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Big Brand Impact on a Small Brand Budget Michele Levy Use Twitter Hashtag #npweb

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Meet today’s speakers •  Presenter: Michele Levy, brand strategy consultant •  Hosting: Sam Frank, Synthesis Partnership •  Assisting with chat questions: Chris Dumas, FirstGiving

Let's face it...

You don’t have as much money as they do!

However... It’s still possible to create a compelling high impact nonprofit brand.

What will you learn? •  Identify existing brand assets and strengths •  Learn how to maximize those existing assets and strengths •  Learn about cost-effective tools and techniques to help boost your brand •  Determine how to track the effectiveness of your efforts

Strong brands follow some simple rules Understand your core

Deliver on your core

•  Know who you are…where you have been, and where you are going •  Understand your audiences…who they are, and what they want •  Be aware of your brand space…the other options your audiences can choose •  Maintain an unwavering focus on the core of your brand •  Build a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints •  Create/empower passionate brand champions •  Never stop thinking about your brand

What’s at the core of your brand?

Getting to the core •  What’s your mission? Why do you exist? What are your long term strategic goals? •  Who are your audiences? What do they want from you? •  Who else can provide the same, or similar, things? •  What differentiates you? What do you do better than anyone else? •  What’s your reputation? What do you stand for? Is that different from what you want to stand for long term?

Brand strategy methodology Internal Discovery

Strategy session Individual interviews Focus groups Communications audit

External Discovery PRIMARY Visitor interviews Member interviews Donor/funder interviews Partner interviews SECONDARY Competitive audit Secondary literature review

Brand Strategy Master brand messaging Product/service brand hierarchy Audience message matrix

Communications Plan Recommended communications strategies: • Brand maintenance • Awareness tactics • Lead gen tactics • Relationship management tactics • Communications calendar • Budget • Measurement and evaluation

Creative Development Visual identity Collateral Web site Advertising Signage Direct mail, etc.

At the core‌ Capitol Hill Day School is a community clearly passionate about the process of learning. It’s a thoughtful group of individuals who are extraordinarily gifted at making the most of all the resources at their disposal. From a cozy building and nurturing home base, students venture forth into the vast learning environment of the city (and beyond), equipped with the ability to ask questions, solve problems, and interact with a wide range of individuals. At the end of the day, or the end of the trip, they return to that home base, secure in the knowledge that they are respected and loved as individuals, and as valuable members of the community. And when they exit the building for the last time as graduating 8th graders, it’s with an unparalleled confidence, a deep love of learning, and a genuine concern for those around them.

At the core… First Night is about participating in art, and through art, community…right in your own backyard, regardless of where that backyard is located. The selfless, scrappy team at First Night is uniquely skilled at making things happen in an extraordinarily inclusive and collaborative way. Whether it’s New Year’s Eve, or a community arts event, they fearlessly dive in, combining tradition, innovation and an omnipresent sense of fun to create joyful programs and events that build connections, change lives and forever impact the community.

At the core… The team at Hull Lifesaving Museum truly epitomizes the lifesaving spirit, consistently demonstrating skills, courage and caring. It’s an eclectic yet close-knit team who share a clarity of purpose and a sense of adventure…with no fear, no questions, and no turf wars. The overwhelming impression of the people and their places is a gracious one. It’s an organization that draws people in and challenges them to draw the best out of themselves, while setting high expectations for shared values, collaboration and mutual respect.

The complete brand platform Vision Mission

E.L. Haynes will be a model of educational excellence and make a lasting impact on urban education in Washington, DC and across the nation. Every E.L. Haynes student — regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or home language — will reach high levels of academic achievement and be prepared to succeed at the college of his or her choice. E.L. Haynes students will be instilled with a deep appreciation for mathematics and science and will develop the lifelong skills needed to be successful individuals, active community members, and responsible citizens.

Desired perception

“This is what the quintessential American public school should look like.”

Elevator pitch

One of the most diverse schools in Washington DC, E.L. Haynes Public Charter School demonstrates what the American public school could, and should, be. Our students prove every day that every child can succeed.

Brand personality

From the moment you cross the threshold it’s clear that E.L. Haynes is a place that changes lives… the lives of students, teachers, parents, and anyone else who spends even a moment in its lively environment. The people of E.L. Haynes are both engaged and engaging. Their passion is contagious, as is their commitment to high standards. It’s a team that relentlessly sweats the small stuff…constantly asking…Is this working? Could we do it better? The school is a microcosm of how society should be…an extraordinarily diverse group of individuals brought together by their investment in a shared goal…confident in their own abilities, compassionate towards the needs of each other, and completely driven to deliver on the mission in which they all thoroughly believe.

