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Special Event Raises Funds for Brand Library’s New Audio-Visual System

Barbara Kaleta’s, large painting “It’s In The Pipes”, featured in the hosts home, was purchased at the Brand 42 Works on Paper Exhibition in 2014. Top right: members Ammar Kharouff and Guy DeConte stake out the auction table. Lower right: Board Members Caroline Tufenkian and Stephen Jerrome with Silva Golnazarian and Victorian Lasken. Below: Arlene Vidor, Greg Grammer and Simon Wright congratulate Cathy Jurca on her auction purchases.


ur second annual Glendale Collects fundraiser on November 9 was hosted by Simon Wright and Greg Grammer. Attendees have been giving the event rave reviews which isn’t surprising; Simon and Greg’s home is a virtual gallery of eclectic pieces - paintings, sculptures, ceramics, glass and mixed media - all seeming to occupy the place they were meant to live in. Of note is that Simon and Greg have also purchased many works from both the Associates’ Annual Juried Art Exhibition and Robert Brown Collection and it is inspiring to see those acquisitions in private hands. Through ticket sales and a rollicking, competitive silent auction we netted approximately $5,000 to donate toward the purchase of a state of the art audio-visual system for the Brand recital hall. Attendees were also able to appreciate the culinary artwork on display as Simon created handmade hors d’oeuvres that came out of the kitchen in a steady aromatic stream throughout the evening. We are grateful to our hosts for their hospitality and for donating all the refreshments. We also thank Board Members Jean Simone and Mary Jamora for organizing the event. There were many others who contributed their time and talents and we thank them all. Visit the Brand Associates’ Facebook and Flickr pages to view Stephen Jerrome’s photos of the event. What is “Glendale Collects”? This annual event was created as an opportunity to sponsor focused fundraisers in support of Brand’s cultural programming and also gives people an opportunity to visit homes of local art collectors who are passionate about sharing their love of art with fellow community members. “Art collector” is a term we use broadly to mean that the hosts love art and acquire it thoughtfully with an emphasis on what interests them. The status and genre of the artwork, and its monetary value are not a factor in considering the worthiness of the collection.




President, Brand Associates



he star attraction of 2014 was without a doubt the re-opening of the rehabilitated Brand Library in March. Public feedback indicates the results of the two year project exceeded all expectations. I admit it really does seem like the City of Glendale landed its 9.5 million dollar project budget on the perfect balance point between modernization and historic restoration. It goes without saying that the Brand mansion re-envisioned as a library reading room is a beautiful enhancement and fitting homage to Leslie C. Brand’s jewel-of–a-gift to our community. However, the newly built entry pavilion and plaza is every bit as important because it creates an outdoor concert venue and unifies the entire complex. The resulting Summer Plaza Series was the happy consequence of that improvement. See page 6 for some highlights of the Plaza Series”. In 2015 we hope to expand our cultural offerings through growth of membership and volunteerism so please join in the fun. We will increase our film offerings from 4 per year to at least 8 screenings with a view to doing one screening per month in the future. Our first three screenings of 2015 cover a diverse array of topics – from the South African arts revolution, to the romance and intrigue of Ballets Russes, to New York City’s geriatric fashionistas. Don’t forget that the library now hosts BookSmARTS events and music and crafts programs for families with young children. We also are thrilled to get our fabulous Purchase Award Collection out for a grand exhibition in January! What additional types of cultural offerings would you like to see at Brand? Happy 2015 and see you soon!





Stephen Jerrome Caroline Tufenkian Judy Walker EX OFFICIO

Arlette De Hovanessian Arts & Culture Commission

Cathy Billings

Brand Library Supervisor ADVISORY

Nina Crowe Glendale Arts

Joy Feuer

Art From the Ashes

John LoCascio, AIA Historic Resources Group NEWSLETTER LAYOUT

Judy Walker


Scott Lasken



from Cathy Billings Senior Library, Art & Culture Supervisor


e’re so pleased the renovation of the Brand Library has been such a big hit! We’ve hosted many organizations on tours in the opening months. If your group wishes to arrange a tour, please contact us at 818-548-2050.

