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brandnews Winter 2013/Spring 2014

Re-branding for the new Brand Call us “Brand Associates” now


he grand re-opening of the revitalized Brand Library & Art Center inspired us to rethink our organization’s image. Since 1969 our “mod” era logo has served us well. But a logo must eventually retire with grace and at age 44, it’s time. We were lucky to have Scott Lasken, the owner of Stratagem Design, Inc., to generously facilitate a new look by designing our logo for the exciting new chapter. Scott, a long time Glendale resident and Brand Associates member, has over 25 years of experience in the graphic design business working primarily with the home entertainment industry. We appreciate his generosity in helping us “re-brand” and we are proud to unveil his logo design in this newsletter edition and on our website.

We set out, first of all, to use the abbreviated version of our rather lengthy organizational name. “Associates of Brand Library & Art Center” (13 syllables!) is now displayed in our logo as “Brand

Associates” (down to 5 syllables) and rolls off the tongue and the page in an easier way. The visual center of the new design cleverly depicts a defining feature of the historic Brand Mansion: the scalloped archways. The eye fills in the blanks to connote the letter A and – voila – our logo is complete. The use of both period and modern font styles in harmony speaks to the early and mid-twentieth century buildings that comprise the complex. Also, Scott has given us a new catalog cover design for the upcoming National Juried Art Exhibition, “Brand 42” (see Irena Raulinaitis’ article on page 4 about the exhibition). The cover will be a real beauty this year – fresh and sophisticated – and will be unveiled at the opening reception and awards ceremony on May 17, 2014 F

The Brand Associates bid a fond adieu to our old logo.

brand associates


from the President


Join us for our Gala re-opening on March 22! Tickets are on sale at www. glendalearts. org/event/ brand-librarygala.

rand new! Finally, re-opening of ‘the Brand’ is upon us. It’s gorgeous – read all about it in these pages. Our organization feels renewed, too. Most importantly, we have a new succinct mission statement: “Support and promote the Brand Library & Art Center as an arts, cultural, educational, and historic resource for the region. Here’s an inspiring image for you: Huntington Library in Pasadena and Brand Library in Glendale. Ours may not be as grandiose, but it is uniquely ours and programs are free to the public. There is great potential to do more than ever and do it better than ever. For example, imagine Sunday events on the new plaza, more events for children, more showcasing of local talent. We need volunteers and financial support to realize our goals.

Recently, our community partner, the Glendale Historical Society spearheaded a ‘sneak peek” of the rehabilitated Complimentary Brand for both our organizations’ members. Jaws dropped tickets are in awe as we set eyes on the meticulous restoration and available to enhancements. Personally, my energy level and motivation to our Sponsor support the Brand shot through the roof on that tour. So raise and Patron your glass (at our March 22 Gala) to a new Brand and let’s do donors. great things within its walls to inspire us all. F

A 501(c)3 non-profit organization supporting the Brand Library & Art Center BOARD OF DIRECTORS President Arlene Vidor Vice President Jean Simone Treasurer Mary Jamora Secretary Teri Deaver Director Irena Raulinaitis Director Caroline Tufenkian Director Jennifer Bergstrom Advisory Nina Crowe Arts & Culture Liaison Arlette DeHovanessian Newsletter Contributors Tom Bilisoly Spectra Company Cindy Cleary Director Library, Arts and Culture Nina Crowe, Glendale Arts Debra Gerod, Gruen Associate Fran Offenhauser, Offenhauser/Mekeel Mary Jamora


from Cindy Cleary Director Library, Arts and Culture


John LoCascio Irena Raulinaitis Jean Simone Arlene Vidor Judy Walker Newsletter Layout Carole Dougherty

y breath is taken away every time I step foot in the “Brand New” Brand Library & Art Center. You too will have that experience as you drive up to the renovated jewel on the hill, walk up the steps to the new plaza, and wander through the front doors. Awaiting your visit is a world-class art and music library, art exhibits, music and dance events, lectures, and tours of the newly rehabilitated Brand family mansion. Hand-in-hand with the Brand Associates we have kept Leslie Brand’s dreams alive, just as he stipulated in his bequest to the City of Glendale upon his death in 1925. Please join me in supporting the Associates as we embark on a new era that embraces the present day and offers a glimpse of the past. Become a sponsor, volunteer, or attend the “Brand New” Gala on March 22 and be the first to visit this enchanting place. F

If you wish to get involved in “Glendale Collects,” either as a host or a program volunteer, contact Jean Simone at elizabethsimone

Guests mingle and participate in the silent auction at the home of our hosts, Jean and Edgardo Simone.