The complete brand platform Brand proof points

Core values

• A level of diversity not seen in other public charter schools • An outstanding teacher for every student, every year • A longer school year, and school day, that gives every child access to consistent, comprehensive, high-quality educational experiences throughout the year • A commitment to measurement and continuous improvement • A comprehensive yet individualized approach that instructs all students well • A strong community with high levels of family involvement, and highly effective parent communications • An incubator for excellence in teaching, identifying and sharing best practices within the District, and nationwide

Be kind. Work hard. Get smart.

Really understand your key audiences Audience


Faculty and staff


Audience key concerns

Desired perceptions/behaviors

•  Highly driven, wellrounded individuals •  The ideal student “customer” is a visitor, and is not necessarily an art major…but they are willing to explore new things and new ways of thinking

•  Developing their ability to think more broadly •  Having an impact on their community •  Developing “real world” experiences •  Getting it all done •  Occasionally taking a break from getting it all done!

•  To understand the role and value of DMCC within the context of the College •  To see DMCC as a valued resource across a variety of dimensions (and to utilize it regularly) •  To act as ambassadors for DMCC within their own spheres of influence

•  Passionate, dedicated individuals engaged in the broader college community •  The ideal faculty/ staff “customer” is not limited to the art department

•  Finding opportunities to expose their students to real works of art and new ways of thinking •  Keeping their work and teaching relevant/fresh •  Occasionally taking a break themselves

•  To understand the role and value of DMCC within the context of the College •  To have greater investment in, and ownership of, DMCC and what it offers •  To see DMCC as a valued resource and collaborator

Our messages to them


• We are a valuable resource. • We offer the unique opportunity to see real works of art in your own backyard. • We can help bring new perspectives to your studies, and to your hectic life. • We are accessible across a variety of channels (don’t be intimidated!) • We are “safe haven”, extremely supportive of experimentation. • We support experimentation and risk-taking. • FACULTY AND LEADERSHIP • Our collections, programs and staff can help enrich the academic experience, and help create better students. • We share your high intellectual standards and can be a valuable partner in helping to differentiate the Wellesley College experience.

Now that you have identified the core

Communicate‌ concisely and consistently

Build a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints

Publications Public education programs

Historic properties

Library & archives

BRAND PROMISE Bringing to life the heritage and stories of New England through the homes and possessions of those who lived here.

Traveling exhibitions Speaking engagements

Outbound marketing

Development communications

What assets can you leverage across those touchpoints? •  People…staff, board, volunteers, donors, served population •  Places…brick & mortar, virtual, print •  Stories…across a variety of formats

Use your people •  •  •  •  •  • 

Uniforms, name tags, swag Ambassador training Networking calendar (create it, commit to it) Business cards Social media Content creation

"I reckon about 20 percent of a brand is its physical attributes, like a logo, color, letterheads. The rest is all about behavior. Employees bring a brand to life; they are its ultimate custodians.� -Ian Buckingham, Interbrand

For example‌

Networking: put it in writing

Use your places •  Signage…wayfinding and promotional •  A consistent experience •  Get ‘em in the door (physically or virtually)


How can you “get ‘em in the door”? •  •  •  • 

Virtual tours (or…actual tours!) YouTube Testimonials Video/audio experience

Check it out • • • about_concord_academy/meanstome/index.aspx • •

Stories make the brand real •  Framingham: A welcoming community (“where you start the American dream”) •  Framingham: The classic American middle-class town/the power of diversity •  Framingham: A vital crossroads •  Framingham: A tradition of volunteerism •  Framingham: An economic engine for the region •  Framingham’s place in the history of the nation

Inventory, organize and use them! Campinelli First Catholic church Immigrants then and now Refugees


Framingham: A welcoming community (“where you start the American dream”)


Framingham: The classic American middle class town/the power of diversity

Academy Clinton visit


Framingham: A vital crossroads

Railways, water, highways


Framingham: A tradition of volunteerism

Heart Study, militia, veterans


Framingham: An economic engine for the region

Mills; corporations then and now “Creative economy” effort Bonnets


Framingham’s place in the history of the nation

For example‌

The basic marketing tool kit •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Web site Business cards Note cards Leave behind brochure (#10 brochure) Limited stationery + electronic templates Constant Contact template Postcards Posters

Your web site: a key place •  Keep it current with an editorial calendar •  Make sure it’s professional •  Know the norms and best practices for your peer group •  Layers of information (not all on the home page) •  Know who’s going there, and what they want •  Invest the time/money to establish a basic SEO program

Sample: Editorial calendar

How do I know it’s working?

Well….what were your goals? •  Clarify your success metrics (tangible and intangible) •  Tie the metrics to strategic goals •  Think broadly and creatively (e.g. visitor traffic, referral volume, inbound inquiries, hits to Web site) •  Set reasonable timeframes, based on communications volume and timing •  Measure against your own baseline, as well as industry benchmarks •  Keep the dialogue going internally and externally –  Understanding and acceptance of brand, messaging, communications tactics, etc.

•  Track what works and what doesn’t, then refine as appropriate

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