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Words of Branders Issue 12 | May, 2019

“While consumers aren’t yet highly aware of clean packaging, our survey showed they have strong sentiments as to its importance. Therefore, we feel brands have a short period of time to be proactive and get ahead of the curve rather than waiting to react when clean packaging becomes much more prevalent in the minds of consumers.”

Weldon Williams

Senior director, Quality Assurance, Packaging at HAVI


Branders Quotes Issue 12 | May, 2019

“Many in the packaging industry and sustainability space believe that demonizing plastics in packaging and other applications is an emotional reaction to plastic pollution, and that problem really should be framed as marine litter, not plastics overall.”

Tristanne Davis

Senior Manager, The Sustainable Packaging Coalition at GreenBlue


Branders Words of Branders

June 2019 ISSUE 12


Terri Goldstein Terri Goldstein, Founder and CEO of The Goldstein Group, NYC. Terri and her design team help FMCG companies to position, identify and develop ownable brand core identifiers for brand packaging that can be fiercely protected.

Co-founder and CEO of Denomination. She is a regular contributor to drinks and design press, and has lectured and chaired panels in design, innovation and drinks packaging.

Simon Pendry

Hernán Braberman

Simon Pendry is the creative director and founder of Simon Pendry Creative, an awardwinning agency with 25+ years experience designing effective global brands & packaging.

Partner and Executive Design Director of tridimage, a Latin American agency that futureproofs CPG brands through AR, structural and graphic packaging design.

Adriana Wolff

Luis Costinha

Senior strategic packaging engineer with 30+ years of experience in the food, beverage, and cosmetic industries in the US and Latin America. Speaker at 80+ domestic and international forums on sustainable packaging.

Founder of Going Through Change. Costinha is a brand designer focused on Sports. Specialized in designing Identities and planning personalized and effective Brand Strategies truly based on a concept and strategy.

Craig Valentino TGIM (Thank God It’s Monday) is the design work of Craig Valentino from New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley. Craig specializes in graphic design, branding, art direction and product graphics.


Rowena Curlewis


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08 Editor’s Letter 10 TopBrand Top 5 Packaging Design Blogs 12 Creativity Creativity + Strategy in Packaging: A Perfect Pair 14 Creativity The Power of Ideas




18 Sustainable Brands Sustainable Packaging and Circular Economy: a great challenge! 20 Innovation I saw Packaging Future and its Name is Augmented Reality 24 Cover Brand Wayfinding: Never Decorate. Always Navigate 30 Storytelling A Pack is Worth a Thousand Words



34 Sport Branding 100% Emotional Packaging 36 Brand Gadgets 37 Events 38 Profile Andrew Gibbs




Editor’s Letter

Packaging: experience before experience The packaging is the first interaction that consumers have with brands. This is the reason why a good packaging experience is important to connect with consumers.


ackaging and packaging design has become an important factor for brands and has a key role in communicating product benefits to the customer.

According to Stewart (1995), the basic function of packaging was to “preserve product integrity” by protecting the actual food product against potential damage from “climatic, bacteriological and transit hazards” (Stewart, 1995). Brands used to think that they just needed a good design, with a good design and that would be enough. Nowadays, the packaging is more than that, based on a good strategy, the packaging is the media that brands use to communicate to their consumers the values, characteristics, attributes and in general, the essence of the brand. The packaging is the first experience the consumer will have with the brand before the experience they will have with the product. For this reason, is very important to think strategically when brands are creating their packaging. The user experience is one of the most important key factors to create powerful connections. This issue was designed to show professionals the importance of

packaging identifying all the different aspects around good packaging development like strategy, creativity, innovation, sustainability, technology and much more. We talked with Terri Goldstein, one of the most important branders on this topic around the world. she will be sharing about the “Sequence Of Cognition” to win at shelf and online. Also, Simon Pendry, founder of Simon Pendry Creative shard with us about the power of ideas in packaging. Hernan Braberman, Executive Design Director of Tridimage shared about the future of packaging. Adriana Wolff, an expert in sustainable packaging wrote about the challenges to create sustainable packaging. Rowena Curlewis, CEO and co-founder of Denomination, shared about the stories that packaging can tell. Craig Valentino, founder of TGIM (Thank God it’s Monday) wrote about the perfect match between Creativity and strategy. Finally, Luis Costinha, founder of GTC (Going Through Changes) shared about the importance of packaging in the sports industry. In conclusion, an amazing issue that will help brands and branders to use better strategies to create powerful connections through packaging.