“Glendale Collects” A new idea becomes a new program


ur first “Glendale Collects” event was hosted October 12 at the historic home of Vice President Jean Simone and her husband Edgardo — both enthusiastic art collectors. The event raised funds to preserve and frame fragments of original hand painted ceiling uncovered during Brand Library restoration.

Attendees partook of a spectacular hors d’oeuvres array and wine bar, viewed the Simone’s art collection, and bid on silent auction items including artworks, books, and artifacts. The energy at the party revealed the passion people in Glendale feel for art and their desire to celebrate it collectively in our own community. Brand Associates plan to expand on the “Glendale Collects” concept with the overarching goal of inspiring people to start their own collections, in the process demonstrating that this activity does not have to “break the bank”!

The “Glendale Collects” program concept was originally the brainchild of Simon Wright, a Brand Associates member and avid art collector himself. The program components are as follows: (1) Sponsor events hosted in the homes of local art collectors to create interconnectedness between collectors and aspiring collectors; (2) showcase the works of gifted student artists at Brand Gallery in conjunction with the collector events to focus attention on local emerging talent. F Pieces such as the one at left produced by Edgardo Simone (1890-1948) were on display for guests to enjoy. Simone was a prominent Italian sculptor and the grandfather of our host. 3

National Juried Art Exhibition

“Brand 42” Works on Paper CELEBRATE! Is our exhibition theme.

By Irena Raulinaitis, Chair of the Works on Paper Exhibition

T Brand Works on Paper Exhibition “Brand 42” CELEBRATE! Juror: Jack Rutberg Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony: Brand Library Gallery on May 17, 2014, 7 pm – 9 pm.

h is year we are hosting our 42nd annual juried art exhibition in honor of the reopening of the Brand Library and its galleries with a most appropriate theme: CELEBRATE! It will be interesting to see how the participating artists interpret the idea of “celebrate.”

The cost to mount our show is approximately $10,000. Some of our key expenses include call-to-artist advertisements, an honorarium for our juror, cash prizes to award recipients, design and printing of our exhibition catalog and printing of other materials such as the prospectus and letters.

We are fortunate to have as our juror, Jack Rutberg, owner of Jack Rutberg Fine Arts. JRFA has been, for 35 years, one of the most prominent gallery spaces in the greater Los Angeles area, dealing in modern and contemporary artwork of international prominence. Mr. Rutberg has represented artists such as Jordi Alcaraz, Hans Burkhardt, Ruth Weisberg, and Francisco Zuniga. He has mounted solo exhibitions of major twentieth century masters such as Georges Rouault, Kathe Kollwitz, Arshile Gorky, Alexander Calder, Oskar Fischinger, Sam Francis, and Edward Ruscha.

Our Gala fundraising campaign currently in progress helps us recoup expenses and hopefully even realize gains to fund other cultural programming. Donors at all levels are recognized in our exhibition catalog. You can access the donor form and perks of donation on our website at http://www. If your donation is received in March, this will ensure you a place of thanks in our exhibition catalog. See you at the show opening reception on May 17, 2014, 7 pm – 9 pm. F

A show like this one is a complex enterprise and as chair of the exhibition for the 10th year in a row, I’ll share a snapshot of some behind-the-scenes activities. A digital image of each submitted artwork is, upon receipt, given a unique identification number. The juror receives an electronic file containing all of the images. Each image is identified to the juror only by number, title, medium, and dimensions. From these images the juror makes his selection. After the actual works are delivered to the gallery on April 5, he will view them on April 7 on site and select outstanding works to be recognized for awards This year, 264 artists submitted work. Each artist is allowed to submit up to three pieces and our total intake was 650 unique works of art, each of which had to be identified and tracked through the entire process, back to communicating the results to the submitting artists. We are also pleased to note that 27 of the submitting artists were from Glendale this year, a strong local showing. Mr. Rutberg selected 80 works for the exhibition.