The renovation may seem complete, however, there are some loose ends to be tied up. Our recent improvements include the following: We have planted 38 variegated agave behind the east side retaining wall, doing wonders for the look of the east elevation. We have installed a new spotlight for the tower to highlight the façade at night. Later this winter, trees will be trimmed to further reveal the tower’s features such as the leaded beveled glass windows and decorative medallions. Also new is a drive-up book drop that accommodates books, CDs and DVDs—a feature long requested by library users. In the coming months look for more enhancements, including permanent trash receptacles, stainless steel bike racks on the east side of the building, ambient lighting for the atrium gallery courtyard to enhance our receptions, and shades on the atrium gallery windows to help control the temperature during the summer. The most significant enhancement planned is one that we know will please many of our program patrons: the retrofitting of the recital hall with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment. We are


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Caravan Rug Corporation Scott and Victoria Lasken Glendale Adventist Medical Center Lexus of Glendale The Glendale Historical Society Greg and Caroline Tufenkian Arlene Vidor NATHANIEL DRYDEN PATRONS Greg Astorian Mary Jamora TIOGA WOLF SUPPORTERS Bonese Collins Turner (honoring Jean Seybold) Frank De Pietro & Sons (honoring Brand Associates) Glendale Arts Greg Grammer Northwest Glendale Homeowners Association



he Brand Associates Dance Series expanded from three to five performances in 2014! All the performances attracted a full house in the unusual setting of the Brand’s spacious art gallery. Dancers love to perform in the gallery as it puts them and their audience in very close touch with one another. The amount of physical energy and passion emanating from dancers as they perform is not always appreciated in an auditorium/stage setting. However, at Brand the audience is so close to the dancers they are enveloped in the performance on a level of feeling that transcends use of eyes and ears. Thank you to all the superb dance companies who participated in our series. Special kudos to Hilary Thomas, curator of the dance series, and dancer extraordinaire herself with her own company, Lineage Dance.

Lineage Dance Company fills the dance floor with an irresistible energy.

Benita Bike’s DanceArt performs their expressive and elegant original work, “Southern Memories”. Nancy Kupka (3rd from right) with dancers, all her former students, reunite to performed her piece, “Celebration”.

L.A. Contemporary Dance appears to be dancing with the art exhibition on display in the gallery.

Message from Cathy Billings, continued from page 2 grateful to the Brand Associates for their financial support of this project and look forward to being able to host films, presentations, and multi-media events with great pride! The renovation and ongoing improvements would not have been possible without library administrator Carolyn Flemming’s skillful management and aplomb. Carolyn retires at the end of 2014, and we thank her for her service and dedication to Brand Library. We hope to see you soon, and encourage you to share Brand Library with your friends so that we continue to spread the word about the unique resource that we all love!

The Anna Djanbazian Dance Company performs “Priceless Soul”, choreographed by Djanbazian as a tribute to her late brother.


Stephen Jerrome New Board Member


tephen Jerrome’s connection to Brand Library dates back to his student days at Glendale High School, during which time he garnered his early influences from the library’s art and music collection. Stephen eventually became a professional photographer and the owner of Studio 5LA, focusing on portraiture, events, and Hollywood night life. In the late 1980s, Stephen performed his original piano compositions in the Brand’s recital hall, further solidifying his relationship to the Brand and his interest in musical performance and composition. As an author of two recently published novels, “New Suburbia” and “Two Gray Rooms” (JMS Books, 2013), Stephen demonstrates his empathy for the creative struggles of young people. Stephen is working on the development of our first student film showcase as part of the REEL ART Film Series. In his role as an Associates Director, he would love to help students discover Brand Library for the rich resource and social gathering place it has always been for him.

Joy Feuer Joins Our Advisory Team


e are pleased to appoint Joy Feuer to the Brand Associates Ad Hoc Advisory Board. Joy already had a rewarding career in the music industry when she decided to move into community based arts programming. As Director of Art From the Ashes, Joy’s unique curatorial vision unites the transformative power of art with environmental influences. To date, AFTA has produced 12 large group exhibitions throughout the U.S., and has engaged the creative energies of over 500 artists. AFTA has also expanded into a rewarding endeavor for Glendale in the form of a temporary public art program named “You Are Here” supported by the City of Glendale’s Arts & Culture Commission through the Urban Art Program. Joy herself is an exhibiting artist describing her work as “…finding its footing amidst ink, clay, concrete and parts unknown.” You can discover more by visiting AFTA at and

More images from Glendale Collects Fundraiser

Art and Paula Devine with Arlene Vidor

Edgardo and Jean Simone


Nina Crowe, Mary Jamora and Judy Walker

Some of the wonderful items on a very busy auction table.

Images from Glendale Collects fundraiser, continued from page 1. For more photographs of the event see the Brand Associates Facebook and Flickr pages.




ent Twitchell, legendary L.A. muralist will jury our 43rd Annual Works on Paper Exhibition opening September 26, 2015. We are very proud to continue to build our roster of prominent jurors, dating back to the first exhibition in 1971.

