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Tuesday, August 20th • Luncheon • $30.00 (lower price) Registration 10:30 am - 11:00 am

Bernardo Heights Country Club

16066 Bernardo Heights Parkway, SD 92128

Presenting Two Exciting Speakers Myron Uhlberg

Paul Vancea

•Graduated from Brandeis in 1955 •Was acquainted with Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, Leonard Bernstein & will speak on these friendships •Author of award winning book “Hands of My Father” •His story of being raised in the 1940’s Brooklyn by two deaf parents • His book recounts the time when he finds himself in charge of his epileptic brother because his parents could not hear the seizures

•Came to this country six years ago from Romania •Will graduate from Brandeis in 2014 •Is our chapter’s Student Ambassador •Is a straight A student who has won many awards & scholarships in film •Is involved with Brandeis television which is an enrichment program for younger students •Is negotiating a contract for You Tube videos •Has begun working on a documentary about Eli Segal, after whom the Segal Citizen Program is named, which will fund his summer internship

-Menu- Please Choose One Entree o Pan Roasted Salmon/Roasted Potatoes/Vegetables o Vineyard Chicken Salad/Apples, Gorgonzola, Walnut Brittle/Sherry Vinaigrette o Asian Salad (Vegetarian) With Greens/Cabbage/ Carrots/ Peapods/Mandarin Oranges & Tofu Dessert Will Be Lemon Custard Cake With Fresh Seasonal Berries & Whipped Cream

Name: Phone No. E-Mail_____________

o Requires Sign Language Interpreter

per person Please seat me with Enclosed is my check for $30.00

Please send your check payable to BNC to: Trudy Holleb, P.O. Box 270158, San Diego, CA 92198 Dedicated to providing philanthropic support to Brandeis University A U.S. and California Tax-Exempt Organization/Federal Identification No. 04-2103552

Presidents’ Letter Dear Friends: What a busy time this has been, with our installation and the trip to Boston for the Leadership Workshop. Lynne Charap & I had a great trip and met the most wonderful people. The other trainees came from San Dieguito Chapter and chapters from Arizona, Florida, New Jersey and Los Angeles. We toured the university and saw the library and the Rose Art Museum. We met professors and students alike who were warm and welcoming. We even learned a thing or two that hopefully will help to improve our chapter. Our new season will be starting on Tuesday, August 20th. Our Opening Program Committee headed by Pauline Green & Ruth Epner with Leslie Goldstein, Bobby Sue Schreibman, Lynne Charap, Joan van Dam, Gerri Brech, Renee Bloom, Sharon Gordon, Lila Levy & Renee Rosenthal is already hard at work & has a super program in place. As you can see from the first page of this bulletin it will be a very entertaining program with Myron Uhlberg, who was in the first graduating class at Brandeis University in 1955 and has become an award winning author. I hope you all will plan on attending our opening program so we can get this new season off to a great start. We also will have many important guests attending, so let’s show them how we support our chapter! Warmest Regards,


Western Region Trainees

Mission Statement

Brandeis National Committee is dedicated to providing philanthropic support to Brandeis University, a distinguished liberal arts and research university founded by the American Jewish Committee. Its membership is connected to the University through fundraising and through activities that reflect the values on which the university was founded: academic excellence, social justice, non-sectarianism, and service to the community. Pg. 2


Tuesday, October 8th Deputy DA Tom Manning

With Police Lieutenant Karen Laser Birthday And Anniversaries

We need to update our Birthday & Anniversary List, so we can publish them correctly in our bulletin. Please call Bobby Sue (858) 673-9470 or e-mail Linda, with your information

Rodal, a faculty member at Brandeis since 2010, is winning the fight. The Pew Scholar designation brings with it $240,000 to continue her neuroscience research for the next four years. Last year, she won the NIH New Innovator Award and the March of Dimes Basil O’Connor Starter Scholar Research award. Specifically, Rodal’s research focuses on growth factor signals. For example, the tissue in your finger secretes growth factors that are taken up by the neuron that activates movement in your fingers. These growth factors are transported in membrane-bound packets up your arm and to your spinal cord to promote neuronal survival.

Avital Rodal

Much of the work in the lab explores processes associated with neurodegenerative diseases. If those signals are depleted because your finger is no longer secreting the growth factors or because something’s wrong with the transport, that neuron dies and you may get a neurodegenerative disease like ALS or Alzheimer’s. Her lab has emulated, observed and manipulated these processes in flies. Rodal, who was recently named a Pew Scholar in Biomedical Sciences, studies how neurons set up elaborate structures tailored to send and receive electrical signals over distances and through complex network. Pg. 3

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Member Focus Meet Dee Hiller

Dee grew up in London, England where she met her husband, Harvey, when he was serving in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War. They married in 1969 and made San Diego their home. During the past year Dee retired from her position as Senior Buyer at Qualcomm and was persuaded by long time friend Renee Rosenthal, to attend a Brandeis Membership Lunch. Although she had no intention of joining and was not pressured to do so, she was so impressed by the genuine friendliness of the members and the quality of the programs that she not only joined, but also signed up for several of the Study Groups. Dee is enjoying finally having time to do lots of reading, mess around in the garden, work on crossword/ Sudoku, knit squares for donated blankets, get together with friends, stay out of rush hour traffic and generally waste time.

Get Well Wishes To: Rose Greenberg Paula Hopkins Elaine Horowitz Phyllis Mazer

Food Pantry

Please remember to bring food with you at all of our monthly programs and Board Meetings. Interfaith Community Service is running very low on supplies. They need help and our Board and members need to step up to the plate and donate to this worthy cause. They always need: • Canned Vegetables • Canned Beans • Hearty Soups • Pasta • Diapers • Hygiene Products

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Board Of Directors President Linda Simon (858) 487-8041 Program Chair Joan van Dam (858) 673-2082

Membership VP Bobby Sue Schreibman (858) 673-9470 Recording Secretary Leslie Goldstein (760) 317-1819 Study Group VP Renee Rosenthal (858) 451-7889 Treasurer Trudy Holleb (858) 487-6585 Corresponding Secretary Lynne Charap (858) 487-3513 Financial Secretary Elaine Magid (858) 674-5843 Auditor Enid Harris (858) 487-7343 Parliamentarian Lynn Leclercq (858) 592-0527

Study Group Brochure

Our new Study Group Brochure is being worked on now. They will be mailed out separately at the end of July.

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USEN CASTLE AT BRANDEIS Taken From Our Bus When Lynne Charap & I Arrived At The Leadership Workshop In Boston on 6/5/13 — Linda

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