Jack Rutberg of Jack Rutberg Fine Arts is the juror for Brand 42, Works on Paper. His thought-provoking views on our art world and his role in it are found on page 5.

Interview with Jack Rutberg Jack Rutberg, prominent gallery owner and director of Jack Rutberg Fine Arts is the juror of Brand 42, the Annual National Juried Exhibition of Works on Paper opening May 17, 2014. In this article he answers questions put to him by Irena Raulinaitis.

IR: What made you decide to pursue the world of art professionally? Was there a particular event or inspiration?

JR: Sometimes a hobby can get out of control.

IR: You have been a gallery owner and art dealer in Los Angeles since 1979. How has the art scene changed during this time? Have you ever wanted to establish yourself someplace else?

JR: I’ve been an art dealer since the early 70s, but formed Jack Rutberg Fine Arts in 1979. I love my life here and art is very much a part of that. I see no reason to establish anywhere else. I contend that with all the sophistication of this region, which boasts some of the most creative and intelligent people in the world, I still regard the art world here as provincial in many ways. The consequences are significant, but the dividends are fantastic.

IR: In your gallery you have exhibited works of many of the world’s most famous Modern and Contemporary artists. Have you discovered an artist who achieved renown after the attention received following an exhibit in your gallery?

JR: Renown is a relative term in these times when celebrities can be made for reasons far beyond substance. There have been great artists whose contributions were so amazing, such as Hans Burkhardt, that are now part of the canon because we’ve reintroduced his work and history over a sustained period of time. I have long been the agent for Patrick Graham, who many argue to be Ireland’s most important artist. Showing his works here in L.A. was hugely responsible for Ireland’s own re-discovery of this provocative artist. It was the actor and passionate art connoisseur, Vincent Price who introduced me to Patrick Graham, and I’ll always be in debt to him for that. Most recently I introduced the Spanish contemporary artist, Jordi Alcaraz, presenting his first solo exhibition in the U.S. He is formidably collected throughout Europe and passionately collected in the U.S. I suspect we’ll offer more surprises in the near future. Indeed we are currently presenting an exhibition through May, that’s making history. Jerome Witkin has been cited by some as being unequalled as a narrative painter. His identical twin is the internationally celebrated photographer Joel-Peter Witkin. They had been estranged for more than 50 of their 75 years until now, as I’ve brought them together for the first time in our exhibition, “Twin Visions”. It’s making international waves. All this is to say, that discoveries happen in plain sight, and while it’s wonderful to stay engaged in the new, the clearest lens is still 20/20 hindsight.

IR: What attracts you to a work of art?

JR: It’s a bit like trying to define the qualifications for falling in love. It’s the indescribable reaction that one feels. Great art is engaging, disruptive, and most often it reveals itself slowly. Vincent Price once wrote a book about art cleverly titled “I know a lot about art, but I don’t know what I like.”

IR: When you select works for an exhibit, what are your criteria? What is the most important aspect in your selection?

JR: My role is to honor the integrity of the artist and the art. There has to be a revelation in the unfolding of an exhibition. I am conscious of the very first work the viewer will see and how that work will inform what follows. Regardless of scale, every work has to be significant. When an artist creates a work, he or she doesn’t project that it might hang next to works created the days or years before. It’s a humbling process to present an exhibition well. In the end it has to look easy, seamless and informative. The first criterion is to choose 5 formidable art. That’s the best place to start and the best place to end.

The question of how the art scene has changed is a huge question that would require more than a simple answer. It has expanded in every way, but certainly not always in a positive way. The great confusion between ‘actual’ and ‘virtual’ is a big part of that change, caused by the way people communicate and draw conclusions by way of computers. The result is that consumerism has overtaken connoisseurship in too many aspects of our culture. The bar is too low. The corporatization of our culture has had its consequences. Art is the antidote, and needs to be encouraged more than ever.