Twitchell’s larger-than-life mural portraits, often depicting celebrities and artists, are iconic in our region and beyond. Many people know his Freeway Lady mural, previously painted over, but now being repainted on the Student Services Building at LA Valley College. Other famed murals include the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra (overlooking the 110 Freeway downtown), Michael Jackson, The LA Marathon Mural, and monuments to artists Lita Albuquerque and Jim Morphesis, both of whom are former Brand jurors themselves! Twitchell’s dedication to public art and artists makes him a natural fit at the Brand Library & Art Center.

CaFÉ will be rolled out in 2015 and be utilized for calls to artists. We will also implement “CaFÉ”, a widely utilized on-line submission service. CaFÉ stands for “Call to artists for entry”. This platform allows artists to register free (at www.callforentry. org), complete their profile and then choose from a vast array of exhibitions to make their submissions. CaFÉ will be the portal for submissions to all of the Brand gallery shows as well as our Works on Paper Juried Exhibition. More information will be made available in 2015, including direct notification and instructions to artists.

Bonese Collins Turner, former Board member and Brand juror, Kent Twitchell, and Judy Walker recently met over lunch to discuss Brand 43.



e have been listening! Our members have told us that they sometimes do not hear about a Library event. We reviewed the problems reported and realized the Brand Associates and Brand Library have two similar, but not identical email lists. We recognize you already receive a large quantity of emails every day and it is not our intention to add to the volume through duplication of messages. Therefore, in the future all general and event announcements will come to you directly from the Brand Library’s “i-Contact” email system. PLEASE TAKE NOTE: In order to consolidate and streamline our communications, the Brand Library will require your permission to transfer your contact information into their distribution list. Within the next few weeks, you will be receiving an email

inviting you to join the Brand Library email list. Your permission is required, so please accept this invitation. By accepting, you will be placed on the list and receive communications from one single source! If you are a member of the Brand Associates you will still occasionally receive some communications from Brand Associates regarding special members only events, opportunities, field trips, etc. However, we sincerely hope to avoid duplicate messaging!




his photo from the California State University Northridge archives, was suggested by Los Angeles Magazine’s Chris Nichols. It shows a lively group of women cavorting in El Miradero’s tiled swimming pool. The women are not identified and the photo is undated but, judging from the style of the swimwear, it seems to have been taken sometime between 1910 and 1920. The pool was located in a separate walled enclosure to the west of the mansion. It was demolished sometime prior to the property’s conversion into the Brand Library and park. In addition to the swimming pool - an unheardof luxury in what was then semi-rural Glendale - Leslie Brand’s huge estate boasted tennis courts, stables, dog kennels, a private airstrip, a Swiss chalet-style clubhouse, and a small family cemetery where Brand’s dogs, relatives, and in 1925 Brand himself, were laid to rest. If anyone can shed more light on the photo, including identity of those pictures, please contact us at 818-548-2050.

Photo: CSUN Archives


Ceora Winds with Jenni Brandon

Noche Flamenca


Nick Mancini

Carl Verheyen Band

Bali and Beyond

DAFRA West African Drum and Dance Emsemble


Greg Astorian Ann Howitt Arlene Vidor


Jerry Anderson Jennifer Bergstrom Gerald & Georgia Brommer David Brooks John Chicca Carole & Michael Dougherty Nancy Call Dowey Arlette Der Hovanessian Patricia A. Du Pre, Esq. Carolyn & Arthur Flemming Nora Goldsmith & Jay Randy Stander Greg Grammer Kathleen Henkel Mary Jamora Catherine Jurka Scott & Victoria Lasken Donald McPoland Mary Owens Louise & Byron Peebles Janet Petersen Irena Raulinaitis Betty Riley Bill Shepherd & Art Fisher Jean Simone Bonese Collins Turner Coralie & David Whitcomb Elaine Wilkerson Greg Colley Sandra Kalemkarian Emily King


Dolly Anderson Jaime Angulo Marjorie Camusi Joy Feuer Marie Fish Gary Hart & Jane Brown Susan Jekarl Stephen Jerrome Eleftheria & Ted Polychronis Anna J. Rundle Gloria Sander Patty Silversher Hari Singh & Diana Barnes Debra K. Thompson Benita & Dean Wallraff Paul & Mary Wight Kim Koga

