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Wholesale Brochure Spring/Summer 2012

Jared Nick Robbie Simon

Our Story At the completion of their college degrees, four college graduates, unsatisfied with job opportunities in a depressed US Economy, packed their bags, ready to explore emerging cultures abroad. Uniting in Asia during the summer of 2011, they formulated a plan to create their own opportunity back home. They began to piece together the newest elements of fashion, music, and Asian culture and developed a solution for the most universal accessory. A belt with buckles that are easily interchangeable. A belt that can be cut to size to fit any waist size, even as you lose weight. A belt that does not fray or wear over time or get ruined by moisture. A belt that is easy to clean and fully recyclable.

C4 Belts solve the problems of belts from the past. Welcome to the Future of Belts.

C4 Belts

Choose your Color. Choose your Cause. C4 stands for ‘Choose your Color. Choose your Cause.’ C4 believes in individuality and the right of customization. C4’s founders believe in giving customers the power to choose. Not only can you Choose your Color, you are now able to Choose your Cause. C4 Belts allows each customer to cast their “Vote” on how C4 will give back. Starting with 4 charities that they believeinwholeheartedly,theseorganizationswillreceive C4’s “Social Support”, pro-rata based on the votes of their customers.

Eco-Friendly, Socially Conscious, Vegan Friendly, Waterproof, Durable, and Soft. The Future of Belts. 20 Belts. 20 Buckles. 400 Combinations.

Kiva connects people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a global network of micro finance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world. C4 believes in helping other entrepeneurs who just need the capital to start their dream business.

Surf Life Saving is Australia’s major water safety, drowning prevention and rescue authority. They create a safe environment on Australia’s beaches and coastline through patrols, education and training, public safety campaigns and the promotion of health and fitness.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is proud to fund the best breast cancer research in Australia. Since its inception in October 1994, NBCF has allocated more than $74 million to 274 breast cancer research projects across Australia

Reach believes that every young person should have the support and self-belief they need to fulfil their potential and dare to dream. Reach creates safe and supportive spaces where teenagers can share stories and experiences honestly. A place where they can increase their self-belief, discover who they are and recognise that they’re not alone.

Environmentally Friendly Belts Made of Premier TPE plastic ThermoPlastic Elastomer is the same plastic that lines snowmobile tracks and is used in many other real world applications. The C4 Belts mix provides comfort and durability.

100% Recyclable

C4 Belts can be processed like all of your other recycled plastics with your local waste management service.

BPA-free, Nickle-free, and Innocuous C4 Belts do not contain harmful chemicals found in other plastics. C4 Belts can even be safely consumed by humans or animals.

Low Energy Production The materials’ low melting temperature and simplified injection molding technique allow for minimal energy usage during production.

Vegan Friendly Unlike leather belts, no animals are harmed in the making of our products. No skinning. No bleaching. No tanning. No soaking in chemicals.

One Dozen Assorted Individual Buckles - $60

Pictured DOZBUCK2

DOZBUCK1 Black x2 White x2 Yellow Brown Lavender Orange Red Blue Grey Green DOZBUCK2 Black x2 White x2 Brown Sky Blue Turquoise Neon Yellow Plum Pink Hot Pink Lime



C4 Belts Australia Look Book  

C4 Belts Look Book