By Debra Gerod, FAIA, LEED AP Partner, Gruen Associates

Photo: Courtesy of Gruen Associates

Renovation of the Brand Library & Art Center

Previously Many problems and wayfinding issues solved, there were preservation of an iconic landmark book stacks in every he renovation of the Brand Library room with & Art Center included “must address” virtually no issues such as seismic upgrades, the way to know modernization of MEP (mechanical, electrical, where to find plumbing) systems, ADA (Americans with a particular Disabilities Act) upgrades, and historic item. preservation. We studied how patrons and Reorganizing staff used the complex and discovered three the Library problems that needed to be solved: with the Solarium at • Lack of understanding about how to enter the Library versus the Art Center. its hub allows The two functional areas – the Library and patrons the Art Center (gallery and recital hall) to quickly had separate entrances not in proximity understand of each other, resulting in patrons how to attempting to enter the wrong door. navigate the library • Lack of understanding of wayfinding and results within the library itself. The collection in the most had been spread along walls in several appropriate rooms without a recognizable order. use of each type of • Entryway for disabled individuals was very inconveniently located. The solution space. was the creation of a strategically placed Entry Pavilion. This Pavilion includes a 6


mandatory upgrades made, and historic

new plaza and a convenient entrance for the disabled. The interior organization of the library now honors the concept of intuitive wayfinding. Two large rooms now house the bulk of the art, architecture and music collection. The reference desk, the activity hub of the library, is now located in the Solarium which also played a pivotal role during the Brands’ residency in the mansion. The restored Parlor, Reception Hall, Library, and Dining Room are all accessed directly off the Solarium and serve as reading rooms - functions that are compatible with the character and scale of these rooms. Offices, computer rooms and restrooms are also accessed directly off the Solarium. With reorganization around the Solarium, creation of a new common Entry Pavilion, careful restoration of the historic building, seismic upgrades, and modernization of MEP systems, the Brand Library & Art Center is now poised to continue its prominence as a leading arts and culture resource in the region. F

By Fran Offenhauser, Partner, Offenhauser/ Mekeel Architects Fran Offenhauser guides visitors through the newly restored mansion.

Restoration of Miradero

Showcasing a “win-win” preservation project


he newly re-opened Brand Library & Art Center is a preservation “win-win”: we have preservation of both a historic building and a specialty arts collection that the public can enjoy.

The City of Glendale recognized their civic responsibility and stewardship of Brand Library (and its 1969 addition) in 1977 by listing it on the Glendale Register of Historic Resources. The City, in 2002, commissioned a Historic Structure Report, which provided strong evidence of eligibility for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. The adaptive re-use of Leslie Brand’s 1904 home had produced a highly successful resource, publicly well known for its cultural events programming. Working with Gruen Associates, our firm focused on bringing the library and art center’s functions up to date while enhancing its ambience and the Mansion’s historic interior. The United States Government provides guidelines for a restoration project in The Secretary of the Interior Standards For Historic Preservation, and this is what guided our work. The mansion’s exterior was rated as highly significant, and a full program of restoration was completed windows, plaster, sheet metal ornament,

missing windows, roofing as well as dramatic night lighting to enhance the complex’s features in the dark. It was immediately apparent to us that the exotic impression of the Indo-Saracenic style* stopped at the front door. However, after the renovation, the four public rooms – Reception area, Parlour, Library, and Dining Room – are revealed in the following important ways: • Historic color palette re-created in each room: rich crimson; delicate blue-gray; deep eucalyptus green; and striking indigo. • Ceiling decorative painting re-created in its marvelous original turn-of-the-century style — with motifs from Leslie Brand’s crest, to cherubs, to griffins — a source of both story and visual delight. (Hopefully, the mystery of whose portraits are in the “Living Room” will be solved!) • Hardwood floors with oriental carpets to complement the restored and re-created stained wood casings, base, columns, and fretwork.