LUIS FERNANDO VERGARA CEO & Founder Branders Magazine @luifer_brander

References Stewart, B. (1995), Packaging as an Effective Marketing Tool, Pira International, Surrey.

Editor in Chief : Luis Fernando Vergara, COO: Carolina Gomez, Advertising Director: Elizabeth Gomez, Design: Branders Media Group The contents of this publication is exclusive and opinions expressed are responsibility of the authors. Reproduction from the contents of this publication is prohibited without authorization.

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TopBrands Words of Branders

Top 5: Packaging design blogs

3. World Packaging Design The World Brand Design Society (WBDS) is an internationally focused community, founded in 2008 with the mission of highlighting exceptional consumer (packaging) and corporate brand design while bringing knowledge and a community closer together.

1.Dieline Established in 2007 by Andrew Gibbs, Dieline has become the leading media brand for consumer packaging and consumer brands. Dieline is committed to supporting the advancement of the package design industry in all its forms.

4. Behance Behance is an online platform to showcase & discover creative work. It is owned by Adobe. People join Behance and build profiles consisting of Projects. A Project is a grouping of images, videos, and other digital content with a particular theme or process. Every Project has a unique URL that can be shared.

5. Designer Daily 2. Packaging of the World Packaging of the World (POTW) started at the beginning of 2008 and has grown rapidly to become one of the leading packaging design blogs on the internet. Packaging of the World aims to inspire designers from all around the world by publishing some of the most interesting and creative projects from large global agencies to students. 10 BRANDERS MAGAZINE • 2019

Designer Daily is a blog for designers and web designers by Mirko Humbert, a Swiss graphic and web designer who shares his thoughts on design, ressources and tips for designers, beautiful stuff & more. Don’t worry if you are not a designer, you are also welcome to browse around and enjoy yourself.

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Creativity Branding

Creativity + Strategy in Packaging: A Perfect Pair When it comes to packaging, creativity and strategy go hand in hand. When the two compliment each other, magic happens! BY CRAIG VALENTINO TGIM (Thank God It’s Monday) is the design work of Craig Valentino from New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley. Craig specializes in graphic design, branding, art direction and product graphics. @thankgoditsmondaydesign

In my mind, for a successful package design, the ultimate goal at the end of the day is to make creativity and strategy get along.


n the broad field of design, the packaging is one of my favorite things to work on. I love applying design aesthetic to something tangible that I can hold in my hand, an aspect of life that still begs for our attention in a digital age. And any designer will tell you how special it is to see their work out in the real world. To me, the packaging is one of the many vessels that help carry a brand (not simply the brand’s product) to the consumer. So yes, there’s much more strategy involved in the creative process beyond simply what looks and feels good. But let’s be honest, looking and feeling good is awesome! Strategy alone won’t give you goosebumps like the creative design aspect. To this point, the balance of creativity and strategy in my work, and in general, is super important in packaging.


Strategic design decisions for packaging certainly need to be made behind the scenes which the consumer doesn’t always need to know about. It’s about doing the work for the consumer so they don’t have to. Visual communication that helps make products easy to recognize, understand, and ultimately choose by the consumer is key. But then there’s the creative eye-candy of package design; the thing that catches your eye when you pass by it on the shelf or scroll past it on a web page or a social feed. It’s that thing that strikes you and gives you an emotional reaction. My goal for the consumer is to think beyond “I want to buy that” but instead think “I want to be PART of that.” I think that’s the desire for any brand, but if I can play a role in striking and inspiring someone by communicating a brand’s story visually through design, then I feel good about my job.


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In my mind, for successful package design, the ultimate goal at the end of the day is to make creativity and strategy get along. It’s easy to reach for the stars when designing, but I have to be realistic about the strategic end of the project. I not only have to understand who the product is for and how it’s going to sell but also understand the choices and goals of the client as well. Working within those parameters can prove difficult, but when it can be pulled off, amazing things happen. Once I’m able to lock into the constraints and fully understand them, the sky’s the limit for creative design. Like with many designers, I do at times try to get away with whatever I can creatively

without breaking from the constraints, even if it pushes against those parameter boundaries. I think in some situations it can be worth showing a client something risky if it brings value to the project, as it can help to inspire the conversation and overall direction, clients tend to appreciate this. Regardless of the reasons why someone chooses to buy something, one thing’s for sure: If I can properly design a package that’s creative and engaging enough to stop someone dead in their tracks, then I’m leaving a lasting impression in them and leaving my mark in the world. It’s all about the goosebumps.


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