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Works on Paper – 43rd annual juried exhibition opens on Sept 26 and runs through Oct 30 By Judy Walker

Jane Friend Purchase Award,Elaine M. Erne Beanie Bunny Forgot Her Bungee Cord

Robert Brown Award, Tamie Beldue Fiction


uror Kent Twitchell selects 68 exceptional works of art from 890 submissions which came from all over the country. Artists from 33 states submitted work to Brand 43 and Twitchell selected works representing 16 states along with a large contingent of California work. Thanks so much Kent for jurying a very distinctive exhibition! The Award winners are as follows: Jane Friend Purchase Award, Elaine M. Erne, Robert Brown Award, Tamie Beldue, and Brand Associates Patron Awards go to Reneé Caouette, Kaye Bachman, Amanda Gress and Mark Vallen. Congratulations to these artists on their awards and to all participants. This was the first year we used the web-based exhibit application service CAFÉ.com and it was an overwhelming success. We are pleased that there were only a few glitches and hope that everyone will submit next year. Another advantage of CAFÉ is the national stage it offers for Brand Library. The artists who register also receive notification to apply to a vast array of additional exhibitions. Join us for this amazing show and consider purchasing one of these spectacular works of art for your collection.

Brand Associates Patron Award Renee Caouette, Dustin

Brand Associates Patron Award Kaye Buchman Big Thicket

Brand Associates Patron Award Mark Vallen Welcome to Aztlán

Brand Associates Patron Award Amanda Gress Ending Memories


from ARLENE VIDOR President, Brand Associates


reetings and happy end of summer, beginning of autumn! In the photo above I am having a papparazi moment with Dr. Jennifer Earl, the principal of Hoover High School. The occasion for this display of merriment was the postscreening reception at our very first annual student film showcase featuring Hoover and Clark Magnet School budding film makers. The event was put together by Board Member Stephen Jerrome, who took his inspiration from the many years he spent as a youth honing his love of the arts at Brand Library (see article and photographs on page 4). We are thankful for Glendale Unified School District’s enthusiasm and the gung-ho spirit of the principals of Hoover High and Clark Magnet for this first year. We now look forward to the 2016 showcase and we are thrilled that the other area high schools wil jump on board to participate with us. Recently, I brought my cousin, a born and raised Angeleno now living in Brooklyn, to the Brand Library. She hadn’t visited in many decades but her recollections were so vivid that it gave me a second wind of appreciation of what we have here. Muralist, Kent Twitchell, (who juried Brand 43, opening September 26) also has fond memories from his student days and captures his own enthusiasm on page 3. Public art is a big topic of conversation in Glendale now so in honor of that spirit and the presence of the Brand 43 Exhibition throughout October, we are sponsoring three public art related events in October, featuring leaders in the world of public art. Find information on these on page 3. Also we are thrilled to have our dance series back again in October with four unique companies each performing for the first time at Brand, thanks to our dance curator Hilary Thomas. Check out page 5 for more info and see you soon at the Brand.

A Very Successful Sale at the Library


hank you to all who supported our four-day sale in August. A large collection of CDs, books, DVDs, vinyl LPs, art work and sheet music were made available and you snapped things up! Your purchases made it possible for the Associates to provide an additional $2,500 to the Brand Library for children’s programming in this fiscal year! You made it happen.







Stephen Jerrome Caroline Tufenkian Judy Walker EX OFFICIO

Arlette De Hovanessian Arts & Culture Commission

Cathy Billings

Brand Library Supervisor ADVISORY

Nina Crowe Glendale Arts

Joy Feuer

Art From the Ashes

John LoCascio, AIA Historic Resources Group

Hilary Thomas

Lineage Dance Company NEWSLETTER LAYOUT

Judy Walker


Scott Lasken

MARY LOUISE BRAND SPONSORS Glendale Adventist Medical Center Arlene Vidor NATHANIEL DRYDEN PATRONS Mary Jamora Tufenkian Fine Arts JEWEL SUPPORTERS Alen Malekian PEACOCK SUPPORTERS Marie Fish Lislotte Koerner Mary L. Owens Schnore John & Daphne Lee Nancy Call Dowey Greg Grammer and Simon Wright Carolyn Meduski Janice Peterson Irena Raulinaitis Laurel Lee Anderson Morgan Stanley and Jonathan McLean Judy Walker and Peter Clemens Elaine Wilkerson Carolyn and Art Flemming



By Kent Twitchell

Sometimes a wealthy citizen leaves a magnificent personal gift of their home to a city and when that happens it can result in a very significant institution and a landmark that enhances the aesthetics of the environment. In this case it was Leslie C. Brand, often called the father of Glendale, who gave us this gift. The Brand as a public institution had just opened when I began my regular visits, 59 years ago. My own work appeared in the gallery three or four times in the 1980s, giving me a special attachment to that space. Now, taking part in the 43rd Brand Works on Paper Exhibition as a juror, seems like circling back to the beginning and gaining a new appreciation of the place I grew to love so many years ago. I did not expect to have to judge and select from so many excellent works of art. I wish I could have taken in at least twice as many. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed jurying a show more and I look forward to seeing the final selections on the walls of the beautiful Gallery on September 26.