RESTORATION continued on page 9


Introducing two new members of our Board of Directors

Mary Jamora


ary Jamora’s professional background speaks to our organization’s greatest challenge: maintaining up-to-date and easily retrievable information. She had been Information Systems and Technology Director for the last 15 years of a successful career at Nestlé corporate headquarters in Glendale and Nestlé Waters in Greenwich Connecticut. Mary oversaw management of large scale changes and consolidations implemented as a result of her company’s acquisitions and mergers. Says Mary, “Change is difficult and you have to see it from the viewpoint of those impacted the most.” Mary lives in Glendale and now that she is retired she has more time to spend with friends, her son in the Pacific Northwest, the newest family member – a rescue dog and working with non-profit organizations that deal with issues close to


Our new Ad hoc Advisory Board In February, our Board of Directors voted to establish an Ad Hoc Advisory Board to be comprised of a diverse range of individuals who can counsel us on a variety of subjects in changing contexts. The persons in this group may be asked to attend board meetings periodically or become members of specific committees as needed.

Judy Walker


udy Walker is a painter, illustrator, graphic designer and managing editor. She studied at Art Center College of Design and went on to specialize in branding, book design, publications and illustration. She has worked with World Vision International, Pegasus Communications, Transamerica Insurance Company, The Art Directors Guild, and went on to found The Equestrian News in Southern California, web portal and currently Outdoor Living Magazine for mobile devices. One of her first art exhibits was at the Brand Library on Blues music. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Rossmoyne/ Mountain Home Owners Association, and is a member of the Cottage Guild that works with young girls in need through Rosemary’s Children Services in

Nina Crowe


John LoCascio

ina Crowe gets around town. Everyone knows Nina. That is reason enough to include her on our Advisory Board: she is connected in Glendale and the greater Los Angeles arts communities and as she says “I love the arts and I love networking”. Nina has already given us huge support with community outreach during our approach to the library’s re-opening. As Business Development & Sales Manager at Glendale Arts, Nina is responsible for fostering relationships, revenue generation, and among other things, GA Tix, which local non-profits and businesses – including the Associates - utilize for ticket sales. Nina also plans and manage events at the Alex Theatre, Glendale


ohn LoCascio is our advisor on historical and architectural matters related to Brand Library & Art Center. He is a past president of the Glendale Historical Society, and he continues to provide consultation to TGHS. John also held the position of Executive Director at Claremont Heritage. He currently works as Senior Architect for Historic Resources Group focusing on matters related to Building Conservation, Historic Tax Credit Certifications, Building Conservation, Paint and Materials Sampling and Analysis and Design and Construction. John and his husband David Brooks have lived in the Rossmoyne section of Glendale for many years. John has a degree in Architecture and Masters of Historic Preservation, both from USC. F

PROFILES continued on page 9

Retiring Board Members Huguette Zmuidzinas, Treasurer

Huguette has served as Treasurer for over five years, after having retired as an office manager. Her children benefited greatly from the Brand Library during their formative years, borrowing books, music, and attending concerts. As a result, Huguette was grateful to be able to give back to the community by her service to Brand Library. We are profoundly grateful to Huguette for the hard work she put in managing our finances even after her relocation to Santa Monica. Huguette Zmuidzinas

Angela Hernandez

Angela was on our Board of Directors for many years overseeing the scrapbook that chronicles our activities. She was formerly a graphic designer and fashion illustrator and taught at Otis School of Art and Design. Angela loves to travel the world and watercolor paint and will be pursuing these vigorously now that she has more time. Thank you Angela for your service to our organization.

Our volunteers have always been the life blood of our organization. Thanks to our retiring and new volunteers.

Angela Hernandez

RESTORATION continued from page 7 • Leaded glass re-created in newly reopened window and door openings. • The majestic fireplace of stone and brick re-created, along with refurbishing and re-creating the unique gas/electric chandeliers and sconces. One ambitious project still lies ahead for the restoration of the last of the highly significant interior rooms—the Solarium, the

signature central courtyard of this pioneering home. *The Indo-Saracenic Revival style originated in the late 19th century in British India. It draws elements from native Indo-Islamic and Indian architecture in combination with the Gothic revival and Neo-Classical styles found in later Victorian era Britain.F

PROFILES continued from page 8 MARY



her heart. Says Mary, “The Brand Library and the events sponsored by the Associates speak strongly to all of us who are concerned about the ongoing struggle to keep arts programs funded in our schools and community.” F

