of the group are: l l l l

Navayuga Engineering Company Limited Krishnapatnam Port Company Limited Krishnapatnam Power Corporation Limited Krishnapatnam Water Company Pvt. Ltd.

Casting Yard - Bangalore Nelamangala Project

Navayuga Engineering Company Limited


2.60 Km long Chagallu barrage comprising of spillway, bund and saddle dyke with 16Km long canal and 1.80 Km long Earthern Dam.

Construction of Chagallu Barrage, Ananthpur Dist.



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