Developing Glendale’s Potential as a Great Public Art Destination Find out in October at Brand Library! In conjunction with Brand 43, Brand Associates is celebrating our potential as

a leading city in public art. In October we are sponsoring events all related in one way or another to the development of great public art projects in Glendale. Saturday, September 26, 7 pm – 9 pm. Brand 43 – Works on Paper Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony, free and open to the public. Juried by Los Angeles muralist Kent Twitchell. September 26 through October 30: Brand Works on Paper on view in the Brand gallery

Thursday, October 8, 7 pm. Identity, Community, and Memory: A photographic Investigation by Ara Oshagan. Oshagan will present a chronicle of the creation and installation of his large scale photographic work “iWitness’ on recent view at the LA Music Center and Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles

Thursday, October 1, 7 pm. Walk the Talk: The Los Angeles Mural Program. Isabel Rojas-Williams, the dynamic executive director of The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles, speaks about getting a successful mural program going and how we can do it in Glendale.

Thursday, October 22, 7 pm: Seeking an Identity: Public Art in Glendale Panelists representing municipalities that are leaders in the area of public art projects will showcase some innovative projects and discuss the possibilities for the growing Glendale public art program.


Photo: Gil Ortiz

urying the 43rd National Works on Paper exhibition has been a privilege. I first heard of “The Brand”, as we called it in 1966, as a college freshman art major. I’ll never forget going to “Miradero” for the first time with my college friends. Passing through the white gates and the tall swaying palms leading to that magnificent white building was nothing short of overwhelming. We sat under trees on the wide expanse of rolling lawn and studied or just talked. We felt we could research anything and everything at the Brand and the setting made it almost impossible to leave. We talked about the place when we weren’t there and we went as often as we could. It was like a dream.

Events are drawing new patrons to Brand Library

A group of young film students enjoy the Film Showcase festivities.

John Fleck (center) enjoys the “after party” at the screening of Kevin Duffy’s film “John Fleck is Who You Want Him To Be”


ecent events have drawn a diverse group of new patrons of varied interests and ages to the Brand Library & Art Center.

In May we hosted our first annual Student Film Showcase for high school age filmmakers from two participating schools; Hoover High and Clark Magnet. It was a packed house – parents, fellow students, teachers, and the public. Everyone stayed late enjoying pizza and our DJ. We are looking forward to next year’s Showcase with expanded participation from four Glendale’s high schools with the promise of an enjoyable, inspiring evening for participants and their like-minded creative classmates. In July we screened Glendale resident Kevin Duffy’s documentary film “John Fleck Is Who You Want Him To Be” for a large, boisterous crowd. Fleck, the featured legendary California performance artist has a huge following, many of whom were present to hear him answer questions in person after the film. It was exciting to not only be taking photographs of the lively group of attendees but also to moderate the post screening discussion with Fleck and Duffy. Many audience members, new to the Brand Library, came out for this film, and we hope to welcome them all back to the Brand for many future events. 4

Clark Magnet Instructor Matt Stroup (3rd from left) with a group of his students.

FIRST ANNUAL STUDENT FILM SHOWCASE May 28 Congratulations to of those whose films were screened! Wilfredo Ayala David Soriano Arada Grigorian Nicole Zolnowski Sero Aghababayan Kirby Toy Lilith Danelyan

Associates Board Members Mary Jamora, Stephen Jerrome, and Jean Simone at the Student Film Showcase.

Carlos Moreno Manea Vartan Jon Hernandez Kirk White Vicken Tavitian (Hoover alumni) Andre Abramian (Hoover alumni)

Hoover High Media Arts instructor Jason Pinsker (2nd from left) with three of his students.

Photos: Stephen Jerrome

By Stephen Jerrome

Dance series will host four great companies in their first performances at Brand


nd now something new for dance series patrons! This year, Hilary Thomas has curated an unprecedented series of four companies who have never before performed at the Brand Library. All of these performances are free and open to the public in an intimate setting. Get ready to be dazzled by dance on four Saturday afternoons in October!