Pasadena. She has had experience running an art gallery and has worked with Latin American Masters Gallery for over 25 years. Judy teaches yoga at Yoga Montrose and is an avid equestrian. F

Arts and GA Partners. Prior to joining Glendale Arts in 2011, Nina was Special Events Manager at palate food + wine. Nina lives in Sherman Oaks with her husband and two daughters and she loves to garden. F


EVENT HIGHLIGHTS MARCH THROUGH MAY Check with or or our Facebook Pages for further info and updates MARCH Gala Re-opening

Saturday, March 22, 2014 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm Tickets $125 each Comp tickets available at the Sponsor/Patron donor level

Sponsored by Brand Associates In cooperation with Brand Library, Arts & Culture

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 7:00 pm

REEL ART: Miss Representation (2011) Documentary film and post-screening discussion Special Guest: Caroline Heldman

Brand Library

Central Library 222 E. Harvard

This film explores the media’s often disparaging portrayals of women. It discusses how this contributes to the under-representation of females in positions of power, creating another generation of women defined by beauty and sexuality, and not by their capacity as leaders.

Brand Library

All are invited to attend

Sponsored by Brand Associates with the Commission on the Status of Women and the Arts & Culture Commission Thursday, March 27, 2014 10:30 am

Ribbon Cutting to open the Brand Library to the public Sponsored by Library, Arts & Culture

Sunday, March 30, 2014 12 noon – 4:00 pm

Brand Park and Library Open House Sponsored by Library, Arts & Culture

A ticketed cocktail party in the Library and on the patio to celebrate the historic Brand mansion restoration and library renovation. Purchase tickets and/or donate online at

Brand Park/Library

Organizations will have booths and there will be children’s and other activities and exhibits

APRIL Sunday, April 6, 2014 2:00 pm

Pianist Mark Robson

Brand Library Recital Hall

MAY Sunday, May 4, 2014 2:00 pm

Cellist Maksim Velichkin

Brand Library Recital Hall

Thursday, May 8, 2014 7:00 pm

REEL ART: A Not So Average Joe (2013) A documentary film Special Guest: Dailey Pike, filmmaker

Brand Library Recital Hall

Saturday, May 17, 2014 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Opening reception and awards ceremony

Brand Juried Art Exhibition: Works on Paper (Brand 42); Opening Reception Sponsored by Brand Associates and Library, Arts & Culture


Brand Library Gallery

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the death of legendary jazz guitarist Joe Pass The 42nd consecutive juried art exhibition. Juror: Jack Rutberg of Rutberg Fine Arts, Inc. Exhibition on view through June 20, 2014

Brand Associates Members Thank you so much!


Greg Astorian Ann Howitt Janice & Brian Reilly


Jeri Anderson Jennifer Bergstrom Kent Bulza Greg Colley Michael & Carole Dougherty Patricia A Du Pre, Esq Nora Goldsmith & Jay Randy Stander Greg Grammer & Simon Wright Beverly Grossman Kathleen Henkel Mary Jamora Jeannine Jones Catherine Jurca Emily King Scott & Victoria Lasken Louise & Byran Peebles Mary Owens Lila Ramirez Irena Raulinaitis Dennis & Annie Reed Bill Shepherd & Art Fisher Bonese Colllins Turner Marcello Vavala Arlene Vidor Elaine Wilkerson


Laurel Lee (Dolly P Anderson) Jaime Angulo Nancy Dowey Joy Feuer Marie Fish Meg Hickman Susan (Purple) Jekari Elefitheria & Ted Polychronis Anna J Rundle Jean Simone Debra K Thompson Paul & Mary Wight

FAMILY - $35

Charles & Thelma Boman Greg Crawford Florence & Richard Dommes Laura Freidman Alex Geringas Kenneth Goebel Sharon Hyder Jay Jackson Lisette & Richard Jensen Ammar Kharouf Kim Koga Nancy & Robert Lahey Jesse Lanza & Paul Walker Edith Livitsanos John LoCascio & David Brooks Denise Meyer Joe Russin & Stephanie Schuss John & Judith Selleck Renee & Herm Stark Caroline & Greg Tufenkian Lorna Vartanian Joylene & Robert Wagner Benita & Dean Wallraff Lucy Wang & Thomas Halpern