FAMILY - $35

Linda Johnstone Allen Cindy & Jonathan Beres Sean Bersell & Heather Norris Stuart & Stella Blond Charles & Thelma Borman Joanne & Clifford Cate Steven Chapman Greg Crawford Laura Friedman Laurie & John Friend Alex Geringas Kenneth Goebel Lori & Dean Hartwell Richard Heimbold Jay Jackson Lisette & Richard Jensen Ammar Kharouf Nancy & Robert Lahey Jesse Lanz & Paul Walker John & Daphne Lee John LoCascio Denise Meyer Bradford Mitchell & Jun Falkenstein Joe Russin Stephanie Schus Renee & Herm Stark Caroline & Greg Tufenkian Lauren Vanderspek Lorna Vartanian Lucy Wang Roberta Medford


Srboohie Abajian Jennifer Bentson-Gebel Cathy Billings Susanne Belcher Eric Borigini Diane Chevalier Russell Cinque, Jr. Harach Davoodian Teri Deaver Mahnaz Firoozi Ellen & Robert Grim Mary Rose Grim Margaret Hammond Meg Hickman John Hogan Connie Humberger Alan Linnemeyer Nick Macierz Patricia McNamara Carolyn Meduski David Overstreet Jeanette Joslin Russell Shant Sahakian Laura Sarley Natalie Smythe Leigh Torgerson Brit Trydal Judy Walker & Peter Clemens Kris Wallace Laura Whitcomb Mary Alice Wollam Katherine Yamada

SENIOR - $20

Marie S. Bezjian Margaret W. Bickmore Maryke Brannin Noel Browning Vincent Cicone Marilu Eagles Robert Felker Gary Freeman Claire Frith Jim & Eileen Givens Ben Goldman Angela Hernandez Mr & Mrs Farley Iman Roberta H. Japka, Ph.D. Jackie Karvas Nina Kellog Richard P. Kiehl Diane Kightlinger Liselotte S. Koerner Nancy Kupka JoAnn Leonard Lise Loy Elaine Mellinger Deanne O’Brien Lois Ramirez Leni Richardson Olga Seem Jane Shaffer Mary Strenn Joan Westgate Barbara Wilkes Mark Woods Huguette Zmuidzinas Roswitha Zunder


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NONPROFIT ORG U.S.POSTAGE PAID GLENDALE, CA PERMIT NO. 503 1601 W. Mountain St. Glendale, CA 91201-1209

A 501(c)3 all volunteer, non profit organization whose mission is to sponsor and promote the Brand Library & Art Center as an arts, cultural, educational, and historic resource for the region.

How do we accomplish our mission? Sponsor free arts and cultural programming. Support special programs, permanent collections, and library infrastructure. Develop a strong base of members and donors. Get involved and join the Brand Associates. You can read more about our goals and activities and join online at Like us on Facebook

UPCOMING EVENTS Be sure to check in on the Library, Arts, and Culture calendar page for a full compliment of events. Here are a few of the the upcoming offerings: MUSIC SERIES: Saturday, January 10, 2:00 pm Pianist Hayk Arsenyan plays Shubert, Rachmaninoff, Komitas, Arsenyan and Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame

MUSIC SERIES: Saturday, February 14, 2:00 pm Opera Talk with the Los Angeles Opera Speakers Bureau – The Ghosts of Versailles

GALLERY SERIES: Saturday, January 10, 4:00 pm Gallery Tour with the In Light of Shadows artists

REEL ART FILM SERIES: Thursday, February 19, 7:009:00 pm “Ballet Russes” - With special guest actress

BRAND LIBRARY SALE: January 20-24 during library hours Book, CD, LP, and Art Sale

and author Victoria Tennant

REEL ART FILM SERIES: Thursday, January 22, 7:00 pm9:00 pm “Shield and Spear” with special guest Producer Alysa Nahmias

The Alma String Quartet plays Adams & Mendelssohn

BOOKSmARTS: Saturday, January 24, 3:00 pm Author and artists Melanie Rothschild discusses her book The Art of Mistakes, plus a hands-on component to exercise your creativity

blogger Donna Lethal

MUSIC SERIES: Saturday, January 31, 10:30am A hands-on music program for families

LIFE: 100 – Opening Reception

GALLERY OPENING: Saturday, January 31, 7:00-9:00pm Celebrate the Brand Associates Purchase Award Collection

MUSIC SERIES: Saturday, February 21, 2:00 pm

REEL ART FILM SERIES: Thursday, March 5, 7:00 pm9:00 pm “Advanced Style” with special guest fashion MUSIC ANIMATED: Saturday, March 14, 10:30am

A hands-on music program for families

GALLERY SERIES: Sunday, March 15, 2:00-5:00pm

Brand News, Winter 2015  

Events and fundraising recap for 2014, events coming up in 2015, news on our 43rd Brand Works on Paper show, lots of photos.

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