Saturday, October 10: Blue 13 Dance Company; Bollywood style at it’s energetic colorful finest! Saturday, October 3, 2 pm: Sarah Reich’ Tap Music project; the best tapping around – get in the swing!




e are pleased to have Deb Thompson join us on the Board of Directors. Deb has been a resident of northwest Glendale for 19 years. She has always been a patron of Brand Library and has been following the Works on Paper juried art exhibition for several years, even purchasing multiple pieces of artwork from some of the exhibitions. Recently, Deb decided it was time to “get in gear” and give back to her community in a way that would be most meaningful for her. She is also, as we have discovered, a well organized person who enjoys using those skills and we are thrilled that she has expressed a desire to take on the responsibility of Secretary. Deb has been an adjunct assistant professor of Art History at Glendale Community College for ten years so her interests and professional life make her a natural fit for the Brand Associates Board of Directors.

Saturday, October 31: Pony Box Dance Theatre, bringing unbridled joy to their audiences. Saturday, October 17: The Big Show with the inimitable Arianne MacBean



rand Library currently owns 84 titles in the popular 33 1/3 series. Each book in the series tells the in depth story of a seminal album in a stylish small format that appeals to fans, musicians and scholars alike. The albums featured are by artists as diverse as James Brown, David Bowie, Black Sabbath, Celine Dion, Nine Inch Nails, Funkadelic, Radiohead and Miles Davis. There are currently over 100 titles in the series so more are coming soon to library shelves!”

Above left: Audience members look at instruments after Sanggar Tujunga Gamelan group performed traditional Indonesian music on the plaza. Above right: Yankuititl Aztec showed us in eye-popping color the music and dance of the Pre-Columbian Era. Left: A large audience listened to Zetz Klezmer perform music in the tradition of Eastern European Jews. 5


Brand 30 Works on Paper 2002. Juror: William McAllister, Purchase Award Winner: Vancouver by artist Dorothy Lydick


he serene, soft colors belie the hard working nature of fishing trawlers. The late artist Dorothy Lydick added a calm yellow in the sky, a soft blue in the water with muted boats to create a romantic view of this sometime busy little harbor. Art moves us – spiritually, emotionally and physically. In this early morning stillness the viewer is transported to a cool summer morning before the sun heats up the day and the trawlers leave for their favorite fishing spots.

Dolores Lydick’s award winning watercolor.

Dolores Lydick, a Southern Californian artist was one of four artists given the Brand Associates Purchase Award for Brand 30 in 2000. Ms. Lydick won first prize in the Pacific Art Guild show. She was a member of the Culver City Art Group.

In each newsletter, we highlight a work from our Jane Friend Purchase Award Collection. This year the work entitled Beanie Bunny Forgot Her Bungee Cord by Elaine M. Earne has been recognized and will join our collection. The collection, which periodically is exhibited, includes over 100 works from the last 42 years of juried art exhibitions, dating from 1971.

Visiting the Brand Cemetery

After our annual meeting in mid-May, architect John LoCascio and Brand supervisor Cathy Billings took some of the attendees on a tour up to the Brand cemetery. The family plot includes L.C. and Mary Louise Brand, their beloved dogs, and other relatives, including Nathaniel Dryden, Brand’s brother-in-law and the architect of Miradero.


He was an original: L.C. Brand’s grave marker is unusual because of it’s pyramidal shape and the inscription is a question.


Ann Howitt Mary Jamora Arlene Vidor


Srboohie Abajian Gerald & Georgia Brommer David Brooks & John LoCasio Kirk Cartozian John Chicca Cindy & William Cleary California Art Greg & Teri Colley Greg Crawford Arlette Der Hovanessian Carole & Michael Dougherty Nancy Call Dowey Joy Feuer Carolyn & Arthur Flemming Nora Goldsmith & Jay Randy Stander Greg Grammer Kathleen Henkel Mary Jamora Catherine Jurka Wine Club of the Month S. Kalemkarian Scott & Victoria Lasken Jack & Nora Matosian Donald McPoland Mary Owens Louise & Bryon Peebles Janet Petersen Lila & Rich Ramirez Irena Raulinaitis Betty Riley Janice Seaman Bill Shepherd & Art Fisher Jean Simone Sam Francis Foundation Debra Burdett-Lere Samuel R. & Kay B. Snodgrass Debra K. Thompson Bonese Collins Turner Judy Walker & Peter Clemens Coralie & David Whitcomb Paul & Mary Wight Elaine Wilkerson


Donna Abbate Laurel Lee Anderson Arda Berberian Serope & Archo Beylerian Diane Cabracoff Gary Hart & Jane Brown Walter Hurlburt Stephen Jerrome Patricia McNamara MONA -Museum of Neon Kim Koga Deanne O’Brien Tamara O’Connor Olga Seem Patty Silversher Hari Singh & Diana Barnes Caroline & Greg Tufenkian Benita & Dean Wallraff