Seda Baghdassarian Susanne R Belcher Eric Borigini Joan Carl Joanne & Clifford Cate Diane Chevalier Russell Cinque Jr. Julie Crouch Amelia Currier-dworkin Jarach Davoodian Teri Deaver Arlette Der Hovanessian Mahnaz Firoozi Jennifer Gebel Knarik Gevorkyan Ellen & Robert Grim Mary Rose Grim Richard Heimbold John Hogan Connie Humberger Mr & Mrs Farley Iman Araks Johannes Alan Linnemeyer Patricia McNamara Jeanette Joslin Russell Patty Silversher Kay B Snodgrass Jordon Torgerson Judy Walder Kris Wallace Clarli Wilson Mary Alice Wollam Katherine Yamada

SENIOR - $20

Julie Hunter Bagish Marie S Bezjian Margaret W Bickmore Charles Borman Thelma Borman Richard Brannin Brit Trydal Bettye Eliso Robert Felker Ben Goldman Carol Grosz Margaret Hammond Aline Helm Angela Hernandez Roberta H Japka PhD Barbara Jones Diane Kightlinger Jane S Kneedler Liselotte S Koemer Karhryn B Kroger Nancy Kupka Eva B Mason Elizabeth C McMurray Elaine Mellinger Gloria Mills Eleanor Muller-Grossman Deanne O’Brien Lois Ramirez Leni Richardson Cleo Rogers Olga Seem Jane Shaffer Dorothy F Shepherd Mary Strenn Bonese Collins Turner Elaine M Williams Mark Woods Huguette Zmuidzinas


1969-70 Jeanette Hunter Newton [d] 1970-71 Elliott House 1971-73 Kathryn Hull 1973-75 Bill Wolfe [d] 1975-77 Betty Crosby 1977-79 Duane Hagen 1979-80 Beverly Duncan 1980-82 Ursula Gleason 1982-84 Edie Debney [d] 1984-86 Mary Lee Higgins 1986-89 Robert W. Seelos 1989-91 Howard Jacobson [d] 1991-93 Marge Marston 1993-98 Cathy Morrison 1998-01 Robert W. Seelos [d] 2001-04 J ane Friend [ d] 2004-05 Sally MacAller 2005-07 Steve Hedrick 2007-08 Ripsime Marashian 2008-10 Barbara Thorn-Otto


Pat Zeider Former Brand Library Supervisor Laurel Patric Former Director of Libraries


Moira Carson Alexa Kemalyan Araka Malayan


brand associates brandnews 1601 W. Mountain St. Glendale, CA 91201-1209


A 501(c)3 all volunteer, non profit organization whose mission is To sponsor and promote the Brand Library & Art Center as an arts, cultural, educational, and historic resource for the region. How do we accomplish our mission? Sponsor free arts and cultural programming Support special programs, permanent collections, and library infrastructure. Develop a strong base of members and donors Get involved and join the Brand Associates You can read more about our goals and activities and join online at Brand Associates 1601 W. Mountain St. Glendale, CA 91201 Like us on Facebook

Left: A mural featuring grapes revealed during restoration. Middle: The Glendale Historical Society recently hosted a sneak peak tour of the Brand library for members of Brand Associates and TGHS. Attendees admire the framed ceiling fragments recovered during the restoration. Right: Offenhauser/Mekeel and Spectra Company utilized sample evaluation to derive historic room colors and ceiling art patterns. See story by Tom Bilisoly below.


eiling art and wall paint, hidden for over 90 years was recovered. The ceiling fragments were removed, restored, and preserved by Spectra Company to ensure some pieces of Brand history remain for future generations to enjoy. Spectra utilized photo technology, historic patternmaking, and special painting techniques to re-create the glory of the original ceiling art. - Tom Bilisoly, Spectra Company

Brand News, Spring 2014  

Brand Associates 2014 Winter/Spring newsletter. Highlights include Interview with Brand 42 Juror, Jack Rutberg, details about the Brand reno...

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