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LAUNCHPAD Karl Treacher is the CEO of brand intelligence group Brand Behaviour. He can be contacted at:

A 2:00am decision? recent survey revealed that the


most popular sentence used in February this year involved the


words:'bank','TVC' and'Oh God, what the hell were they thinking?'Enough has been said about the latest attempt from one of the big four to inform the market that they plan on doing things differently. No need to elaborate on'which banki While the TVC launch was universally poo-pooed, love it or loathe it, the NewYork ad doofuses are now imprinted on your grey matter, and that's a big tick for brand awareness. 'Now' (another bank's brand promise) it is up to the bank to deliver on this promise. A tough mountain to climb (banking slogans galore). Meanwhile, many other brands have proven that it may be possible to turn pig shit into strawberry jarn...

SUNGLAS9 HUT: OUT OF THE SHADE... The Australian retail sunglass market has been a brand desert for many years. A Perspex landscape of poky little stores all hiding in the shade. At the forefront of these invisible brands was Sunglass Hut, known for its generic,'haven't changed since 89' appearance... until now. In April last year, Sunglass Hut stated internationally that things were going to change, and change they have. The rebrand or brand evolution has been greeted with praise

from all quarters. The'Look Famous'campaign is a well-thought out idea executed well. The brand image has moved seamlessly from the 80s to nestle into a secure place in the ego of the modern community. The Euro-fashion theme is well-executed at most touch points and launches at a time when the market is not dominated by one sunglass brand, rather, poised and ready to be told what is and isn't cool by a credible industry host.


What do we know about Australia Post? It delivers mail? Yep - true. lt gave Cathy Freeman a job when she was competing? Yep true. The queues in-store are long? Also true. But does this iconic Australian brand own real estate in our hearts? Not really and, if it does, it is probably not due to any deliberate brand behaviour from our one and only postal provider, which has traditionally stayed away from targeting our heartstrings. Until now... Australia Post has recently launched an ad campaign featuring a set of arms protruding from a life-sized handwritten letter and hugging a smiling woman. On first, second and third glance it's a very good ad. The emotive act of sending a personal letter of any kind in this digital age is well-represented. While Australia Post has in the past focused only on its efficiency, this is a strategic new direction aimed at establishing a closer, more emotional relationship with its market.

WHEN GOOD IDEAS TURN BAD are a marketer of a product or service that makes an environmental claim, ensure that your claim is authentic and can be verified. Fifty years ago marketers were very keen on helping people become dependent on aspirin and cigarettes. CIaims included mental clarity, peace of mind and relaxation. The reality of these products and the recommended dosage regimes were circulatory disturbances, kidney disease, lung cancer and, in many cases, death. Ifyou ever find that your customers get sick and die based on your brand promise, it may be time to turn up in New York with an English accent pretending that you don't know who you are. Now and again the community adopts a practice that has been recommended by'the experts', which actually does more harm than good. Ethanol may be just one of these things.


The latest findings from Science magazine claim that the widespread use of ethanol from corn could result in nearly tlvice the greenhouse gas emissions as the gasoline it would replace. The rise is connected to the expected land use changes, which were previously not taken into account. The study challenges the rush to biofuels as a response to global warming and leaves us yet again scratching our heads at the petrol bowser. Next they'll tell us that nanna has to get rid of her bucket in the shower.

WHEN BAD IDEAS TURN GOOD I am not sure when fohnny Depp had his 'Winona Forever' arm tattoo surgically altered to read'Wino Forever', but it may have been around the time she got sprung pilfering stuff from Saks, Fifth Avenue. Whether this, or an obese dolphin plastered across someone's back fat, tattoos continue to prove to be a case of 'seemed like a good idea at the time'. That is of course until recently when German scientists discovered that some vaccinations are more effective when given through a vibrating tattoo needle as opposed to the traditional intramuscular treatment. Further tests are being conducted before this technology launches in Australia, and the current East German concept involves tattooing the name of your disease on your lower back as evidence ofyour treatment. I personally can t wait for people to identifr me by a tattoo that reads'acne vulgarism, groin rash and toe


THE WRAP... This month brands have driven industrial tractors decked out in koala suits, brought cool to the shade, tattooed their name on your arse and complicated an already complicated environmental dilemma. Next month we look at the Teletubby YouPorn launch, and whether Kevin Rudd ever plans on saying sorry for stealing the appearance of a South Park character. M

A 2am decision  
A 2am decision  

campaign featuring a set of arms protruding from a life-sized handwritten letter and hug- effective when given through a vibrating tattoo ne...