FAMILY - $35

SENIOR - $20

Patricia Almeida Cindy & Jonathan Beres Sean Bersell & Heather Norris Stanley Block Stuart & Stella Blond Charles & Thelma Borman Joanne & Clifford Cate Steven Chapman Allison J. Darby Laurie & John Friend Nare Garibyan Jim & Eileen Givens Silva & Armen Golnazarians Elisabeth Groening Lori & Dean Hartwell Richard Heimbold Connie Humberger Lisette & Richard Jensen Ammar Kharouf Nancy & Robert Lahey John & Daphne Lee Edith & Apostol Livitsanos Nick Macierz & Gary Freeman Roberta Medford & John R. Queen Bradford Mitchell & Jun Falkenstein Keren Ness Stephanie Schus & Joe Russin Judith Selleck Jane Shaffer Lorna Vartanian Joylene & Robert Wagner Jesse Walker-Lanz & Paul Walker Rondi Werner

Marie S. Bezjian Margaret W. Bickmore Maryke Brannin Noel Browning Vincent Cicone Henrik Fallian Robert Felker Claire Frith Ben Goldman Carol Grosz Margaret Hammond Arline Helm Angela Hernandez Roberta H. Japka, Ph.D. Jackie Karvas Nina Kellog Richard P. Kiehl Diane Kightlinger Liselotte S. Koerner Nancy Kupka JoAnn Leonard Lise Loy Elaine Mellinger Deanne O’Brien Lois Ramirez Leni Richardson Herm & Renee Stark Mary Strenn Joan Westgate Barbara Wilkes Clarli Wilson Mark Woods Huguette Zmuidzinas Roswitha Zunder


Theresa Corigliano

Jill Andreoni Jennifer Bentson-Gebel Cathy Billings Eric Borigini Thelma Borman Diane Chevalier Russell Cinque, Jr. Ellen & Robert Grim Marie Fish Dr. Armine Hacopian Alena Hacopian Brian Haworth Christina Jabarian Meg Hickman Elise Kalfayan Alan Linnemeyer Carolyn Meduski Judith Melton Lori Mucherian Kathy Musial Arsine Phillips Shant Sahakian Laura Sarley Natalie Smythe Brit Trydal Laura Whitcomb Label Curatorial Katherine Yamada



Jane Hagen Elliott House Kathryn B. Hull Sally MacAleer Ripsime Marashian Margaret & Richard Marston Laurel Patric Janice & Brian Reily Barbara Thorne-Otto Pat Zeider

EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS! If you would like to receive Brand Library event information via email, please visit: Once on the City of Glendale Newsletter and Email Update site, you must enter your email address and click on the Library, Arts & Culture Emails. Next step, click on “Signup” and that’s it! For members of Brand Associates, you will occasionally receive member-only communications for member-only events. Thanks for your support in helping us keep you informed.

Teri Deaver (right) and Arlene Vidor accepted commendations from State Assemblyman Mike Gatto on behalf of the Arts & Culture Commission and Brand Associates respectively for cosponsorship of the Summer Plaza Series.


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A 501(c)3 all volunteer, non profit organization whose mission is to sponsor and promote the Brand Library & Art Center as an arts, cultural, educational, and historic resource for the region.

How do we accomplish our mission? Sponsor free arts and cultural programming. Support special programs, permanent collections, and library infrastructure. Develop a strong base of members and donors. Get involved and join the Brand Associates. You can read more about our goals and activities and join online at Like us on Facebook

UPCOMING EVENTS Be sure to check or Facebook for the most current information Here are a few of the the upcoming offerings: GALLERY OPENING BRAND 43: Saturday, September 26, 7:00pm Works on Paper Exhibit Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony PRESENTATION: Thursday, October 1, 7:00pm Isabel Rojas Williams speaking about muraling in LA and in Glendale DANCE: Saturday, October 3, 2:00pm Sarah Reich Tap Music Project, PRESENTATION: Thursday, October 8, 7:00pm Ara Oshagan on how he created his installation “Identity, Community, Memory” in Grand Park, LA DANCE: Saturday, October 10, 2:00pm Blue 13 Dance Company Bollywood!! BOOKSMARTS: Thursday, October 15, 7:00pm Litty Mathew, author of “The Secret Musician” and Ruben Haroutounian, Duduk player.

DANCE: Saturday, October 17, 2:00pm The Big Show, Arianne MacBean and Company PRESENTATION: Thursday, October 22, 7:00pm Panel Work Shop on Public Art in Glendale-Where do we go from here? DANCE: Saturday, October 31, 2:00pm Pony Box Dance Theatre BOOKSMARTS: Thursday, November 12, 7:00pm Both Sides of Sunset, author Jane Brown with LA Times critic David Ulin

Brand News, Autumn 2015  

Brand Works on Paper 43 opening and award winners

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